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Prime Time Shuttle

Country United States
State California
City Los Angeles
Address P.O. Box 452600
Phone 310.536.7922

Prime Time Shuttle Reviews

  • Jan 22, 2018

I had a prepaid reservation for shuttle pickup at LAX, reservation made over one month in advance.

I was on time at LAX and waited at the curb for Prime Time after a 15 hour international flight. I had repeated texts from the dispatcher while I waited for my 8:15am pickup:

+13102725350: Prime Time Shuttle: Exit the baggage claim area, go to the nearest Prime Time Shuttle Lollypop Sign. Check in with the Kiosk or call 310-464-0372. 7:16 AM

+13102725350: Prime Time Shuttle: We are dispatching vehicle for you. We will send you a update, when driver is on the way. 8:22 AM +13102725350: Prime Time Shuttle: We are dispatching vehicle for you. We will send you a update, when driver is on the way. 8:30 AM +13102725350: Prime Time Shuttle: We are dispatching vehicle for you. We will send you a update, when driver is on the way. 9:24 AM

Finally at 9:25am (70 minutes after my scheduled pickup time) I receive an email and voice mail saying: "Your Prime Time Shuttle Reservation 92758 has been canceled by an Prime Time Shuttle admin. We suggesst you make alternative travel arrangements." I then had to take a taxi home for $100 more than my Prime Time fare. Following this event I made repeated telephone calls, and sent emails to Prime Time "customer service" to make a claim for a refund of my fare and taxi charge. Each call was met with a different store from Prime Time, "your refund will take six weeks", "we have changed our policy and no longer issue refunds", your refund check has been mailed", "we never received your request for a refund". Finally, after ten weeks of harassing them I received a check for a partial refund, not even the full amount of my expenses.

Prime Time Shuttle is in essence a criminal enterprise and should be regulated out of business. What use is a shuttle service that won't keep their reservations, that's worse than no service at all. If you have had any problems with Prime Time please make a report to the Public Utility Comission:

  • Nov 7, 2015

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Register for the Van service to and from Los Angeles International airport through (after paying for the service I receive a receipt from The drive to LAX from Burbank on 23 Oct 2015 was no issue. They were on time, friendly, etc. BUT... when I returned from my vacation on 1 Nov was **** on wheels.

1. Stopped at the at about 6:00 Prime Time Shuttle post at LAX, they looked up my reservation. I was told that the Van was on the way. I had a 6:25 pick up reservation.

2. At 6:45 pm, I got a little concerned and I went to talk to the attendant at the post. He said he was checking on it. I waited a few minutes, and I began to walk over to the attendant. He grabbed his cell phone and pretended to be talking to someone, to ignore me. Needless to say, the Customer Service SUCKS! He never gave us any updates on our van. They advertise, that they are on-time or you don't pay. They are never on time.

3. There were several people waiting to go to the Burbank area. Finally a Van pulls up(7:10 pm), and the Driver was rude, obnoxious, angry and driving like a BAT out of ****. He had a drop off at the a Hotel in downtown LA, and he almost ran over a man in front of the Hotel. the man asked for the Drivers information and the driver ignored him. I pray that the man had at least wrote down the van # (which was 672) and the license plate number. Apparently the driver was angry because he had to take all these people to various locations and he didn't want to make the trip.

4. The van smelled of mildew as if it had been submerged stagnant water. I couldn't wait to get out of it.

5. I finally made it to Burbank in one piece, but that is the last time I take Prime Time or Shuttle2LAX. Now I know that they are the same company, i will stay away from both of them.

6. If this had not been a prepaid trip..there is no way, the driver would have gotten a tip from me. He didn't deserve it, and to be honest, if I had the energy to fight for refund, I would. I'm just thankful to be alive.

I would hope that no one would encounter this type of service and to rate this service on a scale of 1 to 10, well, let's just say...ZERO. They are really not worth rating and don't even deserve a business license to do business that involves the safety of others.

Unfortunately for me, you get what you pay for $20 each way, that was cheap service, and it should have raised a red flag. But now I know why it's only $20 each way through Shuttle2LAX. (PS..if you go directly to Prime Time Shuttle, you pay a lot more. Shuttle2LAX is a trap to cover up the bad reputation of Prime Time Shuttle.) Don't get drawn in by the low price that Shuttle2Lax offers, you are still dealing with Prime Time Shuttle, and you will be very DISAPPOINTED.

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