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Laurel & Wolf

Country United States
State California
City West Hollywood
Address 708 North Croft Avenue
Phone (888) 574-4636

Laurel & Wolf Reviews

  • Jun 11, 2016

After reading good reviews, I thought Laurel & Wolf would be professional and provide us with a rewarding experience BUT, unfortunately, nobody emailed, called for our design consultation after we paid for the service. We called 2 days later, the customer service rep said they didn't have ANY of our information registered. That was a red flag. Further, we did sign up again but the lack of communication, email support hindered our entire design space therefore its taking almost an entire month to get another interior designer to finish up what we need.

The initial cost was $399, but after the designer we chose wanted to "customize" our room, we are now paying over $1200 for this room. 4 times what we had signed up for. This is another red flag. We are highly disappointed on this delay, which I was intending on starting ASAP with Laurel & Wolf.

We felt you pay for the design so they could try to upsell you. The entire process is truly laborious, overly expensive, and ultimately added very little value. By the time we will finish the design about 50% of the items we had spent months picking were gone (the shopping list and discounts are not available till the end). Another red flag.

We believe the reviews are bogus. We chose Laurel & Wolf based upong reading the good reviews posted online, and this is experience is been horrendous. Overall we really felt like everyone at L & W wasn't looking out for us and their recommendations came with alot more strings attached. We felt pressured to buy anything because our entire time and process was a complete waste. Laurel and Wolf is

  • Jun 10, 2016

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Unfortunately the founder and CEO does not understand business and makes rash decisions based off her poor instincts. I have heard her be verbally disrespectful/abusive/cruel to employees as well have been on the receiving end. This company has a huge turn over attributed to her actions. She does not respect anyone who works for her and only cares about flaunting her lavish lifestyle. All the company press seems to be about her and feeds into her ego.The company doesn't have much work, this only angers the CEO and the business model is set up for failure. Laurel and Wolf isn't a tech company either, just because the website has a "log in" button for its clients doesn't necessarily imply all of a sudden its a tech company. Nothing tech about Laurel and Wolf. Only it tries to establish itself as the "worlds largest virtual interior designers" and from working there its a complete joke.

Besides this, this business model does not make sense and the company vision of growth is unclear. No true transparency on how we are doing which is likely because no one actually knows and the company isn't doing that great.

People are leaving on a weekly basis for other opportunities. No one seems to care if this business succeeds or fails.

If the CEO provided us with transparency on how the business is doing and gave us direction on what our focus is and plan to grow, more employees would stay and this would in return show in the designers work. Flip-flopping of important company metrics each month. Really? Right now 90% of designers want to crank out the designs and go. We don't care about the what the client gets. For $399? PLLUZZ.

Treat employees fairly so people want to stay and maybe even care about the business.

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