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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club

Country Dominican Republic
City Puerto Plata
Address P.O. Box 608, Lifestyle Tower Cofresi Beach #1
Phone 809 970 7777

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Reviews

  • Nov 24, 2017

We went to the LHVC Puerto Plata resort on our family's RCI timeshare for our honeymoon. They put us in the Residence Suites. The room was old, which was fine but we didn't have hot water for 3 days and we kept asking about it and we kept being told that it would be fixed. Needless to say the next thing we knew we were being ushered into the Tower for the tour of the resort. As soon as you walk in they give you a goodie bag with alcohol and ask if they can get you something from the bar and if you say no they really push and say but your on vacation you should have a drink and it just keeps going from there.

Anyways they assign you to a sales person that takes you to all of the really nice places of the resort that you didn't have access to before and offers more drinks and snacks and tells you all of this can be yours or you have access to all of this 52 weeks of the year with no restrictions or you will be able to go to over 3,500 other resorts all over the world with the same access and no restrictions for signing up for a timeshare and join the Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club.

1st there is no internet access so you can verify anything they are telling or showing you and boy are they pushy, anytime you hesitate they really pour it on telling us that we can rent our our time share weeks no problem because you know you can't vacation 52 weeks of the year in the same place! That's a joke. So, yes, we are idiots. He made it sound so wonderful that we would be able to travel all over the world with LHVC for what we paid and a service fee for the week we travel but when we got home and were able to get on the internet and check it out all of it is a bold face lie. You have to use a different travel agency/timeshare company which is another membership fee and more service fees.

Everyone that we talked to after we signed up that have been members at LHVC from recent to 9 years are frustrated and upset with them due to the fact that the only time you get what they tell you is when you first join or upgrade. They will bump your room you were promised or not give you what you paid for to begin with and not to mention the rooms are in need of repair that a couple of the people that we talked to said that the ceilings fell in on them in there room and no one did anything.

So to sum it up they are pushy, they try to get you drunk or tipsy, they ploy you with all of the areas that you are restricted from until you sign up, they misinform you of being able to rent it or travel to over 3,500 places with LHVC when you can really only travel to the Dominican Republic and Mexico with LHVC, and they do not give you what they promise you or what is in your contract so all in all I feel like I have been scammed. So if this helps anyone else from falling for this and loosing money that would make me fell at least a little better.

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