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NetSpend Corporation

Country United States
State Texas
City Austin
Address 701 Brazos Suite 1200
Phone 1-512-531-8785

NetSpend Corporation Reviews

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  • Dec 11, 2015

I requested my account closed on/through their website after being a member for less than a day. I requested my acct closed through employee to their customer service agent via phone listed on back of card. Agent denied me asking for personal information. I then asked for supervisor and resquested my acct closed directly to supervisor on phone. supervisor refused to close my acct, telling me i should just wait for a personalized card sent from then. again i demanded my acct closed forthwith, copany's supervisor refused to do so. during conversation i stated i did not consent to them recording my conversation for any means, and informed then under pa,

my states wiretap laws that it is illegal for them to record me on phone without my permission, which they don't and didn't have, even for training purposes, supervisor laughed stating it was for training purposes, not in court, telling me i couldnt refuse consent. pa law clearly states a company or person must have consent to record a phone call. this company is shaddy and will steal your money. i am filling further complaints with fdic and other banking reglatory agencies. i problably have lost my money, or it will problably take me weeks to get some of it back, thank god i didnt give them my direct deposit money, or credit union. you will lose money doing any business with this "bank" / company. stay away!

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  • Dec 2, 2017

Deposited 200 bucks,now i cant get anyone on the phone, 30 min on hold if i do. Total runaround im so tired of these scams

  • Oct 16, 2017

My debit card was cancelled without any notification on 10/10/17. I called customer service. They stated that would send a new card out to me and that I would receive it in 3 business days. I still had not received it as of 10/15/17. I called customer service again. They told me that the replacement card was never ordered and they assured me that they had ordered one. I should receive it in 3 business days. I asked for a confirmation number or email and they refused. They have over $700 in my account that I can not access. I asked for the money to be transferred to a different bank account. They stated that they can only transfer money to another netspend account. I offered a different netspend card. They stated that this second card had a restriction on it and they were unable to transfer the money to that card. I asked them if they can issue me a check. They stated that it would take 10+ business days to determine if a refund check could be sent to me. They have don't nothing to help or rectify the issue by rushing a card to me.

  • Oct 6, 2017

I bought a card and gave it to my friend to use but when he tried to activate it there was a few issues due to some of the info he gave them and now were unable to activate the card at all. I have the receipt for the card and since I cant activate the card then I want a refund for it, but Netspend is giving me the hardest time ever and I dont get what the problem is with just refunding the card when I have the receipt showing that I purchased the card. Why cant they just refund my money? I understand due to security reasons we cant activate it now but how can that prevent me from getting the card refunded all together? Im able to provide a receipt, that sounds like their trying to cheat me outta my 150$ and that isnt right. I dont care about the problem with whatever info was provided at the time of trying to activate it, were past that. Forget activating it I just want my money back and I can provide proof of purchase. Yesterday when I was talking to one of their customer service reps she hung up on me cus I told he that the info provided to try to activate the card is irrelivent now considering I DONT want to try to activate the card anymore. I want to just figure out how I need to provide them with a copy of my receipt and get my money back. Then she told me she was going to connect me to the right person to do that and instead she sent me to a recording that said thank you for calling netspend have a nice day. what the heck is that crap, so who can I speak to at Netspend that will have the authority to bypass whatever security issues that are preventing me from getting my money back? Is there a specific person with their company who would have the say over and above the regular customer service rep? Please point me to the right person with Netspend that will be able to resolve this issue!!! I want my 150$s back!!!!!!

  • Nov 25, 2017

Nu g151076

Your money is gone they will say it was spent on????????? But you will NEVER RECEIVE A REFUND OR THE PRODUCT.THEY DID IT TO ME IT IS A PLANNED SCAM..GOOD LUCK IN FUTURE ENDEAVORS.

  • Oct 4, 2017

Net Spend will not let comsumer activate prepaid credit card via online site. Net Spend is almost impossiable to reach via phone. There are no phone prompts to reach a representative. You need to go through the entire process in a specific order to reach a rep. or you will be disconnected - many times over.

Once you get online with a rep. they want all your personal information to activivate a pre-paid debit card. All info. was asked for as follows: Phone number, address, ss #, DOB. I asked if they sold my information but did not get a clear answer. I was smart enough to give incorrect data but this is not legal for something I pre-paid to own.

I also asked what financial organization they were associated with and was told to look on the back of my card. When pressed the rep. he insisted I check the back of my card. This seems to mean they do not have privi to this info. or this info. is not real?

  • Sep 18, 2017

I have contacted Apple about the unusual charge that got tooken off of my Netspend card. Apple told me to email Netspend about the charge so that they can give me a refund. Well, an employee from Netspend named Theresa told me that they deactivated my card on August 21st and that she couldn't give me a refund.. soo that made me very angry, because how did they deactivate my card when I've been buying stuff with it? Please do something about this. That si 17 dollars wasted.

  • Jul 15, 2017

I purchased a prepaid credit card so I could make a truck insurance payment. I got home and called the 866 number to activate the card. The agent said some of the information was not correct. I said it was what I typed in their website.

I was then told that I had to send in a verification of my social security card and all other personal infofmation.

I then refused, saying that I did not know who they were, where they were physically located, if they were going to be in business tomorrow, and what are they doing with all that personal information.

I was then told I could cancel the account but wait 10 days for a check or have an Limited in store purchase.

I purchased this card to make a very important insurance payment for my truck.

I am extremely upset at the extortion tactics used by this company.

The Attorney General should look into this. This is a Walmart purchased item.

  • Jul 14, 2017

Someone call netspend with my information dont know how they got it and transfered money in to there account and i dont even know the person.

  • Jul 7, 2017

Netspend continues to send me cards. Activated online, then says not active and cant access my account when i go to check my account info. I always do that before i even consider putting cash or check on anything. I did not ask for additlional cards. They keep sending me them. Each card that is activated comes with monthly usage charge. It is a scam. It is possible that these are not even authentic netspend cards. Be careful when u buy any prepaid cards from ANY store. They could be fake. Call the number on the packaging first. And always activate and confirm that you are able to access your information via online or telephone BEFORE you charge ANY funds to your card. Hope this helps/or is accurate.

  • Jun 16, 2017

What ever you do, do not purchase NetSpend. I wouldn't trust this company for one second. I was given a gift card in January of this year for $50. I did not open the "Sealed Envelope" until June 14th. They confirmed on the phone that the amount was $50...Which is my first complaint. In order to use the card, you have to register (email address, phone numbers, social security number, etc). Since I wasn't going to give this information out, i called.

After being told that the card was a $50 value, i proceeded to use it today. When I used it, it had only $37.10 balance on it. They billed the card for two prior months what the call "Maintenance". I called customer service to complain (more time on the phone) and they explain that i had to read the "Terms & Conditions". Please explain to any consumer buying this how they can read the Terms and Conditions without opening the "Sealed" envelope BEFORE purchasing the gift card.

Customer Service would not forward my phone call to complain to a manager. Please share this Rip Off Company.

  • Jun 3, 2017

I unfortunately was incarcerated for five months. I get $1100.00 deposited into my netspend acct every month. I was able to call them one time while in jail and tried to get $500.00 out of my acct to put on my books for items to sustain life in clark countys fine establishment. I was on the phone for two hrs and they refused to release a dime to me so I just gave up figuring I will have close to 6k when I get out and that will get me on my feet and. A life again. I get out all excited and that was short lived. I find out all my money was stolen by someone hacking into my oline acct. I was pissed but I said no worrys its a shoe in to get my money back I was in jail and the banks insured. I was stonewalled from the start. They refused to allow me to see anything with the acct and I had to leave Las Vegas to goto Ohio to get my ID and ss card n birth certificate. This was their excuse to leep me from my acct. I luckily caught a ride with an retired Marine and traveled across the US to get these items. I spend a wk and countless hrs to be told my claim is denied. Are you kidding me I had provided all paperwork of my unfortunate incarceration and a ton of other docs. They accidentally gave me the person who had a card from my acct to their house also the cell phone number n acct number to their cell acct and if all of what i proved and all this other proof is not enough I dont know what is. I clearly had nothing to do with this nor could I do this if I wanted to its an impossible feet yet my money is being not returned and Im now homeless because of this. I would like to know what i can do to fight this . I dont have anywhere to go and Im completely broke. Please if anyone can help fix thos I would forever be in your debt Ty Shawn M Marx

  • May 18, 2017

Was supposed to have my income tax deposited on to my Western Union Net Spend prepaid debit card. Bank sent deposit to WUNS (Western Union Net Spend) on 3-21. Still no money by 3-23, and WUNS could tell me NOTHING. They were absolutely clueless as to where my money was, and were intent on blaming anyone but themselves. Got in touch with the bank on the afternoon of 3/23, and they tell me WUNS rejected my deposit, so they would have to mail me a paper check. They had no info as to WHY they rejected it, just that they did, and the deposit had been returned. SO...Here we go, back on the phone w/WUNS. Well, STILL no information as to why it was rejected, and still blaming everyone else. Turbo Tax. The bank, anyone but themselves. So now, here I sit, waiting for a paper check, when I should've already had my money two days ago. Now it may be two WEEKS before I get my much-needed cash. I'll never use this card again.

  • May 17, 2017

My card company that i had my ssdi back payments direct deposited on to was a netspend card. unfortunetly on 3/22/2017 netspend said that they recieved a death certificate from the ssa( social security administration), and that they proceeded to close my account and send my money back to the us department of treasury. this was one of the numerous excuses they gave me after i had a social security agent listening in on the phone conversation and finally intoduced himself as an agent from houston texas office.the agent also informed me that they have not sent this information to netspend and that they should have verified the information. so, a fraudulent death certificate was sent to netspend and my money is no where to be found. the ssa also claims they have recieved no payments from netspend or any such thing. i have reported this to the better business bureau, the social security administration and now you. I believe netspend is frauding people and that any people who have netspend pre-paid cards should be aware of the scam they are allowing or taking place in. My next step is contacting an attorney and " 6 on your side" a news station in columbus ohio. hopefully this scam can be stopped!!!!!

  • May 15, 2017

On multiple occasions I've been doubled charged for certain transactions every time I bring this up to NetSpend they randomly on in to account and add random charges that where not there before I report the charge. Also on many occasions merchants refunded the most net and NetSpend lied about putting funds back onto the card And never put the money on to card they keep saying I have pending transactions that I should be able to see on my online account that is incorrect also NetSpend makes claims that my account was negative but never was then after phone calls there is a negative balance placed onto the account. Everytime I putt more money onto the card NetSpend charges me for something that isn't showing up on the account. I've done everything I could got replacement cards on different occasions and the same thing keeps happening please help if you can't help please point me into the right direction I'm located in Florida and I'm having a had time

  • May 12, 2017

Issuing a Huge Buyer Beware! For most of us the monies we lost with metabank and netspend is nominal and isn't worth the hassle of retrieving YOUR own money. But that's why we have to act on this. Metabank is making millions of dollars ripping people off and we must STOP them from facilitating Fradualent activity. I have spent hours trying to get my money back that I had loaded to one of their netspend prepaid debit cards. After initially purchasing The prepaid card I attempted to activate the card. The card could not be activated and they refuse to send me my money back. It has caused nothing but stress, making a purchase with this company. I have spoken with numerous people who were extremely offensive with their lies. One representative said that my name was misspelled by one letter and the refund was sent back to metabank. Blatant lies is all you get from this company. I want my money back and I want to make sure they are doing this anyone else. They said they resent the refund twice now. people......DO NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THIS!........BUYERS BEWARE!!! They will steal your money. Anyone who needs support feel free to contact me.

  • May 12, 2017

First off my card was stolen at the end of February and i reported it feb 21 along with my wallet. I know i shouldnt write my pins down but i forget things and i have a million and 1 things to remember. But i had written down my pin and had it stored in my wallet for safe keeping...or so i thought. Well february 23 was when my taxes were suppose to be loaded on to my netspend card. My wallet went missing the 21st of this year. I call netspend to report my card missing and to have it turned off. I get a representative on the phone who can barely speak english. I tell him i need to report my card as stolen and i needed a card mailed to me asap because my taxes were being loaded soon. He tells me no problem hes going to have it sent fed ex and it should get to me in 1 to 2 business days. So those days go by and no card. So i call again and the rep says oh well i dont see where you called in and reported your card stolen and theres also no record of a new card being sent out. So i explain what i was told and he tells me hes turning my card off and sending a replacement card which should get to me in 7 to 10 days. I wait again to receive my card to access my funds. 10 days go by and i log onto my account and i see my card still being used. Whoever has my card is using my taxes. So i call livid because not only have i called to report my card stolen two seperate times but my money that i worked hard for is being used by some jack a**. They gove me the run around but this time my card was actually turned off and i started the dispute process. The amount of my taxes i was suppose to get was $8228.00. I called to see if i could dispute every charge at once because by then my money was d**n near gone. They told me to start with the big purchases first. So i follow suit. I wait and wait and i get and email stating the dispute was closed and no money will be awarded. I was pissed. I disputed a charge for $3,337 dollars another for 900 another for 300 something. I log on to see what's going on with my account today and my account is locked. I called to see what was going on and the rep tells me that my account was closed do to suspicious activity. So im telling him i haven't used my account im waiting for my disputes to settle. I was suppose to get my money tomorrow but they closed my account today. So im asking the rep questions and he tells me theres nothing he can do and hangs up on me. I am pissed all of my hard earned money was on that card and now im out of $8,228 dollars. I want my money this company takes peoples money. Please help me get my money back

  • May 3, 2017

Netspend charges an additional 2.50$ for every atm withdrawal in addition to the standard atm fee...and 50 cents per inquiry al the while charging a monthly service fee for using their off ain't the word high way credit card fraud

  • May 1, 2017

I was scam for $1500 April 5 2017 and I reported the incident instantly because I received alerts. They also found the man Christopher fanning and told me I would receive a check later I received a letter April 22 2015 stating I will not receive my money please help me get my money back

  • Apr 10, 2017

I put 31.00 in gas, got home and realized that I was charged 99.00. I returned to store only to be told that it was just a standard credit check. Not to worry I would be refunded. They are full of s---! . I haven't been refunded my money and it's been two months!

  • Mar 7, 2017

I did my taxes through TurboTax in jan. 2017. I decided to have my refund put on a NetSpend card because I don't have a bank account. My refund was added to my NetSpend account on February 20th. I called NetSpend to have them send me a card to my mother's address a week prior of my refund being added to my NetSpend card. They said it would arrive in 7 to 10 business days, after 10 days and no card I called NetSpend again and decided to have them send it to my address which is a P.O box in the same town as my mother's address. I was told five to seven business days, after 7 days I called again and this time I paid $20 to have it sent to me within 3 days express shipping. 4 days later no card. Today march-6-2017 I was told over the phone that NetSpend does not ship to a P.O box. I paid $20 to have the NetSpend card shipped to my P.O box but was told days later that they don't ship to a P.O box. I feel like I'm going crazy because I want my tax refund money and I can't get it. When you call customer service they literally have no idea what to do you ask them a question and all they do is repeat it back to you they can't answer any questions that you have they just sit there. I asked them why I paid $20 to have it shipped to my P.O box and they just beat around the bush until you get so angry that you hang up or they hang up on you. It's absolutely ridiculous I asked them several times is this a real company? what kind of customer service can't answer any kind of question about what the company can do or the company does. I asjes, "can anybody help me?" can I talk to someone that can help and I never got an answer. I just want my money I've been trying to get it for a month now I don't know what is wrong with NetSpend but they need to be shut down. thank you

  • Feb 13, 2017

I try and activate my netspend prepaid card online, and it says its activated, so i try and log into my account and it locks me out immediately. I call customer service to find out why I was locked out and to find out about the fees charged on my card. They tell me my SSN was registerd to a different name so I let them talk to my father. Later, I find out that they charged me for an inactive cardfrom a different company that i haven't used in 2 years. They stole almost ll of the money on my card and would not give it back. They lie to cover up their lies and continue lying to steal anything they so desire

  • Feb 2, 2017

I bought a prepaid january 2017 card at safeway a paypal card which doesnt advertise that its a netspend card or else i wouldnt have bought it, I paid 100 dollars and the fee to activate the prepaid paypal card, when i called netspend, they took all my information and then later said that they couldnt activate my card, they havent sent my money back and that was a month ago,

in 2009 federal government agency put a trace on veterans benefits, retirement that netspend was holding and lied about and a police report was also filed against them, they later returned the funds after three traces was put on the money, several other retired military people experienced the same thing

i would like my 100 dollars back from netspend in janaury 2017,after being called a colored women that card they couldnt activate and the use of the word negro is very unprofessional for them after the second call

  • Jan 28, 2017

Called customer service, no one spoke plain english, they didn't understand what I was trying to tell them. I was court elected to be over the Estate of my X-husband, I finally was connected to someone who spoke a little english who could understand me. they asked me to send certain documents. I sent documents to a P>O BOC number by certified mail. Netspend said they never got letter. Post office said no one signed it and letter was still at the post office. I called them and tried to explain to them that the letter was not signed for. they did not understand. At this time, I was about to go nuts, so I decided to send them a threating email saying this is a legal issue and I needed to get the estate's funds out of his account. I got an answer from a Michsel Guardado, he wanted me to email documents, I emailed them, they came back (mailer Deamond), he called and said he did not get docs. and gave me the same email, I sent docs. again, guess what, I got a email saying he received the docs and is forwarding them to legal dept.. I have been trying to call his number

(512)874-7790 - Michael guardado, Finance Specialist, always goes to voice mail. Havent. heard from anyone yet.

  • Jan 23, 2017

Purchased a pre-paid card at 7-11 and wenthome to activate it and Netspend will not activate it unless you send documentation of your address and social security number. I purchase a pre-paid card for one time use for this day, not 10 days from now. They refused to activate it and send me my money back. Too many hoops and lies. I would not recommend to card to anyone! Green Dot is also a rip off!

  • Dec 31, 2016

Brinks prepaid debit card and netspend which is BoFi Federal Bank is witholding my money from me until 1/4/2017 when i was promise that they would transfer my money from Brinks perpaid to Netspend which an agent told me to purchas the Netspend card in order to do a money tranfer all i got was the run around until the office closed at 10pm central time and i began asking for assistance with the money transfer at 9am central time.

  • Dec 31, 2016

I bought a NetSpend card and loaded it and called customer service and opened an account with them and was told the card was activated and the card was put into someone else's account and they won't fix it. I sent emails with no response and called corporate with no response.

  • Dec 23, 2016

I used Ace check cashing for direct deposit via NetSpend. I was incarcerated and someone withdrew all my funds from my account including my overdraft. Upon getting out I quickly went into the nearest location on Beltline in Irving TX with representative on the phone. I informed them of what happened with incarceration dates and release date in hand. I was informed that I must file a complaint with the courts,get it notarized,and submit it all together for funds to be returned. After following the instructions given and calling in, they informed me that they had received it Upon calling back they informed me that my account was being closed,they were not going to return my funds and I am no longer allowed to hold an account with them anymore!?!

  • Nov 16, 2016

I also have the overdraft protection on my account and i have literally 10 times the 200 dollar requirement direct deposited in my account every 2 weeks and always pay my overdraft fees. Ive come to depend on this and they also unexpectedly took it away from me with no warning.....which is extremely unprofessional .....they have a great concept here and it's too bad that they don't know how to run this company and not have people that barely speak english working from home in whatever country they live in and have no clue about how the card guy I spoke to didn't even know they had overdraft protection! What a shame bc this card could be so good and so different and they mess everything up by not knowing how to run the company and highlight all the benefits this card has. I agree 200% with what the last person said about them taking it away once you've learned to depend on it and if you speak to a supervisor they are just as clueless as the foreign employees! It's such a shame!

  • Oct 21, 2016

My husband had a prepaid card through NetSpend and his PAYROLL check was deposited every week onto this card. Yesterday someone that we don't even know was allowed to transfer his full paycheck off the card which was a total if 803.08! So now we have no money FOR food gas or bills. HOW DOES THIS KIND of stuff happen? Now they are telling us that they can't mail a check till investigation is done which is into November! Aren't they responsible for giving us our money that was stolen and worry about getting the person that took it. So not right!!! I am livid and need that money to survive! HELP!

  • Sep 17, 2016

This is a scam, do not give netspend any of your hard earned money! They can shut your account down for no reason and keep your money. Biggest mistake I've made, don't bother with these crooks. It's disgusting that this company steals money from hard working people. Single mothers, elderly, disabled... doesn't matter who you are, they will rob you in a heartbeat.

  • Jul 30, 2016

I've had my NetSpend account for well over 2 years now. My direct deposit from work goes into this account as well as my tax refund deposit. I recently decided to try their Refer A Friend program and I referred my Fiance. He lost his job back in June so every little bit counts in our household. We followed all of the directions that were required in the process but we never received the referral fee. That wasn't even my main problem though. My main problem is the extreme lack of customer service I received. They told lie after lie even when I gave them the proof of EVERYTHING! Whenever I asked to speak with a manager or supervisor they would say their manager/supervisor wasn't available OR say "ok" and put me on hold FOREVER! Then there were those who would lie and say "the money will be in your account in an hour or less" which never happened. There was even a guy who said "the reason why the referral fee wasn't given is because he HAD (keyword) an account with us that was opened in 2012" sayint the account was not inactive, LIE! He even went on to say a fake email account that my Fiance NEVER had, and it sounded ridiculous.

I read policies whenever I sign up for ANYTHING and even if he had a Netspend account before he had not had one within the past 180 days per NetSpend Refer A Friend policy, "No rewards credited to either party if referred individual had a NetSpend card that was used for a value load, purchase, cash withdrawal, or incurred a balance inquiry fee at any time during the 180 calendar days before the day the $40.00 load requirement is fully met." However, he had NEVER had a NetSpend account prior to this and if he did, why would it allow him to go through all the steps in the referral process? That's something that would be a flaw on NetSpend's end, not mine nor his.

No one wanted to credit our accounts, they told us that an escalation takes up to 2 busniess days for a response. Some conversations, when they got tired of me or him, they would ask us for the referral code and say "we reset your referral code, you will get the money in 2 business days" another LIE! We were told so many different things that it blew my mind! We would talk to one customer service rep and tell them how we were unhappy with the previous rep and they would turn around and do the exact same thing! For a customer who's been with the company for over 2 years, where's the loyalty? Where's the respect? And you expect me to refer individuals to your business when I can't even get respect as an existing customer? That to me is beyond disappointment..

I'm frustrated! I was at work calling NetSpend for about 4 hours straight, being put on hold, arguing, fussing with individuals that should have assisted me as best as they could! I was about to give up until I saw the MetaBank Logo on the bottom of their website. I clicked it and called their customer service number. The woman told me to call NetSpend so I told her that no one was helping me and she asked me what was wrong. At this point I didn't want to fuss or argue, I was worn out and I explained everything to her. She reached out to a manager and told them what I told her. About a half hour later, I got an Unknown phone call (I'm guessing because they don't want anyone to contact them) and the issue was finally resolved. I should not have to go through that. I am very upset, my fiance was even more upset for me. This took 4 hours out of my office time at work to try to get resolved, this means I have to work late... Thanks a lot NetSpend.. And believe me, I will share this until you put forth some type of new customer service regulations!

  • May 23, 2016

I was off the grid for more than a year. while i was away there was 1,192.34 and when i disputed it i gave them one dispute provided documents to me being away and they disputed ny whole 6,000.00 and was only disputing one transaction. man and they screwed it all up and closed my account wont help me to prosecute this person and have locked up my remaining 650.00. im livid as i have bills to pay and kids to feed! Do not use this company they will steal your money!

  • Apr 2, 2016

We purchased and activated a prepaid netSpend Visa at Target, in the ammount of $50. This card was meant to be used for emergency use on a vacation, taken by my 13 year old (at the time) son. It was activated by phone, which should have made the temporary card valid. This card never worked. I have requested the $50 by returned to me, as none of the funds were ever used, due to the inability to access funds.

netSpend has informed me that despite the card never being properly activated, they have been removing funds from the card each month. It now has a balance of around $8. If the card was never properly activated, they should not being charging a mothly fee. This card never worked and I need to have my $50 returned to me. Solely on principal, we intend to pursue this via small claims court.

  • Mar 11, 2016

For any consumer who uses online banking services for debit cards I would like to warn you about the company "NetSpend".

If you elect to use their services, please do not go with the Direct Deposit option. They have an outomatic overdraft protection plan that gives them the option to raid your accout of funds for any overdrafts.

They are counting on disabled government benefits receivers (Especially those with mental illinesses or dementia), who only have one amount of money to make it through the month. There is no option to opt out for direct depositors to their overdraft protection plan. So, if any benefits receiver runs out of money on their last purchase or forgets that there is no funds on the card, an overdraft can occur.

For this overdraft, say $0.16, if the overdraft is made on the 5th of the month, by the time their next check is deposited the fees will run easily to $45.00

For any disabled government benefits receiver this is a set up to rob you of your money. Yes they give you 10 days to come up with the $5.00 it will cost you refill your account to avoid penalties. An amount of $10 would cost $14.00. If you have no family or friends to turn to you will get screwd.

  • Mar 5, 2016

After reading up on the netspend company and pre-paid debit cards I decided to sign up for one. I read on their website that it would be a good way to use paypal for transfers without actually linking my real bank and leaving any of my financial information vulnerable to hackers. Netspend's fees seemed a little high, but it read as a very convient way to transfer and add money while on to go or through sales or shopping. According to netspends website I can link my paypal account to my netspend card.

That is the entire reason I signed up for netspend. It turns out that it is a lie. I have contacted netspend's customer service as well as paypal's and have found out that paypal never authorized netpend as a bank, and that you cannot transfer money from paypal to a metabank. The netspend website blatently says that I can, and when shown to a paypal representitive, I was told that I should probably contact a lawyer and open a case against them.

They mislead and lied to me, as well as the general public about the abilities of their product and it's uses and features. I would like to sue.

  • Mar 3, 2016

I've had a very bad experience with netspend. My husband and I filed our taxes and have been waiting for the card with our money on it, to show up for more than a month now. Each time we call we get someone we can barely understand, they don't sound like they even know what they are talking about, and we keep getting misleading information. We finally called for the third time because we still haven't received our card so they chose the option to send the card by UPS and it would be here within 1 to 2 business days. They told us if we wanted the tracking number we would have to call back and get it. We called today to get the tracking number because it's the second business day, they refused to give us the tracking number because it hasn't been more than 2 business days. We better have our card today or netspend is going to have one very angry call. In my eyes netspend is a joke...extremely unhappy.

  • Mar 2, 2016

On the 29th of feb2016 I called net spend about they said my social security benefits were available on put them on my card I had nothing wrong with my ever the two days before that my account was not getting text alerts and I was being charged fees and I was a premier customer he said I was not suppose to be charged and the fees would be back on my card by midnight..well I woke up and I had received text messages saying that my cards were stolen and I needed to call them ..I called that's when I was told my account had been closed by me that day but my phone was off and my internet was not working I can verify that with att ..they said we have already mailed you a check and you should be receiving it in 3 to 5 business days..but then said 10 days I told them the government didn't send a check for my benefits and checks get lost in the mail..and I would be calling social security and my inspector general and tell them that that net spend and metabank offered to reopen my account but they could not put my money back on my card..i told them that I let social security investigate the matter but I would report that I did not receive my funds and that my account had been closed..

  • Feb 26, 2016

My issue started Jan. 5th 2016 when i received an email stating that my bill pay transaction was going to be taken out on a certain date. if i didn't authorize this transaction to call a number provided. so i contacted the number because not only did i not authorize i have never used there bill pay and i don't have a clue who this person was trying to take money out of my account. So the person on the phone said it was canceled nothing will be taken out. but 2 days the amount was taken out so i filed a dispute. 2 weeks later i get the refund. but the same thing has tried 8 times to take out of my account. then on 2/4/16 the amount was taken out again. netspend is giving me everything but a refund, i am getting headaches, and stomach issues, and no refund from netspend.

i looked on google for this person april toler they don't even exist. I am having to pay late fees because of this and about to loose my storage because of it. I found out the day i went to make my storage payment that they took out this money again. so i have a declined and late payment fee along with the headache of this ignorant company. i am in the process of filing a fraud report against them and the thing doing the transaction. but because i get 2 disability direct deposits i cant close the account until a cleared month of checks go into the new bank. i have to contact ssi to change my bank. and since netspend keeps taking my money and taking forever to do anything to resolve it. i have no money to deposit to get a new account. and if i don't change my direct deposit by a certain date it has to go to netspend for another month. and also because of the issues with netspend somehow my daughters check was returned, so ssi suspended her income for a month.Company keeps trying to do a bill pay that I've never done.

I've already sent in a complaint this is my second one this is an email I just received today. Warning! Insufficient funds to process your Bill Payment to april toler Dear Cardholder, A payment to april toler for $250.00 which you scheduled through Bill Pay has failed to process due to insufficient funds in your account. Please deposit additional funds to your account quickly and reschedule the payment if necessary by logging into the website on the back of your card and selecting the Bill Pay icon in the Account Center. Please note that we will not charge you any fees for the failed payment; however, make sure to pay your bill as soon as possible to avoid any late charges from your service provider. Thank you for using Bill Pay. If you require further assistance do not hesitate to contact us, Note: You may receive this notification message twice for the same scheduled payment because Bill Pay will make another attempt to process the payment after the first decline.Company keeps trying to do a bill pay that I've never done. I've already sent in a complaint this is my second one this is an email I just received today. Warning! Insufficient funds to process your Bill Payment to april toler Dear Cardholder, A payment to april toler for $250.00 which you scheduled through Bill Pay has failed to process due to insufficient funds in your account. Please deposit additional funds to your account quickly and reschedule the payment if necessary by logging into the website on the back of your card and selecting the Bill Pay icon in the Account Center. Please note that we will not charge you any fees for the failed payment; however, make sure to pay your bill as soon as possible to avoid any late charges from your service provider. Thank you for using Bill Pay. If you require further assistance do not hesitate to contact us, Note: You may receive this notification message twice for the same scheduled payment because Bill Pay will make another attempt to process the payment after the first decline. I have one phone call and they walk with you and how you used to be okay because the only way to cancel it was if I didn't I had no clue on how to do it and I've never used it. But to find out they had it set up weekly to take out $250. And because of all this in the stress I have constant migraines I'm about to lose my stories and all the stuff that goes in my home Mohamed phone shut off that's another $50 to turn on so at this point I'm wanting more than $250 because it's been going on since January when you first told me but it wasn't going to happen anymore. Is filing a police report with my local sheriff's department have a case number I have filed a complaint 3 or 4 times with the Better Business Bureau I filed a complaint with the internet complaint center and I am in the process of getting a new social security number and I've also gone on the Federal Trade Commission site something or the other thank you

  • Jan 16, 2016

Purchased a 35.00 debit Visa card tried for 3 days to activate that card. they want drivers license, ss card, mail showing address faxed that info. they refused to activate card because license is expired due to fact i can't drive anymore. finally after repeating info 15 times am told by a aupervisor it was activated for store use only which was fine but that 35.00 card is only worth 6.20 now due to unused time lapse. this company is a BIG ripoff and never will i ever get another one and will tell everyone i know not to buy them either.

  • Jan 6, 2016

I went out of town at the beginning of December and I let someone houses it for me....I called Netspend on Dec 17, order to see if my deposited my check in the Amount of $729. I came back on 12/24/2015 and found these charges on my account that weren't mine. I already knew what to do shut down the card and give them a call to file a dispute. I have been emailing these people ever since no response just a runaround. Someone please help I just want my money

  • Jan 2, 2016

I was looking for a house to rent and I responded to an ad on craigslist and my call was forwarded to an Anchor House Financial agent that claimed I could get into a forclosed house with no money down that he could provide me with hundreds of houses that are available if I would sign up with his company's website. He gave me a 5 bedroom house address in Las Vegas and encouraged me to go there and check it out. I did go to a 7-11 store and loaded $212.00 on a brand new NetSpend prepaid card. I called him back and gave him my card information. and then I received a link via my email to Anchor House Financial's website. After forowing the promps I realised that this was a bogus website and that I had problably been a victum of a scam. I then investigated the five bedroom house address on the Clark County Assessors webpage and found that there was no such house that it was infact a bogus address. I then checked on Anchor House Financial for business complaints and there was plenty of scam reports posted.

I immediately called Netspend to notify them, and requested an immediate stop-payment. Netspend advertises fraud protection on there website. I was assured that it was no problem that NetSpend would put a stop-payment and block Anchor House Financial and that they would cancel my NetSpend card. And that I would receive another card in about 10 days with my $212.00 on it. The time of the transaction was after banking hours about 6:25 pm Pacific Time. In about ten days I did receive a card but it only had $7.00 (seven dollars) on it. I immediately called NetSpend and complained and disputed the transaction. I was told that Anchor House Financial did a second transaction two days later and was able to access my money.

I asked, "Well how is that posible that they could do that on a cancelled card? The agent agreed with me but informed me that I would have to make a dispute report and send them a letter. I did thiat. I was told that my money would be returned to me but that NetSpends financial dispute department has to do an investigation. After many follow-up calls and complaints and request to speak to a supervisor which they never would connect me to, and many changes to when I can expect to have my money returned to me. I told them that I would make a complaint online about their company stealing my money. I believe Netspend takes advantage of any stop-payments and NetSpend just keeps the amount of the stop-payment transaction. And just tells the person we are investigating and I believe they (NetSpend) themselves should be investigated and sued. I have read several simalar complaints that NetSpend has taken customers money and the customers can't do anything about it!

  • Sep 24, 2015

I opened a prepaid debit card account with netspend and had a balance of $480 dollars. My account was closed months after using it for unknown reasons. After many attempts of trying to get my funds back it hasn't been possible. Each time I've been told that the check is being processed or that it's been mailed.

  • Sep 9, 2015

These guys are work as a team, but would guess it is only two individual you are ripping people off for as much as they can get. They try to lure you in by offering a very compelling CPN package with Guaranteed funding in 24 hours. Should have ran when I heard that, but they told me every story in the book. Then when it came down to actually recieving the USBANK card with a 10K line it miracualously was lost, then it was delivered to wrong address, then they said it wasn't sent because no trade line was added which would cost me more money. They could never keep their stories straight. Plus they all acted like it was the other departments fault. Which in actuallity was probably only one or two people.

Now I have requested a full refund which they say they sent, and guess what that never came either. Now they won't ever pick up my call or answer my texts.

These guys are the REAL DEAL, they are first class CON TEAM. That will do whatever it takes to scam you out of your cash.

If I learned anything its not to believe people when it sounds to good to be true. I am issueing a full statement to the authorities, along with recorded voice conversations, text messages, and emails. Beware, they will try to get you as well. They operate by collecting money via money gram, and western uniion. I am turning all that information over to the authorities as well.

Here is there email:

Thank you for your Interest we look forward into helping you achieve financial success

All cards take 1-2 business days to reach you but can be rushed overnight express your name has to be printed on the card and registered to your name. Once processing is done, you will receive an email confirmation. Once the US bank card is shipped, you will receive an email with your tracking number and if you purchased a CPN, you will also receive an email containing your CPN information and the do's and don'ts. Thanks so much for joining in with us.

How to make payment we take payments by Money gram express you will find a Walmart location that has Money gram or any 24 hour Money gram

You will fill out a Blue express payment form we have a business account with them .

You will fill out the form enter the account number 4039 9583 9130 4504

You will put the receive code 7000

Enter the amount your paying along with company City and state which is Austin Texas

You must pay cash only debit card is not accepted when filling out the Blue Express payment form

When filling out the form choose option load a prepaid card

Once we receive payment you will be issued your Brand new Official Cpn number and Tracking number to track location of the route of the card

I have attached a picture of how your Us bank card will look

Look Forward working with you

  • Sep 9, 2015

I am the holder of a Visa prepaid debit card issued by Netspend. On 9/6/2015 I went down to the closest check cashing for the purpose of ordering an eBay ecard to that I promised my son. After loading the money onto the card I get online and try ordering the eBay card and I get the message, "credit card declined". I double check that I inputted all the information correctly which it was. I call Net spend customer service to see what the problem is and it was after business hours so I ended up having to call them back the next day. Later on that part. In the meantime I called Western Union, the company that Net spend uses to move the money loaded by a customer onto their card. The first person from Western Union that I speak to tells me that as of sometime last year they no longer accept money loads onto prepaid cards from Net spend and that I need to go back to the place I loaded the money and talk to them about it. I'm like OK, my receipt says Western Union in big bold letters so that's lie #1. Lucky im still at the place I loaded the money. I tell the person that took my money and put it on my card and told them what's going on and they insisted that Its Western Union that I need to talk to. I told them I just got off the phone with them and told them what Western Union told me. They said there's nothing they can do. At this point I'm pissed off because I promised my son something that day and I won't be able to give it to him, and its not even my fault. The next day rolls around and I call Net spend as soon as their customer service opens. The person I talk to tells me that my money was rejected because my account was not active when the money was put on the card. Well why and how could they even take the money if the account was not active and where is my money if it is not on my card? And why wasn't I advised that my account was not active before they took my money. And why was my account placed on inactive status? Ultimately I get off the phone with them and go back down to the place I loaded the money at. I called Net spend back and let them speak to the customer service person and after speaking to each other and accomplishing nothing, the customer service person that loaded the money wants to speak to someone from Western Union. I furious at this point because I don't take to getting the runaround very well. Still in the store I get hold of Western Union AGAIN, and now I'm told that yes they still work with Western Union to handle loads on prepaid cards and that yes Net spend rejected my money because there was something wrong with my accont. So where's my money at? The lady found the transaction in her system but that Net spend didn't send them any kind of message saying that since my account was reactivated whether they accepted the money that was loaded at first. OK this is ridiculous, how do I get my money back. Just cancel the transaction. I'm going to get my money back and cut this card up and never use it again. So the Western Union person put in a request for a refund and that they notified Net spend was notified that I am requesting a refund and that they are waiting for Net spend to give Western Union an authorization number so they can proceed to refund my money. And that's where it stands as of today 9/8/2015. No word from Net spend or Western Union about refunding my money back. Net spend was decent when they were first established. Now especially after this experience, I am definitely going to switch companies and find another company to handle my credit card transactions. Also, being that this basically voided my promise I made to my son, Net spend has definitely lost a customer.

  • Sep 7, 2015

Netspend takes your money and it takes forever to give it back to you. whenever you call they tell you in six hours it will be resolved but it will take months. Last year I was to bid and the auction requested me to put down 20% of what I was buying, I gave them about $5,000. After the auction I could not buy anything and the aution returned my money immediately back to netspend card, it took me 27 days to get my money back from Netspend after calling about ten times a day. In January a refund was sent to my account at netspend of $371.00, up till today I could not get my money after faxing everything they requested.

I wish the company does not exist any longer

  • Aug 21, 2015

I started using the Netspend card to save money as I don't have a bank account.

I noticed that some money was missing from my account (around 250+ dollars)

I looked online at my activity and there were a bunch of international transactions designated as "signature purchases" which to me means I signed something at the location where I made the "signature purchase". I have never signed for anything on this card.

So I disputed the transactioins by filing a dispute through the Netspend website.

The next day when I tried to log into my account it said "There is a problem with your account. Please call Customer Service at 866-387-7363.

When I call the number it asks me for my card number or Social Security Number.

I entered my card number and it says 'that is not a valid number, goodbye' and hangs up.

I called back and tried my SSN, same thing.

I thought maybe I mistyped the number so I tried about 5 more times with the same result.

I then emailed Netspend customer service and told them what happened and that I'm not able to log into my account and when I call on the phone I am unable to talk to anyone and their system just hangs up on me.

A day later the email response from Netspend was 'Your account has been closed by our risk assessment team. You are no longer eligble for our service. Have a nice day.'

What about my money? What about the dispute? What about my hundreds of dollars?

I emailed them back several times telling trying to get answers. I don't think they are coming.

Do not ever use Netspend. It is a complete scam.

Netspend will steal the money from your account and when you try to dispute it, they will close your account and you cannot even contact them to resolve the issue.

They tout their service as being for people who cannot get a normal bank account. That is because they can screw you over as they know you are desparate and have no recourse.

It blows my mind that this company is allowed to operate in the open, stealing peoples money and ripping them off day in and day out and nothing is done about it. They don't get in trouble, they don't get shut down, they don't get punished, nothing. Just ripping people off day in and day out and theres nothing we can do about it. Yay America. Greatest country in the world. Psh. yeah right.

  • Aug 20, 2015

Recieved a netSpend card as a "gift card", which I understand it is not. In order to activate the card you need to provide a SS#. You cannot even get to customer service by phone until you enter a SS#. However, was told by their email customer service I could convert it to a limited use card without using my social security number, but needed to call customer service to do so. Since you cannot call customer service without using your SS#, this was a runaround scam. I finally put in 0000000000 as a SS# and got through to customer service. Once I told the rep I wanted to make it a limited use card, he said I had no funds. I had just received the card intended to be a gift card, with the receipt of money put on the card. He could not offer any other support. The $50 is gone and there is no way to recoup it.

Customer service is very dificult to get to, once you do get to them, they will lie, then tell you there is no recourse. Since you have no other options to contact them, there is no other place to get resolution.

Would highly recommend finding a different card.

  • Aug 17, 2015

I attempted to pay my phone bill online and it came back denied. I knew that couldn't be right so I had them run it again. It came back denied again. So I went ahead and paid with AmEx. No problem. This was 8/11/15 at 8:30am PST. That night I discovered that 176.90 was taken out of my WU account, despite the charges being denied. (88.45 x 2). I have been consistently on the phone with Western Union and the phone company for 5 days now trying to get my money back and just keep getting the run around. They have taken 176.90 of MY money, that should have NEVER been touched once the denials were made and will not give it back to me. They have NO IDEA what they are doing. I think they just have a scripted rebuttal, because everyone has said the same thing, word for word. This is NOT ethical business practice and I thought was illegal in the United States.....stealing someone's money..

  • Aug 17, 2015

I called in to activate my WesternUnion branded Netspend card that I purchase at a local store and paid $200 to the store for a total load balance of $200. When I attempted to activate online, the website informed me that It needed me to call customer service to complete the activation process.

The customer service rep for netspend informed me that i had a negative balance on an old prepaid account (a few dollars) and asked if I would be willing to pay off that balance so my new card could be unblocked. I said yes, the rep prepared some email to there risk department asking them to release the the hold on my new card so I could access my funds. The rep ensured me it would take a maximum of 4 to 6 hours for the process to be completed.

I checked as of 11 hours later the card isn't activated and my funds are still not accessible.


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