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Nouveau Skin Care

Country United States
State Massachusetts
City Leominster
Address 77 North Main Street
Phone 978.466.1770

Nouveau Skin Care Reviews

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  • May 6, 2016

Nouveau skin care posted a video online showing amazing results for under eye bags when using their eye cream. They also said that it was a product by christie brinkley and was talked about and "supported" by dr oz.

They then offered a free trial of the eye cream. All you had to pay was shipping of $4.95. If you did that, you could also get a trial of another face cream. I thought "why not try it?" so i signed up. When my samples arrived, the box was surprisingly plain and the packing list had very little invormation on it. It looked handmade. My first alarm bell.

But i tried the creams anyway. There was really nothing special about them and they certainly weren't better than the avon products i usually use so i decided not to buy more.

Imagine my surprise when i received a box yesterday of the same products, also with a very homemade looking packing slip inside. A quick look online to my bank statement revealed that i had also been charged $89.75 for products that i didn't order!

Luckily the packing slip did contain a customer service number of 888.694.4574. I called that number and explained the problem. I was told that i had signed up for a 14 day trial and needed to cancel within 10 days in order to not be charged for the products. I told the woman that i had never been aware of that and if she did not credit my account and halt any additional shipments to me that i would report her company to the bbb and my bank. I also asked how to ship back the products that i just received, and offered to also send back the original ones that i had barely used.

At that point, i was told she could offer a 30% refund. I held firm and reiterated my thoughts as above. She then offered a 50% refund. Again, i held firm. Finally she told me that she'd issue me a 100% refund that should show up in 3-5 business days. When i again asked how to return the product, she told me to keep it. She also confirmed that my "subscription" had been cancelled for both products.

I'll be wathching for that refund to hit my account. Until then, i hope this post will help someone else, too!

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  • Apr 19, 2016

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Company will slam your credit card for an order which you did not agree to. Agreed to the sample for 4.99 to handle the shipping charge. Nothing was indicated at that time about a reoccuring order but later received a shippment from them and account was tagged for $87. Called the company and they said an email was sent after the free sample to say there was an agreement for an order to shipped every month. Nothing was every received via email or any other form of communication. The company has agreed to accept a return and only charge for shipping of 4.99 but will have to see to believe. Will contact bank to make a disputed charge for this company. Beware of internet offers.

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  • Aug 22, 2016

Big Fraud

The same experience you had is what I have experienced. Company has slammed my credit card for an order to which I did not agree. Agreed to the sample for 4.99 to handle the shipping charge and nothing more. No communication indicated at that time about a monthly shipment, but later I received shipments from them and my account was tagged for $89.75 each time. I never received any communication from them about being signed up for monthly shipments, and that commitment was not described on the website. I was in the hospital so the packages just kept coming, and my husband could not figure it out because the company name on my account is a different name. Therefore it took awhile to realize that they are the same company that engages in apparent fraud regularly: Nouveau-Tranquille also named HYV*PEARLYFEEL.

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  • Jul 26, 2017

Don't be fooled by the FREE Trial offer. It is a scam and they just want your credit card for shipping so they can charge your account later for the full price of $94.88 and $89.44 for these two products which are definitely NOT worth the price.

I did get through to the company and got the order cancelled but a charge of $94.88 is still on my account. The banks fraud department stopped the seecond charge or I would have been fighting to get refunded on both.

There is NO warning of the 14 day trial for FREE that I saw when I signed up. Supposedly if you return the products within 14 days you will not be charged. It is not disclosed when you sign up for the FREE TRIAL offer...SO JUST DO NOT DO IT.

Joel Osteen and wife, were promoting this product and I thought they were the ones offering this to get people interested. It is a shame their name is involved in such a matter.

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  • Jun 8, 2017

I was offered Skin care product Nouveau Restore skin care Cream and eye Cream Free sample with only S&H charge


We hope you enjoy the benefits of Nouveau Restor Skin Cream Then when I called to cancel trial within 14 days they are forcing me to pay $89 for the p[roduct or to keep the sample $24 for each product. Whe I asked them to cancel the entire order they are not willing to do that. The agent Nancy #261 said she will need to get the products returned to her office then she will charge my credit card for the $89 . The agent refuses to give last name, Contact information, address, email or any other information

Your order is scheduled to arrive by May 05, 2017

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  • Apr 25, 2016

I had ordered from this company, I recieved my first order, they sent me another order I did not request and charged my checking account another $85.00 I called them and cancelled my orders and told them I did not want to recieve any more of their product. I returned a package by mail they sent me. I just recieved another order this past week end. I refuse to pay for any more of this. I want to file a suit against them and retrieve my money. I can not afford to have this happen again. How dare they take my money when I did not give them permission to do do. I want my money back.

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  • Apr 25, 2016

I;m in the same boat.

How did you cancel it? I can find NO numbers, no places to lodge complaint. Thanks, they just keep sending them, I don't want them

  • Oct 3, 2017

My mom signed up for a free trial, Julian skin care/nouveau. Unfortunately she thought the cc was needed only shipping charges. It was never her Intent for it to turn into a "subscription". These companies prey on older Americans. When I realized that she was being charged, and had been charged for almost a year, I immediately called to cancel. I called and canceled the product for which I received a cancellation number, 1909657. I noticed that a charge was still processed the same day I cancelled. The charge wasin the amount of $89.75. When I called today, 10/2, it was explained to me that they processed the charge before I called to cancel. Therefore they would NOT refund any of the charges. These companies prey on older Americans. Something has to be done.

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  • Aug 31, 2017

Nouveau restor ordered a trial order for face and eye cream which i received two weeks later. the add never mentioned that i would have to pay full price and would be charged for future shipments. the trial price for each product was $5. future shipments would be for $90. how can you cancel a trial order in two weeks if you have not yet received the products and have had a chance to use it to see if it works. the agent i spoke to, pedro, # 0499 stated that the two weeks starts from the day you order the "free trial". lesson learned. the company is located in lake tahoe, nv 89449 phone # 866-471-8407 lake tahoe nevada. I pasted #1395456 complaint. I had the EXACT same experience.

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  • Jul 31, 2017

Advertised as a free trial for shipping costs only, Nouveau first of all advertised it as Joanna Gaines new skincare line, 1st lie, then sends the products (face and eye ) promptly. Two weeks later I get charged on my account for these products! No where on the original ad did it make you commit to any additional products or charges. I notified my bank to not honor these charges. Trying to get hold of these people is so far...impossible.

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  • Dec 8, 2016

NOUVEAU BEAUTY - Nouveau Skin Care Serium and Nouveau Eye Cream... Please remember these products and the name "NOUVEAU BEAUTY"

First let me say i have no relationship with this company, nor have i ever knowingly entered into a business contract with them. I don't know their product line at all. I'm happy with the product line i've trusted and purchased for years!

That being said, the charges to my credit card from 10/11/2016 to 11/17/2016 total just under $700.00 . I mean i've heard of scams but thats 7 products, does anyone buy 4 of one and 3 of another in that time? Or use that much. So the tracking and phone calls begin, i never would have seen the charges, since i am not recieving anything in the mail. My husband only asked me because of the amount of times it was paid. haven't even check to see if charges go back or how far.

Needless to say they are hard to get ahold of. I've been hung up on, put on hold, transferred and call stupid because i didn't read the fine print. How do you read the fine print when you don't have any fine print to read. i'm getting my infor from bank statement, then hours of online research!

I'm stuck, but recieved a few other numbers to try from other web sites and people. if they work for me i'll post the contact info. on this followup. If you have any suggestions or positive, helpful input let me hear from you. Thanks!

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  • Sep 17, 2016

NouvA fresh face cream and bey blissful eyes cream. Can't locate an account never found my information. Have me the run around Charges for product and they are New Jersey based.

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  • Aug 22, 2016

I purchased this face cream with a money back guarrenty.

I did not open it when it came in the mail.

Irefused to accept the pkg when it arrived, but it was delivered again.

Now what do I do?

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  • Apr 13, 2016

I received two prodcuts which I did not order and immediately returned them. However, I am charged for two separate charges of $89.75 and $84.75 and. There is no contact information available. Nowhere on this site does it indicate that products will be sent automatically each month. This company is a scam.

On January 2016 I ordered a free sample of Nouveau skin creme for $4.99 which was to cover shipping and handling. I was charged for two separate fees of $89.75 and $84.75 which I never agreed to these charges. It has been frustrating as no contact information is available. Nowhere on this site does it indicate that products will be sent automatically each month. This company is a scam. Internet

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  • Jun 24, 2016

June 23,16

You all need to call your bank and stop the charges. My bank 1st bank did it when I explained

What happen to me. Same scam as all of you.thats the only way to get your money back. Why should we pay!

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  • Dec 15, 2017

*I received mine quickly, i called within 5 days- the girl that answered said i cannot find you. You did not use that credit card so i can’t find you. I said you have got to be kidding me. She said no, there is nothing i can do. I said write my name down find someone who can find me and cancel this today as i better not get charged. Then, i went to my computer and e-mailed them that if they did not cancel my Nouveau and Allumiere it would report them to BBB Everyone i receieved an. Vestoxtradin*Skntight Layton UT Stole my money off credit card*

I already wrote this all once! I have all of my proof of written communication they said they canceled within 10 days. Still charged 103.00 being disputed

  • Nov 27, 2017


Found two unexpected charges on credit card, for two different companies I've never heard of, totaling around $175, going back three months. After hunting down phone numbers, was told by customer service an agreement had been made for a subscription to their products when in fact to my understanding was supposed to be a free trial and credit card info was only given to pay for shipping. Was able to cancel the unwanted subscription but they absolutely refused to refund previous charges of about 500 bucks! At the time of the "free trial" purchase no follow-up email or written notice was received indicating this supposed arrangement - only clue was the two charges on credit card statement, for unknown companies. They claimed the sales were final and it was not their responsibility for the "misunderstanding". Fortunately our credit card co. was able to open a dispute and refund us several months of these questionable charges. This is at best deceptive advertising and government regulators need to look into their practices, as they appear to be intentionally taking advantage of people, often older retirees and such.

  • Jul 21, 2016

I pay 4.99 shipping thats all for free face cream then they sent another bottle of different cream i didnt order for 89.00 dollars and is trying to take it from my account. you cannot reach them by phone po box 25380.

  • Jul 20, 2016

I have been riped -off for 98.75 and 84.75 unauthoriezd chargres to my bank account. I did not athhorized these charges . How can we consumers stop these rip off atrists from robbing us? This is a crime! I dont know if i will every see my 174.50 dollars again, and I am working with my bank to try to resolve this. RIP OFF, Is hard to find someting that is real everything appears to be a lie, fraud, and greed. Nouveau, please return my money.....

  • Jun 24, 2016

June 24,16

Nouveau Skin Care is the worst company I have dealt with in a long time. I ordered the free samples with 4.99 shipping and handling. And was later charged the 89.75. When I did not know who it was that was charging my account I called my bank. My bank told me it was part of something I had ordered earlier this month. Imagine my surprise when I found out it was Nouveau!

I do not remember seeing anything saying it would charge me bank gave me the number, I called asked them to please cancel & refund. They said they would cancel NO REFUND. I decided to call back and get a different person. She was worse than the last. I asked for her to cancel & refund.she would not do either. I pleaded with her. She hung up on me. I called my bank and they fixed everything.

  • Jun 13, 2016

After ordering free samples of eye cream and skin care serum, the company charged me $84.75 and $89.75, only I didn't recognize the company name on my bank statement. I reported my bank card stolen, as a result. This company uses multiple names on their website and different names on your bill/statement. The "small print" is definitely SMALL and their Free Trial information is misleading, on the website.

  • Apr 9, 2016

I ordered Nouveau off a facebook advertizement, it said eye and face serum free only pay for shipping and handleing. I didn,t see anthing about canceling after so many day's. I have been charged last month and this month for 84.75 and 89.75 for one jar of eye serum and one jar of face serum. I found the phone number on the web site for Neouveau and there was a number on the bottle, the first number I called they hung up on when I tried to find out why they charged so much and I wanted to cancel now. I called back and the secound person told me he couldn' find an account for me and that they didn't sell that product but yet that number was on ther web site. I tried the number on the bottle and all it does is ask you to put in a pin number in followed by the # sign and then reinter it and after all that it disconected the call. All I know is the stuff isn't worth 349.00 dollars of my hard erned money. I will be working with my lawyer to get resolution of this rip off company, If they would have put copy of the terms and conditions along with a reciept, the only thing in the box was the two box's of serum.

  • Apr 25, 2016

Hung up on mw too

How do you reach these people.....I cannot find a number that anyone works or anywhere to stop this madness

  • Apr 6, 2016

Nouveau Skin Care and Tranquille Eye Cream offered a $4.95 trial sample plus shipping and handling.

Now they have auto shipped another larger order without my consent.

I called to return... they cannot find me in their system with the phone number or address they just used to ship to me.

Their auto phone system could not locate me with the address used and needed the last 4 digits of my credit card.

Still unable to locate me in their system they transferred me to man

again unable to locate using my phone number or shipping adress they just used to send 2nd package unless I gave him

the first 6 numbers of my credit card number.

  • Apr 5, 2016

In response to an earlier charge by a consumer, I am reporting that I was also a victim of Nouveau Skin Care's faux promotion. An online promotion, Nouveau offered two skin care products for "free," charging only the shipping costs totalling $10. I received the trial-sized products and then discovered a charge of $84.75 was applied to my debit card. Unlike the first reporter, I immediately called my bank, which then investigated the scam for me and had the charges dropped. However, today when I did call the company to reorder the products (which were great), I was told to go online to place my order. Once online, I was only allowed to order another free trial, when all I wanted was to purchase the product. I'm interested in seeing what happens this time.

  • Mar 11, 2016

Nouveau skin care and Tranquille eye cream are a ripoff and scam.When you look them up to return the product you cant find them .A different named product comes up .And the terms are not available.Do not get hooked into buying this product .

  • Mar 4, 2016

Ordered a free bottle of nouveau serum and eye cream, free only pay shipping, I also got one for my sister. Companies shipped the products. 2 weeks later I was charged $89.75, $84.75, and $89.75. When I called companies Neuvolent, and Windsye I was told it was only a 14 day trial and if I gave it time I will love it. I told them do not love it and ad did not say it was a 14 day trial....and I want the charges off my account, I will send product back. They "cancelled" my account and told me that they can not take charges off my credit cards.

  • Apr 25, 2016


Where did you reach anyone. Can I have the number you used.

  • Feb 26, 2016

They offer free samples if you pay shipping then charge exorbitant fees for their products without adequate disclosure-same as other complaint- Called toll free #-had to threaten them with Jail if they didn't refund-then finally agreed

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