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North Texas Tollway Authority

Country United States
State Texas
City Fort Worth
Address South Hulen, 4825 Overton Ridge Blvd
Phone 817-731-6882

North Texas Tollway Authority Reviews

  • Mar 3, 2018

I received two notices in the postal mail of balance due to the N Texas Tollway Authority, for tolls that myself nor my vehicle have ever visited. I live in the Austin area and even confirmed on the dates of the supposed bill, I was working in Corpus Christi (having driven the car they claim racked up a balance on tolls in the Dallas area!)

This is ridiculous, looks like a very real bill but i'm wondering if it's a phishing scam and how the heck they got my info? It does have my actual plate and vehicle listed, proper name and mailing address. Just wanted to warn others...

  • Jan 5, 2018

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I am rarely in the area, but this is the second time that the 1st invoice received included a late fee. Last year, I didn't dispute it, thinking I possibly overlooked the invoice, but when it happened again this year, my husband called 11/10/17 to dispute the late fee. We were told a Supervisor would call back within 48 hours, but the call never came, and honestly through the holidays we forgot about it. I called again on 12/20/17 after receiving an additional 25.00 fee and spoke to Natasia, who said she was a supervisor, the account was in collections and couldn't waive the fees unless I purchased a Toll Tag. Natisia said her Supervisor Francis would call me back in 24 hours. When I didn't get a call back on 12/21/17, I called back on 12/22/17; at this point the invoice # was not recognized by the automated system.

I talked to Patti, who said I was in collections, but she said she would talk to her Supervisor Linda, who would talk to Natasia and have Francis call me back that day. I didn't receive a call back, so tried again on 12/26/17 when I received the holiday hours recording, so I called back the next day 12/27/17 and spoke to Lashonda, who transferred me to Supervisor LaQuita who advised We were already in Collections with Alliance 1. Laquita also advised that I could be removed from collections by purchasing a Toll tag. Laquita also mentioned that I am not the only consumer complaining about not having received my first invoice. Alliance 1 called me for the 1st time yesterday 1/3/17. My current balance due is $42.05 (6 times the original balance due) I have never disputed the 7.05 being due even though the fined trailer is on loan, just the fraudulent fees. & extortion as if I refuse to pay the fees I can lose my vehicle registration and be banned from a road I’m required to drive on including having my vehicle impounded.

  • May 18, 2017

The NTTA (North Texas Tollway Authority has people who are committing fraud against innocent travellers. This NTTA should change their name to North Texas Taxing Authority.

How do I know - because I am one of your 'freeloaders'. I got a bill out of the blue saying that I had traveled on a toll road - my driving only takes me near toll roads, but I avoid them like the plague. I missed the first bill, I don't think that we got it because it was addressed to the lease company. I ignored the second bill for $13.83 ($3.83 plus $10 fee) and the next month received a bill for $43 something which included another charge for $4.95 plus another $25 fee (well, that's not adding up, but you get the picture - two transactions total less than $8 with fees is 5 times the amount).

So I called them and told them that we don't use the tollways and they said it was a TeXpress lane or some such. So I asked them for the video, etc. They said they couldn't because I wasn't the registered driver, but I finally contacted them under my wife's name (she isn't the registered driver either) Anyway, I received pictures of my car and I can see that either that is my car or someone went through a lot of trouble to make it look like mine.

Also, the locations were in Sam Rayburn area on Oct 8, 2016 at three different locations at 8:30 am and I635 Coit Rd at 7 pm on 1/3/2017. Both of these are bogus because we live an hour to an hour and a half from those areas (north of Denton) - there is no way that we went to Sam Rayburn to get on their toll road - we are retired and over 70 - no way! As for the other - really? Jan 3 is a Tuesday, two days after the New Year. If we had driven down in that area for any reason, I would have remembered it. The car was in our garage that day all day.

I told them so. Too bad - for us.

After checking around I read the horror stories and decided to pay the bill rather than risk paying hundreds of dollars - but I know when I have been scammed. These clowns used pictures taken from the Denton City street cameras and inserted them into the NTTA database. Then they made up the scenario and they go us. They were just dying for us to fight them over it. I paid them $53 plus, and put an extra $20 on account so they couldn't do it again.

Dirty rotten crooks is what they are. If you are wondering how I know how they did it, I recognize some of the intersections in the pictures, but mostly, they use the words 'date of violation' rather than 'date of transaction' which is a dead giveaway. The Denton City uses the same group for its 'enforcement'. The pictures were the same style. No date stamp, etc. They have a great deal going here with all this 'fees' they can charge - I can't believe that our legislature allowed them to have this amount of power.

They love to see someone fight them. Just watch the amounts skyrocket out of reach. But they have pictures - right! They copied the pictures from the other database and didn't even try to hide it. I could have made pictures that would pass under their scope without any problem - but how can someone fight this? I saw so many horror stories. Even a state legislator took them on and got nowhere. They have a great scam going that no one can prove is happening. In fact, I'd bet that 90% of the people don't even know that it is happening.

This needs to be a class action suit against these thieves.

  • May 10, 2017

NTTA ZipCash Toll Bill Fraud Mailing

I received two notices in the postal mail of balance due to the N Texas Tollway Authority, for tolls that myself nor my vehicle have ever visited. I live in the Austin area and even confirmed on the dates of the supposed bill, I was working in Corpus Christi (having driven the car they claim racked up a balance on tolls in the Dallas area!)

This is ridiculous, looks like a very real bill but i'm wondering if it's a phishing scam and how the heck they got my info? It does have my actual plate and vehicle listed, proper name and mailing address. Just wanted to warn others...

  • Mar 14, 2017

I was sent a bill for toll violations (from NTTA) from a tollway roughly 4-5 hours from me on a vehicle I have not owned in almost 2 years. They indicate a billing period of 1/27/2017-02/26/2017.

I called to speak with NTTA and I have to say, I have never dealt with people like this.

NTTA indicated if ownership was in question, I needed to speak with DMV. I now know that this was their bluff and no matter what DMV said, they expected payment.

I spoke with the DMV on 3/9/2017 and they indicated that I INDEED submitted my Vehicle Transfer Notification on April 17, 2015 (The exact night the vehicle was sold). DMV was actually very helpful and submitted a letter with the VIN and vehicle information confirming I released ownership in April of 2015. I sent this letter along with other supporting emails proving I have not owned that vehicle in years.

They claimed DMV did not have the authority to dictate ownership of the vehicle and the tolls were my responsibility. I was shocked. They indicate that unless the title history shows the vehicle was switched prior to any alleged violation, I am responsible. DMV does not agree but North Texas Tollway Authority thinks they can over-ride them. I released ownership in 2015 per DMV.

After re-reading the DMV letter to the employee (A man named Michele) three times which states, "If a citation or toll-issuing authority contacts you for parking tickets, toll charges or other violations associated with the buyer's use of the vehicle, please provide them with a copy of this letter to verify you are no longer the responsible party.", he said it is STILL not valid. I requested he speak with DMV regarding this matter and he said he would not be able to do so. I asked to speak to a supervisor three separate times- I was denied this as well.

This is a terrible way to treat people no matter what position of authority you think you are in. I was told my only option was to pay the violations on a vehicle that is not mine, or they will add fees for being late on payment.

  • Jan 12, 2017

This is a foreign business run from Spain. There real name is Cintra.

They don't answer to The BBB. They refuse to take off any charges for tolls which aren't listed or don't have signs.

Over the last ten years thay have removed hundresd of lanes, entrances, exits, side roads etc. In the last 6 years they have completly torn up every major road in the DFW Collin county area. They have created unnecesary congestion and traffic for years and charged more money for smaller, slower roads.

Within the las three month I have noted multiple locations where they charge for toll roads that aren't marked online or on GPS. In addition these tolls don't have a sign on the entrance to there roads. Other times they will notify you in 1/4 mile of an exit. thats right. they charge for exiting a road not marked as toll road or toll lane. They call these express exits.

I've taken measures to choose routes listed as non-toll routes, sometimes adding 10 miles to a trip only to get hit with un-listed tolls.

On thanksgiving Day, (November 24 2016) I took 360 to 183 and into 161. as soon as this fed from 114 near 635 I was hit with a toll. there was no sighn or any form of warning. as I look online and on my GPS, I can see there still isn't a notification.

Also on january 9 of this year I went to pick up a coworker who was having car problems. Again I chose a route that didn't have any tolls listed. I took 161 most of the way, but when I reached the spot where the Valley Veiw exit is supose to be, I got hit with a fee for using an express exit. the sign didn't show up until I was 1/4 mile away and already locked into that lane. There was no other lane to exit from.

One of my friends said the same thing happened to them. Several other unmarked tolls are in The DFW area. We both got the same response when call ing there customer service line. They refuse to remove charges for unadvertuised tolls.

in addition the website requires a password reset everytime you log in. since the website is completely useless, you have to call customer service to get it reset. Even once you log in, you can't view the tolls there charging you for. Aparently they figured out that could be used as evidence against them, so now they run off of heresay.

  • Nov 3, 2016

Do you know that NTTA is charging $10 for sending out a past due notice to an address based on the address used to register your car? And they charge $25 for a second past due notice, also sent to the same address. So if one moves and does not update their address with whoever is in charge of car registrations then they may never get such notices and this goes on each month until they try to register their car the following year. At that time they find out they owe a small fortune to NTTA.

A close friend of mine, a single mother, who’s ex-husband was paying her toll tag charges until he just quit without telling her, has racked up about $1,300 owning to NTTA of which $575 was made up of these past due notice fees.

Until she pays this balance or makes a 20% down payment and agrees to pay off the rest over 11 months, they will not release her car to be registered. Unfortunately, she had to borrow the down payment, the remaining 11 payments will come from?

She explained her dilemma, but they would not cut her any slack, except to forgive the additional charges for the difference between ZIP cash tolls and regular toll-tag charges, amounting to about $100 or so.

I do not know of any company, organization or entity that charges such past due notice fees, which can add up quickly when they are being incurred at the rate of $35 per month, $10 for the current month plus $25 for the prior month. This is highway robbery both figuratively and literally and let’s not leave out extortion by a huge government agency preying upon those who can least afford to play their expensive game of cat and mouse.

I was shocked when I found this out and I believe TV exposure of such practices would hopefully result in a more fair and equitable manner of handling a case such as my friend’s. The NTTA representative told her of some accounts that owe over $20,000! These are likely very irresponsible people, but the NTTA, in my opinion, is being a bully of the worst kind.

  • Jul 2, 2016

I am disabled and have a family of 4. Making ends meet as an American can be tough enough without companies forcing exuberent fines and fees. With the NTAA they quickly own you if you cannot afford to pay them - they know it but do not care. Hey, it is a business after all, why should they care about the little people?

To make a very long story short, I could not pay my tolls in the timeframe NTTA wanted so they assessed 19 seperate fees/fines of $35.00. Thats right, $665.00. My actual toll charges are not even a 4th of the fees/fines assessed.

I called them and explained my situation. They refused to work with me. This is excessive and should be illegal! If enough people banded together to stop the NTAA from these immoral and unethical practices something could be done about this.

  • Jun 7, 2016

The Nort Texas Tollway Authority have given me a bill for using their tollway. I do not live in Texas, and have never visited Texas. The bill they sent me said i used the tolls a couple months ago which is a lie, and put a picture of my tag on the bill. The picture of my tag is hard to make out and just looks fake. You cant get a hold of customer service and if you do they will hang up on you even if your tone is good. What yells scam is on the bill it says transfer money via "Moneygram".

  • May 27, 2016

I received a bill today stating that I used the toll road at SH121-SH183 at 18:24:50 on 4/13. First off. The vehicle pictures is A MACK TRUCK WITH MY CHEVY LICENSE PLATE NUMBER ON IT. second the time stamp on the picture is 23:24:50 not 18... Third the bill is for $20.02. Who the heck is running the place up there?? If anyone had common sense they would see the vehicle that was pictured is not the same as the one the license plate is registered to

  • Nov 2, 2015

I recieved a bill for toll road charges from the North Texas Tollway Authority. When I looked at the bill I realized the picture of the vehicle was not mine (it was a picture of a motorcycle), but they used my license plate number, I also realized I had not driven on the roads they say I was on. I called NTTA, and they basically said the burden of proof is on me. They have a picture of a vehicle that they are using as evidence, and it's obvious the license plate in the picture is not mine. What am I supposed to do?

  • Oct 30, 2015

I have contact them three times over the last 2 years for a vehicle I do not own anymore sold it in2010 for salvage. Theyb insist I am responsible since the tag resemble the tag of the vehicle I used to own. However looking at the blurry picture they send I can distinguish that it is not the same as the plate in question. Also with threat of misdameanor chargers or being unable to register the vehicle. Other that filing a law suite for harrassment because obiviously they know when they look at the pictures on their end they can see they contact the wrong person 1 the plate is different tha listed 2 the vehicle make is different than the one in question

  • Oct 24, 2015

NTTA is billing me for $48.78 for one transaction at 12/12/ 2014 and the remainders from 1/21/2015-9/17/2015 .Plates are for an OK registered truck and a 2003 Freightliner.I have not owned that truck since March 6 2010.

The truck was turned back in to Neely Coble on March 6 2010;and I live in TN.That registartion was when I was on contract to Greatwide.I have been retired since 2010.

  • Sep 10, 2015

NTTA is a rip off. They send me a bill of $344.42 . when I never ever got any initial bill. So frustrated. So called them to tell them I never got any bill prior to this collection bill. NTTA told me actually I owe $687.56... So confused and don't know what to do...

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