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National Notary of America

Country United States
State Colorado
City Woodland Park
Phone 800-592-7790

National Notary of America Reviews

  • Oct 25, 2017

I was told through a Rep Jenifer that if i took signing class with your company i would get two assignments a day at lest to six a day max that it would be my choice. As I'm now in the webinar I'm finding out through linda that what rep said was a lie. That you guys will provide with a list I'm already a signing agent their was no reason for me to re take a course for list i feel lied to deceived I'm extremely disappointed i would like to speak to you.

In this email below is my information please reach out to me. As i would like my money back.

Example from other students that also feel lied to by rep

Gleona and jennifer..

  • Aug 5, 2017

This company appears on Job Hunting sites, has you provide resume, then sells you "certifications" to obtain Mobile Notary assignments. I paid for the Certification Classes, took the tests, however, when it became apparent that one would not be employed by them with consistent mobile notary assignments and I complained they seemed to come to my rescue. They contracted me to teach for them. Having been laid off, a senior citizen and desperately in need of income I signed a contact and taught webinars to their specifications which they later denied. I received only high praise from my students. I asked for my pay. The person in charge apparently did not know that I had received an email detailing the students taught and reported a much lower figure due. The contract stated I would be paid on the 1st and 15th. The person in charge then said they were changing the payment dates. They continued to tell me they had mailed me a check. THEN THEY ASKED FOR MY BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATION. To date I have never been paid. The person to whom I taught the seminars were like me in that they did not realize they had to build their own business. They signed up person to sign loan documents who didn't know what a promissory note was. As the persons took the tests and found the information I taught did not cover the printed material they called me and complained. Some of the questions on the test were not in the reading material. I had them call NNA. The person in charge of the class agenda ask that I increase the curricula to cover not only the signing documents but the printed material as well. She provided a copy of a test for me to go over with each student. Upon my final complaint the person in charge said that she had a secret shopper tell her I "taught to the test" and provided one answer. I did teach to the test because I was so instructed with email instructions to do so. I was told to give the students the answer to the missing answer to the test. I did not directly do so. I covered the question and then went over all the answers. You see if a person fails the test twice, they have to pay an additional fee to take it again. They wanted the persons to FAIL. Also if the student failed the test they did not have to pay me. I was a fool to accept those conditions but I was desperate and as mentioned above, NO ONE HAD FAILED THE TEST. This was a way to get out of paying me. Since my original complaint they have changed some of their tactics, however, their advertisement for employment continues to appear in various job search sights asking for a Resume appearing to be seeking employees and MOST OF ALL THEY STILL HAVE NOT PAID ME. THEY THREATENED IF I SAID ANYTHING TO MAR THEIR NAME THEY WOULD SUE ME. I AM AFRAID OF THEM BUT I DON'T WANT ANYONE ELSE TO SPEND HOURS HELPING THEM EARN MONEY AND NOT RECEIVING THEIRS.

  • Jun 8, 2017

Why is it that this company changes its name every year or so? It has gone from National Signing Source to Real Notary Pros to now National Notary of America? When I looked up National Notary of America to confirm how long this business has been around, there wasn't much information. It wasn't until I dug a bit deeper, I found out this company did not have a very good reputation and the business names has been changed on several occassions with the incorrect address listed.

Be very careful spending your money here with this business. Do the research and look up other reviews on this business yourself. It is pretty scary.

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