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Lexington Law Firm

Country United States
State Utah
City North Salt Lake
Address 360 N Cutler Dr
Phone (800) 341-8441

Lexington Law Firm Reviews

  • Dec 29, 2017

I went to lexington because of the advertising and credit karma recommended them. I let the rep know that i wanted to buy a home within a couple months and just needed a little touching up on my cvredit report. i called after a month becuse i only receved a few things in the mail.

i had to speak to a different rep and couldnt get the original person i spoke to back on the phone. they told me they would address the other stuff the next time they sent disputes. i asked them why didnt they go after everything all at once ...she told me thats not how she works. smh. fast forward 4 months lated credit score still didnt move but 100 bucks was coming out my account every month.

at this point my broker told me to call mm credit solutions ( 3 months with them and i went upd 48 points) . i did but kept lexington for another month...kept hearing the same old tune with no results. complete waste of time and money with nothing to show for it.

  • Oct 17, 2017

This company claims to help you with your credit repari. But they dont even follow what they aggree to. You are going to need another attorney to deal with the mess that they will leave you will. They charged be three times within the first couple of weeks and when I called them they gave me greive about the charges. Not only were they chargeing me unnecessarily but the charges were not even the inital agreed upon fee. Save yourself the hassle and dispute your own credit report. All they do is send a letter.

  • Sep 13, 2017

I was contacted by Lexington Law. They explained how they help repair credit reports. After talking to one of the paralegals, her name is Alexie. I was told that it would cost me 119.00 a Month. I told her that I could not afford that and she said that I would have to pay the 14.95 for the cerdit report, and if I wanted to continue, they needed my permission to obtain the credit report, and just needed my text signature, to do that. After I signed they told me that they had to bill for regular services. I had already told them I could not afford that amount. I told them to cancel my contact. Now they say I owe them $144.00 for services that they have started. I told the paralegal, named Heather she said there was nothing she could do because they were a Law Firm. I. Said I felt deceive and Ripped Off.

  • Sep 1, 2017

These people called me and I thought their service sounded like a good idea so I signed up. They were supposed to give me a call the following day at 1:00 my time and there was no call. I got suspicious - they had told me on the phone I could cancel anytime by phone or email. Good thing I read the introductory email which states that you must cancel within the first 3 days (by midnight of the third day). I sent the form they had provided and sent it certified mail with tracking to cancel. The tracking clearly showed that the cancellation form was received by them early in the morning - long before the midnight deadline. What did they do? They kept the account open and then charged my credit card. I called and complained. I get told - oh we don't see that charge - yet my bank clearly shows it. I told them I want a refund - I was told to call back when they post the payment on their end. I said how do I know when that happens? Just keep calling they said I told them who they can call. I am calling my bank to dispute charges and then calling the attorney general to hit them with fraud charges. Call them back - I don't think so - I will handle through legal mean.

  • Jul 13, 2017

This company does not help you with repairing your credit score. They all said if i am not happy with my service, i can leave free of charge and will get a refund. I decided to leave them and see a local credit debt lawyer where I can talk face to face about my debt problem. They still charge my card and i had to call my bank to put a report on them. My bank give me back the money and gave me a new card. But, i wanted to report this company because they are lying to people.

  • Jan 12, 2017

I was just looking for an apartment to live in when all of a sudden I reach this site, and I asked if they had any apartments available. They directed me to a credit building company called Lexington Law Firm. They took $30 out of my bank account without permission!! I never said they could do that but they did anyways. There was no asking if they could take out my money, I also have a witness. Now I'm going to go hungry, please help me with this.

  • Nov 11, 2016

They have removed 30 items for me in 6 month

I pay $119.00 a month flat fee. How it works is they get it removed for a little while. Buys you time to show good credit to buy something. If you stop using there service the items will reappear on your credit report. Depends on do you want to file bankruptcy and wait 7 years in dark. Or do you just want to keep blowing money to maintain good credit. My bills were all hospital bills that my health insurance refused to pay. In my situation cheaper for me to pay 119.00 a month.

  • Jun 21, 2016

They charged me a fee of $99 and never told me about the $19.95 I would actually be glad to pay IF they actually worked on my case, and that was not the case/ they did NOTHING. I got things done myself by going online and doing disputes over the phone, I'm getting my credit up all alone, I called to cancel my membership and was advise that they don't give money back, wait, when i was signing up they did say they do if i was not happy with the service. How can they get people money like and NOT do what they are supposed too? they don't update the case online, actually they don't do anything, besides taking your money and lying about it.

  • May 16, 2016

My husband and I joined them thinking they would help fix our credit but we got the total oppisite they charged us at first $20 a month then it went all the way to $90 when we tried to tell them to refund us our money back after we closed our accounts they refused to do so, we are about to have another baby and ever dollar bill counts. These people should be ashamed for ripping off people that like that, our account should be closed but doesn't mean they actually closed them my husband wants our money back he even told them he would get a lawyer but they said no don't do that we will have a supervisor call you in the next 24 hours and no one ever called him back. All we want is our money back we are trying to move and plan for our new baby as well even though I am only 6 weeks pregnant I am super stressed and very upset, we also have a 2 year old son we have to provide for they are not just taking from us they are taking away from our son as well. We would like to report them and get our money back that they took without even know about it.

  • Apr 9, 2016

Total Scam-Don't Waste Your Money!

Last year I entered into a contract with Lexington Law to help remove 3 items from my credit report all revolving around a short sale and loan modification with Wells Fargo Bank and Bank of America . Prior to these issues my credit score was in the 800's and other than these 3 negative reports all my other credit was perfect and had never been a problem. I explained this clearly to Lexington Law and only entered into a contract with them after extensive discussion on two separate occasions with their sales counselors who convinced me that there was a pretty good chance they get get them removed from my report. They explained that they looked for loopholes where the debtor may not have followed Federal procedures requiring them to remove the negative report. Given that my issues were with two of our largest banks who had already been found guilty in many mortgage related issues I felt that I might have a chance.

I initially started on their $99.99 per month plan as they told me I would get more focus and better reporting. Every report I received from them just stated my previously positive credit and the inquiries that that they had sent to the banks on my behalf.

After 4 months I told them that I could not see any progress and did not need to see each month that my already good credit was still good. When I mentioned cancelling my service, the "paralegal" recommended that I go to the $59.99 plan which will still give me the focus on needed on the three issues at hand. This was a different point of view than when I enrolled at the $99 level.

Every month forward I checked in with them and all they could tell me was was they sent x amount of inquiries and asked me to continue sending them responses from the debtors who were just stating the exact same thing in each letter. On one call when I was even more unhappy they agreed to elevate my case to a higher status and send out Certified Letters explaining that the debtors tend to pay more attention when they are Certified. What they dont tell you is that they just write the letter and you need to pay for the costs of getting the letters notarized before they are sent. They are a law firm representing you so I assumed they would do the necessary.

Finally today after receiving the exact same response from Wells Fargo for the third time asking me to "provide a detailed description of the information that I believe is inaccurate", I called LL and asked them why I should continue paying anymore since 8 months of payments had produced zero positive response. The "paralegal" put me on hold and a "supervisor" came on the line and told me that they never guaranteed a result and all they could do is send the letters out. When I explained what I was told in the beginning to convince me to try their system and asked her where they were disputing compliance with Federal procedures she could not answer me and just stated she was sorry that I was not happy and would cancel my contract. After I mentioned that I planned to write a review of my experience she offered to credit back two months of payment.

Lexington Law has each of their customers on a monthly contract and they do enough to have you believe that something positive may come of it. Because it takes time with the back and forth communication they keep you paying each month hoping for a positive outcome. In reviewing any of there positive reviews all you might see are possibly removals of minor issues affecting one's credit score. In the end they have your money for the amount of months you are willing to stick it and you have nothing to show other than a reduction in your bank balance. If they were truly held accountable they might only take on a fraction of the cases they do.

  • Mar 28, 2016

I had used this company to repair my credit but never saw any change so one month ago I told them to close my account and not bill my account but they changed me $83 and now they will not talk to me or refund my money don't ever use this company they are a major ripoff

  • Mar 2, 2016

I was with this sorry company for 11 moths. they removed 2 items that came back 3 months later. what a wast. i was spending 100 bucks a month. i went with mm credit solutions and they helped my situation in 4 months. i dont know what the heck lexington was doing all that time other then pissing me off and taking my money.

  • Nov 2, 2015

On september 1, 2015, i agreed to use the services of lexington law in order to improve my credit score. I was told i had to pay $12.99 to start, then $99.95 would be charged after the first 14 days At the end of the month), which it was. Another $99.95 was charged to my charge card after the 16th of october, 2015, for the 2nd month. When i called them to cancel, i was told i needed to pay yet another $99.95, which the automated ivr said was not due until november 16.

I had attempted to cancel my service earlier in october, but was told i had to wait and call them on october 31. Of course, they have no record of my conversation with this person.

I emailed them early in the morning of october 31, and called them around 2:30 p.M est as well. The male i spoke with attempted to get me to keep their service by lowering my monthly payment. He continually talked over me and tried Unsuccessfully) to explain how i owed them another $99.95 for two months of their service, which would make my total payments $299.85 plus the $12.99 start-up fee.

I was polite for most of the call, until he continued to insist i didn't "understand" how their payment plan worked. I "understood" completely, and told him i knew what was going on and that i was reading at the moment and saw that they had done this before. I eventually had to raise my voice, since he continually talked over me, and insisted that he cancel my service today. He put me on hold and allegedly spoke with a supervisor. When he returned, he said he would mark my account "closed, without further payment" or words to that effect.

The other thing is: i remedied one of the reports myself, without their help. I only had 3 creditors on my credit bureau reports and Surprise) neither of them replied to lexington law. I was able to contact one of them and resolve that issue I was told my account with them should never have been turned in to collections and it was removed from all 3 credit bureaus). The other two creditors never responded in 60 days, which is the law.

I was told by lexington law's paralegal that i did not select the right option Not mine), so it was not correct. I told him they did not offer the option i needed and i followed what they suggested to choose. I had to tell him this three times.

In the end, i told him in no uncertain terms that my account was to be cancelled and that if they placed another charge on my credit card, i would place it in dispute and place a report on the internet about them Which i am now doing).

I was, at one time, a legal secretary. His double talk did not confuse me and i assured him what they were doing is illegal.

  • Aug 22, 2015

I signed up with this firm in February 2015 I had three(3) negatives on my credit report and a high amount of credit inquiries, when I spoke to the rep who signed me up they said it would be 12.95 for my credit report to be pulled and in two weeks I would have to make my first payment of 99.95 which would allow them to work on removing the negatives and monitor my credit. Soon after I had joined them I noticed that accounts had been added to all three of my credit agencies, and inquiries that I made a year prior was showing up on my report twice. I called them several times in regards to the work and efforts being made on my behalf and only then was I told they are sending letters on my behalf. Then I called in regards to canceling my services because I was dissatisfied and could no long afford the 99.95 that they were billing me monthly for them to just play around with my case, so they offered me a discounted rate of 49.95 for three months, and still I called with questions, and information to help them better their removal efforts and still there was no change. Only change that came that I benefited from was a few credit inquiries aged out and were removed from my credit report which I was happy about but that wasn't what I was paying for. The negatives had been spread all through my credit reports and was gendering me severely. So I took it upon myself to call these three accounts about the negatives they had reported and actually told me exactly what to do. So now here it is July 25 2015 and I have finally had enough with Lexington law, I have decided to work with a lawyer that I found through a real estate broker and I wanted to cancel my account with Lexington Law and the rep online is offering me a 12.95 for them to continue to monitor my credit for future negatives and changes. I told them "No, thank you. I get that service free of charge with my bank." Then she tells me any responses or removals they get after I close my account they will not notify me of, but they will continue to work on my case even after I have closed it. I told them that will not be necessary because all responses will be sent to me directly and I'll have my lawyer deal with it. Then the rep tells me "great" and that my account is now closed but I will be charged 49.95 on the regular billing date for work done. I told them "no" and that when I signed up with them I was told it was a month to month service and that I had already paid for this months service and I should not be incurring any more fees because according to when I first signed with them as long as I canceled before my next billing cycle my account would not be billed. So she's going to tell me it's for the work they have done for the month. I said the month is paid for and she offered to send me some acknowledgement forms to verify what she said but before I could respond she ended the chat. What I will say here to all those with credit issues you are better off pulling your own credit report and contacting lenders yourself in regards to resolving any issues and should that not work you get yourself an actual lawyer or a mortgage broker who specializes in credit repair as I have done now. It was the best advice ever given to me through a banker and I'll leave you with another piece of advice given by my grandfather - paralegals a people who play with the law Lawyers and Attorneys are people who know the law never bring fun and games to a business matter because you'll be played with and not be taken seriously yourself. Lexington Law is not for you. And I will be getting a refund. As a disgruntled customer who is severely dissatisfied with the manner in which they handled me and my case.

  • Aug 5, 2015

I have been with Lexington Law Firm since February 2015 and its been 6 months and all they have removed from report was 7 items. Its taking too long for them to dispute these areas, and it is not helping. I know my credit score won't raise over night but its only rising 2 or 3 points. They do not educate their customers on ways to help improve the customers circumstances. I'm getting charged $99 a month, I could be putting that extra $99 in my savings account. Its a waste of time.

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