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Juampi Paradelo They launch the Rutal del Che in Argentina

The objectives of the organization are to promote greater knowledge about the figure of the Argentinian-Cuban guerrilla mythic and to boost tourism. The program will be called "" The ways of Che "and will be declared of National Interest by Congress

... Continue

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Pole1 Pachamama party all August in Salta

El August 1 began a whole month of Festivities in Salta (North Argentina) in honor of the Pachamama, in his noble role as Mother Earth, recreadora and life giver. This date focuses on giving food to the Great Mother Earth and drinking a dram of cane with rue to drive away the curses, have good luck and health. The custom is to celebrate with all the honors to this Lady of crops and livestock, patron saint of the seasons and veedora de vi... Continue

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After working hard we have started to publish accommodation proposals in different countries of America. Then we will place tour packages I hope you like the chosen options !!!!!!!!!!! regards Gustavo Continue

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Visiting Group Promotion Argentina in Italy

Argentina was chosen to develop this new format, which will begin "on August 6, 2009. It is a kind of reality where tourists must draw some tests by teams. The winner will be entitled to another trip to any part of the world. The program will be broadcast on Italian television next month, after the six participants - three men and three women - have completed their 15-day adventure. The idea, arising from Sistina Travel Lufthansa City Ce ... Continue

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Ale_man 1Āŗ Maquetón de las Chacareras

More than 200 singers and musicians will participate in the First Marathon of the Chacareras, that the next weekend will be held "for two uninterrupted days in the house of The Carabajal, in the city of La Banda, 8 kilometers from the capital of Santiago.

It is t ... Continue

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But The 2010 Salamanca Jorge Rojas will be the central artist

Jorge Rojas will decorate "the National Festival of La Salamanca 2010. According to the information obtained, exclusively by La Banda Diario, the singer-songwriter from Salta has already confirmed his presence in the XIX Edition of the most important folkloric meeting of the NOA.

In its… Continue

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Tourko The Argentina Team will face Brazil in the city of Rosario

The Argentina Team will face Brazil in the city of Rosario, in the Rosario Central Stadium, popularly known as "El Gigante de Arroyito". The president of the AFA, Julio Grondona, assured that on September 5 the South American clinic will move to Rosario, as wanted the coach of the Argentine national team, Diego Armando Maradona.

... Continue

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Maria84 Legend of ā ???? Mouse PÃ © rezâ ????

Legend has it that when a child loses a baby tooth or first dentition, he must "put it under the pillow and the next morning he will find that it has been taken away by the mouse"? ??? or ā ???? the miceā ???? (When it is singular, it is usually added a name of its own, in the Province of Buenos Aires, generally PÃ © rez, based on an old personage of comic strips), leaving in return a small gift or money. It is a Spanish custom that has spread all over America, even English-speaking ... Continue

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Fierrero 6th Date of the Provincial Rally Championship of Córdoba - Mina Clavero

A symbolic start will be made on the day Friday the 31st at 9:00 p.m. when, in honor of the Casino de Mina Clavero that premiered edifcio, the first car to go up the ramp exclusively installed in front of the new infrastructure to give a special touch of glamor and prestige to the inauguration of the new lounge for games of chance and betting.

... Continue

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But Day of the Pachamama

In different parts of the northwest of the country, Mother Earth is honored with ancestral rituals, ceremonies, dance, music and special meals. A unique opportunity to attend one of the most traditional national holidays The Pachamama, or Mother Earth, she is the female goddess of earth and fertility, a benign agricultural divinity conceived as the mother who nourishes, protects and sustains human beings. In the Inca tradition, it is the deity of communal agriculture, fu ... Continue

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Claudio_33 Theaters and attractions in Capital Federal

Then a tour of the most important recreational centers of the Federal Capital, in Buenos Aires The Paseo La Plaza, on the famous Avenida Corrientes, number 1660, is a cultural center that combines, bars, restaurants, theaters and a shopping center, all in the same establishment where independent comedians are presented, the famous radio program ā ???? Revenge will be "Terribleā ???? and more. Presidente Alvear Theater, in Avenida Corrientes number 1659, meters from the ... Continue

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Season2009 San Carlos de Bariloche is invaded by young people

After the impact of influenza A there is more movement of travelers and today resumes the trips of graduates. The business and state sectors linked to tourism are optimistic to see the rebound in the arrival of tourists

The city of San Carlos de Bariloche... Continue

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Fierrero Nascar returned to Argentina

After the unforgettable experience of last year, in which for the first time a car Nascar del 3M Racing Team visited Argentina, yesterday the three vehicles of the Roush Fenway Racing who arrived in the country. The cars were shown at a press conference at the headquarters of the Association of Road Tourism Corridors (ACTC). This is the car that traveled last year, belonging to the largest division of the Nascar, the Sprint Cup, another of the Nation Wide Seri... Continue

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Stella Maris Honors My trip to Bariloche !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a good trip, I had never been and it seemed fantastic, so I want to return to stay, I fell in love with that place and the beautiful snowy mountains, and not to mention the Andes, is wonderful, never the I had seen and sincerely and with all my heart I repeat again, I LOVE SOUTH ARGENTINA, ABOVE ALL BARILOCHE. Continue

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Visiting Group Photo contest of Expo Patagonia 2009

Amateur and professional photographers from all over the country will be able to send until September 7, images taken in Patagonia Argentina to participate for prizes consisting of trips and photographic courses. Like all the years, in the framework of Expo Patagonia The photo contest ā ???? Imà "genes de la Patagoniaâ ????, which usually arouses great interest among fans of the photo ... Continue

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Visiting Group Promotion for Brazilians who visit patagonia

The Flu A sparked many Brazilian tourists who planned to visit Argentina. To reverse this situation, businessmen in the tourism sector are already completing a series of promotional packages that could include incentives such as discounts on hotel rates, restaurants and other additional benefits ??? intended for tourists arriving from Brazil. The measures will be formally launched in August and aim to reverse the negative image that the country ... Continue

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Pole1 San MartÃn de los Andes Cerro Chapelco Season 2009

San MartÃn de los Andes (city located in the province of Neuquén) received an important amount of domestic tourism in search of enjoying the various activities that arise around the snow.

The hotel occupancy reached 60% and it is estimated that the l ... Continue

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Maria84 39th National and International Party of Poncho 2009, Suspended for prevention of Influenza A H1N1

In response to the many inquiries and comments regarding the 39th National and International Poncho Festival, the government of the province of Catamarca announced the suspension of the event a few days ago due to the health emergency due to the pandemic of the flu A H1N1 in Argentina. For more details regarding the postponement of this Fiesta, those interested can enter the website of the Secretary of State for Culture of Catamarca to make their inquiries. La... Continue

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Season2009 They seek to position the Argentine Brand

With the support of the Argentine Tourism Promotion Institute, Inprotur, the Círculo de Creativos Argentinos is going to carry out the first strategic action that is to position the country as one of the main factories of creative and strategic thinking and services of production at a global level, within the framework of the Cannes Lions 2009 festival.

... Continue

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Wine tourism Wine Tourism Wineries in Argentina

As a good land of varieties, within what we call rural tourism, Argentina has a modality that in the last few years has taken a truly incredible boom. It's about the wineries and wines. From the North through Cuyo and up to Patagonia, the Cordille... Continue

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