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Ombia Derma

Country United States
State California
City Los Angeles
Phone (844) 965-6736

Ombia Derma Reviews

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  • Nov 28, 2016

I saw an ad for Ombia Derma on an infomercial. It was supposed to help the appearance of your skin and the cost for a trial sample was $5.95. When I called, I was told that I could also get a sample of an eye renewal cream for around my eyes for an additional $1.95. I was told that within 14 days, if I did not want to continue receiving more of these products, at their full price,I was to call and cancel. This was on Sept 29, 2016. The credit card I received in mid October had those charges.

I did not notice much, if any, improvement so I called on day 12 and told them I was not continuing and to not send any more. When I received my credit card bill in mid November, I noticed that I had an additional charge for both products of $31.31 and $33.10, dated Oct. 22, 2016. Since I had cancelled within their grace period and more importantly had NOT received any more products from them since the two samples, I was upset.

I called their phone number from the credit card charge and after explaining the situation, was told a supervisor would call me. After waiting, I called again and was connected to a man who said he was a supervisor. I explained the problem and asked for the charges to be reversed as I had cancelled within the grace period and had not received any more items from them. He said that when I called to cancel, they had given me an additional 14 days to try the samples and that I would have needed to call them to cancel AGAIN within that 14 days or they could keep sending and charging me for more of their products. I said that I had said NO to any further dealings with them. I them said I would call my credit card company and dispute the charges. He said "go ahead, we will just keep submitting them". Then he told me if I continued with them, he would give me a discount on todays order. WHAT ORDER, it seems that the first person I talked to put in another order for me. Finally he agreed to cancel todays order but said I was stuck with the October charges. I said I had not received any product from them for those charges and would return it when it came. He said they do NOT accept any returns.

He was rude and not budging from his terms, so I called my credit card company and explained what had happened. I was put thru to a supervisor and after explaining what had happened, she cancelled my credit card and their charges and opened a card with another number. I would advise anyone NOT TO DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY [OMBIA DERMA].

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  • Apr 14, 2017

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Ombia Derma is very vague on their trial advertising it as free and pay only the shipping charges. Nowhere does it say about monthly shipment and charges anywhere but found out later when I called to complain that it is supposed to be in their agreement when you click continue which I did not see. Legally it should be seen clearly and not hidden anywhere in whatever agreement they are talking about. They charged me 3 months but got refunded only a month when I called to complain. Additionally it cost me $89.47 and $94.57 for Ombia Derma and Renewed Eye Gel which I actually did not order (Eye Gel) when you can get the same ones for $39.99 and $17.95 at Amazon. It doesn't show the company name on the product or their address - I wonder why. I tried to complain why they only refunded me 1 month when I was willing to return all the products they shipped me which were unopened, but customer service hung up twice on me, not willing to discuss the refund any further. I am posting this to warn others of this very deceptive way of doing business. I just can imagine how many millions they have deceived. This should be stopped.

  • Jan 27, 2017

Signed up for onne of these freebie sites to get free samples, got inunndated with all kinds of other freebie sites and they lead you from one page to another. Got a page offering several just pay shipping to get a FREE sample. So ordered the Ombia face cream, they charged me the shipping right away and I got the sample in a few days. Three weeks later they charged my bank acct. $94 which made me overdrawn. Anyway called the company, they answered customer service but could not name the company they worked for. Got a 50% refund after much arguing. Don't fall for this scam!

  • Jan 18, 2017

Beware of the free trial it is a scam .I order the free trial online it said free 30 day supply all you pay is shipping and handling they don't put it's a 14 day free trial so I thought it was free nothing about it is free 14days later they took almost 200 dollars out of my bank account without me knowing . I called them they said you agree to the terms what terms had no idea there were terms they hide that at the bottom of the page were you can't see it .right now they only what to give 33% back they are a rip off don't fall for it they only have good reviews on there website wish I would have looked on other reviews first .

  • Sep 13, 2016

I saw several ads online, obviously targeted to women, for a skincare cream that diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. I was skeptical and searched online under the product name, Ombia Derma. All I found was glowing reviews and a video showing how it "really worked." I even searched Ombia Derma scam and Ombia Derma legal. I now believe that they regularly "wipe" the internet of negative reports and alerts. I should've know better.

I ordered a supposedly Risk-Free Trial to get a sample for $4.95 shipping and handling. The product arrived and I tried it a few times but didn't like the consistency, nor did it seem to be working. For all the claims that it was "natural" - which I know actually means nothing - it contained a synthetic ingredient that I believe caused mild itching. I stopped using it.

About three weeks later, I was notified via email that they were charging my $94.57 for another bottle they were about to ship. I called right away to decline and was upset because I didn't see anything about auto-shipping new orders in the initial offer. The operator flatly told me that I could not stop the shipment, nor could I send the product back. They claimed that I agreed to this arrangement when I gave them my credit card info. Apparently, there is fine print hidden somewhere because I read the obvious. I read what they wanted me to read and they hid the rest.

After much insistent arguing, I got 75% of the charge back. They had the nerve to say there was a "restocking fee" even though they won't take back the product, even if it hasn't been opened.

But wait! There's more! When I checked my credit card statement, I realized that they had also charged me for the "free, risk-free sample." Apparently there is also fine print that allows them to charge you $94.57 for that sample if you don't call them within 14 days and stop them! I was livid and called the company again. This operator was even more rude, talking over me and refusing to listen. They have a prepared statement to read to you about your lack of legal rights and how you agreed in writing to their scam! I was not allowed to speak to a manager or anyone up the food chain. Ultimately, the operator just hung up on me.

But wait - it gets worse. Two days after this rude incident, my credit card was hacked by what seems to be Chinese hackers. They charged $5,684.07 on my card before I saw the statement and alerted my CC company that I was not traveling in China and these were not my charges. Was it a coincidence that the Ombia Derma "customer service" operator that I argued with two days prior sounded like she had a Chinese accent? Perhaps. I have no way of proving that Ombia Derma gave my credit card info to hackers. You can draw your own conclusions.

I believe this same product is being marketed under different names because I've seen almost identical ads, identical scams using the same photos, with these "risk free" trial offers. I've also seen reports here with identical circumstances to mine, but different product and company names.

If you see Ombia Derma or any other product that's similar, please run - do not walk - but run away with your credit card number hidden in your hot little hand. These people are bad news and they seem to have it down. Apparently the hackers even created a physical card with my name and number to use. My credit card company will dispute all the charges from them and the fraud hackers, but who knows how long I'll be dealing with this. Be warned!

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