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Walmart Family Mobile

Country United States
State Washington
City Bellevue
Address 12920 SE 38th Street
Phone 1-877-440-9758.

Walmart Family Mobile Reviews

  • Jul 14, 2017

Family Mobile is trying to rip me off! 2 months ago I tried to pay my mobile bill. The automated system was having difficulties (per their recording). I tried to pay $84.00 which was the cost of two lines. The system charged me $884.00. After 2 days of disputes and very very poor customer service I was able to recover my funds. I immediately chose to discontinue use of services with them and switched companies. 2 months later I am receiving a bill in the mail for $962.84. The bill statement says that I owe them $800.00 for the refunded money that they had no right to take and had zero authorization to take and that I also owe them $162.84 for what I imagine is two months of service. This is a month to month service with no contract and cancellation at the end of each month if service isn't paid for. If you miss payment they will return service for exactly one month and the process repeats itself.

I switched companies and in fact own the very number that they are trying to collect a debt on. I called customer service and they couldn't even find my account information in the system. When I asked for a number of who to call because the bill they sent has only one number on it (which is the number I was on the line with) she told me to hold on and proceeded to tell me the system was down and that she couldn't retrieve a phone number. I told her that it would be fine I would wait for her to get it figured out. After an hour of her telling me she couldn't retrieve a number of someone I needed to speak to she told me to call back another time. They are the ones sending me a bill and also the ones providing me with a number to call to pay said bill but not a number to dispute said bill. This has been a very difficult experience and there are several other complaints about this company.

  • Jun 21, 2017

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I bought a Wal-Mart Family Mobile SIM card for a specific use in traveling. The associate at Wal-Mart who sold it to me assured me that it would be suitable for my purpose. When I got home and read all the fine print on the paperwork, I saw that was not true, and the SIM card would not work for me, so I immediately called Family Mobile. They said I had 14 days to return the SIM card with absolutely no charges accruing on my account. I returned the SIM card the next morning and got a refund from Wal-Mart.

Several weeks later, I got a bill from Family Mobile. I called the customer service number listed on my bill and was told that they didn't have any record of my mobile number or my account number, and they said that I shouldn't be be getting a bill because it's a pre-paid service. But I DID get a bill. They kept talking about a 'migration' to Trac Phone, and said they didn't have my records. I explained to them that I had the bill in my hand, and the instructions on the bill gave me a phone number to call for questions about the bill. This is the number I had called. If that wasn't the right number, could they give me another one? No. They could only give me the same number I already had.

They told me that in order to check further, they needed my PIN number. I don't have a PIN number, since I never used the phone. Next, they wanted the serial number off the card. How could I get the serial number off the phone if I returned it?!

I called 4 times and spoke to 5 different people, including a supervisor. The supervisor told me that there shouldn't have been a bill; to just ignore it and there would be no bill the following month.

The following month, I got a past due bill. I called again. Somehow, I was transferred to a person in Honduras who supposedly had my account info. Again, they asked for my non-existent PIN number, and said that without it they couldn't help me. Then they told me to go back to the Wal-Mart store, which I had already done, and get their 'dealer code'. I refused because I knew that would just be another dead end, and I insisted on doing a 3-way call with the Family Mobile rep and my Wal-Mart store. Good thing, because as I suspected, it was a dead end. The Wal-Mart person was not allowed to give out the dealer code, even to Family Mobile. I asked him to see if his supervisor would authorized him to do that, and we finally got a dealer code. But that wan't enough. Next, Family Mobile wanted a 'token and passcode'. Because of the ‘migration’, Wal-Mart no longer has access to the computer system which contained the 'token and passcode'. Since Family Mobil has migrated from T-Mobil to Trac Phone, they use a different computer system, and they don't have token and passcode info anymore.

The latest advice I got from the Family Mobile rep was to send an email, and it could be resolved that way. I highly doubt that an email will resolve it if a supervisor can't, but I will have to try.

I tried finding a number to call the corporate office and speak to somebody there, but so far it has been impossible to find. Everything I find keeps referring me to the same customer service number where I can get no help.

This has not been resolved. I would ignore it, because it's a small amount of money, but I don't want them ruining my credit over an unpaid bill.

Please, please, pay attention to all of the very similar complaints that you read about Family Mobile. I wish I had listened! If you keep the phone and find that the service meets your needs, maybe you’ll be ok, but if you ever want to cancel, or need customer service, expect a nightmare.

  • Jun 20, 2017

Everyone should be aware of how porting over a number(s) from one servie provider works. Having the telephone number in questin, account number, and pin, or passwords, the lines in question are thus canceled and then activated on the new service provider. This being the case, why would Walmart Family Mobile continue to charge a monthy service fee on accounts that even their representatives agree are no longer active since the date of the port over and can clearly state that to me with the specific dates. And then to continue saying there are no other charges and in disdain tell me to contact finincial institution first, when the charges were disputed. This greedy world has gotten to the root of a once fine and reputable store (Walmart). I guess i will have to wait and see if i am still to be charged next month too.

  • Nov 29, 2016

I took it to the store and they sent me to TMobile I then called customer service and was told to take it to TMobile representative at the Best Buy store. Still not able to use my phone I called Family TMobile again and told to take the phone back to Walmart. I was told there that they couldn't exchange the phone because I had no box. By then I am totally frustrated, so I called customer service again and explain to them i wanted the service cancelled therefore I don't believe I owe you anything. I have a phone I purchased for about $80;00 that's no us to me and you are trying to charge me for service I did not use

  • Nov 15, 2016

To start off with we bought a Family Mobile phone for our nephew to use while visiting from Australia. I set the phone up and he used it for the month that he was here. When I first called to cancel the account, after finally getting a hold of an actual person, the lady told me that there was no account for this phone number. So explained that there must be as we were using the phone but she assured me there wasn't. A month later I get a bill in the mail (only because I had to get a new credit card and my expiration date had changed from what I registered the account for). So I call them up and say I would like to pay this bill and cancel my account. The guy says fine you need the PIN number for the account. I say I don't have the PIN number. He says again that I need the PIN number for the account.

I say I have the account number and the phone number and I just want to pay the bill and cancel the account. He tells me he cannot do that without the PIN number. I say let me talk to a supervisor. The supervisor gets on the line and tells me the same thing. I said I am trying to give you money and you cannot take it and he says yes and to go to a Walmart at the Money Srevices desk and they can do it for you. So I do. I pay the bill and ask the lady to cancel my account and she says she can't and that I will have to call the toll free number. Wel I left it for a couple of weeks until I recived another letter telling me I now owe a late fee on a bill that I have already paid ( which I have the recipet for). I could not stomach calling and talking to those idiots again so I found an address on their website to write to. Sending it off tomorrow and will follow up with the results.

BTW you cannot find this address by going directly to the Contact US link on their website. Try it and you will see what I mean. Instead Google Family Mobile and click on the Contact Us link that shows up in Google or click here

That page has the address to write to.

  • Jul 30, 2016

I called to cancel 2 lines on my plan in June and was told my bill would only be $75. I was billed $145 in june and called several times as well as emailed customer relations to correct the error. The bill was never adjusted and i was made to pay it being told the next bill would be correct. Here it is almpost August and Im still being charged for 4 lines! Customer support and customer relations will do nothing to fix this error! Customer relations will not respond to any emails and does not do anything im told by customer support that they would do.

  • Jul 20, 2016

Confuse all to skim internet from all while charging what they can for low - no service from internet .set up different times to pay from your monthly time then two days after you pay your bill they claim your unlimited internet is all used up .hoping to get you for all they can.ripoff scammers

  • Jun 14, 2016

Walmart Family Mobile T-Mobile Family Mobile I closed my out my account with Family Mobile T-Mobile because i someone had stolen my phone and I still had mins left on that phone. So i went and had to go buy me another phone whitch i bought a phone that used Verizion because I had bad service with T-Mobile because of where i live so i called them to get my account number to close out my account with Family Moblie so i could use my same number ive had for so many years and i work for a doctot so i had to keep my number so Family mobile gave me all the imformation i needed plus supposed to closed out that account and move on to another well i am still recieveing a bill from Family Mobile and They are trying to say i never did close out my account well first of all you half to have an account open before porting over my number to verizon . And i am not happy what so ever with This company!!!! For not doing there job and blamming me for their mistakes and as a customer that is not the way to do business thank you, Cameron Ramsey

I am not happy with Family Mobile for stating that I never did close my account to start another account and I did because to port a number over you have to have an existing account and then close it out to start another account now I am with Verizon not family mobile T-Mobile and I don't appreciate the disrespectfulness that I got from the customer service line and I would never use T-Mobile family mobile ever again it's a rip-off

  • Jun 3, 2016

On May 7, 2016 I cancelled my husband's cellphone from my account. I was informed that I would receive a bill pro-rating the bill because it was still part of the billing cycle. So on May 17, 2016 I paid a partial payment of $1.00 to the account. I received a text message from Walmart saying I owed a balance of $77.00. Normally, the bill is $85.01 each month.

On May the 28, 2016 I called 611 to make the payment of $77.00 only to be informed that my bill was $74.94 which would bring my total to $75.94. This was after my husband was taken off of my account. Then today June 2, 2016 I receive a text from Walmart saying my bill is $59.83. This cannot be true because I took him off on May 7, 2016 and was told my billing cycle is April 29- may 28 so if they pro-rated the line why is my bill $59.83 and it should only be $45.85 with taxes.

I contact walmart only to have Operator Sarah scream at me so I hang up, call back and speak with an Indian operator whom I barely understood. I asked to speak with someone else and she hung up on me, not when I'm paying to use your services ma'am. Then I call back and get Operator Ceasar who was plesant but I wanted a supervisor at this pont. So I get Supervisor Doilan and he tried to break down the bill but what he was sying didn't make any sense. I have each bill dating as far back as December and he was wrong and I toold him so. He would ask questions and then would not let me answer those questions.

He then tells me I have to go to to dispute the claim and that is what I did. I was not able to find the consumer relations division. It seemed as though I was on a page for people who were trying to add a phone, change a number, create an account (which I already have), or change passwords and I was trying to do neither. I refuse to keep paying for a number that is no longer on my account. It has been nearly a month and I'm still paying for this number.

  • May 18, 2016

On March 15th I called requesting the main phone be put on hold. A week later I called again requesting the second phone be put on hold as the phone is broken and cannot be used.However, I still got a bill for 100 dollars and some change even though the phones are NOT IN USE & NOT ABLE TO BE USED!! YET, I'M still getting billed!!

have two phones on one account. The first main phone number on the account is .on March 15th I called requesting the main phone be put on hold. A week later I called again requesting the second phone be put on hold as the phone is broken and cannot be used.However, I still got a bill for 100 dollars and some change even though the phones are not in use & see unable to be used. there was one month of no text, no data and no service is being used when I got billed.

  • May 13, 2016

I have been reiceiving bills for cell phone service after I have switched providers. I don't understand why I continue to be

billed when I do not have a contract with this carrier. We Paid as we went and had no signed contracts. I would like this

matter to be resolved immediately. My cell # related to this matter is 781-xxx-xxxx and 781-

account # . Please contact me for our pin #. Thank you, Corrin R

  • Mar 21, 2016

Mocksville NC... the service is AWFUL, they drop calls constantly and regularly when you try to call the phone states no service available. The T moblie service here is aparently terrible. When I try to resolve it they have "customer svc" that is impossible to understand.

Gave up and moved to - 100 times better signals and service and even customer service... however when I cancelled the crappy service family moblie keeps sending me bills and refuses to acknowledge I moved my number away long ago.... just called a barely English speaking rep who hung up on me when I demanded the stop sending me bills when I am not their customer...

Dont make the mistake of using Family mobile... T mobile network is awful and you can get far supperior service with Metro pc or cricket at the same price and customer service here in the US>...

  • Mar 8, 2016

I am disputing the bill they sent me.They are asking me to pay $77.98, for services that I didn't get.Usually if I don't pay the due date, they cut me off, and I end up paying late or the next month.But I can't even use the phone until I pay.So, why am I getting these charges? They ard ripping people off! There's no way I am going to pay this amt. of $77.98!

  • Jan 9, 2016

Keep charging me for 3 phone lines after I have called an reported it stolen twice an refuse to keep paying for it

  • Jan 9, 2016

It is impossible to cancel your cell phone service with Walmart, My Family Mobile powered by T-Mobile. Frustration is high. I tried on the internet, I tried calling 3 different Walmart numbers. I want my service cancelled now !

  • Dec 23, 2015

I called Family Mobile and requested my service be disconnected on Sept. 8, 2015, the day I get a notice via my cell phone that my bill is ready. I told the customer service lady that I wanted to stop service immediately. She asked why, and I told her that I don't use it enough to justify the $45.45 a month. (The advertisement states it's $30 per month! Yeah right!!)

She said I still had a month's service, and it would be disconnected on October 4, 2015. I said are you sure?? She said yes, because the service was paid a month in advance. I confirmed this THREE TIMES. She kept laughing saying, owe nothing. I said OK. Thanked her and we hung up.

Little did I know that on Sept. 25 the phone was cut off, which was ok, since I wasn't planning on keeping it and I wasn't going to make a big deal about a few days.

Then.....I get this paper statement in the mail saying I owe $85.00. I immediately called them, and this time a young man told me that it showed I had called in and requested it to be disconnected on Sept. 8, but it wasn't until the 25. I explained to him what the girl had said, and told him to listen to the recording of our conversation.

He said I should only owe around $10...the four days between Sept. 4-8. He said I needed to get ahold of customer service via email to explain what happened. I did just that....two times. Each time I got a response that stated, "You used the phone, so you'll have to pay for it." I asked them if it matter what I had been response to that question.

Tonight, Dec. 22, I get a call from a collection agency Outsourcing Collection Services (I believe). I explained everything to this gentleman, Curtis Briley. He said I now owed $105.00. He also said it showed I had retracted a payment in August. I checked my bank account to see if something like that happened, it hadn't. So he asked me to fax it to him. Gave me the number of 206-322-9838 (which I repeated back to him). Tried it three times......the number is not a working number.

So now what?? I think they should honor what their employee told me!!! Mr. Briley asked me if I was willing to pay anything, and I said, "Nope!".

To be continued..I'm sure!

  • Dec 7, 2015

I cancelled my account in October and ported my number over to a new carrier. Called customer service directly after getting the new phone to make sure they knew I was no longer a customer. Paid my last bill that came in the mail and figured I wouldn't have to pay anything else. Today, I receive a letter saying I owe 43.29 and they are handing me over to the bill collectors. Is this some sort of sick joke? I haven't even used the phone and I have the paperwork from when I switched over and the bank statement of when I paid the bill. I refuse to pay them anymore money when their customer service is a joke and can't even figure out what is going on.

  • Nov 9, 2015

I canceled my daughters Walmart Family Mobile account in December 2014. It is now November 2015 and I have received a collections notice from Receivables Performance Management stating that I owe Family Mobile $106.45. I have attempted to contact Family Mobile directly but that is virtually impossible if you do not have an active accout with them. I decided to call T-Mobile and a rep was able to get me on the phone with a Family Mobile billing rep who was able to locate my account via the account number referenced on the collections notice but would not provide my any information because I couldn't remember the phone number or pin number from the old account. The Family Mobile rep did state that when canceling an account there would still be a one month bill owed. If that is the case I should only owe $35.00 as that is what I paid monthly for this NO CONTRACT phone, where are they getting $106.45? I also advised the Family Mobile rep that I never received a bill or notice for money owed and that I have lived at the same address for three years, therefore if a bill were mailed to me, I would have received it. If I truly owe this money I will pay it but I want proof of the bills that were supposedly sent to me along with an explanation of the amount they are stating I owe.

  • Oct 27, 2015

I have been receiving mail from wal Mart family mobile about an account I never had asking me for past due account monies. I received a letter from experian stating that in September 15 th 2015 they descovered that unauthorized disclosure of my person information was accessed from their server. And that this is a breach from t mobile . That unauthorized information downloaded by an unauthorized party. From a previous account I did with wal Mart family mobile a while back. And this now needs to be reported and solved because a creditor name convergent has this account which never have been me or mines from family mobile. Action needs to be taken and people made aware of this breach.

  • Oct 15, 2015

Repeatedly no service to interrupted, dropped call service and lost messages. No answers when I call customer service.

  • Oct 9, 2015

I received an email from Walmart Family Mobile that my son and brother's mobile phone bill was now ready, it was approximately September 19, 2015. I went online to pay it on September 20, 2015 with my VISA card that I allow them to keep on file, but is not set up as auto-pay. It rejected my payment numerous times. I tried to call them to pay over the phone but was told they would charge me a $5.00 fee. I figured I would call my bank the next day to figure out what whas going on with my credit card. I tried to use my credit card to purchase gas and groceries later that day and it was rejected again. I tried to contact my bank, but they were closed and the customer service number on the back of my VISA was unable to provide any information. I called my bank the next day (Monday) and found out that my VISA had been compromised - that someone attempted to use it fraudulently and the bank's fraud department caught it. They called and left a message on my house phone letting me know this, but didn't bother to call my cell. Since it was going to take 7-10 days for a new replacement VISA I went to my online bank account and set Walmart Family Mobile up as a payee and had my bank sent off what my bank calls an ACH payment on 9/21/15. It showed that it could take up to 6 days for them to receive - since it wasn't due until 10/5/15 I figured that wouldn't be a problem. Today, (10/8/15) my brother called me from his home phone to tell me his cell phone wasn't working. After calling WFM several times attempting to get a line person I had to pretend that I was setting up a new line because the only option I had was to pay my bill --- which I had paid by the ACH check. (I verfied on my bank website that they had accepted payment and had been received on or before 9/29/15). The woman I spoke with told me that they don't accept paper checks through the mail! I told her I have no idea how the bank sends an ACH payment, but that my account was showing that they had accepted the payment.

I think they should have notified me via email on or around 9/29/15 when my bank shows they accepted the payment by to notify me that this payment would not be accepted. Also, when something like this happens, they should give their customers the option to get a live person to deal with something like this. I had to call about 5 or 6 times - get disconnected because I was not going to pay something I had already paid, only to continue to get disconnected. --- This company needs better communication methods - they also have no email set up, so I couldn't even email them to follow up. I would not recommend Walmart Family Mobile to anyone! I personnally use Boost Mobile as my cell carrier - and while there are times where I have a few dead spots, their customer service is spectatular compared to Walmart's. But I guess since it's "Walmart Family Mobile" and everyone knows what crappy service Walmart stores themselves have, between trying to find an item - trying to find an employee to help you find an item, and hoping that employee speaks English --- and the manager not opening any more checkout lines (like they do at most other stores) when the lines get long - this type of service is exactly what most people expect from them!

  • Sep 30, 2015

WalMart mobile is scamming consumers.I used them about 3 mo.I had a no contract billing.I called June 28,2015 to cancel with them.I was due to renew June 26 and they left the service on wout my permission.Even after I called phone was left on a whole month receiving texts. I had already cancelled.Now saying I owe them 2 mo service.Scam!!

  • Aug 31, 2015

No good internet and I'm asking for a discount for next month because I have been calling and calling all month and there's no need for all that to much stress and I pay my bill on time every month

  • Aug 19, 2015

When I signed up for family mobile, I thought is was a pre-pay service that does not report to the credit bureaus. They had raised my bill by $10/mo. so I decided to switch carriers. My monthly plan was $29.97/mo. or $34.97/mo.

After I ported out, I am sent a bill from Walmart Family Mobile for $90.65. Not really sure how they arrived to this amount. But they send me letters in the mail, one of them threating to report to credit bureaus.

I think Walmart Family Mobile is the only pre pay that reports to the credit bureaus.

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