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Us Xpress Inc

Country United States
State Tennessee
City Chattanooga
Address 4080 Jenkins Rd
Phone 866-646-5886

Us Xpress Inc Reviews

  • Apr 22, 2017

This piece of work, Megan Lastine from US Express if your trying to get with them and she's your recruiter good luck. She has jerked me around for 3 weeks now. I have pushed off starting at another company twice now, cause of her. She tells me we need this, then I get it for her and it's we need this, then this, then this. We need your DAK we're not gonna use it and it doesn't mean a Damm thing to use but we still need it, this has to be verified, that has to be verified, 3 weeks and she still doesn't have everything she needs to get me into orientation on Monday. Now I'm losing money cause of her Megan Lastine recruiter for US Express, they seem like a very good company, she just isn't good at her job. I filed a complaint against her with there corporate office as well, probably won't do any good but it made me feel better doing it, so I did. I thought US Express would've been a better fit for me, better money, get home for home time a bit easier. But because of this recruiter, I'm going with the other company, what else can I do, have to work. US Express seems like a good company but if Megan Lastine is your recruiter ask for another, cause she is inept, unprofessional, and just not good at what she does, which really isn't much, she reminds me of that person that's standing at the time clock on a Friday waiting for it too strike 5pm and she's out the door, she does not care about the fact that she is playing with driver's futures and lively Hoods and if she does, she just doesn't give 2 s*! Terrible recruiter, stay away from her!

  • Mar 9, 2017

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Usxpress ripped me off by not paying for months,there lease truck had several breakdowns during 2016 .me and my wife were financially destored.we lost our family car due to jor young being a dork.t\i had truck payed off but usxpress took truck back due to repair bills they approved,i had no say in repairs done with my money

  • Jan 30, 2016

I was Hired to drive over the road for Us Express,I got my truck they had me sit in a parking lot in Ellenwood for 3 days waiting on a load,the then sent me to Mcdonough Ga, to pick up a load on a Fridaysday,Company was closed for the weekend,then they had me drive to jonesville S.C to Dollar tree to Pick up A load, Dropped off the load in tennessee, then pick up a load in Cleveland Tn, to pick up a oad going to Laredo Texas, 2 days driving to Laredo Tx.,got to Laredo Tx, Sat for 2 Days, left Laredo to Dallas,Tx, Sat for 3 More Days,call my DM, Josh, He Gone Home,i Called corporate to express my concern for all the sitting, they tell me to take it up with Josh, some 4 days Later, Finally i resigned, took my truck back to Atlanta,when Josh returned i had already turned my truck in with a resignation letter.How about they put on my Dac that i was terminated for abandining a job,not the equipment, but a job, when i was never giving an assignment in the first place, they took my check oweing me almost 700.00, skrewed up my dac, and wants me to pay them 413.00. i got into trucking cause i liked driving figured i might as well get paid to drive,im gonna say skrew the liscense its not what its cracked up to be,skrew trucking its a joke, you deliver over 500,000 dollars worth of freight, you get a 200.00, smdh.Then they j=have a liscense to still your money. Mess up your Dac, I see why theres a driver shortage.

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