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El August 1 began a whole month of Festivities in Salta (North Argentina) in honor of the Pachamama, in his noble role as Mother Earth, recreadora and life giver. This date focuses on giving food to the Great Mother Earth and drinking a dram of cane with rue to drive away the curses, have good luck and health.
The custom is to celebrate with all the honors to this Lady of the crops and of the cattle, patroness of the seasons and veedora of life, since the troubles of the Pachamama create all kinds of natural misfortunes. The legend relates that she lives in the Nevado de Cachi massif (Salta) at 6,380 meters above sea level. On one of its eight summits there would be a lake and an island, where a bull of golden antlers guards it and emits storm clouds when bellowing.
The ritual of worshiping this Goddess is done by placing a pot of clay with food, bread and sweets, ears of corn, a bottle of chicha, tobacco and coca leaves in a well to feed the Pachamama. Finally it is covered with a mound of stones called ā ???? apachetaā ????.
The indigenous communities of northwestern Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Peru pay homage to the Pachamama throughout August with festivals in each region. The Day of the Pachamama is the New Year for the Atacameños of the Chilean Puna. For them the beginning of Spring is announced, while officially it will begin "in September.
In the Argentine provinces of Salta and Jujuy, the events are of such magnitude that they are just as significant as the festivities of the Virgin Mary.
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