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Progressive Corporation

Country United States
State Ohio
City Mayfield Village
Address 6300 Wilson Mills Rd.
Phone 1-800-776-4737

Progressive Corporation Reviews

  • Jan 24, 2018

I recently purchased auto insurance online at 730a before driving my vehicle. At 808am I receive a no registration and no proof insurance ticket while on way to get tabs for vehicle. So I had to print off proof to show court office.submitted proof to court office and they called to verify insurance and progressive claims my insurance was not in effect until 257 pm even tho my bank statement shows they took money from it at 730 am. Progressives agents tell me nothing my bank can submit will work and are claiming I didn't apply for quote or insurance until 230pm . 7 hrs after they withdrew money from my accout. They claim there is no way them money could be taken in morning because I didn't even apply till after 230pm. My bank records say other wise

  • Jan 6, 2018

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I started a Transporting business about a year and a half ago where I would use a one ton ram dually 3500 diesel to transport cars, motorcycles etc... This business is called Hotshoting and in New Hampshire there is only one company that will insure HotShoters and that is Progressive they have a Monopoly in NH because it is a relatively new type of business in the Northeast, so you have to go with them like it or not! For my truck and a two car trailer it was $5,450 the first year, but when it came time to renew it jumped to $7,250 and I threw the towel in! I canceled my commercial insurance policy on December 22, 2017 because I just couldn't afford it anymore. I had my payment automatically withdrawn out of my account every month around the 5th. In the meantime I had gotten another policy that covered me up to 100 air miles from my house.

My insurance company called progressive and told them to cancel Transport insurance which I assumed they did. Well my wife reminded me that no only did they take a payment they took two $1,051.00! I was pissed off to say the least remember it's Christmas also! I called on 1/2/2018 and they said I would have to shut off the etf electronic transfer funds and they would put it back within 48 hours so I did. Well 2 days pass and my wife told me the money was still not there by today 1/5/2018! I called got the usual bullshit three different agents until you get the right one 30 minutes later! I told them that I hadn't received my money back yet and they said because I shut off the eft they couldn't etf it back to me!! Are you kidding me! So now they have to mail it to me in the 12th so I won't see it until the 18th if I'm lucky!

What a bunch of crooks! If they took it out in two seconds they should be able to put it back in two seconds!!! Dan Burbank

  • Dec 26, 2017

I moved my car insurance coverage to Progressive Insurance in July of 2017.

After giving the details of my insuance coverages to a Progressive employee they quoted me $325.00 / half-year for my 2009 Subaru Forester. To explain a bit further, I am 63 years old, drive 6,000 to 7,000 miles a year, and have not have an insurance claim with my previous carrier (State Farm Insurance) since 1981. I also am a homeowner, a college graduate, and have a credit score of 800+.

So with all this, I expect to get a very attractive insurance rate from a auto carrier. The Progressive rep was told all this, and replied to me with comments to the effect, "you're the kind of person we're looking for as a customer as Progressive Insurance..." What you really mean we're looking for another sucker we can lie to...

The conversation continued to getting quoted a rate of $325.00 / half year. The rep then talked about their joke of a product called "Snapshot" as a means to track my driving habits and suggested that with good driving habits the rate could even be lower - as much as 15% lower than the $325.00 / half year.

Well...That was all a scam.

I received my renewal invoice for the next 6 month period starting in January, 2018 and it was at $360.00 per half year!


When I called Progesssive to ask why the rate was increased, I got some bull_______ from a customer service rep that "OH, you recived a ONE-TIME discount when you enrolled with us back in July, 2017..." I TALKED WITH A COUPLE OF DIFFERENT PROGRESSIVE REPS BACK IN JULY WHEN I CONTACTED PROGRESSIVE AND NOBODY TOLD ME ANYTHING ABOUT A "ONE TIME" DISCOUNT THAT WOULD EXPIRE AFTER THE INITIAL 6 MONTH PERIOD.

I even got an email prior to my renewal date indicating " since you're such a a good driver as tracked by Snapshot, you're entitled to a discount..."

When I asked the Progressive rep about what the supposed "Snapshot discount" is supposed to amount to, she never gave me a reply, just kept repeating her standard line as to the discount I did receive back in July being a "one time discount."

This company is like so many others that sell their products via monthly or annual subscription service (i.e., insurance companies, cable companies) That is, once they have you "enrolled" in a subscription, they'll increase their subscription rate, and while realizing that the customer will complain about the increase, they'll hope you'll just pay the higher bill and stay with them as a customer. I got the same treatment from State Farm Insurance over a long period of time, and finally had enough of their games and left 'em for (unfortunately) another crooked organization in Progressive Insurance.

Now I gotta fight with them by petitioning the Ohio Atty General's Office Consumer Complaints office.


  • Oct 5, 2017

My parked suv along with 2 other parked vehicles where hit by a speeding driver. Hit car behind me and it inturn hit my suv pushing it approx. 35 ft. forward forcing my suv to rear end another parked car. 1st car she hit was almost brand new did some serious damage to both ends of her car. 2nd car hit was mine totaled it. My car hit the 3rd car causing serious back end damage.

The reckless driver only carried the minimual amount of insurance needed in Pa. I called her ins. company PROGRESSIVE and I was told basically to screw off and tough luck......pal. Now mine is totaled but they won't settle up with me because they have to settle up with the 1st. car she hit. And since she didn't carry very much ins. me and the 2nd. car will have to divey up any money that is left but the way I understand it there may not be any.

So I still need a loaner to get places (bad hip and spine trouble) which means that I can't walk very far. I checked into getting a loaner and guess what I was told until the first new car was fixed I am screwed but I can pay for one out of my own pocket and if there is any money left they will reimburse me. But wait it gets better!

I called my car/renters insurance company (MMG) and told them that I didn't need car ins. for awhile. I was informed that if I dropped it that my car insurance rate would go up and my renters insurance would go up. And all I did was park my car in front of my home.


  • Aug 10, 2017

I enrolled in progressive snapshot program in hopes of a lower rate. When 6 months was up and checked what new renewal would be it went up $2 yet snapshot said my rate would go down to $114/month from $153/month. When i called the company they gave me the same line as everyone else of due to increased claims and cost of business in my state my snapshot discount counteracted the so call rate increase. Progressive needs to be fined for such business practices.

  • Jul 20, 2017

Progressive Insurance raised my rate $70 a month claiming I did not live at my present address. I sent in several forms of proof drivers license utility bills Social Security paperwork all were deemed good by one rep then not good enough by another. When I refused to pay the increase they canceled my insurance leaving me with no insurtance and no car for 3 days. They then sent me a registered letter to my address that they say I don't live at so they knew exactly where I lived! This is FRAUD and nothing but an attempt to unfairly raise my rate

Progressive says I can not keep calling and will not go to any type of arbitration. They did give me a partial refund as if they were only half wrong. They say I still owe them money but not as much and have threatened my credit rating. This has a 24/7 effect but again I can no longer contact them

  • Apr 13, 2017

On March 16, 2017 I took my mom to eat lunch @ a restaurant on I35 or N Stemmons Fwy following a 5 hour appointment w her cancer surgeon. I was parked in the parking lot, facing Fwy. We just got our food when the hostess came running up to tell me, someone hit my car. I went outside to find a black Honda Accord crashed into the front driver side of my car. My car had been moved 45° from impact. I purchased my 2014 Ford Escape SE in October 2016. It was in new condition & retailed for $13,500. I am the owner. I only have liability insurance. The driver of the Accord said a car had tapped him on the Fwy. He said it caused him to lose control. His story didn't make sense to me & the police told him it was a physical impossibility that it happened how he said & he was 100% @ fault. He had some scratches on the passenger side over the back tire. He was traveling North on i35, so if he was struck there, he would have went into the wall or spun out.

Instead he hit 4 curbs, crossed 2 large grassy medians, & a service Rd w no evidence he ever hit his brakes. Then ended by hitting my car. It is a quarter mile back where he claims he was tapped. He didn't know what kind of car. He didn't get the plate # or see the driver & they didn't stop. This is the reason Progressive Insurance Co gave me when they refused liability. They investigated the claim, went out & inspected the Accord, never came out to see my car. I spoke to the adjuster w Progressive Thursday, last week. She told me she had worked my claim & spoke to others who agreed it would go in my favor & she would call me Friday to set up a rental car once the decision was final from higher up. She called me early evening Friday & informed me they were not accepting liability & closing the claim. She said she was in shock when it came back. My car is like my office. I have a mobile hair business. I've lost a lot of work because my car is hardly drivable. Won't even get into the added stress & frustration.

  • Feb 2, 2017

I was a Progressive customer for 7 years. I have been a NC resident now since June of 2010. I have not had a moving vehicle violation over the last five years and have had zero accidents in 20 years.

I felt like I was paying an arm and leg when I finally got a new 2015 Nissan Altima and since it was a lease it required minimum coverage policies to be met many of which I didn't have/need on my old jalopy. My insurance on my old ’98 Nissan Altima POC (piece of crap) went from $41 per month to $186.00 per month for the 2015 Nissan Altima. I just figured that's how it was going to be with a brand new car/lease.

My brother told me to look at Erie Insurance. I'm so glad I did. My wife at the time was with Geico and has a 2009 Scion XB that because of a bank loan also requires a minimum amount of coverage just like my lease. My wife was paying $134 a month with Geico for the Scion. Together we were paying $320 a month for the 2009 Scion XB and the 2015 Nissan Altima. Erie Insurance got me coverage that is BETTER than the limits I had with Progressive and offers MORE coverage and my cost is $65 a month with them for the 2015 Nissan Altima. My wife and I are now both with Erie and now BOTH have MORE and BETTER coverage and lower deductibles for a COMBINED rate of $112 a month. We are saving $2496 a year after switching to Erie.

Because my wife cancelled mid-policy with Geico shortly after she made a monthly payment, she was credited back $89.

THIS is the part that gets me about Progressive. After 7 years of being a loyal customer and leaving because the rates were SO excessive, they "fined" me $91 for cancelling early as a "short fee" because I didn't carry the insurance through the expected period that the rate was based on or some corporate gobbily-g**k that they think the average person will just shrug their shoulders at and go ahead and pay. Sure, you can cancel but we’re going to make sure we get paid even more! Progressive will say that NC REQUIRES this fee for mid-policy cancellation to make it seem legit so that people don’t question it. But we all know that with my wife’s $89 credit from Geico for cancelling mid-policy and also living in NC is that it’s simply not true.

Bottom line though that should tell you all you need to know about Progressive, their rates and how they treat their customers is that they will be very expensive and if you try to cancel for being, well….very expensive, they will - SURPRISE! Charge you more and blame it on "Your INSERT STATE Law"! Yep, another fee.

Run. Don't walk away from Progressive. If this is how they treat their very best long-term customers, imagine how they will treat you!

WWFD? (What Would Flo Do?)

  • Dec 10, 2016

To whom this may concern,

I have received horrible service with your company. I pay my bill every month on time and I have even referred several individuals to your company because the ease of service. I guess I never took in consideration a claim was never filed before. To start I want to explain to you the horrible service I received and still it has not been rectified. I submitted a claim for my Nissan Murano claim on 08092016. I contacted progressive all day on this day because I needed a rental and my mechanic advised me not to drive my vehicle because it was dangerous, but I had no choice because progressive never contacted me back and Cerina Nemcik never got back with me.

First issue: Cerina Nemcik did not speak with me on 08102016 as reported on my claim. I have numerous emails and phone logs where I called her and she was on vacation. At this time I am riding around in a wrecked vehicle that is not safe for me and my child so I call customer service. The guy on the phone was excellent he apologized for Cerina not getting back to me and assured me he would have her contact me and he set up a rental. I then was feeling a little better. So I dropped my car at the mechanic and the rental company was scheduled to pick me up at 6. The rental company dropped the ball and had me waiting an additional 30 minutes for them to get me. They apologized and gave me a rental. I now have a rental and my truck is at the shop that I selected.

Now here comes the second issue: The adjuster showed up at the shop where my vehicle was housed after a week of it sitting there and no appointment. When he got there he did a quote for what he could see, but my car was not placed on a lift. The adjuster refused to set an appointment and go back so I could have my vehicle fixed. The adjuster refused to go back to the mechanic shop and informed me that my rental would be ending soon. At this point I am livid and I only wanted my vehicle fixed. I was then forced to take my car to a progressive service center because now at this point I have been in a rental for 3 weeks and enterprise is telling me my rental is up soon. So I then took my car to the progressive service center 30 minutes away from my house in which again my car is wrecked and should not be driven because it was dangerous. I was told to take my car to the service center if I would have been injured that would have been a liability. I did not argue with her I simply took my car to a service center.

Now to the third issue: Now my car is at the service center. The car was taken back and they advised it would take two weeks and apologized because they stated even though it was their issue they could not extend the rental. So I had to go out and rent a car from for two weeks. After the time expired my car still was not ready. I contacted the service center and they advised me that they had forgot to fix my seat and my headlight when it went through inspection so they had to send it back. At this point I am really upset. I then spoke to Jason at the service center that apologized and then stated he would be my primary contact and would resolve any more issues. I got my truck back the next day my car was back immobilized because the shop improperly placed the tire on the rim. I contacted Jason who apologized once again and got me a replacement tire. This is ridiculous. I am not sure what the problem is and it still has not been rectified.

Now two months later once again my seat is broken and now my premium is increasing. Jason was awesome and assisted in any way that he could, but someone needs to look into this. I am not sure if this is payback or if your employees have an issue with African American lesbians. There must be something that can be done. I have been an awesome customer, but your service is not living up to your mission. I am asking for my premium to be reviewed, my full rental expense to be reimbursed, and my seat to be fixed.

  • Oct 4, 2016

On the date of 09/29/2016 Chat number 3616522, I had a chat with Diane of Progressive Insurance. I wrote to question why, I could not manually changed the date of my choice, to my monthly car insurance payment? I told Diane that I had retired, and wanted to change my deductions to the last day of the month. Diane wrote in the above chat reference, that I had to call customer service to either rewrite the policy for the last day of the month, OR, change the date for an automatic withdrawal for the last day of the month. I called 10/03/2016 and spoke with Anessa of Progressive insurance. I requested to change my payment date to the end of the month. Anessa told me that the only date allowed for change is the 16th of the month. I referred to my chat information, where I was told that it could be changed, to the end of the month, only by phone call, not through chat. Also I told Anessa, that I wanted to rewrite the policy date,instead of a withdrawal date, because I did not like storing my checking account information, since websites are no longer safe.

I asked if debit or credit cards could be used? She said no. Anessa told me that if I requested the policy to be rewritten,my policy payments will be higher. I expressed respectfully, that what Anessa was saying did not make sense. I told her that it is not logical for a policy of any kind to be raised just for changing a date of payment. I had not had any recent tickets or accidents, and my policy payment had just went down. I told her that this appears to be dishonesty, and I am not comfortable or trusting with what I am being told. I told her that, I have lost my trust in Progressive and this prompts me to look at other insurance companies. I told her for now, I will comply with the withdrawal date for the end of the month, to avoid my policy for being raised. But I will start shopping for another insurance company as soon as possible. I provided my checking account information to Anessa. Once I complied, my new payment was raised from 106.83 to about 112.00.Progressive Insurance promotes that if you choose automatic withdrawal on there website, you get a discount avoiding process and maintenance fees. If I was manually paying my monthly payments, without check withdrawal, my monthly payment would be almost 119.00.

There is no advantage for retirees,except to raise your payment to penalize you, because you only receive income once a month. My policy was not rewritten for the date change, it still went up about 6.00 for a date change. There is nothing on the website that explains this to customers. The website is always down. The website encourages customers to email anytime. There is no email address listed. There is an email link on the website. When you click on it, a drop box has selected titles of what Progressive chooses to address. When I click on policy, it advises you to log in for personal protection of your account. Once you log in, you cannot email Progressive at all as advertised on its website. If chat is not available, you must call only. I want all consumers to know that Progressive Insurance penalized me, and raised my monthly payments, for SIMPLY changing a payment date. I have had no tickets or traffic accidents recently and my policy payments just went down this year. When anyone retires and receiving once a month payments, there is a demanding budget to address. I requested to changed my payment date based on budget. Progressive Insurance does not take retired seniors as customers too kindly. Progressive Insurance does not care about retired seniors who only get paid once a month as customers. Today, I am now shopping for another insurance company, that does not penalize for date changes. I hope I can find an honest company.

  • Jun 25, 2016

They value the truck at 10,981.14 .we just bought the truck in November of last year. We just want them to up their value of the truck. We have done over 500.00 in repairs

  • May 10, 2016

Motorcycle rider insured by Progressive Insurance admitted fault to accident he caused but his insurance won't even cover the damage because apparently there was an impartial witness who claim it was my fault when no one saw.. I told rep and asked for this apparent witness but she said that she can't release that information?? You rather help cover insurance fraud and not listen to what I said that rider admitted fault since he was stopped on the freeway exit shoulder and he crossed an exit ramp on the freeway trying to get back in the freeway.. And rep said there wasn't much I could do since I live in California and this happen in Arizona.. Good thing I know the law so I'll be seeing the rider and his insurance in court Kevin Los Angeles, CA

  • Mar 31, 2016

On Feburary of this year (2016) I was making a left turn from an intersection into my place of work when all of a sudden, I felt my truck getting pushed sideways. The intersection in question had at least 10 cars waiting to go straight, completely obscuring the right turn lane. Turns out some lady (who obviously wasn't paying attention to begin with due to the fact that she did not slow down like any normal person would) who was speeding down the right turn lane had hit the passenger rear tire area of my truck, denting in my fender and tweaking my bumper upwards. At the time I did not have insurance (due to the fact that I have never owned a car insurance policy in my life at the time and the cheapest rate I could get was $124/mo for 12 months, also impossible for me to pay due to financial hardship). She and I got out of our vehicles after pulling to the side of the road to inspect the damage. She suffered a broken front grille from the collision. After she apoloigized profusely, we exchanged information, took photographs, and went our seperate ways.

A few weeks after the incident, I get a letter from Progressive (her insurance company) telling me to contact their "investigator". I contacted this individual (Dave) from Progressive. I gave him a blow-by-blow account of what occured on the day their client hit me. After I had finished, he told me that I am at fault. How is that possible? He told me the damages were $2200 for the other car! Then, he had the gall to try to sell me an insurance policy! What is wrong with these people? I told him to send me an itemized bill to get an idea of where my money was going. He said he would, then we ended the conversation and hung up.

Three weeks later, I get a letter in the mail from Afni (a debt collector for insurance agencies) simply stating that I owe Progressive $2200, a thinly-veiled threat to pull my license if I refused to pay, and a contact number. I am still debating on whether I should lawyer up or pay these clowns in monthly installments (again, financial hardship).

Avoid this company like the plague. If they did this to me, they will not hesitate to do the same to you too.

  • Jan 16, 2016

Trying to get roadside assistance through my auto insurance-Progressive was extremely poor to nonexistant. After dopping a friend off at his friends house and going inside for a few minutes, I returned to my car and it would not start. After several attempts,I called Progressive roadside assistance. After too many qestions and unnecessary detail, the agent asked me what I needed. I was not sure if I needed a boost or tow. She had booked me for a boost. The locarion/garage who had vehicle with the shortest time finally called me and again, I had to go through the same group of ennecessary questions. Then they said they have to contact my insurance company to verify my coverage. I said, it was the insurance company who called you. They called me back, having verified my coverage.(They had asked me if I needed a tow, they had a shop nearby. I told them (as I had Progressive), no, I have regular mechanic).waited again for computer to let me know that a repair vehicle would be at my location in one hour and forty-five minutes a tow vehicle came and the drivers assistant came out with a booster. It still did not turn over and he said that it my starter. The truck was a tow truck but he said that I was set up for a boost and now I have to schedule for a tow. I called progressive back and had to go through another group of unnecessary questions a wait for a call. Several minutes later,again. I got a call from a garage/shop. Again I waited for a computer call to that stated one hour and twenty minutes. After and hour, I got another computer call eighteen minutes. After a half hour, I called Progressive to ask find out where the truck was. It never shoed. They didn't know and rescheduled a new one. I gave up and called my shop who was able to get their tow truckvin about thiry-five minutes.

You don't even get the truck drivers number or they yours.

  • Dec 3, 2015

I purchased a brand new Rolls Royce 2 weeks later some jealous hater keyed my car in my parking space at my condo. My entire car must be repainted and all the scratched parts must be replaces. Progressive is trying to get out of paying by putting an investigator on me whom allegedly thinks im pulling some kind of scam on a brand new car that was 2 weeks old which now i have lost a ton of money in depreciation and the car is close to 70k to fix according to there adjuster.

I am a very successful person who has worked hard to get where i am at today. I had to hire a layer against these piece of craps to get them to fix the car. I was even willing to payout of pocket but the attorney is against it and wants me to wait which is stupid because i just bought the d**n car and now its sitting at a d**n body shop.

I have video surveillance in my condo showing my car coming into the parking and leaving the same the car was taken downstairs to inspect and to file the police report.

This is nothing but stress and a headache dealing with these monkeys. This claim is common sense but this cheap insurance company is to stupid to see. I changed over to Geico the hell with these clowns. Anyone with anything of any value DONT USE PROGRESSIVE. They are a cheap and unprofessional insurance company and i would tell anyone who treasures there goods to find another insurer who will actually care.

Progressive case # 15-1853125

  • Nov 6, 2015

This company does things with evil intent. In 2010 I got hurt badly, the guy had no insurance. We notified progressive on time. We had to go to court against the tortfeasor. I won a judgement against the tortfeasor. We gave them proof that the tortfeasor had no insurance which triggered my UM/UIM. All this time no investigation, no depositions. The driver whose car I was into did not have insurance, but her insurance said that at the time of accident she was covered so they tendered their share, and progressive told us that they could not pay until Dairyland paid their share. Right after we got that settlement we presented progressive with that and the judgement against the tortfeasor. At this point i received a lot of treatment for my shoulder, i was told that i would need a replacement right away. I was 38 years old. We try to negotiate with them but they refused. Their adjusters never showed up to meetings that agreed to.

At some point they sent an investigator to the woman whose insurance paid a portion of my UM/UIM. Even that investigator questioned their motives, because if dairyland paid why was he there to investigate something that was already settled. In Connecticut the law says that you cannot file anything against your own insurance until you are done with all other companies and that there are no other insurances out there. The point is progressive told us to deal with the other company first and then they would pay their part. That was the worst decision, believing these crooks. One of the adjusters called and told me that they will pay me if i get rid of my attorney, so I did. Two days later i received a letter stating that the statute of limitations had expired, therefore they were not responsible for anything and that if i have a problem i would need to call insurance commissioner and their department. So i rehire my attorney, then he filed the lawsuit. Since the lawsuit was filed they are using everything in order to stall. As usual they hire this law firm Deluca to fight us every step of the way. When i am suffering, my shoulder is no good. I am still in a lot of pain. I will have to go back and redo this replacement. I can't even buy my daughter lunch at school. I can't reach for a coffee at dunkin donuts. There are a lot of things that have change in my life because of this company. They are doing it on purpose. Even their own representative ** thought this was wrong. This is a breach of contract and they have been doing it to a lot of people. In the process families are being destroyed. They have destroyed me in so many ways. Now in their last motion they are saying that i was not covered and they compare me to a dog, but i was less valuable than the dog because they said that they would pay a thousand dollars for the dog. This is not right nor fair so I am asking for help. They love to take my money, plus they had to reimburse me for so many months because after the car was gone, they were still charging me. It was a fight to get some of that money back. Now i am hurt and i had coverage but i have to suffer. I can't pay my copays. I have to pick and choose which medicine is more appropriate, all this is cause by progressive insurance. Steven

  • Aug 22, 2015

I have been participating in the Progressive Snapshot program since February 2015. My major issue is the fact that this device has collected more than the minimum 30 days worth of data and exceeds 75 days worth of data as stated in the terms of use for my policy renewal date of May 2015. I have called several times to find out when I can send back the device and will receive a permanent discount, but I can't get a straight answer from anyone. I have complied with the terms of use and Progressive has failed to provide me with the service I expect. This is truly a dishonest business practice. I am not sure the data being collected is even correct since detailed driving information has not been available from the website for more than a month. Shame on you progressive.

  • Aug 1, 2015

Progressive Metro PCS Went to mtero PCs to buy three new phones...sales person s****.>

Shawn Garland Texas

  • Jul 31, 2015

On may 11, 2015 i purchased a policy through progressive online for my brand new 2014 dodge dart. I provided them with my lienholder information, all it asked me is if i wanted roadside assistance or rental coverage, i denied the rental coverage and accepted the road side assistance. So from that moment on i thought i was fully covered, i dont know very much about auto insurance and left it to the professionals to provide me with what i needed according to state laws and have always bought my auto insurance online through several companies and never had a problem.

Until on june 19th 2015 a friend of mine took off with my car while i was sleeping and slammed into the back of a work van, totalling my vehicle! i bought gap insurance when i bought the car and had thought i had full coverage but come to find out progressive sold me only liability policy! and my gap wont go into effect unless i have full coverage! now my car is destroyed with $10,000 worth of damage and i still owe $20,000 on the loan!

My lienholder says i have to pay that full amount on aug 2nd or else they will ruin my credit and take me to court unless progressive changes their mind. Progressive also claims they sent the lienholder my policy and the lienholder is saying they never got it, when i called progressive to find out the exact date they sent it, they could not provide that info... Im having a feeling they never sent it! had they sent it, my lienholder would have immediately called to inform me that i bought the wrong policy. Progressive is claiming that it is not required by law to have full coverage and some lienholder dont require it either... Bs!and they said that had i talked to a live person they would have recommended those added coverages.. But shouldnt their online be just as good? Why would they even sell policies online if it is not sound?

Has anyone ever encountered this problem? Or have any advice on what to do next?

I have treid to find an attorney with no luck and have filed a report with the dept of insurance as well.. I dont have a lot of time to figure out what to do. Im a self employed single mother of 2 kids and cant shell out that kinda money in full but dont want to mess up my credit either.. What do i do???

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