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Payless Car Rental Systems, Inc.

Country United States
State Florida
City Saint Petersburg
Address 2350-N 34th Street North
Phone 1-800- (729-5377)

Payless Car Rental Systems, Inc. Reviews

  • Jul 25, 2017

We rented a car in Fort Lauderdale Airport July 10,2017 and returned vehicle July 12,3017 to same location. Upon returning the car I received the receipt for 199.14, On July 21 a charge on my card is made by Payless Car Rental for an additional $400.00. I began my inquiry with them and they sent me an email with an ereceipt and a statement of a lost key. I returned the communication stating there was no lost key since the car was returned with the sole key issued to me. I am now waiting for the bank and Payless to solve this. It is abusive and disappointing to end my stay in Ft Lauderdale like this.

  • Aug 17, 2016

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I've been wrongfully charged for a GPS that I've used for only one day and returned the next day - one night.

As I've retuned the GPS at the counter they signed my voucher and said the balance corresponding to the other 3 dyas I'd not be using the GPS would be refunded at the moment of checkout.

However, at the moment of checkout, they charged the full amount! I argued and they we SUPER RUDE!

It is wrong and Payless should refund the amount corresponding to 3 GPS rent days that the GPS weren't with me.

I'll never rent with Payless again, neither it's parents company Budget! They simply don't care about the customer and disrespect our rights.

  • Jun 24, 2016

Where to begin!... (April 20th) I planned a trip to Florida two months ahead of the needed rental so I jumped on Hotwire and I got a great rate, locked it in and confirmed with both Hotwire & PAYLESS ON BYBERRY ROAD, not the .com and not the 1-800...all was stated by both "CONFIRMED". ( June 20th) DAY OF PICK UP I was told that there is NO WAY that I would pay that price and I was laughed at for believing that I could...they stated I didn't leave a call back number to be reached so that adjustments could be made to the price( Which I did, my printout from two month ago had both number & email). they (manager and other worker) stated If I wanted the rental I would have to pay 5 TIMES the quoted price AND OUT OF STATE MILEAGE!!! When on the very confirmation it stated UNLIMTED MILES. I left and had to find another rental company...DOLLAR RENTAL at the airport who gave me a great deal. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND PAYLESS OR HOTWIRE...PS: Hotwire even "attempted" to charge me for this great service...

  • Mar 5, 2016

So fellow car renters here's my story.

I reserved a car thru Hotwire from Payless for my Las Vegas get away.Yes they were the cheapest .I see now you get what you pay for.I arrived in Vegas late around midnight and took the shuttle to the rental terminal.I was dismayed to see the Payless line was a mile long and just two people working the counter.And to make matters worse they spent 20 to thirty minutes per customer trying to sell the various products car rental people try to sell you.Right there I should of known anyway at 3 am I finally got my car.No problem the car was fine.However when I returned the car the lady who was complaining she was overworked because someone quit handed me a paper to take across the parking lot to someone else to check me out.I brought vehicle back full on gas.the guy gives me a paper and said I'm good mind you this is at 5 am and I wasn't even awake yet.So I get to the airport and notice a 90$ fuel charge.Also the paperwork showed I had driven vehicle 16000 miles in three days wow.Obviously they got my car mixed up with another..So I call them, rather than admit the error they demand a receipt for gas within 5 miles of drop off location.when I told them I paid cash they said I was at fault.Most companies would not question the client.apparently Payless is in the process of ripping people off.No worries I just will never use them again.I just wanted to let others know about my experience before they make the same mistake.

  • Jan 30, 2016

We went through Priceline to acquire a rental car on our trip to Florida. As Payless rental car agency quoted a price of $17.12 per day we thought that would be a good day so we went for it. When we returned the vehicle we found we were charged for things that we not revealed when we picked up the vehicle.

The following is reflected in their statement:

  • Jan 30, 2016

I'm a professional traveling photographer that has rented lots of cars all over the world, and have gotten quite proficient in doing so. This is not a confused consumer unaware of hidden contractual agreements complaining about "basic" insurance rates i didn't realize i was signing up for or hidden charges i didn't read about closely. It may only be $16 but this is done all the time and adds up! this is our hard earned money being stolen right under your feet!

I am not writing this report in hopes of "getting my money back." this is a consumer alert i would like to make public of the succesful attempt by payless to take extra money from a me, and likely thousands of others over course of the strorm. [continued below]...

  • Nov 16, 2015

Ripoff amount for the rental vehicle. I prepaid for the rental car. Then received an email that I had a lower rate. I mentioned to the agent when I picked up the vehicle and she stated that the amount would be credited at the return of the vehicle. When I returned the vehicle I told the agent again. He gave me a receipt with $2 dollars less than what the refund should have been. But the kicker is that neither amount has been credited to my credit card. I might report them with my cc company for fraud.

  • Nov 7, 2015

Been fraudulently charged by Payless Car Rental in Phoenix with no one to contact as your service agents are "busy" and phone is then disconnected. I'm disgusted by your unethical scam artist company. You should be out out of business. Liars and frauds. My credit card company has my complaint and dispute already in progress. Thanks for what was "supposed" to be complimentary upgrade by your agents "at no additional cost" & they DID charge me pretending it was a just a nice gesture & all I got was filthy gross dirty smelly car with Arkansas plates!! You did me no favors whatsoever, charged me exhubrant amounts for services I specifically said I did not want ....and by the consumer reviews online, you run these scams on everyone. Thanks for nothing but a bullshit run around and ruining what should have been a memorable vacation. What should have been a expensive $229.67 but came to $764.82!!!! DO NOT EVER RENT A CAR FROM THIS COMPANY!! I am contacting my lawyer!!

  • Aug 29, 2015

I used a travel website and arranged air travel to San Francisco (SFO) and a rental car. I chose Payless because they claimed to have the mid-sized SUV we needed for all 6 of us and our luggage and offered a very reasonable price. Online, I was promised said mid-sized SUV and called the reservation line to confirm the rental, the price for the rental, and the vehicle I would get. Everything was confirmed with the reservation department and I thought we were all set.

I was wrong.

We arrived at SFO late and had to wait for the shuttle to take us to the Payless office. The driver was friendly and courteous, a good first impression. Once we got to the office, things went downhill rapidly. I was taken into the office to do the paperwork and had the payment processed for the price I agreed to online. I was told our mid-sized SUV, a Santa Fe, was being washed and would be on the lot in a few minutes. Now, at home I drive a Ford Expedition, a large SUV. When the Santa Fe arrived, it turned out to be a small SUV, almost a crossover. One thing was clear: this vehicle was NOT a mid-sized SUV and was utterly inadequate for our needs.

I was told that they could "upgrade" me to a Dodge Durango, which is, where I come from, an actual mid-sized SUV. I was told that the money I spent, including the deposit, would be transferred over to the new vehicle, yet it still cost me another $450 dollars, bringing my total to nearly $900 for the week and was explained to me in as obtuse a fashion as possible. In fact, I am surprised the man behind the counter did not resort to speaking Hd tindi to cover his tracks. With weary kids and wife demanding action, I took the Durango on the promise that my deposit hold money would be released as soon as the rental period was done.

And it was...for a day.

On the return of the SUV, the deposit money was released. I was pleased with this and felt that the issues were worked out. They got their money, I got the deposit back, it was all good. The next day, Payless recharged my card and took the money back. I tried to reach the company for an answer, but there was never a live person to speak with in San Francisco and the reservation line simply directed me to the customer service form on the company website. I wrote my complaint and received three "receipts" by email for varying amounts of money. There was nothing in them that explained what these charges cover, making them all the more suspicious.

Bottom line: Payless Car Rental pulled a bait-and-switch with the cars, failed to honor the online deal, overcharged me, and then clawed back the held deposit money they released to me, and have refused to communicate with me to explain or make good on any of this.


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