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Unlimited Vacation Club

Country Mexico
City Mérida, Yuc., Mexico
Address Calle 56 A 496, Merida Centro
Phone 52 800 681 9569

Unlimited Vacation Club Reviews

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  • May 29, 2016

Avoid UVC scam

I would rate secrets maroma a 0 and any other resorts run by the same company due to their ultimate vacation club scam. The resort is directly involved in pushing people to this scam. I am honestly embarrassed that I fell for their tricks. They take you and convince you that it's not a time share but in reality it's worse than a time share. It's a complete scam.

I paid $45,000 USD based on the promise that it would save me enormous amounts of money on my vacations in the future. They showed me all these numbers which in hindsight was all trickery. And when I got home and did the calculations myself I realized that the savings are minimal. I would save $150 per vacation which means I need to go on 300 weekly vacations minimum to break even. I will obviously never make this money back.

If this were a legitimate company then you would expect that they would give me my money back due to me being dissatisfied and the fact that I have not used any of their services 6 months into being a member of this "club". It is not a legitimate company, so they will never give me any money back and just cite the contract terms. If they were to do the honest thing then I would be shocked and would of course let people know that they are an honest company. But clearly that's not going to happen, and it is a waste of my time to even try.

The irony is that prior to being a member of this club, I would go to their resorts all the time, I even got married at secrets maroma. Since being scammed I am determined to discourage everyone from coming to their resorts. I am now forced to go to their resorts all the time which means that every time I go to one of their resorts my wife and I will make a conscious effort to inform everyone of their scam. I cannot get my money back but I can make sure other people don't get tricked like me. My wife and I are very social and we always make new friends at every resort that we go to. We will make it our mission to make them lose more business than they gained from scamming us.

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  • Dec 5, 2016

Another Companies

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DON'T BUY UNLIMITED VACATIONS CLUB MEMBERSHIP! I traveled with my friend to Cancun on a package that we got for a very good price. While staying at Dreams Pueto Aventuras, we were approached to attend a presentation about their club. In fact, they were calling us before we even went to breakfast on our first day. We were told to go to the VIP Desk (of course). We were offered a tour a Dreams Tulum which appeared to be a much nicer resort. We were not happy at our hotel and we wanted to see the other one in case we came back, we might go there next time. They offered us breakfast and spa treatments if we went to see Dreams Tulum. Dreams Tulum was beautiful and we would like to go there next time. The sales man asked us what we paid for our vacation and I gave him the numbers. I thought we had gotten an excellent price so there would be no way for him to beat it. I gave him my number ($1152 per person for airfare, all inclusive hotel, and airport transfers). He made some calculations and wrote down that we would have had our all inclusive stay for $480 for both of us. I asked to be sure, "So you mean we could have paid $240 each for 7 days all inclusive?" He said yes. He then looked up airfare two weeks out and found a ticket for approx. $300 and then added $100 for airport transfers. So he said we could have made the trip for around $640 - $700 for everything And so, we bought their stupid club and we get home and log in with our passwords (that don't come in your email until you have been home for several days) and find that the prices for their club are double, triple, and quadruple what he said. I spent 3 nights and a weekend, plugging in dates and numbers all over their website and this rate he showed us does not exhist anywhere, ever. Don't every buy into this club not matter what they tell you. THE RATES HE SHOWED US DO NOT EXIST ANYWHERE IN THEIR CLUB, EVER! DO NOT BUY UVC!

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  • May 13, 2016

The hotel/resorts that UVC own and operate are gorgeous. In fact, I gave the resort at Puerto Vallarta where we stayed over Xmas 2015 a 5 star review on Trip Advisor. Food was good, room was beautiful, pool and amenities were top notch.

Now that's out of the way, here's the warning: They want to provide you with $400 worth of coupons upon check in provided, however, you listen to a 20 minute presentation on their memberships.

The last thing I wanted to do after getting out of the house, driving to the airport and all the attendant hassles, flying time, driving time from aiport to hotel is listen to a presentation...all I wanted to do was check in and get a drink.

I had to bully my way past their "check in" agents and I hate doing that to the folks trying to make a living and ultimately after putting up a stink for 20 minutes they let me check in ONLY if I promised to come back and listen. Every time I walked out of the lobby I was pestered about the presentation.

After 3 days of sun, food and adult beverages I let my guard down and sat through the appointment.

These guys operate like every bad movie you've ever seen about land sales, timeshares, or any fast talking sterotypical salesperson. The pictures they paint, the collateral material they show you make it all so fantasy like.

Now, I'm pretty good with numbers and watching the young man and woman work their magic dazzled me. I was doing the math with them and it sure seemed sound but that is precisely what they want you to believe.

I agreed to purchase a "membership" for 15 or 20 years, I've forgotten now, but the membership can be shared, can be passed on and all these wonderful things. My wife and I agree to pony up a bit over $20,000.00. Yes, that's how easily a fool and his money can be parted.

We then proceed to the "closing" and they have their "representative" present who proceeds to shower us with page after page of documents spending barely enough time to review them, let alone allowing me to take them to an attorney. Has to be signed on site, of course.

After a good 2 hours of this we're exhausted and simply want to get out. We leave, after they pop the champagne for us, and a combination of feelings sweep over us...what did we just do? Did we just spend $20K?

After we get home, I proceed to immediately FEDEX a letter of complaint insisting that the contract be voided. I submit all my arguments and after a day I get a phone call from a gentleman who specializes is "saving" contracts. He's very smooth and even tempered.

We discuss, me with some animation, the proceedings and how we've changed our mind and no longer want this "membership". After many hours and a few days worth of conversations, he has convinced me to reduce my membership to a 5 year deal that winds up costing me $5k +/-

And for that, we will be rewarded with 7 FREE nights at any of their resorts except Zoetry...

Well, now after all the conniving and misrepresentation and not counting my half drunken stupor I was in when I originally signed the document comes the real disappointment: the resorts we want to go to require a 2 for 1 night stay...meaning my 7 free nights is really only worth 3. And, of course, limitations apply to holidays and high season.

So, shame on me for listening to their spiel, shame on me for signing while I was half toasted but shame on them for their unseemly and confusing "fine print" which none of them bothered to point out. Why should they? If they did, they'd never sell any memberships.

Take home value: Go and enjoy your vacation at any of the resorts, you'll have a good time I'm sure. But do not under any circumstances take their coupons in exchange for a "simple 20 minute presentation, no strings attached".

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  • Nov 20, 2015

I purchased a package that included 14 nights at any of their resorts and membership in RCI. When I tried to book a vacation using the nights specified in the contract, I was told there were no vacancies but was offered another room if I was willing to pay cash for it. So, basically I could not use the nights I paid for but they were going to be nice and let me pay for the room again.

Getting a booking with them is extremly difficult, getting a vacation with RCI in a good place is also almost impossible. This has been a terrible experience, a big headache and and a big loss of money. I paid almost $9,000 for these non-existent nights, what a waste. Aso, because they are located in Punta Cana, you cannot sue them.

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  • Nov 7, 2017

Unlimited Vacation Club- BRI-000759

We were misled, misinformed and they misrepresent the REAL UVC which is a SCAM

Oct 2017

As soon as we got there we were bombarded with request from Unlimited Vacation Club to attend one of the 90 minute sales, they promised no pressure.,.yea right!! Nothing but, after 4 hours,

On Monday April 17 2017

My husband met with them the next day to say we DID not want the membership, and of course, the Price was dropped again. Well during this presentation, they show you this BEAUTIFUL ocean view one bedroom suite with full kitchen, living room, dining room etc. Of course in the end, this is not what you get when you sign up, but we sign up and paid a fortune.

After talking it over and thinking it was a good because, I love the Secrets resorts it all seemed very nice just to purchase the membership to find out it was all a scam. The hours we spend wasting our vacation away, TO LISTEN TO THEM SCAM US AND LIE TO US. Yes, I believed what they said. Yes I trusted them and yes to find out that all they offered us was actually nothing compared to the money we paid.

On Tuesday 18 2017, we faxed the contract to our family lawyer (his information can be provided) to go over it and he right then and there said to cancel. We went into the lobby to cancel and they didn’t want to hear anything.. The only thing they kept saying is give some time, and made us a VIP clients at that time. I have been in touch and assigned PMG a federal and state consumer protection lawyers

On Wednesday 19 2017

We were misinformed and lied to again, We tried to cancel at the resort but time after time they lied to us stating that this was a great offer, I believed them due to the fact that I love the Secret resorts AND again the following day we spoke to them and they took us for a walk sowing us the we would have a VIP room again. They stated time after time that when we use UVC THE ONLY THING WE WOULD HAVE TO PAY FOR IS THE PRICE PER PERSON FOR FOOD.

On Thursday 20 2017

I went to the office to speak to the gentle that was involved with buying UVC and he was off that day. I also went to the office at breathless to see the manager and waited for at least one hour but did not show up. Went back down stair to find some kind of assistance but they told us to return the next day.

On Friday 21 2017

I returned to the UVC office to once again try to cancel, and when they heard that word they stated to go home to the states and think about it and cancel then, at that day and time we had scheduled a activate and were already late by the time we came back the office the office was closed.

On Saturday 22 2017

I simple wanted to rest and enjoy my so called vacation. I abused and mentally damaged with what I had gone through.

On Monday 24 2017

We Also email stating Please cancel our policy, even when we first received our contract from -----Original Message-----

From: Jeannette Rivera


Cc: KM Sun, Apr 23, 2017 11:15 pm


Worst decision we ever made. I knew it was a big mistake Got home, started reading reviews and realized we were lied to, and they sold us a membership that is useless and impossible to book vacations with. I didn’t pay this amount $XX.XXX to get 20% off THAT’S ALL UVC offered us. Members of unlimited vacation club receive 25% off hotel rooms, but if you go through Expedia or any online travel service, you'll find cheaper rates than they can get you.

They filled us up with lie just to discover that it was a scam when we came home. I called so many times to cancel but the moment I said I need someone to talk like a manager they put me on hold and passed me other agent, but wouldn’t pass me to a supervisor or manager, this went on for days.

Until other things in my life were more important such as an 80 foot tree falling on my house and destroyed my life and losing two cars. I ended up trying to figure this out rather than holding on line on the phone to find some support from UVC. Recently I lost my dad and my mom ended up in the hospital and once again I don’t have the time to stay on the phone and speak to someone that would only say that I will not be getting a refund. UVC SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES LEADING PEOPLE TO BELIEVE ALL THE INFORMATION THAT THEY TELL THEM….

I email and forward the message that I responded back with the statement of PLEASE CANCEL MY CONTRACT but until they stated that they could cancel my contract but WTHOUT A REFUND. I will not allow UVC TO MENTALLY ABUSE ME ANYMORE. I will continue to find some assistance to help us with this SCAM. I have been in touch and assigned PMG a federal and state consumer protection lawyers and also US Consumer Attorney Case #37-2016-00015087

I have been given a case number from the PMG and filed a report with the BBB hoping to clarify this problem and receive a refund. As they have contacted us and according to our contract I have followed the requirements to the best of my ability without any adeptness to cancel prior to this.

This is my second letter to UVC

Thank you for your assistance

  • Oct 2, 2017

My wife and I went to Cancun for our honeymoon in August 2016. While at the Silversands Resort some excursions were offered if we set in on sales pitch for other resorts/vacations. Well the deal offered was pay $26,000 for years of "discounts" and we would get to stay at 5 star hotels for less than price of regular stay at hotel. I paid $13,000 down because I got 0% interest on loan of other $13000. When my wife and I returned home and couldn't wait to book our next vacation to Cabo Wabo which all we would pay for a classy 1 - 2 bedroom apt which was showed to us at Silversands Resort. All we had to pay was like $75 dollars a day. The only other out of pocket expense was $125 yearly maintenance expense. Come to find out when we placed order UVC wanted another $4000. We thought there was a mistake and started calling UVC customer service. This back and forth communication started about Sept. By Dec we started figuring out what was really going on. Either I got no return call or excuse of won't even discuss sitution with me because I had not started paying my monthly payment. I stated that the salesman misrepresented their product and they were in breach of contract so I would not pay until our original deal was kept or wanted refund. Long story short is I got no resolution. This was a complete scam. I've attempted getting lawyers, but they want money upfront and I don't have it. Unfortunately I was diagnosed with cancer in Dec 2016 and am just getting back to my old self so wanted to post this. If other readers who have had this done know of way to address this legally I'm interested. I know with as many of us a possible civil action suit could be possible, but have had no luck. If you are researching this company before buying in, please don't. This has been a terrible ordeal for my family and we are just working people who don't have that kind of money to throw around. I'm usually more cautious than this, but caught up in the moment of our honeymoon, I didn't research enough and got burned.

  • Aug 4, 2017

On July 11, 2017 the wife and I took a 90 minute tour of a Resort in Cancun. This tour lasted five hours. We faced several "Sales" agents pushing what sounded like the right to purchase up to 12 weeks of vacation time to be used at a resort when their rooms are not completely sold out. The cost was approximately $3500 (for 12 weeks purchased vacation time).

When we got home we tried to make a reservtion at a resort of our choice and found there was availablity, But there was a cost, an Additional $2500+.

We learned that what we purchased was a "discount program". That was completely different from what we were told. We attempted to cancel and got a run around. We did not have a contract in our papers and Company promised to send a copy. We still don't have a contract to review. Company Officials were told we wanted a refund but have just ignored that request.

  • Jul 27, 2017

Unlimited vacation club is all a scam! All the promises that were given to us at the time of the purchased, about getting major discounts without having to pay extra money or fees were all lies. They told us that after the purchase we would not have another invoice besides the yearly maintenance fee. My husband and I have spent thousands of dollars and have never been able to use it because every time we try to schedule a vacation they make all these excuses telling us we need to purchase more things and pay more money in order to go through with the vacation. Also we have their sister company RCI (this is another scam!) calling us all the time telling us that our membership with them has expired and in order for us to use their service we need to pay more money. Sometimes it has been imposible to get a hold of Unlimited when you need their help, but come your due date if you are late paying they start harassing you with calls just to make sure that you pay. Whenever we want to go on vacation we end up finding way better deals on our own. The times we have reached them they just try to sell you more stuff or try to upgrade you and if you don't want anything then they give you a different number to call and they do not answer the phone. Once you reach them they tell you that you can find all of the information on line instead of taking the time to help you. We are done with them!

  • Jul 25, 2017

Unlimited vacation club is all a scam! All the promises about getting major discounts without any hassle or fees were all lies. My husband and I have spent thousands of dollars and have never been able to use it because every time we try to creat a vacation they make all these excuses telling us we need to purchase more things and pay more money in order to go through with the vacation. They are imposible to get a hold of when you need help but come your due date they start hurrasing you with calls just to make sure that you pay. When ever we want to go on vacation we end up finding way better deals on our own and end up haveng to go for those, not only because it's a better price but because we can never reach them. The times we have reached them they just try to sell you more stuff and if you don't want anything they give you a different. Umber to call and they do not answer the phone.

  • Jul 24, 2017

UVC is a scam! They sell you something that you do not get! They Ply you with Chanpagne and woo you with free breakfast, free cabanas, etc. They show you a room and say this is what you will be staying in and it is a lie. That is just the start of their lying!! If you tell them you want a refund and cancel your membership they threaten you that they will get their lawyers involved. Then they come back and offer you more free weeks, etc because they know they did something wrong. They threaten that if you try and fight the charge with your insurance company they will take you to court. There are so many horrible reports that I have read about this company. They should be shut down!! How do people like this get away with lying and trickery??? I will be fighting this until I get out of this hoax!!

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