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Pep Boys

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Philadelphia
Address 3111 West Allegheny Avenue
Phone 1-800-737-2697

Pep Boys Reviews

  • Jan 29, 2018

When I purchased my tires at Pep Boys in Fredricksburg Va., I also purchased the road hazzard protection. Subsequently I went into the same store to have a tire replaced after hitting something in the road which ruined the tire.

I was told that Pep Boys had done a system upgrade and no longer had a record of my purchase. Shortly afterward, I was speaking with a patron of another Pep Boys store who'd had the same problem. If you too have been swindled by these folks please e-mail me with your contact information, and put PEP BOYS in all caps in the subject dialogue box. I am seeking to file a law suit against Pep Boys and more plaintifs is better.

This type of corporate behavior harms us all.

  • Jan 15, 2018

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This report is too long to describe the mental anguish Pepboys had put me through. This has been going on for almost 4 1/2 months since, ... 9-15-2017 i took my car to a certified Napa shop who placed new parts on, then noticed a very minor leak asked me to possibly check into getting my power steering box changed. I went to Pepboys inquired on the replacement of the part, due to i was getting a wheel alignment there, it went all.down hill from broken parts, squeeling, car leaking, i went thru 10 faulty parts, vehicle being given back to mr in worst shape than when it went in, and most off All being told Not to come back, and treated rudely. I was however given my funds back on my Pepboys card, and recently a rental car Pepboys covered me for. But, after all of the headache thinking i was finally done with them, i have a new leak, coming from the very same area they refuse to place a new clamp and hose on, at this point in life, I refuse to keep putting my car with them, and will return back to the Napa Shop who has alway treated me fairly, to get that leak fixed.

  • Jan 8, 2018

I went in to Pep Boys to get an high mileage oil change and two head light replacements on Dec 29 2017. I stayed at Pep Boys while work was being done. I see the mechanic come bring my keys and order form to the customer services cashier nearly hours later. The cashier gives me my paperwork and receipt and my keys to my car. I drive to my son's day care and back home on Dec 29 2017. On Jan 2 I drive out to drop off my son to day care the oil change light comes on I call Pep Boys and ask why is it coming on as I just got the oil change the gentle men says that it just needs to be reset I tell him something isn't right my car isnt driving right and the oil change light is on but it was off when I got my car back from Pep Boys on Dec 29. I drive 2 miles and the car stole oil change light is still present and my car won't start.

I call Pep Boys and tell them my car won't start and they were the only place that services my car and my car shouldn't have broke down. I get my car towed to Pep Boys so they can look at it and they shared that I had an oil leak and that's why my car won't start and it needs a main seal and that they didn't cause the damage to my car. According to my service order receipt under the comments section there didn t state that I had an oil leak on Dec 29 2017 and nor did the Pep Boys rep advise me that I have a leak and I shouldn't drive my car nor perform the oil change until I fix the leak.

According to Pep Boys mechanic Mohammed he wrote that my car leak in the service order and that he is not allowed to talk to customers that it's the cashier job to talk to customers. Well the cashier didn t share with me that there was oil leak. Pep Boys refused assume responsibility and wouldn't work on my car. I got my car towed to another Auto Shop and the mechanic shared that my engine is damage due to me driving the car with oil leak and it will cause over 2300 for a chevy engine. It is nearly 10 degree weather and my means of transportation is stripped away from me. I have to take transportation until Pep Boys assumes responsibility and pay for the damages.

If I was told I needed to repair the oil leak on Dec 29 I wouldn't never got the oil change I would never drove my car off Pep Boys lot had I been informed. Pep Boys is a for profit shop and profits on women ignorance toward cars. I don't recommend anyone to go to Pep Boys. I called the manager John he doesn't want to assume responsibility and didn t want to rectify the harm they caused. The negligence of the cashier failing to notify me of the oil leak. To the mechanic who never spoke up and try to talk to the cashier I'm sharing that I would need to repair the leak before performing the oil change. I report Pep Boys to district manager no call back.

  • Sep 28, 2017

I went there to get a suspension changed from Airbags to standard struts. The website listed the kit as 159.00. And had a coupon for 50% off labor. I asked on the phone and they told me the labor was $379.00 I agreed. Then after my car is there, they call me on the phone and tell me that kit is $379 and the labor is $80! This they would give me $40 off rather than $169.50 off I was supposed to get. When I asked how the price of the park board and be double, they told me that the store does it match the Internet prices. They then Told me that I couldn't have my car back until I paid it. After calling the national headquarters, I was told that there's no way that part should be that much money. They also called the police on me. BEWARE THIS PLACE!

  • Aug 17, 2017

I went to the Greensburg, Pa Pep Boys location to get a new set of tires for my car and instead of tires they ripped my complete exhaust system off of my car pulling it into the shop. I live approx 35 miles away from this store and on my way in the car performed normally with no signs something was wrong with the car. My car sits lower than most and there was a little bit of a grade pulling into the shop. So, in return they clipped the bottom of the exhaust and continued pulling the car forward ripping the exhaust off from the rear of the manifold the whole way to the rear of the car. They took the hangers and everything with it. Your whole exhaust system just doesn't fall off, maybe a muffler or a pipe, but generally your whole exhaust system doesn't fall off. I talked to the store manager and the regional manager and they basically blamed it on me and would not take responsibility. They did about 3,000 of damage to my car.

  • Aug 8, 2017

Pep boys had my car in their possession for over 2 months. Reason after reason why it wasn't being fixed(ordering parts, wrong part, etc.) the final day came where he thought he had the right piece and yet again my car still isn't in proper functioning order. They refund me for 'work done' and hand me my keys. I go out to my car and it has been stolen out of. Stolen items include my after-market stereo deck. 2 bottles of brand name cologne and the title to my car was missing. Everything taken from the glove boxes and scattered throughout. Food that wasn't mine in the vehicle. I then walked back into the pep boys and asked them what had happened to my car. Each of them had a different story to tell about when it happened and it was clear none were the truth. I was not contacted at any time about this incident and I then called corporate to take things to a higher measure. It had been two weeks of promised 24 business hour phone calls and I have yet to hear or receive any help from any person affiliated with pep boys and a police report has been filed.

  • Jun 27, 2017

The local service mgr / parts person makes up stuff not honor the lifetime warranty.

  • Jun 13, 2017

This particular pep boys did work for my wifes car back on 4/7/17.After having the car in there a week prior and changing out hoses she brought up an issue with the AC (a clicking of doors behind the dash). We get the work done it comes out to close to $1100 and we got the warrenty on it as well to give us free labor if anything goes wrong. Fast forward 3 days the cars AC starts making the noise, my wife brings it back and explains to them, Eric (store manager) he simply tells her not to use the "AUTO SETTING" on the ac so it wont make noise.

My wife comes home upset given that as an answer there, we also noticed they didnt even reattach our dashboard (we have pictures of it as well). She then gets the sound on a camera recording and goes up there again, to be told to make an appointment. I then go up there and we listen to the noise and we are then told we will need to relace another part and close to another $400, and if that doesnt fix the issue they will then warrenty the part (that was incorrectly put in the first time). [continued below]....

  • Dec 7, 2016

December 11th 2012 pep boys in Chino off Central Avenue stripped the bolt on my oil pan. While looking up other reports have found another vehicle same year in which a PT cruiser had the same issue of them stripping the bolt on their oil pan. my van only had 37,000 miles on it. The technician was Adam Van Keulen. I only took my cars to pep boys for oil changes. this is a problem at the pep boys location in Chino. I do not recommend taking your vehicles to pep boys in chino even for a simple oil change. they want to charge me for their mistake.

  • Nov 29, 2016

After my long term mechanic closed his business, I had been thinking of what company to use when we needed repairs.

So when my starter went out, I took it to Pep Boys-which was less than 2 mile from home, for a repair. I also wanted them to fix my air conditioner.

I was quoted over $800 for the starter and 700 for the AC. I went online to check the price of a starter and thought I would be getting ripped off if I agreed to the repairs.

I then called back and told the service guy to hold off on any repair. They charged me a diagnositc fee for both the starter and AC. These proces were discussed in advance: I did not mind that as that was the price I paid to realize that Pep Boys would not be my next repair shop.

Another repair shop fixed both the starter and AC for about $818. I found a repair home with them.

  • Nov 22, 2016

Pep Boys has leto me down this Thanksgiving week. I have been on hold for +30min because their management is not coordinated. Originally I spoke to Shaun Paul on the phone & was twice told I would be able to get a written agreement signed stating my vehicle (dropped off sun pm) would be completed by Wed. afternoon. When I drove out there (dealthough with traffic) because I was told Ithat would be completed this week (& not next like every other shop) the (assistant) manager Alex refused to sign the agreement although labor would only be 5hrs. My agreement clearly stated If they could not fix it by Wednesday they had to notify me as soon as they possibly could. He still refused to sign it after I told him I did not expect the compensation to be more than $50 dollars off because a +$600 job being free would be completely irrational. After disputing for awhile we came to the conclusion that his manager would call me the next day by 3pm. 4pm rolled around & they did not call me when I call them they put me on hold for longer than 35mins. I speak to who I thought was "Steve" but told me his name was "Rudy" after I told him I was going to complain on whatever platform I could. I am Extremely Disappointed with Pep boys because their failure to meet basic customer satisfaction.

  • Oct 8, 2016

Took the vehicle in to have the wiper sprayers replaced, brake lines bled and the trunk latch button repaired. They ended up telling me it was a master cylinder. It was not, I've bled the lines in this car before. Either way, I agreed to the replacement because it was $119, and I thought of it as preventive maintenance. A day later they call me and tell me the part they have doesn't work, so it's going to be $200 more . Come to find out, as per the Assistant Service manager, the part worked fine but the manufacturer had left out one mounting hole. Rather than call another store, they ordered one straight from a dealership, and then told me it was "too late now". They replaced the Trunk button, charged me $80 to LOOK at it and then another $80 for parts. Fine.

Then they call me to tell me "My car needs struts and strut mounts". According to another local shop, this is absolutely false. Every time I spoke with them they tried to sell me tires. I do not want nor need tires, nor alignment. I need 3 things done. NOT difficult. Pep Boys was running a promotion on these items at that time. Coincidence? I think not. They didn't touch the wiper sprayers, despite me asking them every one of the 15 times they called me to sell me tires or lie to me about another "problem". I finally said "HAVE YOU LOOKED AT THE SPRAYERS I ASKED YOU TO?!" Their response? "No, but we can for an extra $80 have a look." According to Pep Boys Corporate, this is absolutely NOT their policy. They never even looked at it in the end. Then they called me to tell me I needed to replace the steering bezel cover. I told them that was absolutely fine and their was no issue when I dropped it off. Response? "Oh no, it's broken, you need to buy another one." They broke parts in my wife's car, called me to tell me I needed to pay to replace them, ( I knew they were not broken, so do multiple people that have been in the vehicle) and threw them back in the car.

I get there to pick up my wife's vehicle and One of their TECHS told me the part wasn't broken on my car when I brought it in. The vehicle had oil and dirt throughout, and they balled up the plastic seat covers and threw them on the floor with the steering bezel they smashed off. I brought this to the Assistant Service Manager Mike and the Tech's attention. They both apologized profusely, and Mike wrote down the VIN of the vehicle and all pertinent info to order a new one. He said the VW dealership was closed on Sundays, but he would make sure he ordered a new one Monday. Then they told us they ordered a replacement. 2 weeks later? The Assistant Service Manager Mike told my wife they were having a hard time finding it. One week after? The service manager Aaron is calling me telling me I'm a liar and so is my wife. He proceeded to LAUGH and YELL at me. They tried to bait and switch me, didn't fix half the things they were told to. I'm filing with the Better Business Bureau, have started a chargeback and opened a complaint with their corporate headquarters.

Even their corporate people have told me there have been a myriad of complaints against this store and these people. Their service manager said they had "proof" the proof? The destroyed parts I have them back in their parking lot and then saying they "told me I needed to get the parts fixed and I told them no, they we're fine when I brought them in". Yeah, you broke it? Their service manager said "he felt disrespected". You know what? I feel disrespected that my wife still has a broken to pieces car and you called her a liar. And me. You pay for it, you broke it. I cannot say enough bad things about this month long ordeal and my previous experience buying tires there.

  • Sep 27, 2016

I took my 1994 Lexus ls400 to pep boys on Decker Blvd in Columbia sc because it was idling up and down and at a stop light it would idle very low and cut off and it will crank back up but it is dangerous I be thinking I would get hit in the back so I went to the Lexus dealership they were swamped so I went to pep boys they looked at my car and gave me a list of things it needed like timing belt plugs wires fuel system cleaner and on and on of things that is mateince correct me if I'm wrong but I needed to know exactly what makes it cut off so I left and the next day all the mateince things I had them done and same issue so I call the coperate office did a complaint and the only thing happened was that the manager talked to me and still couldn't tell me the exact issue why my car keep cutting off so I feel like it's a scam to take people money for nothing not having patience with the Lexus dealership got me wasted a hundred dollars and I know for sure the dealership would have pin point the problem and they would have told me yes you need to do mantiece but that's not what making it cut off

  • Aug 12, 2016

I came here this morning of Aug 9, 2016/ Tuesday, due to the following reasons :

1. There is the sound coming from under my feet/ under left side under my car.

2. The car died on me twice while driving ( when traffic light was on red, scary !). ( Before I brought my car today, I went to the same place, Pep boys, 2 days ago in the afternoon, since it was busy they told me to comeback in the morning ( it was Jonathan, he is very nice guy), the reason of the visit was the sound, metal popping sound when I turn the car).

Today Aug 9/ Tuesday I came in at .I believe before 9AM or exactly 9. The person there ( maybe he is the manager, Luis,I will not release his last name, because I do not have bad intention to release him publicly)

He asked me why I came here for? (the car problems) I said, there is a sound under my feet a metal sound that is popping when I turn and when driving and its off and on, 2nd is the car died on me 2 times.... he wrote it down on the paper and he asked me more question like ... does it have a light coming out ( from the dashboard?) I said yes... ( but I am worried about the car dying and the sound. MY Priority) That is why I went to pep boys.

He let me sign, it say's $89.99 ( diagnostic) .I signed because I wanted them to see what is going on with my car and I want it fixed today if they can.

So I was here before 9am or 9, I waited until past 11AM, since I was hungry, I left just to grab something to eat. After maybe an hour or less, they called me back. They told me they found the problem, so I said I'll walk back, I am just few blocks away.

Then they showed me the paper what they need to do with my car. It will cost me like almost $500 ( diagnostic charge was added there, but on the website and from their corporate, says it will be waved when you have your car fixed there). So it sounded like the manager gave me a discount ( but I told him . I know that diagnostic charge will be deducted, IF Pep Boys will fix my car.

So they told me if the things will be fixed the "Check Engine Light" will be GONE! I said, oh, how's the problem why the car is dying and how's the sound under my car? ( The main reason why I came for). The guys who looked at the car said, the things they will fix today HAS NOTHING TO DO with the metal sound under and why my car dying....And .....

They told me, they need to do another diagnostic to see the problem ( I said, that is the problem I wanted to be checked since I came here as early ... AND new diagnostic will cost ANOTHER $89.99 .

They told me they did not hear any sound under the car and car did not die, So I tried to ask the guy ( he is nice, named Jonathan, trying to explain things)

I asked the guy if that quote they gave me has something to do with the problems why I came here for?. Since the two guys told me, it has "NOTHING" to do with the problems I came in for, It's a total separate things and not related to the main reason and problems of the car. So Jonathan told me to wait for Luis ( he is on break, I'll wait until 1;20pm?)

They told me, I need to pay another $89.99 for another diagnostic? Are they really serious?

I don't mind paying the diagnostic fee, that is why I signed for the fee. BUT my concern is the "sound under my car and the problem that the car died on me on the road " while i am on red light.

The light "Check Engine" comes and go ( I know I have to fix it, but I will have it done next visit) The light, check engine is not my priority today.

I tried to ask the guy if they can fix something else related to the problem of the car instead of the 'Check Engine Light?" ( just a nice gesture to show them that I did not want to waste their time and effort)

Their answer is, They need to do a new diagnostic ( back to square one and CHARGE again!)

I called the corporate and wanted to know if that's how it works? ( I meant the system, when they cannot find a problem, look for another problem?)

I spoke to an agent named "NICK", he sounds nice when we were talking over the phone, And i explained what happened, and I gave him the phone number and address of the branch where I went ...I was put on hold for a moment ( he was on the other line with the manager at the store where I went)

Then he came back to me ( over the phone), but the agent sounds loud now, jerk and arrogant, He told me, that I gave the guys ( at Pep Boys) a go signal to have my car checked ( for $89.99), I said yes.. for checking the metal popping sound under the car and now, why they are trying to fix a different issue... NOT the metal sound under ( did they lift the car to see?) they said they drove it, and I believed them that they drove it... Actually we did drove the car ( before I go home), but the sound is not making any noise ( at the time) .

  • Aug 1, 2016

I took my 1996 ford truck to get a manifold exhaust gasket replaced and when i picked it up it was worst than it was before i gave it to them. i had a warrenty but it didtn matter they still denied eveything....DONT GET A WARRENTY its not worth spending 80$ or more on warrenty that you wont be able to use because pepboys will find a way to lie about the service done. this is not a good place for some things need fixed on a car because they dont have the experience needed for all work.

  • Jun 30, 2016

I have been dealing with Pepboys with fixing my 2003 Ford EXplorer Eddie Bauer Edition now since April 28, 2016. My fisrt issue happened when I took my truck to Pep Boys in Philadelphia for an oil change. Upon returning home and driving to work, my service engine soon light came on, the high oil temp light came on and I was warned that I had reduced engine power.

I immediately took the truck to the local PepBoys here in Fayetteville on Skibo Rd. I was informed that I needed to replace the thermostat. This was replaced and the truck was fine or at least I thought it was. Several days later the low oil pressure light kept popping on and going off, again I took the truck back to PepBoys to be fixed. This time it was that I needed a heating coil and a tune up because the truck was misfiring. I allowed them to do all the work needed to a hefty total of $703.00 rounding to the nearest dollar.

This was after already paying $214.00 for the thermostat. Again I leave with my truck thinking it was fixed. Yet again I received a warning of reduced engine power and low oil pressure. This time I was told a sensor needed to be replaced and that this would fix the problem for a total cost of $120.00. The work was done and I leave with my truck only for the same warnings to present themselves again.

I dropped my truck off on June 24, 2016 and was told someone would call to inform me of what was going on. I never received a call. Today June 29, 2016, I drove into the store to check on the truck myself and was told that the intake gasket was leaking and the heating coil in which they just replaced needed to be replaced. Right about now I am fuming at the lack of incompetence of the mechanics and staff at this store. The guy David tells me that the mechanic that last worked on my truck reccomended that the intake gasket be replaced due to a leak.

This was never told to me when the truck was being repaired no one said a word of this when I was cashing out either. In order to fix the truck due to the intake leaking I would have to pay over $550.00. I told the guy this is BS and I would call me insurance company to have the truck towed to a different shop for repairs, once they replaced the heating coil since it is under warranty due to them just replacing it. SMDH!!!

To make a long story short this place is a blatant rip off and they will never see me in there again to get any work done on either of my vehicles. They never fix what needs to be fixed which causes you to have to keep returning to them for repairs and more money coming out of your pocket. My suggestion, if you are affliliated with the military take your vehicle to the Pope Car Care Center and work on it with the mecanics there.

This way your vehicle will get fixed the correct way and you played a major part in getting it fixed. From now on this woman will be more hands on with the repairs of her vehicles with the help of the certified mechanics at the P*** Car Care Center.

  • Jun 27, 2016

I am writing about an experience I just had at the store located at: 302 W. Vine Street Kissimmee, Florida 34741 I had my car serviced there for an oil change and a tire patch. When I went to the store two hours later to pick up the car. They first said they couldn't find the lug nut key. I Went outside opened the trunk and gave it to them as it was sitting there in plain sight, and which to me indicated that there was no effort to look for it at all. Because of the inconvenience employee told us they would fix it immediately at no cost.

They supposedly fixed the wheel and I left. Upon driving the tire sensor went off and I stopped the car to look at the tires and the same tire with the same screw in it was just moved to the other side so I wouldn't notice. They did nothing to fix it as they said. I wasn't looking to get anything for free as I am not one of those types of people but I don't like being lied too by company employees that represent a company I trusted. I called to explain the situation and employee would not give me the name of the technician who worked on my car. If this helps prevent this type of thing from happening to someone else it was worth writing.

  • Jun 16, 2016

Very very poor service. The mechanics are incompetent, and the management dishonest. Managers did not provide any of the written paperwork they promised, or keep their word on anything.

My 2005 Ford Escape had a spark plug strip out by its threads. I had it towed to the Plank Road Pep Boys in Fredericksburg, VA for repair. The repair was a very simple one, and involved installing a "helicoil" which restores the spark plug threads. I hired them to do the repair after they assured me that they understood what was needed, and could do the work..

The report I then got from them after they looked at my car was disturbing and totally inaccurate. Their diagnosis included telling me that 1) The engine could not be repaired. 2) That there was no compression in the bad cylinder. 3) That the piston had internal damage and was hitting the bottom of the spark plug, 4) there was engine block damages and 5) there was internal engine damages. 6) I was told I needed to get another engine.

I told them to leave the intake manifold off and I would come get the car. I paid $317.75 with a credit card by phone before I picked up the car. I was told the paperwork for the diagnosis charges would be in the car. There was no paperwork in the car when I picked it up. When I asked the service manager "Ben" for the work estimate, he said it was gone and could not be provided to me.

When I got my car, the manifold was "magically" re-installed on the car. I told them to leave it off. The manager had no explanation as to why the manifold was put back on my car when I told him not to. This made me think that they had never even taken the manifold off, as they charged me for!

What's worse, my new mechanic said that he did not believe the manifold had ever been removed! This made sense given how totally incorrect the diagnosis was. I could not get the manager to provide the original estimate or the diagnosis results. Or any proof that the manifold had ever been removed. He said he had photos to prove it, but due to company policy, could not show them to me!!!!

I was forced to dispute the charges.

After I got my car back, I had the helicoil put in for less than $400, and the car ran perfectly. NONE of what Pep Boys told me turned out to be true.

These people don't know what they are talking about and should not call themselves mechanics. I would have purchased a new engine for $8,000 dollars if I had believed them, when it cost less than $400 to get it completely repaired elsewhere.

I would stay far far away from this business. Take your repairs anywhere else. These people are dishonest and shady, and either did not know what they were talking about, or out and out attempted to rip me off with bogus diagnosis charges, and an attempt to sell me a new engine!!! Worst car service experience I ever had.

Avoid Pep Boys on Plank Road in Fredericksburg, VA!

  • Apr 18, 2016

I bought tires recently and after calling 4 different tire stores for prices, I settled on Pep Boys in Casa Grande, Arizona. When I made an appointment over the internet and entered the "Sale Code" to get their "special", it was buy three tires get the fourth free. I went in at my appointed time and talked with the man behid the counter to have my tires balanced and installed. I asked the man if I got the buy three tires get the fourth tire free. He said yes. I asked him to confirm my total price and he replied ~$750.00. I had been quoted by the home office by email that my cost would be $620 and I had a confirmation email. I asked the man why was it so high and he replied that to get the special you had to buy the Road Hazard Insurance which get brought my quote up to what he had told me $750 compared to $620 the home office told me (twice). I asked him was that including the buy 3 get the 4h free special and he said "yes". This was for cheaper tires than the one I had ordered by $25.00 per tire. I left and drove down the street and went to Discount Tires and got the same tires as I wanted for the price Pep Boys had at first quoted me. I saved $150.00.

Lesson learned: Beware of "special" deals at Pep Boys.

  • Mar 25, 2016

I had work done by Pep Boys Orlando and puchsed the extended warranty, Cliff... at the Miami Lakes station kept telling me that they never give service guarantee. For three days he argued and insited I would have to pay for the service and that the part had a limited warranty and depending on the damage I would have to pay for that too. After serious arguing and plenty of proof I was able to get a full replacement of a $600.00 work order.

I did speak to the GM who said it was not his problem and he would let someone elsse handle. Long story short if you want to be offended, mistreated, lied to and have people try to scam you go and see Clif.... at the service department at Pep Boys in Miami Lakes.

  • Jan 27, 2016

I had a slow leak in a tire. Used some Fix a Flat. Several days later I took my car to Pep Boys to have the leak repaired. Pep Boys tells me that they cannot repair the tire because the acid in the Fix a Flat has damaged the inside of the tire. I contacted the owner of Fix a Flat and they sent me the MSDS sheet which shows there is NOT any acid in their product. I asked Pep Boys to remount the tire and they said no because it would hazardous because the acid has weakened the tire. I had warranty on the tire. Pep Boys ordered a new tire, but I had to pay $72.07. I had the tire mounted. A couple of hours later the service writer at Pep Boys called me and said the reason they would not mount the old tire is because I rode on the bead. The tire never got low enough for that to happen. First Pep Boys tells me one story and then they say something else.

What I would like to happen is have a refund of $72.07 and never deal with them again.

  • Jan 25, 2016

Just made my first (and last) visit to PepBoys auto repair in Bradenton, Florida. The purpose was to swap out the original equipment headlight bulbs for higher performance bulbs. Cost of the bulbs were $59 and estimated labor was $118 (1 hour).

Dropped the car off and walked over to an adjoining restaurant for breakfast. PepBoys called 20 min later. All Finished.

When I went back to pay, the total charge was $188. I asked why the labor was so high as it didn't take more than 20 minutes to complete the entire job. He asked if I wanted a "less skilled" mechanic to complete the task as it would have taken them about 1 hour. How ridiculous. I asked to be treated fairly and he knocked $10 off. Never mentioned the $16 "shop fee" added on. This place is a total ripoff.

Now that I see the details of the charge, it gets worse...

Remove and replace headlamp $89.60

Remove and Replace headlamp $11.20

Shop Fee $16.06

Headlamp bulbs $59.99

Total (after customer courtesy discount of $8.96) $178.81

  • Jan 7, 2016

I have been a Pep Boys customer for years and am usually happy with the service. Two days ago, I brought my car to the shop to have my rear tire plugged. I was told the wait would be about an hour and they would call me when they were done. I never received a phone call.

I called back the next day and asked for an update on the tire. I spoke with Ed who told me that they were not able to plug the tire and I would either need 4 new tires or I could just get that one tire replaced. I also asked why I was never called the day before. Instead of being professional and just apologizing for the oversight, he laughed and asked what cell service carrier I had.

The 4 new tires were estimated to cost about $980.00. He stated he would take off $20 for no one calling me. My tires were put on less than a year ago and they were still in very good condition. So, I asked him about the second option to order a matching tire. He stated he had never heard of the brand of tires I had on the car and didn't know where he could find them from, so I should just buy the 4 new tires. He offered to waive a roadside hazard fee which brought the price down to $860.

I knew I didn't need 4 new tires, so I took the car to a different mechanic. He also told me that 4 new tires were completely unnecessary and he was able to plug the tire. When I told him what Ed at Pep Boys tried to convince me to do and how much much he tried to convince me to spend, this mechanic was speechless and both of us could not believe how dishonest this establishment is.

I will no longer be a customer and will make sure my friends and family know how much Ed and the Hazlet store will try to rip you off. Completely disgusted with the service.

  • Nov 30, 2015

I bought all 4 tires last July in 2014. I put approximately 20,000 miles on normal roads and highways. My van was maintained by another mechanic and tires rotated and checked alighnment all the good stuff as this is my work vehicle. I recently had my mechanic tell me I'm almost down the wear mark across the board on all of them and would need them replaced within the next two months. So I brought the Van back for the warranty ... I was told my mechanic wasn't taking care of my vehicle and they wore wrong and my van was tearing up my tires. And I said no my mechanic is down the street and knows you.. and the men all looked at eachother and I left. I called my mechanic and told him and quite upset he contacted pep boys in melbourne. I don't know what he told them but then they offered me 67 dollars a tire of warranty and it would cost me 410 to replace them.... it had only cost 500 to get them in the first place. I told them that was unacceptable .. so I called corporate. No response for a week, then the manager calls tell me 62 a tire and it would be 450.00 so I call corporate.. no response. So then I get a call from manager maybe I can just take the tires with me and get my own install... I said we shall see what that costs.. no response another week goes by I call corporate.... 4 days have gone by. I now have less than a month left to figure this out before I need to get new tires. Keep in mind also that a few months into these tires I was getting a vibration...... my mechanic checks ... all 4 tires out of balance.. I call pep boys at the store and they said they had a calibration problem and didn't know how far back it went... but never told anyone of course. This is a complete rip off .. as a single mom who needs this van up and running. I expected the tires to outlast the vehicle . 20K is not 80K .. and 1/4 of 500 is not 450!!!

  • Nov 21, 2015

On 08/02/2015 return vehicle to PEP BOYS for failure of the air condition unit on 1995 Ford Explorer.

On 08/03/2015 I was informed by David Schrader (SERVICE MANAGER) that another leak check was performed, estimated repairs would cost $1000,00 + to repair, after having this service perform then repair done on 06/15/2015 in the amount of $283.53.

PEP BOYS has a Limited Warranties on their parts and services for 90 days or 4000,00 miles.

Called Mr. Schrader then asked to be reimburse for the service fees and parts on 06/15/2015 for Air Conditioning services that failed.

Mr. Schrader refuse to reimburse these fees contrary to Limited Warranties for parts and services.

Also, a wheel alignment was supposedly performed that I did not request nor authorize nor appears to have been done for this vehicle in the amount of $89.99.

Matter is being investigated and arbitration decision is due shortly with Visa Credit card services.

  • Nov 14, 2015

I'm out of town and My wife told me the "AT" light came on. We live next door to a Pep Boys so I suggested She goes there since they are a 1 stop shop for fluids and repairs. However, when my wife went inside and asked the man inside for help checking her fluids, an employee behind the counter named Rubin, a Hispanic male with a pony tail, told her NO and that she would have to pay $90 for him or any other Pep Boys employee to check the car's fluids. This was a huge shock since Pep Boys has been a trusted name since my childhood and my wife had our 2 small children with her and clearly was in need of help. We do not know if this man was being lazy or if he was trying to rip her off being that she is female. Rubin just gave Pep Boys a horrible reputation with us and we do not plan on ever going there again. They have lost a life long customer.

  • Nov 13, 2015

October 18th I went to Pepboys because the check engine light was on and I needed to get it checked out. This was after going to Autozone who attempted to get the diagnostic code off my car to find the problem. They got several codes and said that I need to go to a mechanic to get it checked out. I looked up the reviews on Pepboys and they didn’t look good. It was Sunday though so I figured I would give you guys the benefit of the doubt and take my car there.

A diagnostic was run on the car and I was told that the Mass Air Sensor was bad. After the air sensor was replaced the light went off. Then on Monday Nov 9th at the check engine light came back on. At 4:30 pm I brought the car in with my receipt showing the previous repair. The car was brought back into the bay area and a diagnostic was done again on the car. The same code came back. The service manager Diego then got involved. The part was again replaced and the same code came on. At this point it is now around 6:00 pm and he said it will be another 45 minutes or so that they were going to put the first part back on because my car is now not idling correctly and the code still shows the Mass Air Sensor. At 7:20 pm the original replacement part was back on the car and it still showing the same code and still not idling correctly. It is now showing 4 codes including the mass air sensor. I was told it must be electrical. His electrical expert “Corn” would be in the next day and would pull the car in first thing and he will look at the car and find out if he can figure out what is wrong. As I spoke with the service manager he apologized for the time I have had to wait and that he still does not have an answer. I said well obviously the original repair on the 18th did not need to happen I said that I need to be refunded for the original repair. He said he had no problem doing that so if the new repair was 500.00 he would just charge the difference of 50.00. He said it’s also possible that they may not be able to figure out the problem and I may have to take it to a car dealership. He even offered to reimburse me for a rental car and offered to drive me home because the store closes at 8:00 pm. He said that someone would call me by around noon and knew I would be working with students because I am a school teacher and would leave a message to let me know the problem. I told him that I will call my mom and she could come and get me in 30 minutes.

The following day I never received the call. I call the store Tuesday at 3:00. An employee answered and I asked to speak with Diego. He was not there that day I was told. I asked about the status of the Mazda 5. He said that they have continued to replace the same part and still getting the same result…check engine light. Even a Mazda brand part was tried. I said that must not be the problem then if you still get that code (along with others) He said yes we now think it must be the PCM. I asked what does that mean? He said it must be the computer in your car. I will have to call Mazda to get a price on that part. I told him that Diego had agreed to refund the original repair because that is not what was needed. He said they would not of gotten the other codes if the part was not replaced. I find that odd because Autozone was also getting the same multiple codes on Oct 18th and that is why I went to Pepboys in the first place because they could not pin point the ACTUAL problem. They recommended to take it to a garage to get it checked there. He again said if that is what Diego said that they would do that and that he would go ahead and call Madza to get a price.

At this point I am feeling that they have no idea what is going on really and so I researched a bit online and found out that a PCM has to be done at the dealership because it has to be programmed IF that is even the real problem. Also, emissions are all covered under warranty if the car is under 80,000 miles which my car was.

I spoke with another service manager I know who works for Honda. He said NEVER take your car to PEP Boys unless it’s just an oil change. They are just guessing at the problem and they certainly own you a refund for the original repair that did not need to happen.

At that point I called Mazda who verified my car is still under warranty for emissions and they would have to run their own diagnostic that would cost. They have to verify for themselves what the problem is and not take Pep boys new diagnosis of a PCM

Why would a “qualified” mechanic say he was going to call and get a quote on a PCM if it needs to be done at a dealership? So many things wrong with this situation.

I call back at 4:00 and say that I would be having to figure out how to tow my car from their location to Mazda since my car is not drivable with the idle running high. He placed me on hold and came back and said that “Corn” had discovered a blown fuse and the car is now drivable. I told him that I still expected the refund of the repair to be honored, how would that take place? He said he would have to talk with Diego first since he was not at work that day it would be the following day and that he works 8-5. I asked him if he was going to Diego or did I need to? He said he would talk to him.

I then decide I still would feel better talking to him myself so I left my car there another day.

Yesterday after school I call at 4:30 pm and asked to speak to Diego. I am told he already had gone home for the day and that he worked 8-5 on the 12th (today).

I called today at 9:30 am and Diego answered. I asked him about the refund on the Mazda. He said he would not do the refund because he insisted that it needed to be done. I said then why did all the new parts not work and why does it still give that code? He said that it is now giving more codes (just like it did for free at Autozone btw). It also “could be” electrical. I even said I didn’t mind paying for the diagnostic charge (80.00). He said why would you offer to pay for that if you don’t think the original repair was needed? I told him I am trying to be fair unlike you guys are and a diagnostic would have been needed regardless of you identifying the problem or not. I told him that I disagreed the original repair was needed and I spoke with a qualified mechanic that works at a Honda dealership as a service manager and he also disagrees and thinks you guys are just guessing and only going off codes and not inspecting the actually part. I need to take my car to a qualified mechanic for my car and I will have to pay them another diagnostic charge. I then told him I wanted the contact information for the district manager. He said I’ll tell you what, If you can get Mazda to say the original repair did not need to be made, then I will refund the original repair. So I said you expect Mazda to be able to verify if the original repair needed to happen and if they do that you will fully refund the money of the original repair. He said yes I would feel better about going to my manager with that. I will even refund their diagnostic fee if they will say the original repair was not needed.

  • Sep 12, 2015

I bought a Brand New set of (4) Dayton Wire Wheels for my car from Dayton Wheel Concepts, Inc in Dayton Ohio. Now after spending $2000.00 for the Daytons and a $1000.00 for Brand New set of (4) Vogue Tires. I went to Pep Boys 6631 W.Ogden Ave. in Berwyn IL. 60402 to have them mounted and balanced since I live nearby. I was informed by Dayton that the rims where already balanced, and when the tires where to be mounted on the rims that they would need to be balanced due to the tires. Now after sitting their for almost 2 hours they mounted everything. Considering I'm a mechanic and I worked for a Mechanic Shop with Towing and Tire Repair I knew it didn't take that long to change rims and tires. One month with all Brand New Rims and Tires I started to have problems, tires going flat and lossing air considering the car wasn't driven much like 10 miles a week and sat in the garage. So I went back to Pep Boys and they found the leaks and they where coming from the spokes?! Now when I got them the had 1" inch of black sealent over the spokes to seal them and I did take pictures of them when I got them. After continuing to have problems I took them to my job where they could be looked at to see what the issue was. After taking the tires off I could see the problem these ******* **** Heads took and grinded off all the black sealent that sealed the spokes!! Now to fix the problem I have to send them back to Dayton to be resealed at my expense or put in inner tubes.

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