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Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 1321 W Craig Rd, North
Phone 702-938-5880

PetSmart Reviews

  • Jul 10, 2017

I brought my dog Otis in for grooming on Tuesday, May 31 at apprximately 130PM and picked him up at 5:30 that same evening. He was carried to me and I carried him out. When we got to the car he just flopped over and slept - same thing when we got home. Next day when I took him out of his kennel he couldn't stand up - couldn't walk, just fell over. Called Petsmart Vet they couldn't see him. Called my Vet and took him in. Vet said he had cervical damage and probably wouldn't recover - his paws didn't work just flipped backward. Sent him home in a neck brace and prescription steroids.

Called Petsmart and reported what had happened they said they would check into it. I told them the groomer was new. Asked to see the video from the time my dog entered the store until he left the manager told me I would probably have to have a supoena to do that. CAlled corporate office in Phoenix and asked for Jason Vance who the manager referred me to.

He never called back. Called him at least two more times and sent he and store manager certified letters asking to review the video. No response. I told them I only wanted to see the video to eliminate any need for legal assistance. I told them I would assume since I was told nothing occured and nothing was on the footage that they would gladly release the video for me to review. Offered to come in and watch with them. The Vet had told me not to expect my dog to get any better and that I would have to decide if I wanted to put him to sleep...the distress was horrible.

To date no one has called back and no one has responded to my request. I don't think they care about animals and I am concerned about the quality of the staff working there

  • Jun 3, 2017

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I have hermit crabs I bought from ocean city maryland. One time a few months ago I was buy a ball for my Briards and I always go to the hermit crab take to look. There were two hermit crabs that were in broken shells and you can tell they were squeezed in there pretty . The shells are way too small so I told an employee there are not enough shells in their and these hermit crabs were very dirty. Yes hermit crabs are in sand but hermit crabs are pretty clean. The sponge in the tank they drink from is very dirty. So I say to the employee I want those two hermit crabs. She picks them up and puts them in a container. I get home 10 mins later and take them out to clean them and they are both dead!. This petsmart made me sign a paper about their well being. They sold me two dead hermit crabs! I buried then because they are five bucks and they deserve to be in nature not shoved in a dirty tank. So today is June 2 and I was at the same store at Petsmart in Towson Maryland. I saw this hermit crab in a very tiny shell. Again no shells for them to switch in to. I tell the employee I want that crab. It's abuse making him live in a tiny shell. I get him home and clean him. His shell is so old and small it is cracking. Again the crab is dead! This is animal abuse and should be taking better care of them.

  • Apr 14, 2017

This place is a joke - if you feel like having your dog mistreated is funny. N.O.T.

They have the worst customer service ever - totally disinterested, snotty, clueless, lazy WITH attitude. I left my dog there for a week of boarding (after having a very good experience with boarding at PetSmart E. Hartford). It is the worst, most worrisome, boarding experience we have ever had! Day 2, I call to see if dog is eating. I am told, we evaluate them after 48 hours, then maybe we will add some wet food to the dry to tempt their appetite. I say, it's already been 48 hours, GIVE her the wet food. Snotty, nonchalant response. Spoke to Kareem Hargrove and Briana, both RUDE, Nasty, totally dismissive of my concerns. Day 3, call to see how dog is. Told she is "acting funny." I ask "HOW?" No rational, descriptive response, just "I didn't know how to approach the dog." WHAT? Isn't your job knowing how to approach a dog in a "Pet Hotel"? My dog is shy but NOT aggressive. I was worried about my dog the entire stay, NO peace of mind whatsoever. I actually had to call Kathy/Manager in E. Hartford to get some intervention and assistance - she is wonderful and helped calm my fears. Of course, when I went to pick up my dog, no one was manning the desk. I looked into the doggie daycare room where the worker was totally absorbed with her cell phone - completely ignoring ALL dogs in room. When someone finally comes to give me my dog, I get an inflated bill with $10 extra per day for "playing" with my dog. I say, show me my Contract, when did I ever agree to pay $10 extra per day on top of your exorbitant $39 per day fee (for this crappy service)? The worker looks at me as if I am speaking a foreign language and says "CONTRACT?" The manager comes out and Graciously agrees to waive the $10 fee THIS TIME, since there is no Contract, but not next time. AS IF THERE WILL BE A NEXT TIME!!!! If you love your dog stay away from this abusive, incompetent Pet Hotel!

I was told that disctrict management i.e. Mike Dolan would call me within 24-48 hours to try to address this situation. What a surprise, he never did call! These people do not care about your animals at all. They are more interested in playing with their cell phones (which I was told was grounds for firing), giving attitude instead of making sure your dog is eating and comfortable, and overcharging you for their shoddy "service."

  • Dec 5, 2016

I just purchased a parakeet at this Petsmart store. The birds they sell have untrimmed flight feathers; but, the employee told me he would trim them after I purchased the bird.

I am very familiar with parakeets and many other pet birds having owned many. While I was filling out the paperwork I was surprised to hear the parakeet screaming loudly, as they are very small, so I went to investigate. The employee was in process of trimming the flight feathers, and I just thought to myself it was odd as parakeets are relatively quiet birds.

The bird continued to scream while I was in line paying, which again surprised me. I only thought to myself that maybe it means it's going to be a good talker.

When I got home I opened the box and saw what I thought was red straw they had put in to make the bird more comfortable. It was blood. A lot of blood. I took out the poor frantic bird and noticed it was missing one toe. I tried to wrap a paper towel on it's foot and headed out the door back to the store.

I have trimmed the toenails of birds before and know that if you cut a little too much off they bleed profusely and immediately. Some can bleed to death. So, image the amount of blood with a toe missing.

Herein lies my complaint: I firmly believe the employee who accidentally cut off the bird's toe knew he did it. There had to be immediate blood and a lot of it. Maybe he thought he only knicked it. But he would have seen the blood immediately and probably had it on his pants (he was kneeling down when he trimmed the feathers), and on the scissors. Yet, he still put it in the box and gave it to me.

This is cruelty to animals. This is an example of an undertrained employee.

All the manager Paul had to say to me was, the kid didn't mean it and accidents happen.

  • Nov 4, 2016

Do not take your pet here for overnight boarding!

A year ago I left my dog here at Foothill Ranch Petsmart Pets Hotel for a week while I was on vacation in Northern California.

About 4 days before I was supposed to return home I received a call that my dog was "ill", it looked like an upset stomach. I agreed to pay for one vet visit at the Banfield vet located there at that Petsmart. I got another call saying the vet said my dog had an upset stomach. They wanted to charge me close to $200 for medication, special food, and a return visit. I said no way! I told them that price was outrageous. I told them my dog had a sensitive stomach and was probably just stressed, and changing his food like that would make the problem worse. I told them to give him a quarter of a Pepto Bismo tablet, which always works for him. Pets Hotel refused. The vet had told them his "illness" was not catching, yet Petsmart acted like he was the sickest dog on the planet.

What ensued was multiple phone calls back and forth, with Pets Hotel sometimes not answering the phone or waiting long periods of time to call me back. I specifically forbade Pets Hotel to take my dog to the vet again, or switch his food. I said Pets Hotel could buy 3 days of pills to get him by until I returned home. I also called Banfield directly and told them I did not give my permission to have my dog treated without my express consent. Pets Hotel refused to buy a few days worth of pills, saying they would have to take him back to the vet at an additional charge to do that!

Pets Hotel told me my only option was to pick him up! I said I am out of the area there is no way I am changing my plane ticket and cutting my vacation short. Remember this is all for a minor stomach upset. I said fine, my dad who lives 6 hours away will pick him up. The Pets Hotel employee got all sarcastic and said will he be here before we close? And I said no, unless my dad can change the laws of physics, no, he will get there when he gets there.

About 2 hours before I was supposed to leave to drive to the airport, I get a voice message from Pets Hotel saying they had taken my dog to the vet, given him shots, medicine, and new food and I now owed over $300 to the vet! I was infuriated!

What ensued next was a screaming match over the phone with the manager Brett of Pets Hotel. I told him he had no right to go behind my back and I refused to pay the second vet bill. He kept giving me B.S. about how much they cared for my pet. I told him I was the pet parent, it was my dog not his, and it was my decision, and that my dog had a minor problem that didn't affect other dogs and he was being picked up the next day anyways.

The manager basically told me I had no rights, I had signed away my rights by leaving my dog in their care! I told them since he "cared" so much he would be happy to pay the bill then. I told him I was so upset and stressed and that they had ruined me and my boyfriend's vacation.

They are insufferable, arrogant, and without common sense there at Pets Hotel. Pets Hotel is in an unholy collusion with the Banfield vet located there. Pets Hotel will take your pet to the vet as often as they want, without your permission, and rack up huge vet bills while you are away and helpless to do anything. They then treat you like they know better than you about your own pet and will talk to you condescending if you disagree with them.

Banfield had no explanation for why they treated my pet against my wishes either, except to say that nobody wrote anything about it down in my dog's chart. Again, their fault, not mine!

After an extreme screaming match the manager and I agreed I would pay for the first vet visit only, since I had agreed to that prior.

When I arrived to pick up my dog, the manager of Pets Hotel came out and apologized and I paid for everything except the final vet bill. He assured me I would not have to pay the vet bill, nor would I receive a bill in the future.

After 2 days of Pepto pills at home, was dog was fine.

Why am I writing this a year later?

2 weeks ago I made a week long boarding reservation at a different Petsmart in Aliso Viejo. I received a couple of calls from a Chris there with a generic message saying "Call us back about your reservation". I called back and Chris wasn't there. The employee I spoke to there said there was no notes in my file, and they said they just wanted to confirm my reservation details which I did.

Yesterday, which is 4 days before I am supposed to drop my dog off for boarding, I got a voicemail from Chris saying because of my "outstanding vet debt" at the other Petsmart location, they won't take my dog until the issue is cleared up. So the Pets Hotel manager at Petsmart Pets Hotel Foothill Ranch lied to me a year ago. I have now been victimized twice, and have to scramble around trying to find boarding at the last minute.

The entire Pets Hotel at Petsmart is an entire rip-off do not use them! According to them, you have no right over your own pet once you drop them off.

  • Mar 30, 2016

This is what happened tonight at their store. As you may be aware my cat Star (20yrs old) passed away this past week, well my other cat Meka who is 5 years old and basically has known Star to be her mother since she was rescued at a couple weeks old has been sad and wanting more of my attention.

I thought I would go to PetSmart where I have been shopping for over 20 years to get a certain toy that Meka likes to cheer her up a bit. I went to the toy isle and found the toy that she likes and went to the checkout to purchase it. Well when the clerk scanned it the price came up for .01 (a penny) I laugh as I know it was a miss price, she told me she could not sell it with asking her supervisor as it seemed miss priced. I said that was fine as I would pay the real price as it seemed it was an error and laughed it off. When the supervisor “Albert” checked it he said it was miss priced and he could not sell it to me and to get something else, I explained that my cat likes only that type not the others on the shelf and I would pay whatever the real price was but that was the last one and I wanted it. [continued below]....

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