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The Real Estate Workshops

Country United States
State Utah
City Riverton
Address 12760 S. Park Ave. #1315
Phone 877-901-1167

The Real Estate Workshops Reviews

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  • Mar 17, 2017

REW is a complete scam. They do have OK Educatuion, But they promote that they have there own network of HARD MONEY LENDERS. This is a TOTAL lie all they have is a list of HARD MONEY LENDERS that they give to apply for.The people that put on the seminars arent even investors they are paid SPEAKERS. Thats all, I was going to sign up for there $30,000.00 dollars class just to get access to there lenders, thinking they were poeple in the company. Luckily i found out they dont have there own lenders. They do alist of a few ex students that may do some gsp lending. But only good for maybe $30-$40k. If you are an investor you know this means nothing. Nick Vertuuci is the same. Complete rip off. If you are going to these schools to have access to money you be disappointed. It will not happen. You will have just as good of a chance going online and googling HARD MONEY LENDERS. Poeple say this is a cowards platforem. Well Name is Anthony A, I live in Ft worth, TX and this is the truth about these two companies

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  • Oct 17, 2016

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On May 3rd of 2016 I Was Asked To Enter Into A Contract For Advanced Mentoring.

The Services Being Offered Were:18 Weeks ProActive Coaching

6 Months ReActive Coaching

LifeTime Learning Center/On Demand Training

Prop Stream SoftWare

The Services,And PayMent, Were To Be Split Between MySelf And A Business Partner. The Price Of The Contract Was $10,400.00 (U S D).

I Signed(via DocuSign),And Paid $1,200.00 By VISA Debit Card,Issued By JPM Chase,$4,000.00 By MasterCard Credit Card,Issued By Capital One.

My Business Partner,(Because Of Financial Verification), Did Not Sign The Contract, Nor Provide The Remaining $5,200.00 Needed To Complete The Contract.

Clause Number Seven(7)Right Of Recession, States:You The User(Purchaser) May Cancel This Transaction Up To The Third Business Day After The Receipt Of Product Or Service, WhichEver Is Later, You THE USER, May Cancel This Transaction, To Do So You Must Send Via Certified Mail, A Signed And Dated Written Notice Of Cancellation To Real Estate WorkShop, At 12760 S. Park Avenue #1315, Riverton,UT 84065, NO LATER THAN MIDNIGHT ON THE THIRD BUSINESS DAY FROM THE DATE ABOVE(May 3,2016).Company Recommends You Retain A Copy Of Your Cancellation Notice, And Certified Return Receipt Confirmation. All Transactions Are Final Thereafter. If You Cancel, Any Property Traded In, Any Payments Made By You Under The Contract Or Transaction, And Any Negotiable Instrument Executed By You Will Be Returned Within TEN BUSINESS DAYS Following Receipt By The Company Of Your Cancellation Notice, And Any Security Interest Arising Out Of The Transaction Will Be Cancelled.

I Sent An E-Mail To the Person I And My Partner Had Spoken With,As Well As To The Support Team, Notifying The Company Of A Notice Of Cancellation. I Also Sent A Certified Notice Of Cancellation Dated May 4,2016.

I Verified Through The USPS That The Letter Had Been Delivered,And Signed-For.

I Filed A Dispute With Both JPM Chase And Capitai One.

Capital One Issued A Refund To My Credit Card Account,JPM Chase Said The Transaction Could Not Be Cancelled, As the Transaction Had Posted To My Account.

I Cancelled Both Cards, AT Both Banks, And Was Issued New Ones.

To This Date,(10-15-2016),I Have Never Received A Refund Of the $1,200.00 Paid On My Visa Card.

I Have Called Real Estate WorkShop, And Sent E-Mails. I Consulted An Attorney,But I Feel That The Fees Charged Would Negate The Amount Owed.

I Do Not Understand How One Bank(Capital One), Can Issue A Refund, But JPM Chase(Debit Card),Has Not Been Refunded.

My Credit Score Went Down Because The $4,000.00 Charged Against A $6,300.00 Limit Was Viewed As Excessive.

I Just Saw The Article, And Wanted To Vent My Frustrations.

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  • Sep 12, 2016

I attended a free seminar to learn about purchasing tax lien certificates. During the free seminar the presenter gave introductory infromation about tax lien certificates and the opportunity to invest safely in the tax lien market. It was enough information to peak many of the attendees interest to know more about this investment opportunity. The speaker also very quickly presented a software system that the GTLN offered to anyone who purchased the $597 training package that streamlined the tax lien purchasing process. We were informed in additon to access to software and software training we would also receive in dept 3 days of training to teach us how to successfully invest in tax lien certificates. He did mention that they would talk some about other real estate investment opportunties.

The 3 day training was from 8:30-6pm each day. Unfortunately, the training was not at all training! Rather, this room of about 60-70 people paid $597 each to listen to a 3 day sales pitch to buy "adavnced training" that cost $29,900 or $39,900. This bomb was dropped on the first day of training about an hour before the day was to end. The facilitator very casually says " you guys do know that we are an education company and we offer advanced training for either $29K or $39K.

The $597, 3 day training class was essentially a platform for the GTLN to talk about the ROI opportunities if you purchased houses to rehab, flip, or leasing with options. They also talked in great detail about wholesaling contracts. There was very little substance in relation to tax lien certificates. In fact, I would say that they did not introduce any new information that wasn't previously presented at the free seminar. They displayed the "tax lien software" for maybe 10 minutes on day 2 of the sales pitch.

They requested that all of the attendees list their assets, bank account balances, retirement balances, credit card available credit lines, and credit scores. As such a great portion of the 3 days was spent talking about how to use credit cards for business investments. It didn't take long to realize that the use of credit cards was being pushed inorder to finance the outrageous $30K-$40K fees that they are charging in order to truly have access to their systems. They even instructed the class as lunch assignment to call our credit card company to ask for an credit increase.

I believe that I along with the other attendess were grossly mislead! We were told that we were paying $597 for training and access to software that would enable us to successfully invest in tax lien certificates. That was the furthest thing from the truth. We also learned that the "software" is nothing more than a portal to county and local governments. Although, we were told that the software would make the purchasing process easier and more conveient during the free seminar we were told during the 3 day sales pitch that any properties listed online were esentially leftovers that no one wanted. We were not provided any training materials only the opportunity to take notes. When an attendee asked about access to materials the presenter responded that materials are a waste of time and not helpful. However, a little further into his presentation he informed us that if we signed up for the grossly overpriced adavnced training we would have access to on demand materials.

Plain and simple....The Government Tax Lien Network aka Real Estate Workshops, LLC is a scam! Most people can not afford to pay $30K-$40K for the essentials let alone training that appears to be bogus! I would have never paid $597 if I was told that additional cost were in the tens of thousands of dollars. In fact, I was under the impression that all of the training that I needed to be successful with tax lien investing was covered with the $597 payment.

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  • Mar 6, 2018

I took a 3 day class on Jan 5-7, 2018 for $595 from REW Real Esatate Workshop that was to teach you how to profit off tax liens. It soon revolved into a class more on investing money into flipping proprty and how the average flip would net $40,000 in a 3 month period. They then offered a class with more detail and actual assistance in doing the first flip for a $39995 fee. They really presented it as a means of doing all this using other peoples money also. The class involved flying to Las Vegas for 3 days and to San Diego for another 3 days. Brcause I made it clear that I could not easily travel I was told that there would be classes right here in Florida that I would not have to go to San Diego, but only to Las Vegas. Later I found out that this was false information and I decided that I could not attend the classes . They sent me a document via docusign that was an agreement to refund my money in full on Jan 23, 2018. I wa stold that it would be up to 10 days bot now 45 days later I have received nothing. I have spoken to Aaron Darby ( CFO possibly) several times and am always told 2 more days etc ., but 2 more days produces nothing. I just want my refund as agreed .

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