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Why Not Lease It

Country United States
State New Hampshire
City Manchester
Address 1750 Elm Street Suite 1200
Phone 603-665-9000

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  • Nov 2, 2015

My wife and I needed new washer and drier. We went to Sears and were not approved for a credit card. The salesman told us we could lease the washer and drier for 6 payments of $233.33 month and at the end of the purchase price of $1399 we just call Why Not Lease it and tell then we want to close out our lease and keep the items. The customer service rep said we were lo ked into an 18month lease at $233 month or we had to pay $960 to close lease early. WTF. Who has that type of money readily available? I told here that's not what the Sears salesman sold us on... She didn't care that a representative of there business sold is on false information. So now I have to come up with a payoff within 30days or face penalties... DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE YOU WILL REGRET IT !!!

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  • Feb 11, 2017

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All of my childhood and adult life, I have been told by my father, "Only Sears, Kenmore or Craftsman. They are the best!"

Well, I have come to realize this is not the case. Back in April 2016, I went to the Sears located in Boca Raton, FL. to purchase a washing machine. While there I came across a Samsung machine that I wanted to purchase. The same machine was also on sale at Home Depot for a lower amount, but I chose to go with Sears.

When I spoke to the nice sales representative, he provided me with 4 options to pay: Cash, Credit, Sears Card, or an alternative Payment Option. After going over the alternative payment option, I found that to suite me best. It was explained that I do not need a credit check and there are low monthly payments. I was to purchase the appliance, make the first payment at checkout, and the additional payments would come directly from my bank account UNTIL its paid off. This sounded great! No interest or additional fees! Who wouldn't use this option?! HA! I now know, this is the foolish option.

After using the machine over the following months, it came to me that the monthly payment amount was still being debited from my bank account. I pulled out the paper work and reviewed the receipts. The receipt indicated that my payments were to go through July 2016. Well, it being November, I was quite confused. I called the only number on the receipt and spoke to the Customer Service Rep. It was at this time I realized I had been taken advantage of.

The Rep. told me that I was "Leasing" the machine. If I wanted to BUY it, I would have to pay a BUY-OUT FEE.

The machine was $843.77, I paid through November 2016 - $1,115,64, and they wanted an additional $386.76 to BUY IT.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. They got me. I was totally hit with a dumb stick right in the face.

They told me that was the deal... I could keep making the payment each month for a total of 18 months, Buy it, or return it and they would come pick it up. Seriously?! I just paid more for the machine than my receipt says, and you want me to pay more money to buy what I thought was already mine?! WTH! This is crazy!

I went to Sears and spoke to numerous Sales Reps., Managers and Assistant Managers. I explained that the original Sales Rep. was not trained correctly on what he was selling. They stated that there was nothing they could do, but would call the leasing company and contact me with an update. After waiting for a month, I went back to Sears and they offered me $250.00. After all is said and done, I just paid $1,596.61 for a machine that only costs $843.77. That is $752.84 MORE THAN I AGREED TO PAY!

I will NEVER shop at Sears again. I have never been so mislead and taken advantage of in all of my life. I have defiantly learned that.... There is ALWAYS a fine line not explained. These companies will do anything to make a dollar.

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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  • Feb 4, 2017

I purchased a refridgerator from Sears and financed it through Why Not Lease It, I called this morning to find out the payoff and she said that you don't have a payoff you have a buyout, I asked what that means and she said you are leasing the refridgerator form them for 248.00 a month and then you can pay the buyout to purchase it. The money you pay each month is for the lease it does not come off you buyout she said only about 20 goes toward your buyout the rest is a lease payment to them. She said if you don't pay the buyout amount the lease ends after 18 months. So if I had not called and found this out and just kept making payments for 18 months I will have paid about 4464.00 for an 899.oo refridgerator. Please don't use this company they are a total ripoff.

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  • Jan 11, 2016

Upon getting approved for a television at k-mart through Why Not Lease It, we had to give our debit card numbers. The very same day, right after giving them our debit numbers, our account numbers were stolen and someone from their company used our numbers to purchase a $180.00 best buy e gift card. When we tried to Give them a pre paid credit card to pay our payment they tried to deny us and charge a late payment although it was clearly the same day the payment was due. Will never use this company again after all of this headache and problems. And would Never recommend this company to anyone

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  • Feb 1, 2018

It turns out that after they took out the six payments that the leasing agreement said they could, they continued to take out payments from my bank account until I had paid over twice the amount the fridge was supposed to cost. I had to destroy my bank card to stop them. Now they imply I still don't own the fridge and they are still trying to collect a debt from me even though they really owe me money.

  • Oct 28, 2017

I bought a lawnmower from sears in store. Both the salesman and the why not lease it company were deceptive in what would happen at the end if the lease period. They withheld the truth to squeeze the most about of money out if me as possible. Many calls to the why not lease it and no truth was ever told about buy out/ lease options.

  • Aug 22, 2017

I never received my ownership letter after I paid off my item from Why not lease it Sears Holdings!

  • May 23, 2017

Someone used my stolen identity to purchase furniture in A different state than where I live and when I sent affidavits and police report to Why Not Lease It they sold account to someone else instead of closing account Their collections department acted like I was lying to them about the account being fraudulent

  • Dec 8, 2016

I am writing to you today because of egregious act toward me as a consumer. My name is Frank A. Fogg I am stationed in Hampton VA. This past summer on 07/17/2016 I was in Sears #01575 located at 100 new market fair mall in Newport News VA.I was purchasing some bedding and was told I was approved for the Why Not lease it Program. So as curiosity would have it I went to speak with a CSA in the electronics department. I decided to purchase a Samsung brand 60” TV. The sales associate # 43802 proceeded to explain the terms and conditions and how the contract works he led me to believe the total amount would be split into 5 payments and I would have to pay the merchandise off within that window and after my final payment I would own the TV.I requested the sales person to let me know what my monthly payments where exactly and when was the last payment. I utilize finance companies at least once a year and I always pay my merchandise off within 120-180 windows to avoid any excess charges. I asked the CSA to explain how the contract works he pulled out some paper calculator and stated my payment terms will have to be during this 5 month window, he struggled to make since of what he was saying about the calculator, so I commented what are my payments, and when is my last payment bottom line this is what I owe and the TV belongs to me he affirmed this was the terms and conditions of the contract.

So to me this was the typical financing I’m used to using. I had a friend with me that witnessed the entire transaction. I agreed took my receipt to the pickup window produced my receipt got the merchandise and left .I checked my bank account to see that the first payment indeed processed and after the first month the second payment was processed on time. I proceeded to make my monthly payments dated according to the schedule after my 11/04/2016 payment which was payment number 5. I considered my account PIF and NO further thoughts of the contract. On 12/02/2016 another payment of $163.46 was debited from account, so immediately I was concerned, I called my bank to see if the vendor had forgot to put in stop payment. I explained that I had PIF the TV and the payment on 11/04/2016 should have been my last payment, I was instructed to wait until the payment processes for the bank to take action, or my most expedient route would be to just contact the vendor and they could reverse the payment on their end. Upon contacting vendor it was stated that the merchandise was not PIF and that I still had a balance because the TV was$1500.00. This could not be because the TV in fact was on sale for only $749.00.

So I headed back to the Sears where I made the purchase to get some clarity. Upon arrival I meet with a CSA who I explained what happened and he stated to me, that the CSA in question wasn’t there and he wouldn’t return until Monday and from the description I provided he knew exactly who I was talking about and how he was constantly explaining the terms and conditions of that program entirely wrong to the customers. He would call Why Not lease it and let me speak to customer service rep to explain what happened because Sears was not responsible. Once on a phone with a customer service rep I explained what took place and what led to this phone conversation, I received an apology but the customer service rep tried to explain this was a lease program and the 5 payments I had made was going towards rental fees and not the principle. I explained that was not what I was led to believe nor were any “buyout” terms used. I requested to speak to a manager “Chris” came to the ph. and I explained the story, again another apology and he wanted me look at some verbiage on the bottom of the receipt. I explained that I saw the options that he was referring to as he pointed them out but these options were never mentioned nor explained. Chris wanted to take a stand that I see them on the paper so they were present .I explained to him that I write contracts for the government and because you execute a contract with a signature at the time of execution both parties must be in agreement with the terms and conditions implied or expressed.

I made it clear that I now see the small print that was never mentioned but as the consumer I was not made aware of these other options, and there should be some consideration or compensation for that fact. He wanted to explain the proper terms and conditions of how the contract worked and how the price would eventually total up to $1500.00and that sears had already been paid. I explained to him had those terms and conditions been made aware and explained to me I would have never agreed to them or left with the merchandise, because those terms are essentially a 100% markup of the sales price and predatory and unfair why would I agree to pay $1500.00 for a tv on sale for half that price.

I reiterated to him my education back ground and career in contracts and I would never have knowingly and in possession of the facts agreed to such a one-sided agreement. He stated that Why Not lease it was not sears and he had NO control over Sears’s employees explaining the program improper. I explained to him that as a business you should operate in Good faith the same way as the consumer I operated in good faith and made all my payments on time being led to believe that I owned the merchandise and owed no more moneys. He stated I had options to continue leasing or buyout of $540.00. I stated again there should be some form of consideration for the aggravation and harm done to me the consumer so I would like a settlement and my account PIF considering I have paid yet another payment today 12/02/2016 bringing my aggregate total close $1000.00 I should own the property. He replied the best he could do, would be a 10% discount bringing a buyout to $480.00.

I told him that I couldn’t accept that offer of a buyout when that’s NOT what I was promised in the original terms and conditions by a representative acting on behalf of Sears and Why not lease it. Unfortunately that was all he could do. I had the option to return the merchandise but I would lose all moneys paid. I stated the TV is in excellent shape I would gladly return it but I want my money returned if we can’t come to suitable agreeable terms. He stated returning the TV I would lose my money paid. I told him there were NO options that I would agree to that had me to continue paying more money ($480.00 buyout), nor would I return the merchandise and forfeit all money paid($980.00) because I never agreed in the first place to pay rent for the item. He stated that Why not lease it was a business to make profit; I wouldn’t expect them to finance the TV for the price I paid without recouping profit would I? I explained I understand that and I’m not asking for a handout or something for nothing, but a smart consumer would not agree to you making 100% profit on an item that’s ridiculous that’s why I’m asking that total amount I paid of ($980) be accepted as payment in full and my account be made whole as a gesture of operating in good faith with the consumer, not to mention Why not lease it obviously chose the most expensive option to continue leasing without me ever providing approval on that in the first place if I had been aware of such options. He states his hands are tied, I asked him to make a call to someone who had the authority to do what was right in the situation if he did not have that authority.

I explained that the contract we agreed upon in order to be legal has to be bilateral mutual agreement, just because I signed it I’m not legally obligated to that contract if one party used deceptive or fraudulent tactics at the time of agreement. Whether implied or expressed one party cannot mislead the other party into thinking the contract terms and conditions are represented one way and then after executing explain the contract terms and conditions completely different because of an error supposedly and say you’re obligated to this agreement because you didn’t read the small print. That is fraud plain and simple, and without a modification to the contract terms and conditions this makes the agreement null and void even if signed without reading and are grounds for legal actions. Chris stated he would put the comments under the call and provided his name and verified all of my information. I asked him to make some phone calls to his legal department and verify what I’m saying and I would make some phone calls as well and if called back in to the customer service to ask for him.

Conversation ended I left I returned to Sears the next day with my colleague who witnessed the original transaction to speak with a manager. She wanted to see my receipt and I explained to her what had transpired. My colleague affirmed that they were present and the CSA NEVER explained the terms and conditions of the contract the way it was being presented to us now and nor was the word “Buyout” ever mentioned. The manager stated that she wanted to speak to sales associate and confirmed that he wouldn’t be in until Monday. She stated that was completely wrong and that all sales associates should know how the program works and she understands my frustration and she would call me back on Monday once she spoke with the associate. She also stated she was going to put in a ticket and she was going to “escalate” this .She provided me a number on my receipt to home office. I informed her I would contact home office on Monday because this is an issue that Sears and Why not lease should be working together on to resolve. I don’t see just one party responsible since the employee in question was speaking on behalf on both vendors. In closing I just want my stance to be clear and concise.

The agent who represented Sears and Why not lease it completely mislead me and misrepresented the contract terms and conditions. I was promised a price and contract terms and conditions by a representative for one party, and as the other party I agreed to those terms with the understanding of what was promised to me. I operated in good faith with my deliverables from my side of the contract I expect the other party would do the same. I’m not asking for anything free nor am I looking to get over on anybody and I would ask that my counterpart in this matter operate the same and honor what I agreed to and match the price advertised to me. If that cannot be accepted I ask that the merchandise be returned to its rightful owner, if not me and all my money be returned to me. I feel that I provide the facts to the best of my ability that anyone reading this can see what has happened here and a business not dealing in shady tactics would have in their mission statement to deal with it customers honestly and fairly. I would hope this reaches the correct person who does their due diligence and has the authority to make the decision to do what’s right. I don’t feel this should have to go any further and I hope this dispute resolution is swift and no more action or outside party participation is needed. I really enjoy the TV and would be very disappointed to lose it; thank you for your time and attention to this important matter.

  • Oct 26, 2016


We got a stove from Sears WhyNotLeaseIt, Orlando, Florida ..$599 ...made all payments on time and bought out my lease on August 26, 2016 for 379 ..finished paying about $900 bucks ..but that's not the bad part ..when I check my account on Monday October 24, 2016 I seen that they withdrew $45.99 ..$25.68 ..$25 .74 ..$25.99 I decided to look at my account further and they've been withdrawing from my account since August 30 2016 ..Mind you I bought out my lease August 26, 2016 and They told me ownership was mine and they would be sending me ownership papers in the mail ..Since August 30 2016 they've have stolen $648 !! I called my bank on Monday and reported the fraudulent claim, thank go I'm getting my money bank but NOT from Why not lease it ..from my bank ...They are Thieves

.plain and simple

  • Aug 23, 2016

I have already contact the New Hampshite Better Buisness Bureau, the New Hampshite Attorney General, and the Michigan Attorney General on this matter. The BBB said they are very much aware of this company. I purchased an applaice from Sears Outlet and was given misinformation on how the lease works and I could not read over the lease as "Why Not Lease It" provided the lease to Sears Outlet and myself in a foreign language. I cancelled my order with in 2 days and was promised a refund of my initital down payment within 7-10 days. I kept getting difference stories as to why my check was never mailed at first until they started saying "I Think" your check was mail but we cannot say for sure. I finally spoke with a manager and they called accounting and said it was around the 29th and to call back by the 15th of August if I dont get the check. I called back and the person said it was mailed and confirmed where, they made a mistake and mailed it to the wrong address but blamed it on me saying the lease at the wrong address and I confirmed the wrong address on the phone before. So unless they get the check back from the post office, I have to wait at least 30 days before I can request a new check to be mailed. I have called back so many times and the supervisors keep changing their stories saying we do not care if we get the check back now, I will nto look at the notes, you have to now wait 30 days and hung up. THat was a supervisor named Caitlyn Hanley employee # 1707038. I was promissed call backs and never got them but a person who works with another manager names Tiffany employee # 149976 at ext 0282. I warn you, do not do business with this company or Sears Outlet, neither tell you the true and never want to give you your money back.

  • Aug 2, 2016

Around Christmas of 2015 my wife bought me a tv, also through why not lease it. So I bought a stand for it. The purchase price was 100 dollars. When it came time to finish the 100 dollars the kept taking money out of my account. I called to see what the lay off amount was and they told me another $140 dollars. The tv mount is a basic mount that doesn't move or on a swivel. This isn't a 240 dollar mount. The associates that use this program don't even tell you that you have to do a pay off amount they just tell you about the payments that need to be made.

  • Mar 31, 2016

I was behind in my payments due to human error. I called on 3-18-16 to make arrangements to pay what I owed. They told me I could do a buyout in 3 installment payments of $120, but I needed to make my regularly scheduled payment of $59 at that time. I agreed and we set up dates that the money was to come out of my account. 3-25, 4-22, 4-28-16 with the payment of $59 due that day. Monday 3-28 I was looking at my account activity. The $120 was still pending. Then I noticed that the day I have them authorization to take $59. I looked further to find on 3-21 they went into my account four times in that one day!!! To the tune of $227 and some change. I was furious! I called them immediately to make them aware of this issue and they were initially very apologetic. I was told that they would give me a refund of the $227, they would keep the $120 that was pending, and they would close my account. They said that the $227 would be deposited back into my checking account. I said ok. But something didn't feel right. I called back on 3-28 and the person I spoke with didn't see where they were going to give me a refund, but she said call back in a couple days. She stated that it usually takes 5-7 business days to resolve these issues. So today 3-30 I called back and was told that they decided to keep all the money because of all my missed payments and close my account. I said but we made arrangements. And was basically told too bad, so sad. I then called my bank to file a dispute on my behalf.

  • Mar 26, 2016

We did a clothes dryer through fort payne al. Sears, with why not lease it. my initial total was 539.00 they have already deducted 540.00 out of out checking account and are saying we owe them 288.69 more. this is utterly ridiculouse and we are not paying another penny on this . This is a total rip-off

  • Jan 4, 2016

I have a lease contract, they were taking the allowed money out every 2 weeks. I make my last payment on 12-28-15, then they tell me I have to buy out the lease. I didn't do any contract buy out, I paid them in full according to the lease contract they sent me. There is nothing on this lease payment contract that says that when you pay this off, that you also have to pay $680 to buy out the lease. This company has hundreds of the same complaint.

  • Dec 19, 2015

Today Why Not Lease it took $100.87 out of my bank. I paid off my item (a stove from Sears) last month. After I made my last payment I tried to remove my bank info from the website but I could not.

Needless to say, they threw my bank into the negative. I live on a fixed income so they removed my grocery money. I now have no money to feed my kids with.

When I called to complain I was told I'd have to call back Tuesday because they don't see the payment clear on their end. I had comfirmed with my bank that it was taken completely.

When I demanded a refund they said it takes 7-10 days (from the time I call in next Tuesday) for a refund to be completed. I also asked for my ownership papers and was told that I have to request them on Tuesday.

When I went to my bank they told me that I should change my checking acct # to ensure that this company doesn't take further monies.

This company is shady as all heck. Their excuse to me that it was a "glitch" and "oops, sorry" doesn't cut it. They need to remove people's banking info if they are unable to ensure the system doesn't take extra payments.

  • Oct 20, 2015

I applied for a kmart credit card and a reciept came out saying to call a number in ten days to find out why i wasn't immediately approved. Another reciept came out saying i was preapproved for a lease of $1000 with why not lease it cashier gave me information on what I could purchase with it so i went shopping for an hour and a half looking for things to buy with the lease. Afterward i went to checkout and the cashier entered the code on the preapproved receipt and i was then told i was no longer approved and the lease was denied. How can i be preapproved but after an hour and a half of shopping be then told i was not approved. Cashier called why not lease it customer service and the man said it was denied but that I could reapply in 31 days. Um no thanks! Im not wasting any more of my time! Kmart has now lost a customer !

  • Sep 15, 2015

I got a refridgerator from why not lease it and the sticker price was $400. I was told that when I paid it off, my total amount would be $700 which I was fine with since I was making payments. I expect to pay a little more that way. I have paid over $1000 and they are telling me I still owe $250 and the payments that are automatically coming out of my bank account does not apply towards that. REALLY? Then what exactly do those payments come out. Also, they double charged my account and when I called, first I was told they don't have a computer so they can't verify it and now they are saying it's because I missed a payment in APRIL.....It's September. First, I have never missed a payment EVER. It comes directly out of my account. I got a new bank card around that time and updated my account with the new info. They continued to take it out of my old bank account even after I updated it. That was their mistake, not mine and now they are telling me my account is in default. I am done with this company. They are scam artists who will rip you off however they can.

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