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6th Date of the Provincial Rally Championship of Córdoba - Mina Clavero

A symbolic start will be made on the day Friday the 31st at 9:00 p.m. when, in honor of the Casino de Mina Clavero that premiered edifcio, the first car to go up the ramp exclusively installed in front of the new infrastructure to give a special touch of glamor and prestige to the inauguration of the new lounge for games of chance and betting.

It will also be inaugurated as well 6th date of the Provincial Rally Championship of the province of Córdoba, which from the Saturday will have as tracks the territory and routes adjacent to the towns of Mina Clavero, Villa Cura Brochero, Panaholma and San Lorenzo.

The race schedule will be "the following:
Friday, July 31, 2009: Ramp at 9:00 p.m.

Day 1: Saturday 1st of August 2009
PE1 Julius Caesar - VĀŖ Benegas 12.05 km 10:43
PE2 VĀŖ Benegas-Mina Clavero 6.51 km 11:06
PE3 San Lorenzo-Panaholma 6.61 km 11:34
PE4 Julius Caesar - VĀŖ Benegas II 12.05 km 14:06
PE 5 VĀŖ Benegas-Mina Clavero II 6.51 km 14:29
PE 6 San Lorenzo-Panaholma II 6.61 km 14:57
DAY 1: Special 50.34 km - Links 141.48 km - Total: 191.82 km

Day 2: Sunday, August 2, 2009
PE7 Cura Brochero-CĀŖ de Allende 13,63 km 9:03
PE8 El Mirador-Panaholma 12.23 km 9:46
PE9 CĀŖ Brochero-CĀŖ de Allende II 13,63 km 11:58
PE10 The Mirador-Panaholma II 12,23 km 12:41
DAY 2: Special 51.72 km - Links 95.71 km - Total: 147.43 km

PODIUM: 2:00 p.m. Coronation Ceremony

Attend this long-awaited event surrounded by beautiful landscapes and spend an afternoon with your family, on Sunday, after the coronation you can take walks and excursions on the ground, daydreaming in that majestic and colorful environment. Check rates of economic hotels in Mina Clavero and spend an afternoon with your family and enjoy the typical restaurants from this city of Cordoba.

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