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The Lodge at Shadowlake

Country United States
State Texas
City Houston
Address 14913 Richmond Ave
Phone 281-497-8606

The Lodge at Shadowlake Reviews

  • May 25, 2017

The apartment community that I'm currently residing in "The lodge at shadow lake" (12360 RICHMOND AVE Houston Texas 77082) hired a water billing company called YES Energy/Yardi enegery based off of 500 Colonial Pkwy Ste 200 Roswell, GA 30076-8852 has something wrong with their meters it is reading 20000- 25000 gallons of water for a small apartment that I'm in living alone. I was shocked and complained back in December 2016 and they said they will take care of it but it didn't happen. I contacted the billing company they are saying that I have to pay whatever the meter is reading but there is no way that I could use that much of water just for myself with No Yard, No Pool, No Spa, No Jacuzzi, No Fish Tanks, etc, I don't even use dishwasher. The bills are around $300 a month just for water and Sewer :( I lived in a different unit before in the same complex and my bill was

YES Energy doesn't respond and apartment people say they can't help it.

Wat is this ????

I escalated to community corporate office - Miss Anita, the corporate officer said she can't help either.

  • May 2, 2016

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I am not writing this email with happiness at all. I tried to wait on some type of response locally but thats hasn't happened so here we are. Approximately 3 weeks ago on April 3, 2016 at about 12:30am I was walking to the leasing office with a friend to drop my rent and water bill off as I had just gotten back in town and didn't want it to be late since I've never been late in the almost 3yrs I've resided here. I realized I left my gate card to get out the gate (I didn't drive because parking is ridiculous and I had to park about 7 buildings away as is (unsafe) We saw a man coming out of the workout room (where it says smile you're on camera) and asked him for his gate card. He walked over assisted me, waited and I thanked him. I noticed he was walking behind us a ways back but thought nothing of it.(figured he lived here, he had a gate card) As we got right in front my apt I heard my friend say "what r u doing, get off of me" this happened in seconds. I had to fight this man off of her!! He didn't care that it was 2 of us! I called the police, they came and took a report.

I went to the office the next morning only to be told that the same security cameras used as a selling point don't work. I immediately burst into tears bc I workout in there alone! I was also told the courtesy officer whom Ive Never met lives in my building. (Slap in the face bc we screamed for our lives) Under the false impression that If something happened it would b recorded! I also asked if the gate cards would scan who used them. Needless to say I've heard NOTHING back. I was told 2 days later someone tried to break into a tow truck n it was recorded so I could look to see if it was the same guy, nope nothing heard about that either. Why do the tow trucks have working cameras but where I pay almost $1200 a month in rent doesnt? It's a slap in the face, there has been no follow up, no care and I feel very unsafe ! I have to park buildings,away bc ppl have a multitude of guests over.

I am moving mid May more like May 21 2016. I do not feel at this point that I owe this property another red cent for what I have been through. I could have gone to the media about this incident but I wanted to give corporate a chance to respond FIRST. I'm certain the women and men let alone children swimming or working out in the fitness area have no idea that the cameras that say "smile your on camera Don't work! Is that supposed to be a scare tactic. Now the man who attacked us, who would have been on camera ISN'T because they don't work. So I propose me ending my lease as of May 21, 2016 without any additional monies owed. I feel I have been a great tenant on top of dealing w my multiple unresolved complaints and letters etc about my 3rd floor disrespectful and loud neighbors and unanswered workorders. This is the LAST straw. My life was and still is in jeopardy! I followed up with the coprporate supervisor after speaking to the local property manager and here is how that went below.

Please advise me as to whom I need to speak with to take my issue further. I just spoke to Ms. Pino who basically insulted my intelligence and insulated that the guy didn't have a gate card because u can just press the top button to get out of the gate. She then said the last scan on April 3, 2016 was at 10:20 pm but they can see who the card belongs to so why even look up the scans?? She then said the cameras just hadn't been working, I asked when n they stopped working and she didn't know. Do you not pay for this,service? I know it's not customary to pay for a non-working service. Lastly, when I mentioned the courtesy officer that supposed to live in my building that is,apparently a,ghost I was told my security can not be guaranteed. I'm not naive to think anywhere is 100%safe however, I don't have time to concoct a,story.. call the police to my home at past midnight When I have to be at work the next morning at 8 am. I don't know of any complex that would require a tenant attacked on their property to fulfill their lease period! You have never ever had a problem receiving payment from me and I would have gladly stayed and continued to pay on time had this incident not occurred. Who wants to move abruptly but I will not stay somewhere where I have personally been attacked. I'm prepared to take this to the media and the lawyers on my job. Your local office only called and emailed me because I reached out to yiu. Prior to that noone cared! I will personally let everyone in the complex know how,I've been treated. Let them know my incident was questioned and if you're attacked don't count on any follow up or tracking. I didn't give a,2mobths notice because I wasn't planning on being attacked or moving!! All that I ask is to be let out of my lease with the month of May removed period.

To no avail Ms. Simone Chatlain told me I need to pay for May but they were letting me out of my lease which ends May 31? I explained that I had been an excellent paying tenant of which I have an email of her attesting to when they held my rent check for 2 months. But Im being treated like I want something for free? No I want this month waived so that I can move soemwhere else that has working cameras, a staff that follows up and gates that can be scanned and rviewed. Im incurring more moving bjt my life is more important,. Please reveiw this issue.

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