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August 5
August 5
August 5
August 5
Juan Carlos Martinez now a member of the Argentina Tourism Forum - Travel and Hotel Community
August 5

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Where are you from?
About me:
My name is Juan Carlos Martinez,

I live in Bolivia (Cochabamba)

My specialty is marketing and I know the tools that new technologies propose in this field because I work in an e-commerce project for SINERGYSALES

a North American company selling photographic lenses, more specifically in the customer service area or customer service

the work was quite easy, almost mechanical but my curiosity led me to investigate more and more in topics of:

digital marketing

social media

new technologies


say web etc.

My approach to computers was carried out much earlier when I was working for the MINISTRY OF GOVERNMENT OF BOLIVIA and I had to enter data into the system of all applicants for administrative trusts. I think it was the two years in which I decided that I wanted to spend a lot of time between computers.

I am also related to educational marketing, I feel comfortable investigating about the current society immersed in the 2.0 world. in which I use some time. I have presented and designed graduate programs in subjects of




the same ones that had good reception in my country

I currently manage a consultancy on issues of NEW TECHNOLOGIES

more specifically, a program of education on basic internet issues accessible to the elderly (vulnerable group often relegated) I believe that with this work we are helping older people to see the internet as a resource to their communications. that is, the project is open, and it is starting

Among the things I like to read is YUKIO MISHIMA, a Japanese author of great lucidity, and MILAN KUNDERA, a Czech who studies human behavior very well.

Within the films that I like to watch are many, but my favorite is the work of science fiction: BLADE RUNNER a classic story of science fiction that analyzes the mortality of man, artificial intelligence, among other things

The saga of EL PADRINO 1 Y 2 seems to me works of art, I can see them as many times as necessary. I think both have a rhythm and an imprsionante sequence, the director tells you about the way the ganters live and the way they have to develop their tradition.

in general fiction made cinema is a very rewarding showcase

inside the things that I like to investigate are


the most pleasant television programs I consider to be those of political analysis that in some way describe the reality of your country. (always worrying)

Within the music that I prefer are: KITARO, VANGELIS OR YANNI all representing a very comforting music style. I want to stop for a while. every day I reserve a moment of my day to listen to some music at least for a while. those moments recharge me of energy thanks.

an unsatisfied hobby is the DRAWING, to which I do not spend any time, but from time to time I miss it as something that is part of me and a natural tendency that we are often relegating by imposition of the business script, and of the guón of daily obligations. the drawing for me is the constancy that in an increasingly demanding world we should sacrifice sometimes those things that bring our life a lot of gratification.

A taste is the WHITE CHOCOLOATE mainly if it is aerated, every time I can I buy one, inside my favorite foods is the meat on the grill, also called barbecue or steak
Your favorite destination of Argentina
Buenos Aires
What kind of tourism do you usually practice?
Cultural tourism
With what do you identify Argentina?

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At 5:06 pm on August 5, 2009, Maria of Los Angeles He said...
I'm from Santiago del Estero, I like to talk with people especially with the most educated



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