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Tourism and Travel Forum of El Calafate, Los Glaciares National Park, El Chaltà © n, Tourist Stays, Perito Moreno Glacier, Fitz Roy
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In the Province of San Juan we find the provincial park of Ischigualasto or Valle de la Luna Argentina, the secrets of the deceased leash, wine tourism, extreme sports and much Cuyo culture.
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In this Group of the community you will find a forum related to tourist topics of Buenos Aires, information tourist community of Buenos Aires, hotels in Buenos Aires, Tours in Buenos Aires and much more information
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Tourist and Hotel Forum of Mar del Plata (La Feliz), main beach town on the Argentine coast
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San Luis is the entrance to Cuyo, is located in the center-west of the country. The Sierras, Villa Merlo, the Sierra de las Quijadas National Park enjoy the sun and the rivers besides the culture.
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Argentina has unique National Parks that are natural and cultural heritage of Argentines and the world.
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The observation of birds is an exciting activity. Visiting Argentina invites you to participate in this fascinating activity of Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism.

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At 12:51 pm on July 10, 2009, CLAUS He said...
Hello!!! to be honest I do not know much in depth but I would love to know even more and make trips to several places ... what I would love to know is the part of the Dead Man Salar that is divine ... and practice sandboarding in the dunes hehehe. ... And if Catamarca has very nice places but they do not spread so much, and that even we who live here do not get to know them all ...
At 9:30 am on April 13, 2009, Silvana Fellini He said...
Hello ! Very good the Bolg ... congratulations!
I rent chalets, cabins in Cordoba Punilla Valley, Carlos Paz, San Antonio Arredondo, San Roque, Bialet Masse ...
You can see some of the p ..
Any questions, we are in contact ... Greetings
At 9:49 am on March 12, 2009, I saw Luz and Entré Hostel He said...
Hello! Thanks for the invitation, we already joined the group Hostels of Argentina. Regards!
At 11:27 am on January 2, 2009, Santiago Novillo Corvalan He said...

At 1:03 pm on December 3, 2008, Eduardo GALLEGOS He said...
Thank you very much people, a pleasure to share these things in Patagonia, and count on what can be useful to you from Comodoro!
At 11:04 am on October 15, 2008, William He said...
Hello, congratulations to the group Visitig, thanks for the invitation to participate in this site. Those of us who work in tourism need places like that.
I hope you also visit me and enjoy my blog
we are in contact and count on me, hugs guille
At 5:56 pm on August 23, 2008, Miriam He said...
Nice and interesting this group. It is beautiful to travel and know different places. Congratulations
Grupo Visiting is a pioneer in innovation and electronic marketing specializing in the travel and tourism market. It is constituted by more than 300 touristic portals, thus forming the largest network of Internet Tourism in all of Latin America.
Every month more than 1 million people are informed of the best tourist destinations to visit in Mexico, Argentina, Chile and all of Latin America to enjoy their tourist destinations:

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Basic Information of Argentina


Argentine History:

The beginning of prehistory in the current territory of the Argentine Republic occurs with the first human settlements in the extreme south of Patagonia around 13,000 years ago. The first agro-pottery civilizations settled in the northwest ... Continue

Activate post August 20, 2009 at 11:00 am ā ????

Visiting Group

Promotion Argentina in Italy

Argentina was chosen to develop this new format, which will begin "on August 6, 2009. It is a kind of reality where tourists must draw some tests by teams. The winner will be entitled to another trip to any part of the world.

The program will be broadcast on Italian television next month, after the six participants - three men and three women - have completed their 15-day adventure.

The idea, arising from Sistina Travel Lufthansa City Ce ... Continue

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Visiting Group

Photo contest of Expo Patagonia 2009

Amateur and professional photographers from all over the country will be able to send until September 7, images taken in Patagonia Argentina to participate for prizes consisting of trips and photographic courses.

Like all the years, in the framework of Expo Patagonia The photo contest ā ???? Imà "genes de la Patagoniaâ ????, which usually arouses great interest among fans of the photo ... Continue

Turn on post July 29, 2009 at 12:17 pm ā ????

Visiting Group

Promotion for Brazilians visiting Patagonia

The Flu A sparked many Brazilian tourists who planned to visit Argentina. To reverse this situation, businessmen in the tourism sector are already completing a series of promotional packages that could include incentives such as discounts on hotel rates, restaurants and other additional benefits ??? intended for tourists arriving from Brazil.

The measures will be formally launched in August and aim to reverse the negative image that the country ... Continue

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Visiting Group

Voting for the 7 Natural Wonders of the World: 3 Finalists from Argentina

The IguazÃŗ Falls, the Fitz Roy Hill, the Perito Moreno Glacier and Tierra del Fuego went to the second stage in the voting for the 7 Natural Wonders of the World. Until July 7 the election of the 77 finalists continued.

... Continue

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