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Sevan Skin Care

Country United States
State California
City Santa Ana
Address P.O. Box 25380
Phone (888) 656-9325

Sevan Skin Care Reviews

  • Jan 25, 2017

This company made fraud charges to my credit card. It was for skin care. They charged me for my free samples.

I tried to call them several times and they hang up on me. I keep telling them they charged me without my permission and they keep reading a script about there great product. I told them it sucks and I broke out from it, there reply was give it time. I said I want you to refund my credit card, it's fraud and they hang up..

I am in contact with my credit card company, I haven't heard back from them yet.

  • Jan 16, 2017

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I was intrigued by an offer to try a free sample of Mystere Eye Cream. It was a free trial with just needing to pay for shipping. They offered the Sevan Skin Serum for the same shipping so I thought, why not? It was about $4.95 for each.

I saw the charges for shipping to my account which was fine. I received another box from the Company about three days ago, I was surprised because I did not order anything from them. I called them and they said I had signed up for a recurring shipment. I absolutely did not. In fact I thought it was curious initially when I did not receive an email confirmation from them after placing the order and confirming shipping address, etc. Now that I think aboout it, I probably was never sent anything because I woud have seen that they were signing me up for recurring shipments. I NEVER sign up for any recurring charges.

So I called and talked to them and asked to send it back and they said no. I continued to discuss it and let them know that I was not even using the product because it was damaging my skin. I had gotten really deep red sorta raw sploches on my face so I had stopped using it. The customer service individual went away and then came back and said they would refund for the second unrequested shipment.

I decided to go to my credit card to see what they had charged. It was $89.75 for PUREPIZZAZZ and $84.75 for UPIDVT*SHINYMYST. What I didn't know at the time is that they had also charged me for the free sample, they charged me $84.75 and $89.75 for the free sample. So, I called them back. I spoke to someone named Shasheen (sp?) who informed me that I was ony getting a refund for the most recent shipment, not the "free samples". I explained to her that I was getting credited for the recent shipment but wanted a refund for the first because it was damaging my skin and I was sending it back. She told me, after much requesting, that company policy is that there were no refunds after 30 days. I guess she didn't like my repeated questioning because she hung up on me.

So, not only am I shocked that they don't stand behind their product, they sign one up for recurring charges without your authorization and they hang up on you. I called my credit card company and they indicated that they had called the company before, and the company said they had authorization. Of course, what are they going to say? So buyer beware, they will charge you for things you don't want and your credit card company will not help. I saw another individual had posted with the very same issue. There is obviously a problem here, who can help?

  • Oct 18, 2016

Found an on-line ad for Eye Complex Rx and Skin Complex Rx offering free trial for shipping cost only ($4.95 & $4.95) for both Skin and Eye complex.

No information was provided on web site nor in emailed receipt indication that there would be follow up mailings of the same items for very expensive price (each item over $90).

Was surprised when 3 seperate orders were received and then noticed in last weeks bank statement (ending 2016Sep30) 4 un-authorized charges of $91.90, $94.90. $84.75 & 89.75.

I Called bank and reported the scam. Bank investigated and could not cancel as vendor claimed shipments were authorized. They were not authorized and no information was provided by vendor informing of additional shippment nor additional charges and no information was provided by vendor indicating a subscription was included with the order for the free trial. I am now attempting to contact the vendor to obtain refunds. Bank has provided contact number for three of the charges;

EyeEnergize (888) 506-8751

ShinyMysst (888) 556-2674

PearlyFeel (888) 387-0206

BeautyRestore (855) 752-8039

The above four items are the charge items as they appear in the bank statement, although the shipping label list the sender as EyeComplex Rx-SkincomplexRx and as SevanSkinCare-MystereEyeCram. All have the same Santa Ana, CA post Office Box address.

Clearly the vendor intended to create a subscription shipping of these product without purchrser knowledge as there was no notification of such. Therefore this is intentional fraud. The ads were associated with Dr. OZ and indicated he was promoting the products. I now believe that this is a false claim.

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