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In different parts of the northwest of the country, Mother Earth is honored with ancestral rituals, ceremonies, dance, music and special meals. A unique opportunity to attend one of the most traditional national holidays
La Pachamama, or Mother Earth, she is the female goddess of earth and fertility, a benign agricultural divinity conceived as the mother who nourishes, protects and sustains human beings. In the Inca tradition, it is the deity of communal agriculture, the foundation of all civilization and the Andean State. It is the most popular of the mythological beliefs of the Inca area that still survives with strength in the provinces of northwestern Argentina.

El August 1st is when the Pachamama is fed, for which a pot of mud is buried with cooked food, next to coca leaves, alcohol, wine, cigars and chicha, among other things. It is also customary for the celebrants to wear white and black laces tied around their ankles, wrists and neck- made with llama wool spun to the left.
of the Pachamama.

The ritual assumes that we must give Mother Earth everything that we did not want our family to miss during the year and thank her for the favors received during the past year. Families and neighbors gather to open a well on the ground, which will be "adorned with serpentine and shredded paper. Next, it feeds the Earth with corn, quinoa, chalona, ​​lamb, kid, different potatoes, beans, corn, wine, beer, soft drinks, coca and other typical foods. Then he closes the well with his hands and gives him to smoke.

Several locations in the northwest are the venue for this celebration. Among them stands out San Antonio de los Cobres, in Salta, where since 1995 the National Festival of the Pachamama of the Original Peoples. Here the holiday begins on Saturday 1st of August and includes, in addition to the central ceremony of the burial of offerings at 3:00 p.m., handicraft fairs, meals of different collas communities, festival of music and dance. However, the activities do not end that day. Throughout August, San Antonio de los Cobres has a touristic circuit to visit the town, visit the incredible High Mountain Archeology Museum and attend other Pachamama rituals. The neighboring town of Los Toldos also invites to celebrate.

Among other cities that pay tribute to Mother Earth is Laguna Blanca, in Catamarca. There are offerings throughout the month and there are also sports competitions and games. In the same province, in Santa Maria it is another place that adds to the tributes.

Jujuy It is an important center of adoration to the Pachamama. Throughout the province, it is worshiped by performing a thousand-year-old ceremony, in which offerings are made to the land, food, drinks and coca leaves.
The celebration acquires greater relevance in Purmamarca, Tumbaya, Valle Grande and throughout the Puna of Jujuy.

En TucumĆ”n, the town of Amaicha del Valle in the CalchaquÃes Valleys, It celebrates Pachamama in February, the month of Carnival, but at the same time it is folded to this celebration in August. In addition, it is Headquarters Museum of the Pachamama.

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