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Travel Advantage Network

Country United States
State Maryland
City Millersville
Address 672 Old Mill Rd # 311
Phone 1.800.223.0088

Travel Advantage Network Reviews

  • Feb 7, 2018

Please, Buyer Beware! The company will offer you a free cruise to watch 2 hr. seminar. Which I had no problem doing. They started the vacation package out at 30k, by the time we refused and was ready to leave the seminar, they pushed so hard that they reduced price of vacation package to 4k. basically a deal to good to be true and I should have went with my instincts.

They show you a video of the these beautiful houses, large families together on vacation ect... they showed you the dream at a price that it would make middle class families dive right in. Misguiding you is what happened. Its sad. I have been paying 98.00 a month for the last 4 years and still have 1 more year to pay. I was able to get a summer place booked 1 time on the first year we had package.

I have tried every summer since and cannot get a place booked during the summer vacation months. impossible. at best a 1br, 2br max was available this year at the end of August. That was one of the big questions asked at the seminar. Were these rooms going to be available to me to book for vacation during normal vacation months for my family. You would have to book 1 year to 2 years in advance to land a summer condo place to stay.

I will be going to the magistrate this week after just trying to book a vacation for the final time through Tan. I payed monthly and it was my vacation savings to TAN and I cannot put it too use when I need to or even family wants to do anything when kids are off n the summer. Shame on you TAN and I pray that with all my evidence my attorney can get my money back off of you thieves. I am not the only family you are doing this to.

customers please research all the given names that are floating around that this company uses. Here they are. TAN, Plan with tan, travel advantage network, sundance vacations

  • Jun 17, 2017

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White sandy beaches, travel on your schedule, and save a buck or two while traveling are just some of things stated while slowing being persuaded a travel package with TAN is better than "other" timeshares. So, I bought into the hype, I purchased a package well within my budget $4500. Young and single who traveled often and by the slow sales pitch I figured this would be great for me at that time. I haven't been able to use this package since purchased. I've followed the tips I've tried to schedule 6-12 months in advance. Nothing either the property is unavailable or its to far in advance that the dates can't be released yet. On top of that, it was explained to me that once my package was paid for I'd only have to pay for taxes and fees. No such thing, I'm stuck paying a monthly fee of $35.00. I've been paying this since July 2012. Buyer BEWARE!!!! Do not purchase!!! Stay Clear!!! Plenty of promises to take your money which creates a nasty black hole.

  • Nov 7, 2015

Last 2007, we went to an outlet mall in Illinois. There's a raffle for a free car. My son and daughter up their form.

During that time my son are 24 years old and my daughter 21. Where only new in this country, not knowing they will become


IT didn't take that long after they filled up that paper they got a phone call that they won a free vacation in Vegas with

airfare. "SOUNDS GOOD". But that is their technique. It"s not true all lies. They can't even used it until it expired. Not Usable.

They told my son and daughter to visit their location to get their prized all their need to do is listen to their explanation.

They went there together with other friends. They're so excited. When they arrived there they told my son he need to sign

on the contract without a chance of reviewing the content of that contract. His friends agreed to join on the Vacation

package. But after they review the contract they quit my son are the sole responsible in paying that vacation packaged.

We are on a though situtation financially during that time because he is paying his student loan and I'm still helping my

other children in our countries. But I don't have a choice either because I need to help him on his bills. This is a HARD


They make them believe that their Vacation packaged are not expensive and their company have good reputation, but it's all


After he sign the contract and they read it carefully they realized this is a "BAD" VACATION PACKAGED. My son called

them several times and begged to them They are no longer insterested but they refused, because they don't have

cancellation period. Without knowing their contract ar null and void from the very beggining because they didn't give him

the "CANCELLATION RIGHTS.. They told my son to sell his vacation packaged. Nobody's interested,

*BECAUSE* you need to book a year ahead of time. Plus you need to pay $474. and there's a $99. processing fee.

And majority of their location are bad location. Imagine since 2007 until now we can't use it.

Last 2 years ago my son told me If I want to use this vacation packaged when I look on their website It pissed me off

because It is difficult to book. I told my friends and family they can used it for free I gave them the password and user name.

They try to book but I got the same answer they cannot use it too expensive and what are the purpose that you pay for

this vacation if you want to used it you need to again and more expensive if you book on Expedia or other website which you

can choose your free time and place that you want ot go at you own free time. I having a distress getting rid of this vacation.

I ask my neighbor to help me sell this on EBay because I not fluent in english. When he look on the website of she saw the website BOYCOTT SUNDANCE VACATION on google and facebook page we were

'SHOCK'. I show her the contract of SUNDANCE VACATION we got a goose bump, I didn't read the contract before when

my son handed it to me, two years ago. Then I told my neighbor it's imposible

for me to sell this vacation packaged I don't want other people become another victim of SUNDANCE VACATION SCAM and

if I try to sell it the buyer will sue me.

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