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The 2010 Salamanca Jorge Rojas will be the central artist

Jorge Rojas will decorate "the National Festival of La Salamanca 2010. According to the information obtained, exclusively by La Banda Diario, the singer-songwriter from Salta has already confirmed his presence in the XIX Edition of the most important folkloric meeting of the NOA.

On his return to the Cradle of Poets and Singers, Jorge Rojas will present "a new show in which he will include" themes of his new album that he will present "on a national level in November.
The record work is composed of 14 songs and within the album there are songs that express true feelings. It also includes a song that was composed after the floods of the Pilcomayo called RÃo Hermano, and is one of the ones that most move the artist.
According to what was reported, the artist signed his contract last Friday, therefore it is expected that in this new edition the great call that was made in his last presentation in 2008 will be repeated again.

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