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loanDepot, LLC.

Country United States
State California
City Foothill Ranch
Address 26642 Towne Centre Drive
Phone 888-983-3240

loanDepot, LLC. Reviews

  • Dec 27, 2017

I had an absolutely horrible experience working with Loan Depot. I was purchasing a home. After going through the entire loan application process and being extremely forthcoming, proactive, and transparent throughout the entire loan application process, I was given reassurance that everything looked great, that my loan had been officially approved, and that I was good to go and finished with the loan application process. Then suddenly 4 days before my closing date on December 23rd while I was on a 3 hour drive to spend Christmas with family, I was ambushed by a surprise phone call from Teresa Czapski, my loan officer with Loan Depot. She informed me that she absolutely needed me to go to a special website for employment verification ASAP and that my entire loan depends on it. I pulled over on the side of the highway and asked for clarification. She re-iterated that I absolutely was required to go to some special employment verification website and that no alternative measure was possible.

Even though I was very clear with them several weeks prior about whether there would have been anything I needed to do in addition to the information I provided during the loan process, I was previously reassured that I was 100% good to go. Now suddenly a day and a half before Christmas Day, I was required to turn around and drive back to go to some special employment verification website! To make matters worse, Teresa Czapski was COMPLETLELY UNABLE to give me the address of the website! She said, "ASK AROUND!" Are you kidding???

So I cut my Christmas vacation with my family short and come back two days earlier than I was scheduled to come back in an effort to go through further employment verification and this time, I speak with Teresa Czapski's supervisor, a loan manager named Ashley LeTellier. After having just completed Loan Depot's mandatory/surprise employment verification procedures, I found a significant security flaw in these procedures. Moreover, I expressed that from a borrower's perspective, after having supplied an abundance of pay stubs, IRS records, manager contact information, bank statements showing most recent transactions, and similar information, from the customer's perspective, it seems really outragoues and an unnecessary integrity check for Loan Depot to require the customer to follow even further employment verification steps.

When I expressed all of these details to Ashley LeTellier, she took a great deal of offense to what I was saying and she became argumentative. She began interrupting me and not allowing me to complete my sentences. I would pause and let her finish what she had to say, and then finally I would make my point that these are actually very unreasonable requests because of the amount of employment verification that Loan Depot already had about me. This was making Ashley LeTellier even more frustrated.

In a fit of frustration, Ashley LeTellier confided that the real reason behind further employment verification was just to protect investors. Ah finally--the truth!

With Loan Depot, they implement extremely unnecessary, poorly planned, excessive measures to verify that a borrower is who they say they are. After thousands of pages of verification, for them to have come back and gone back to square one with fundamental employment verification requests, it makes borrowers feel as though they have absolutely no integrity whatsoever. And in the end, it is all about the investors as Ashley LeTellier of Loan Depot confessed. To make matters worse, I was being civil in our discussions and several times, Ashley LeTellier demonstrated horrible customer service by becoming argumentative and interrupting me.

Please take this feedback from a customer who WAS APPROVED FOR THE LOAN! I have a flawless credit rating and I say: Avoid Loan Depot. Avoid Teresa Czapski & Ashley LeTellier!

  • Aug 28, 2017

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In May of 2017 we refinanced our home with Loan Depot, with the 1st payment due June 1st. We filled out a form for automatic withdrawal from our bank account. We were told that there wasn't enough time for the automatic payment order to effect before June 1st, so we needed to send them a check, which we did, certified delivery with a signature, and receipt requested. We have the USPS signed receipt and the canceled check.

Then on June 1st they automatically deducted another June payment. We complained and were told that the extra payment would be credited as a July payment, but on July 3rd they withdrew another payment. By this time I'm getting a little tired of the run around so I asked them to just return the extra payment, which they said the wouldn't do, but that they would be sure the loan servicing dept. had a order to not take out a August payment.

Then we discovered they had in fact sent back the extra payment to our bank, but failed to withdraw the August payment. Now they've sent a late payment notice with a late charge, claiming we owe the 2 payments. Everything here is their fault because they are in control of the payments We're on SS so the money is in the bank every month. I believe the goal is to force a foreclosure and ultimately steal our property, which is apprised for about 50% more than is owed.

If anyone gets an offer to refi from these people, don't do it they seem to be dishonest, or at best very inept.

  • Jul 24, 2017

I was working with loanDepot on a Mortgage Refinance for my Home early July 2017 thru one of the loan officers named, Gaylin Davis, after sending him all my information that he need from me, Bank statments, Tax forms, etc, he assured me I would have a 4.3 Fixed rate Mortgage on my refinance. Gaylin calls me up the next day to tell me to resign a FHA page that I had previously E signed so I tolded him to mail it to me. The next day it arrived in the Mail, thank God I read it fully to see that it was changed from all the figures of my Fixed Rate paper work that he had E mailed me to and Adustable Rate Mortgage 3.25 that after 6 years would go up to 8.25 and higher, which when Gaylin talked to me about signing this page he never mention that fact that it had changed from a Fixed Rate Mortgage to a Adjustable Rate Mortgage I would advise anyone trying to Refinance their Home not to use thes Scammers, Loan Depot.

  • Jun 6, 2017

A 30 day title loan is outrageous. I borrowed $ 700.00 and had to pay back 30% of the orgianal loan, plus additianal 10% for a lender fee and $33.00 for title fee's

I paid it off early by 20 days thinking I would be able to save the interest for not taking the full 30 days to pay it back

WRONG!!!!! WRONG!!!!!!! I had to pay the full amount. Which is not correct I should have only paid for the days I borrowed the money.

  • Jun 3, 2017

I wanted to refinace my mortgage to consolidate my debts. I started with giving them permission to do credit reports so they know all about my obligations. Then they request my W2 and two years of my filed taxes. They said it was accepted with conditions.This process started about May 1 2017. After many phone calls with getting very little answers that were very vague. They said things were looking good ordered an apprasil for $425.00. The appraisal was done 05/23/2017.

To my surprise after getting upset with getting no firm answers I called 05/30/2017 Was told Loan was denied. That day I get in mail Dated 05/02/2017 Loan denied so they knew from 05/02/2017 put me through hell charged $425.00 apprasil fee if the loan was denied 05/02 why was an apprasil orderd. Stay away far away from this company. There sales practices are far from ethical. I am now disputing apprasil fee refund with my bank credit card.

Want to make sure no one else goes through what I have experianced.

  • May 10, 2017

I have a problem with a crap company like Loan Depot contacting me knowing I want a f*g home equity loan, trying to sell me another garbage product. Why do you folks buy home equity leads if you can provide the product? We aren't stupid people ya know. I don't need to hear your g*d d*n scripted loan officer explaining another product better than a home equity loan for me. Every time I get a phone call from you, Quicken Loans, and Wells Fargo, I cringe like hearing fingernails on a chalkboard. Your loan officers are crap people to talk to, and so are those transferring idiots transferring me to the other morons. Fix your s* people. I'm filing a report with BBB as well.

  • Jan 30, 2017

Refinanced my VA loan with Loan Depot.Loan Depot created 3 loans for the same house.Kian Depot sent me a bill, I entered that address & Loan number into Bill pay at my Bank.The bank mailed the first payment.It was received & cashed by Loan Depot per the Bank. Loan Depot called my Banks Bill pay, requesting the payment be sent to Cenlar FSB.My next payment letter from Home Depot acknowledged the receipt. I called Lian Depot,spoke with a Supervisor, whom agreed to make the correction, as well as my Credit Report, which declined from 720 to 629. Now,Loan Depot is trying to take my house,even though no payment has been late. All Lawyers please contact me for aLAWsuit

  • Jan 20, 2017

We applied for a motgage with this company.

They tried to change everything, insurance on the house etc before loan was closed. They took our money for the appraisal but denied the loan. Of course, now they they won't give it back. All they did was promises after promises but never followed through.

We put the money out when we didn't have it but it doesn't make any difference to them. I would never due business with these people & the comments on this site tells me I should have looked it up before agreeing to anything. Stay away from this company. They are a scam.

  • Dec 23, 2016

Refinance Loan. We were honest about my husband only having his current job for 5 months and the first person we talked to assured us that it would not be a problem. Also that if the income we told her was correct and our appraisal came in at what I told her I thought was the value the loan would have no problem Second person that was to finish the loan process was very unprofessional, the processor would never answer my questions or return my calls so i had to start dealing with supervisor. The supervisor started out ok about returning calls. By this time i had already paid for the appraisal, our bathroom did not pass because we were in the middle of a remodel and part of the refinance was to finish some projects so we had to finish the bathroom project first that cost more money. Then this is where it gets good, i was told that i needed my doctor to write a note to say that my condition would not improve in the next 3 years. I am permanently disabled and collect SSDI. IT IS ILLEGAL FOR THEM TO ASK FOR ANYTHING OTHER THAN MY AWARD LETTER FROM DISABILITY SO THEY DISCRIMINATED AGAINST ME AND BROKE ONE OF THE FHA AND ADA RULES AND LAWS. They stated it was my because my husband had not been at his job for 6 months but was still gonna require a letter from my doctor and enough money in bank that would cover three months of mortgage payments. I was told it was denied for length of work for my husband again we were up front about that. They could of told me at the beginning that his work was not long enough and i would not have wasted time and money on appraisal and bathroom update. BEWARE THEY LIE CHEAT STEAL AND DISCRIMINATE. CROOKS I HAVE FILED COMPLAINTS WITH FHA, FTC, STATE ATTORNEY'S OFFICE AND CIVIL RIGHTS.I HAVE ALL PROOF IN EMAILS AND RECORDED PHONE CALLS

  • Dec 8, 2016

Although I read the online bad reviews my husband insisted upon moving forward. Just as the other reports stated the Loan Depot will take your credit card informaiton on the first call, tell you they will charge if you need an appraisal. We requested they did not charge unless an appraisal was necessary but they went ahead and charged our card immediately. Two days later we were informed we did not qualify for the loan. They had all our financials withing 24 hours so they could clearly see we did not qualify but ordered the appraisal anyway. No one came out to our house and no refund.

I think this is just a scam to get $425 out of every person who calls in.

  • Dec 8, 2016

I was contacted by Loandepot about How low intest rates for a VA loan. James told me basically that I would qualify easily with my creadit report score. To proceed with the refinancing of my home. He needed $400. I was then sent to Jerry Oneill to get my paper work in order for the under writter. Jerry has a poor bedside demeanor about him. I feel he knew if my paper work would go thru or not. Anyway they got my money. Jerry Oneill is the SR. Account Manager III

  • Dec 7, 2016

Loan Depot wasted my time and money. They kept asking for more and more information, much of it duplicates, stretching out the time over months and then denied the loan. Had to pay $425 for an appraisal I did not need, and, of course, did not get a refund. The first mortgage agent was nice, but the so-called loan processor was nasty and rude. But, I really think the issue was not with me but the fact that when I first started the process they were offerring a lower rate than at the end and they just didn't want to make the loan in any event. My suggestion, stay the hell away from Loan Depot!

  • Dec 2, 2016

I have a home in the best neighborhood in west Dearborn, MI, a corner house close to a major park and Divine Child prestigious school. This party of the city is very much in demand. I purchased the home last year September 2015 and made $40k in renovations--I changed every thing in the house from the roof to the finished basement to a new kitchen with new appliances. I wanted to get equity line but LoanDepot employee convinced me that a refi is much better plus I was looking to get $23k in cash to pay all my bills. I bought the house for $120k and prices have been astronomical since then so I valued it to be at $170k, at least. I used to get calls instantaneously when LoanDepot needed my business, but after I paid for the appraisal and did the application I barely got a response particularly when my loan was almost dead in the water since the appraisal guy apprised my house with all my renovations at $150! This meant no cash out for me and the payment got reduced to a whooping $40.00!!!!! Now who in his right mind would pay a closing cost of $3500 in order to refi with no benefit at all? The loan officer said I can skip a payment and get the paltry escrow money from the other mortgage company! Really!!! I went through all this trouble for a couple of thousand dollars? My goal was bill consolidation not refi per se so LoanDepot customer's goal was not met--only their employee's quota! And LoanDepot your quota. I paid $425.00 for unworthy shoddy appraisal. The appraiser even forgotten his own appointment so he showed up late and undervalued my house may be because I called him out on it. I am a realtor and I checked the CMA. It came up with $165/170k not $150k as the ripoff company appraiser estimated without regard to the renovations I made that was a total about face. Dismayed, the loan officer sent me a value form to list the renovations I made so I can appeal the appraisal value. I typed it with difficulty on my computer, scanned it, and sent it to him twice but he received it blank. It was defective and this is an indication of the company's dereliction. Also, there was no coordination between the company's offices. While I have not decided to go with the disappointing loan amount, a closer called and emailed me with instructions to close the loan!!!!! So, overall I wasted my time, shed my precious credit score, and lost $425.00, I don't have, for NOTHING. I would have been better off with Quicken Loans. I wrote a complain to LoanDepot and someone named Anthony Gonzalez from the so-called executive team called me back after I said I will go the Social Media. Gonzalez seemed interested to solve the problem but he was cold at the end when he delivered the bad news that the appeal was lost and he can' refund my money. So much for the Executive Team!!!They had me submit the appeal form and took their sweet time and came back to say they can't refund my appraisal because they deal with a third party. Bull s***. This is a real ripoff. I wasted my time from October 2016 till December and I threw away my money for a scam. Stay away from this con of a company.

  • Nov 17, 2016

I applied for this loan online, things went smoothly at first. I responded promptly to document requests(within one day). I should note my income was well over the requirements. My credit score is over 400.

everything was ok until it went to underwriting. Everything was fine with my home documentation, my appraisel was well over what was needed (65% LTV) until it went to Underwriting. They kept asking for documentation on insurance info on some rental properties I own. The rental income was verified and no problem, they drug out the insurance debate, even though I provided the documentation they wanted within one day.

So yesterday I get an email wanting an additional $7,300 in fees to keep my rate lock. (because they dropped the ball). I told them no way was that going to happen, they said no problem we'll just add it to the loan balance. Yeah right, I pay $7k for your incompentence. Told them to throw it in the garbage.

  • Nov 9, 2016

I applied for a refinance loan of my home and was promised a refund of $ 300 if my loan was rejected, which it was and after nearly a month, it has not been refunded. I emailed the two agents several times to which I received response but no action has been taken to make me whole in this matter. Is this company not under investigation for misrepresentation?

  • Nov 4, 2016

They charged me $425 for an appraisal that was never done. They are a total ripoff!!!

  • Sep 30, 2016

Loan Depot was helping me re-fiance two properties. One in California and the otherone in Georgia. I was told that my property in Georgia qualified thru the HARP program and that no appraisal will be required. I believe them and started the process to re-fiance both of my properties. I did agree to pay for an appraisal on my Califonia property as longer they did not come back and required an appraisal on my Georgia property. Well on September 29, 2016 I recieved a call from Erin Cortez a Loan Depot representative to tell me that an appraisal will be require on my Gerogia property. My respond to her was that I was told by JC Brock a loan Depot representative that no appraisal will be require on my Georgia property. Well I ask why is Loan Depot lying to me and why they are changing everthing. First I was told Mr Ortega you do qualify to re-fiance thru HARP program and now they told me no. Loan Depot are nothing but liers and unfair. I requested Loan Depot to refund my appraisal charge of $425 on my California property. I stop the process of re-fiancing thru Loan DEpot not because I wanted it was because Loan Depot lie to me and they did follow thru. Thanks.

  • Sep 29, 2016

I went through Lending Tree to refinance the mortgage on our house. I decided to go with Ye, point of contact at LD, told me at the very beginning that my closing costs would be $575. I asked her to send me an email to itemize the closing costs that this would cover. She acted as if she didn't know what I was talking about. Through the whole 45 +day process I kept getting these estimated closing costs statements and none reflected the $575 that was initially offered. I called and emailed several times Kumil and she kept dodging the question. Although she did send me an email that included a table showing me the Closing Costs of $575, the interest rate of the loan and the monthly payment. I should have pulled the plug. In the end my closing costs were over $1,800. By the time that we got near closing, I checked my credit score and found that it dropped and by doing so, I was no longer elegible for the rate I pursued and locked in with Loan Depot that I could apply for with other lenders. So, if I was to go to another lender, then I would pay a higher interest rate. So, I stayed with them since my rate was locked in and refinanced my mortgage with them. Moral of the story - Run; dont walk if they can't live up to their initial offering. Don't waste your time with them. Also, be careful about going through these operations like Lending Tree or Bank Reason is that the lenders will check your credit scores early on and the more that do it will affect your credit score just because of the high number of inquires.

I hope sells my mortgage and never have to deal with them again. Many of the items to be paid at closing are fixed costs and don't go up or down. The only one that does is the amount of daily accrued interest with your current lender. Again, Stay Away from Loan Depot.

  • Sep 28, 2016

On Sept 27 2016, I received a letter from stating the in response to my mortgage inquiry placed in December 2015 (9 months ago) the were able to propose a monthy payment of $386.09 on my $95,000.00 home loan. I never made a request to loanDepot and my loan has nothing to do with $95,000.00. Watch those guys, they are fly by night and ready to catch you.

  • May 25, 2016

A Loan Deopt Rep, Amir Anet contacted my father to refinance his VA backed mortgage. Told him they could decrease his percentage rate down to 2.65 thus reducing his monthly principal payments by at least $200.00. When my father asked if it was an "ARM" loan or an adjustable rate mortgage, the representative Amir Anet told him it was not. Said the Interest rate would stay locked in at 2.65% He also told my dad they could do a 29 year loan

When he received the paperwork outlining the loan and the forms my parents would need to sign it clearly states it is an "ARM" loan. It gave the breakdown of when the interest would increase, the legal disclaimers required to be in included in an ARM loan and pamphlet explaining how ARM loans work. It also shows the loan as a 30 year loan & Amir quoted the loan amount NOT to include the clossing costs. Since this is a VA guaranteed loan all closing costs are rolled in to the loan amount

When we called Amir back, he said the wrong paper work was sent out and he would research to see who sent it. He placed all blame on my father for not understanding & or on the person who filled out & sent the paperwork. We will NOT be refinancing with Loan Depot. Very disappointed in the lack of honesty!!!!

  • May 20, 2016

The appraiser knows it is not & also the assessor of property ! What they did was just take my money

Have been going through a cash out finance on my home to do remodeling... Appraised twice & cared me with a fee for a credit check...Needless to say I did not get the loan but for the reason they said is that my home is a manufactured home which it is not ! The home is a 1900 sq.ft 50 yr. Old home that has never had a mortgage before... .I did use a ccard & they took out all these fees in my fiancees name Chadwick Lawson

  • Apr 29, 2016

Loandepotcom is a ripoff, they jacked me and my wife around 2 months. Every week it was something different. They would not call to tell you they would wait till you called them. Never use these people if possible.

  • Apr 25, 2016

I started a home re-fi loan with Loan Depot around Dec.29, 2015. The guy I worked with was STEVEN nEEDHAM pH # (949) 465 8455, My case was then transferred to Diane Walker @ (949) 639 3182.

This drug on for almost 5 months, e-mail after e-mail. very little phone contact. I believe there were 2 dates for closing set then finally we closed April 13, 2016. Now is where it gets really strange.

When I closed I was informed to send a voided check so the cash payout would be deposited to my checking account.The amount was supposed to be $1,524.06 supposedly mailed April 19, 2016 I have not seen the check, plus I was informed by a Judiel Ennis the check was only gonna be for $1,400.00 something, so why the decrease.

I was also forced into a termite contract with Terminix, as well as my apprasial was lowballed, in 2013 my home appraised for $106,000 since then I've upgraded all appliance, new heat & air, new doors & windows, & a metal roof, go figure.

I cannot get an answer as to why it took so long as well as where my funds are, TOTAL RIPOFF!!! I really need help here!!!!!

  • Apr 21, 2016

Was charged an appraisal fee after I was told there would be no appraisal fee unless the loan would be approved.

The appraisal showed I had equity of approximately $70,000. Iwas told this was not enough to pay other debts. thus there would be no loan.iwas not told this otherwise I would not gone foreward with appraisal.

  • Mar 1, 2016

I had been looking for a loan and I got an automatic call, I believe, from Loan Depot. I was somewhat humored by them and decided to give some information. I don't remember giving them permission to check my credit report but they did and found some derogatory information as I have a big issue with Comcast attempting to charge me $3,100 for ending my business contract early. To put that into perspective they demanded what some people make in a period of 3 months, not counting the money they have to live on. Other TV satelite or cable companies charege $275.00 for doing the same thing and I went ahead and paid them that much to do what I felt was fair. Enough of that. Then they sent me a letter, no business reply reurn envelope and informed me that they would share the negative information with other financial compmanies, for marketing purposes, joint marketing with other financial institutions, affiliates, everyday business purposes, for afiliates to market to me, and to non-affiliates.

How is that for giving a company a chance to give you a loan and they come ba nck giving you a black eye and revealing the very negative information that I am ashamed to let anybody have. My credit is near perfect accept for what contend is unfair and cr=ertainly unethical when I had problems with their service to begin with and I went to their place of business, taking my equipment back and asked what I owed. He told me and I paid it in full. He, their representative, never told me that I would have another bill that Comcast sold me on, "The Business Side" it ended up costing me like double what I was paying anyway so they did me no favor there but a self benefitting act for their company to get more money out of me, then adding insult to injury told me to pay a few thousand dollars for what other companies charge $275 for. What a raquet and totally unethical in my book so I refused to pay but the $275 and now my credit report is bad only on one, Transunion. The other two are in the mid to high 900's I think. At one time I was only 9 points under perfect. Well they blew that for me.

My suggestion is to never work with Comcast. They can hurt you and won't budge much at all. Even withnegotion I still have to pay over $2,100 something.

Dr. Duane Martin

  • Feb 4, 2016

Shopped for refinancing. Found some really good rates from Loan Depot. During initial contact, was given a great estimate. At that time, Loan Depot asks for a $10.00 processing fee for a credit report which they tell you is non-refundable. They also tell you that upon agreement of terms, they will charge $390.00 for appraisal fees / admin fees. They will tell you that $390.00 fee is fully refundable if you cannot come to an agreement of terms. Upon intially contacting Loan Depot, their timeliness was exceptionally poor. Along the way, they changed the rate somewhat, which was not all that unexpected within a parameter of acceptable amounts. I understand that a quote is a quote, however, once locked in to a rate and agreed upon payment amount, the lender should honor that rate. Loan Depot promised no money up front to close, then came back after nearly two months worth of underwriting and requested money. The odd part was that they had all financial info, an appraisal, and no changes to anything, however they then decided they wanted money to close. I had told them that we were not willing to pay out of pocket and would like to withdraw our application. I asked them at that time, to please refund my payment of $390.00 as they had changed the terms of what was initially agreed upon. They had a series of managers then contact me to if we were willing to have them take another look, which we were not. i am writing this review on February 3, 2016 and have not received my refund from 11/3/2015. Their service along the way was patchy with changing players, that I never had a good comfort level with them. I have obtained loans for three homes and refinanced two at certain points. Never, have I received such poor service.

I have contacted them on several occasions to inquire on my refund, but they will not respond. i assume that I have lost this money and will never see it from them.

The employees of Loan Depot who I dealt with regularly were Stella Pak, Rami Abbas, Jeff Cutler and Tim Howard.

Beware of Loan Depot and any of the names listed above. I feel somewhat scammed out of my money. I have no problem paying for a service when what is promised is delivered upon. however Loan Depot took my payment, changed the terms of what was originally agreed upon, then did not follow through on their guarantee of returning payment if we could not come to agreeable terms.

  • Jan 11, 2016

Started a Refinance with this company in October of 2015; however, they promised a closing by Thanksgiving, Then Christmas, then New Years and still NOTHING!!!!!!

They took nearly $500.00 for an appraisal that they later told me that they wouldn't do until my pool was finished. Then when it was done they refused to close the loan blaming the Title Company.

three months later and they refuse to answer their phones and keep making excuses.


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