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Royalty Skin Serum

Country United States
State California
City Santa Ana
Address PO Box 25380,
Phone 1-877-501-3715

Royalty Skin Serum Reviews

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  • Jan 25, 2017

Royalty Anti Aging Serum and Royalty eye cream are advertised on the internet as a company owned by Ivanka Trump and offers a free .5 oz sample of the products for which they only ask that you pay the postage to deliver it. I searched the website to find out if there was any trial offer period from which you would then be required to accept more products. I could not find anything. It was again asserted that Ivanka Trump was so impressed with the results of this product that she was endorsing it and willing to give away free samples. The USPS delivered my .5oz products within a week of my order which I put on my VISA card for the postage. Yesterday upon reviewing my charges on my Visa bill I saw that Royalty under the name BKA-creamstore and RMH Glowserum charged my credit card abt. $90.00 each for abt. $200. total for a sample size product.

I called the phone number on my Visa Statement and requested an explaination. The woman on the call center line said it was indeed for the Royalty products I had ordered and the product had to be cancelled or returned by 1/12/2017 as it stated or I would be charged. I told her I found nowhere that was advertised as such and that it was in fact advertised as a free sample. She stated that she could not reverse the charges to my Visa account. I asked her to put that in writing and to send me an email stating that no refund would be given. I also told her that I was calling my credit card company to stop payment on their false advertised and fraudulant charge to my Visa card. She stated that I should not call my credit card company because the charges had already gone through and they would not help me.

I immediately called my Visa credit card at CHASE and they stated they would cancell the charges and refund the about $200. to my credit account. I spoke to a representative who confirmed that this company had many complaints and that the "trial period" was not advertised or endorsed by the Trump family.

I also looked at the Consumer Reports rating on this product and far less expensive over the counter anti aging serums such as ROC recieved much better consumer reviews for 5 times the amount of product and at less than half the price on Royalty Advance Anti-Aging Serum. THis is a buyer beware scam. Don't fall for it. Additionally the # 1 active ingredient is water and it also contains alcohol which will dry your skin.

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  • Oct 3, 2017

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There is a skin care scam going on. Different product names are being used: Nayvi Skin Serum; CR Cream; or Royalty Skin Serum. These products are being produced and advertised on line, stating endorsements from Shark Tank & many celebrities. As other complaints have stated, they pull you in by offering a small trial very inexpensively guised as a 14 day trial. What they don't emphasize is that you have to read a lengthy, fine print, contract which, at its very end, states that if you don't return the trial products within the 14 days, you will not only be charged a "full price" but will be enrolled forever & they will automatically send you the full price product each & every month. If that isn't bad enough, try contacting them to get information or to return the products or cancel the account. Surprise! These companies all use fulfillment/shipping companies for their orders and also use customer service companies to handle the phone calls & complaints. Those companies are forbidden to reveal any contact information about the manufacturer, therefore, you cannot make contact with the producer. The bottomline is that these companies are trying their very best to prevent you from returning or cancelling anything they produce. The consumer is the least considered person in their dishonest chain.

  • Jun 8, 2017

Ordered what I thought was a product sample ofr Royalty Skin Serum. 1st of all when I first ordred I could not get past a pop up of an additional eye cream product. When I got past it and processed my order I discovered I was charged 3 separate charges of $4.90 $1.99 & $5.90. I called the company same day at 877-348-2110 and was assured that the eye cream was canceled and given a confirmation #C2793407. About 2 weeks later I got in the mail both the Skin Serum and the eye cream. Looked online at my credit card statement and still had all 3 charges. I did not want to waste anymore time calling on a $5.90 charge. Well today I get my credit card statement another charge for $94.90 from the same company. The phone number on my credit card statement is different than the one I first called. THe one on my statement was 888-596-3997. I called and spoke to a man who kept saying I did authorize the charge. I advised him I did not. He stated that the 1st product was a 14 day trial, if you dont return it you are charged. I advised him there was no disclosure that the product was a 14 day trial all there was was another pop up on a product I did not want. Even when I got the product there was no paper or anythin with the product to still indicate it was a trial offer. He stated that I do not have to see it for it to be disclosed. WHAT.... really just what does he think a disclosure is? I advised him if it is a disclosure it must be made visable to read.

I demanded a refund, all he wanted to do was argue with me. He than puts me on hold and said he spoke to his supervisor and was willing to give me 35% discout, I said no! I want a full refund. Than puts me on hold again and said his supervisor was not willling to come down anymore, but that he can give me his employee discount for a total of 50%. I again said no, I want a full refund. He continued to want to argue that it was all my fault and that I authorized. Than he stated he told his supervisor I was screaming at him. No screaming here, just a demand for my money back. I ended up hanging up on him after 17 minutes of getting no where. I called my credit card company and stopped the charges and they refunded all my money. This company needs to be stopped. They are a comnplete ripoff that is not disclosing anything about a trial offer and the additional charges.

  • May 24, 2017

This company is a typical scam offering a free trial if you pay shipping. The fine print you have to struggle to see informs you that you must cancel in 14 days or they will bill you the entire amount and keep billing you every month. They are sending one box with 2 products and billing twice for $98 for each small bottle. They bill under two different company names. If you contact the company, they will not assist in returns and will offer to make it easy and refund a partial amount. When I called to dispute a charge going through that day, the agent told me they had already closed my account from a previous call and therefore could not enter a refund for the charge today and he hung up on me. When I called my credit card company he said he receives complaints about the Royal Skin care company almost everyday. Do not try the sample. Even if the product works, the company lacks any integrity and is running a dishonest business.

  • May 15, 2017

I ordered a free sample they charged my credit card $94 I told him I didn't want the product they wouldn't let me send it back and they wouldn't take the money off my credit card

  • May 11, 2017

This product looks and sounds good. I ordered online, on my phone. I scrolled down looking for the fine print to read and didn't find anything. Apparently after the 14 day trial you are charged almost $100. By the time I figuered it out, they had already taken a few chunks from my account. I called to cancel the order, which they did, and then I asked for a refund. I was offered an 80% discount on future orders. When I asked again for a refund, I was disconnected. I called back and told them I was sending the unopened box back and expected a refund, the gentlemen said it was against policy. I asked to speak to a manager and I was told the manager would say the same thing. Again I asked to speak to a manager and he hung up on me. Since when is a customer unable to return unopened product for a refund. This is a scam! The Attorney General needs to look into this.

  • Mar 7, 2017

The offer of a "free" sample for the "Royalty Anti-Aging Serum" turned out to cost me over $8 because of shipping and insurance--all without warning me.

My mistake, of course, was giving them my credit card. In short order, another bottle showed up, without warning, in my mail--for which which the credit card was billed for $94.90--again without any OK on my part. I called to cancel my account and got only a 35% refund.

The product did not keep me from aging. I am still turning 80 next week.

  • Feb 4, 2017

I ordered a Free Trial of Royalty Skin Serum by phone. Ad said just pay postage of $4.90. After giving my credit card # I checked my bank charges. I was charged $1.00 then $1.00 than $1.90 an $4.90 I immediately called them back an questioned all charges. I was told they would refund all but $4.90 NOT true I called back right then again I was told they would refund. 2weeks later I got a Freud alert they we're attempting to charge me $98.08 the bank Stopped the charge. I contacted the company the supervisor stated I did not cancel within the 14 day period.

I informed them that I was not told I had to cancel. It was a Free Trial. I was then told since I stopped the payment that they would turn it over to collections I was told that I had to pay for the item that it's not a Free Trial that they did not have a Free Trial. An that I should have assumed that there was an additional charge.

Nothing is Free an they did not have to inform me of a cancellation period or that I would be billed at a later time . I told the supervisor that was Freud. He told me collections wouldn't think so .

Then he told me I could keep it from being turned over that he could offer me a 1 time offer of 75% off an I told him where to go . I had to contact my bank an have a New Credit Card mailed to me which takes 7-10 days a Total Inconvenience . They were very rude an threatening he swore that the ad didn't say Free Trial . So I took Pic of website that Clearly says Free Trial. I'm just lucky that Chase bank alerted me before they processed it for $98.08. Again they stated that they Don't have to inform customers that there's a 14 day cancellation or that there's an additional charge of $98.08 . BIG RIPOFF an SCAM . An the serum SUCKS not worth a $100 + dollars.

  • Feb 24, 2017


I am also I. The process of cancellation..Don't but this stuff...

  • Jan 24, 2017

Total scam the product used in Royalty serum are not worth the $94 they charged your account if you do not cancel within a 14 day trial, of which, it is not stated upfront you have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of website small print. On terms go all the way into the terms page very last page is where you find that they will charge your account if you do not cancel within 14 days. Furthermore they use false advertisement to claim that Royal skin serum is owned by celebrities used by celebrities and even use the Trump name to endorse their products, a total hoax . Lastly most of the product is water this should be totally taken off the market and these websites should be in the category of criminal fraudulent no one should be ripped off by these companies where liability is evasive and ownership and manufacturing is hidden.

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