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Lustine Toyota

Country United States
State Virginia
City Woodbridge
Address 14227 Jefferson Davis Hwy
Phone 703-494-1800

Lustine Toyota Reviews

  • Dec 25, 2017

30/10/2017 I went to Lustine Toyota of WoodBridge, Virginia, to buy a new Toyota Sienna 2016. I was told that the final price of the car was $36,000.00, everything was perfect on sales the problem was when we get to financials. The financial guy (Hussein) started explaining to us the warranties that we can buy with the car, I told him that the only warranty I wanted was the electric warranty with a value of $ 2,500.00. We make an agreement just for the electric warranty, we signed all the papers and went home. When we get home we started reviewing the papers and we noticed that the final price of the car increased to $44,000.00 in warranties. I think that the fiancial guy took advantage of the situation to make me sign others warranties without me knowing because I was with my five month old baby and we were there from 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM. The baby was tired like us and we were taking care of the baby, it was crying and hungry and when we signed the papers he included there the warranties that we didn't want, but we didn't know what we were signing because we agreed on just the electric warranty and he added the other warranties that we didn't want.

The next day I went to the dealer again to talk to Hussein (Financial Guy) to explain to him why these warranties were added without my authorization and he didn't want to speak with me, so I went to see the financial manager (Delma) she gave me one paper signed by her that every single warranty would be removed and that we have her word that if something wrong happens she would do it again until the problem was solved. She told us that we need to wait from five to eight weeks to get my money back. After waiting six weeks I went to the dealer again to ask for the money and why the warranty wasn't removed, they told me to wait until the eight weeks, I went after the eight weeks again and nobody at the dealer gave me an answer, I went to talk to the general manager (Dario), this is the worst guy I've ever met. In front of Dario was Hussein and he admitted that I only wanted the electric warranty, Dario told me to come back on Thursday to have a meeting and not to worry that he was going to solve the problem. I went again on Thursday very happy because I thought my problem was going to be solved after waiting so long, but I was wrong.

In the meeting the first thing Dario told me was, that I signed the papers and nothing else can be done to fix that, his words were, "this is a business and you signed the papers, there's nothing that we can do about it you should look before signing a contract" he didn't even see the paper signed by the financial manager that said that we were going to get our money back. I left very disapointed because they took advantage of the situation to make me sign warranties I didn't want, and I have a proof of a paper signed by (Delma) where it said that i was going to get my money back and Dario didn't even care about the paper.

  • Feb 17, 2017

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Had recently purchased a of Toyota rav4 at Lusting Toyota in Woodbridge VA . The choice of Toyota after many considerations and comparisons with other & person expiring and also the its reputation.

Unfortunately, Mr. Hussein's service has not performed well, I am disappointed becauses something was not disclosed clearly and he was misrepresented. Mr. Hussein added thousands of warranty without my knowledge as if he is giving me something for free. he told me enterer and exterior for $419. and instate he had charge me $8000 to my contract. The purchase of the car $30,000 putting down 10.000 I was expecting of $20.000 + interest instead I end up $38.000. This is a fraud. I come to explain to him. I thought he had made a mistake. But no he did it knowingly.

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