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Profile information

Where are you from?
Posadas - Missions.
About me:
I work for the Hotel America's Best Inns & Suites located on the coast of Paranà "river in Empedrado - Ctes.
Your favorite destination of Argentina
What kind of tourism do you usually practice?
Soy y Playa, Adventures, Rural Tourism, Ecotourism
With what do you identify Argentina?
Unrivaled landscapes.

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Marta Huxley

The Winter Mansion

It was the most exquisite architectural accomplishment in South America that surpassed in purity and luxury its contemporaries of Venice, Cairo and MÃ "laga. It was a visionary and exotic, delicate and multimillion-dollar project that the splendor of the Belle Epoque knew about. It meant the materialization of a romantic dream of belonging and symbol of wealth of the Argentine bourgeoisie of the early twentieth century. This is the incredible story of the Winter City that was erected in Empedrado.... Continue

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Marta Huxley

Fishing in Empedrado - Corientes - Argentina

Fishing in Empedrado.

It is impossible to think of Empedrado without relating it to fishing. This captivating sport is one of its biggest attractions. The fishing that has been developing increasingly for a few years for its ecological type and preservation of the species is fly fishing (fly cast) in which the fisherman interacts with the environment without causing a considerable impact on both the environment as in its fauna. Other habitual modalities are pindĆ "and toling in the veriles and sliding ... Continue

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