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U-Save Car And Truck Rental

Country United States
State Mississippi
City Ridgeland
Address 1052 Highland Colony Parkway, Suite 204
Phone 800-438-2300

U-Save Car And Truck Rental Reviews

  • Nov 18, 2017

No mention of the $250 pet fur charge at rental car return check in. Obviously the intent was to get the carge on my credit card before I knew. Four phone calls and one email indicate they have no intent to avoid negative customer reactions. The specific rental site reviews by customers are so bad the business is obviously hoping to limp along until someone shuts them down. I read the general national reviews before I rented, and it was not that negative. Phone contact produces no person willing to talk about a refund. I have committed fair return treatment to this business by me until I am satisfied with retaliation.

  • May 12, 2017

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Usave Car & Truck Rental, in my opinion is the most horrific franchise system that exists. Usave doesn't come close, when it comes to being even a half way decent car rental franchise system. my opinion and experience, if you get involved with this franchise, you will lose money. Just read their recently released FDD, franchise disclosure document, it is in my opinion, a horror show.

Usave, today has several lawsuits and or arbitrations that they are involved in, and this is no surprise. Macquarie Capital is suing FSNA, Franchise Services of North America and several others.

Usave, FSNA has an active EEOC complaint, where a former employy is accusing Usave, FSNA of discrimination against "jewish people".

There reservation costs and fees are beyond ridiculous. Getting involved in this franchise is in my opinion, a huge mistake.

Usave recently shut off reservation services on a West Coast licensee over an ongoing reservation charge issue.

This shut down, I am told was an improper shut down and I was also told by this licensee that he was told to pay that day or the shut down will continus. This poor guy,my opinion, another usave Victim. This licensee has over 350 cars that need to generate money. Insane, disgusting and ridiculous. This is NOT the first time Usave, Tom McDonnell, has shut down a licensee, breaching state laws and regulations.

Be careful and do your research wisely. Your livelyhood will depend on it!

Anothr note, Usave uses counsel in Mississippi. One of their Mississippi lawyers has made veiled threats of a physical nature(from miles away) and also, in my opinion is absolutley cluless about the law. This lawyer uses My Cousin Vinny quotes in his legal briefs.

You can see Usave Car & Truck Rental's horrific details and complaints on google or on

Or search Usave FDD 2017.

  • Jan 23, 2017

Usave Car & Truck Rental has very little to offer in the franchise world. Everything posted here can be backed up by real time written and audio transcripts. Usave is currently being sued in court and or arbitration by at least four people or entities.

Usave Car & Truck Rental is undercapitalized and is what I believe, very deceptive with their licensees. Usave advertises things such as free cancellations to the general public, yet they advise their licensess to charge the general public regardless of their advertised policies.

Usave Car & Truck Rental sells franchises and opens franchises without proper documentation and or agreements being excecuted. Usave then surprises you with unexplained fees and details that will cost you dearly. Usave apologizes for their actions but doesn't do a thing to fix the problems they cause, instead they hide. They, meaning the owner Thomas McDonnell and other executives.

Usave Car & Truck Rental, in my opinion is absolutely a disaster when it comes to the car rental industry. The reservation expense can cost you sometimes in excess of 45%! That is an impossible number to manage. Usave has more than one licensee that that is disputing the insane reservation charges.

When problems occur and you need help from the Usave franchise, you hear excuses and get deflected. There are always delays when you need help. One Licensee was told the delays in getting help was because of a strange incident involving a spouse a friend and a video. Can you imagine? These details, with transcripts will be presented in the rebuttal section on this site, at the precise time. If your state allows one party phone call recording, I advise you to take advantage of that as it can protect your interests.

Usave franchise system employee has treatened bankruptcy. This threat was made to a licensee. That is a scary thing to hear when you have your hard earned money invested in the Usave franchise system.

Usave parent company, Franchise Services of North America is being sued by Macquarie Capital for breach of contract. I do not see Usave surviving this lawsuit. After some online research, I also see Usave had to settle a lawsuit with a former employee. The law site says the amount of the suit was over $600,000 dollars. Usave also has three litigations pending, possibly more.

Usave Car & Truck Rental allows third party reservation sites to use the Usave name online to advertise their own booking site. This I do not believe has ever been disclosed to the licensees. This means, Expedia and can use the usave name in your franchise territory, This allows the third party site to get the public to book reservation through there sites at costs of over 25%. This is absolutely insane. When you buy a franchise, you're buying territory nd a brand. Why should it be allowed to be used by someone else that will have usave bill you more money. Makes NO sense.

Usave Car & Truck Rental, in my opinion is like throwing money out the window.

  • Jan 18, 2017

Went on a 6 day business trip to LA. I had booked a rental car through Expedia from a company called NU Car Rental. Online it stated that I was not required to sign up for insurance and in total I reserved the car for $87. The website stated that there would be a shuttle from the air port to the car rental for convenience. So, I get off of the plane. Wait about 30 minutes, no shuttle for NU Car Rental. So I look up the address online and take an Uber. The business is nowhere to be found at this address. So I get dropped off and I ask some locals if they had ever heard of this place. After asking 3 people, a man finally directed me to a hotel and claimed there was a small car rental business in the very back of the hotel. After walking through the entire hotel I find a car rental place. Except sursprise surprise, the business has a different name. "U-Save Car and Truck Rental" after waiting another half an hour in line. I asked the man at the counter if this was in fact NU Car Rental. He claims that NU is a "partner" company and that I could just rent a car through them instead. (That should have been a big red flag, but I was exhausted from trying to find the place for 2 hours and just agreed.) Only to find out that the two different names are in fact the same company that goes by several different names. This is a very strategic scam business, but wait it gets worse!

After giving me the keys, I see on the receipt that they have charged me $557. I asked the man why. He said he charged me for rental fee, plus $70(I assume) for insurance as well a $400 deposit which I was never informed about. He assrued me that I would get the full deposit back as soon as a returned the car. Ok great. The car was decent but not in the best condition, and certainly not the car I signed up for. Skip ahead to when I return the car (in perfect condition). I was super careful, not a scratch on the car and the inside was squeaky clean. I approach the counter to an extremely rude lady who literally looked a the car briefly, took the keys, and walked away. I approached her again as she tried to ignore me and asked her for my deposit back. She said I would get it back within 5 business days. So I wait a few days and check my bank account. I got a deposit back, except it was not $400 as promised. It was only $50. Furious I tried the contact them. Guess what? Their listed phone number is fake. Not in service. At this point it really starts to sink in that I was scammed. Ended up paying about $100 a day for a crappy car and no convinency what so ever. This is the most elaborate scam I have ever encountered. If I had done my research I would have discovered that many people have had equal and worse situations with this so called business. Avoid at all cost.

  • Jul 29, 2016

Usave Franchise is not at all a good idea, in my opinion, to invest in their franchise. Their standards, in my opinion, are well below all the other car rental franchises.

If you are looking to get in the rental car business and you come across Usave, do your homework and research carefully, as you should with any business venture.

I have been informed that Usave does not properly explain their franchise terms and I have read publications stated that they have filed for bankruptcy and have lawsuits pending in regards to their franchise.

  • Nov 6, 2015

They socked the surcharges to me. I rented for 3 days and there was an additional charge to use the tolls but I did not choose as we wanted to use the roads that were not tolls so we could see the country. But I accidently ended out on one toll and had to go through but I went through where you could pay. I paid $5.00 that went onto their pass on the car and got off shortly. When I returned the car they asked if I used any tolls and I told them about the incident. They told me they had to charge me for three days of tolls which I was very upset since I only did this once and paid $5.00. Charges added to my bill was $42.00.

The car that they rented us leaked inside when it rained plus the transmission barely could make it up some small hills. Not a very good car. Beware of this buisness.

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