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LA Fitness

Country United States
State California
City Irvine
Address 3161 Michelson Dr
Phone 949-255-8200

LA Fitness Reviews

  • Nov 20, 2017

L A Fitness has a fitness training progam that lets you pay in advance for the training sessions.They promise that you can use them anytime..However after paying for 50 lessions up front,they say you need to pay an extra $40.00 a month just to be able use your prepaid sessions..The salesman does not tell you this.In fact, he hides the bit of info..He told us we would be paid up and could use the they want $40.00 extra a month.

  • Oct 7, 2017

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LA Fitness told me twice that they would cancel my membership but continued to charge me. They charged the main holder of the account for an entire year after I tried canceling. When I called them to confront them about this they kept passing the phone over to someone else. Nobody I talked to cared about the situation. They kept telling me that I had to go in person to a gym and cancel my membership.

If you don't pay your membership the billing department will harass you on the phone at least 3 times a day, EVERYDAY. They'll call your emergency contacts. They'll even google where you live and contact your landlord. However, when you try to settle a dispute with them, they are nowhere to be found.

  • Jul 10, 2017

Despite the fact I do not have easy access to post-office, and have moved they will not allow me to cancel my membership over the phone or by email. As a result they continue to charge me monthly fees. This is clearly a scam and who knows how much they have scammed extra money out of members based on some fine writing that is hidden from members upon signing up. This clearly is dishonest and deceptive if someone wants to cancel they should be allowed to at that moment.

  • Jul 7, 2017

If you are looking for a gym in the Clifton - Montclair area BEWARE!!!! This L.A. Fitness has serious sanitary issues and for the last month and a half there have been live roaches in the showers and they have not been able to do anything about it. Upon bringing it to the managers attention and showing him pictures I was threatened not to put the pictures online as they will revoke my membership. After stating this they asked I text them the pictures and they will order a janitor. Since then I didn't go for a month and just went back today 7/7/17, I was ready to shower after my workout and almost every shower had garbage in it, finally after finding one that looked clean a cockroach ran down the shower wall onto the floor by my feet. Immediately I took pictures, didn't shower in the gym and after today I will never be going back to such a rundown fitness club. Upon your first step into the men's locker room, you'll have a pretty good overview of how poorly staffed this gym truly is. I have been going here for over 2 years and it has only been getting worse. Every week there's new janitors as they turn over rather quickly. Don't be alarmed if you tour this gym and upon walking in the locker room there are paper towels and garbage all over the floor, the trash bins are overflowing, the janitor is taking a snapchat of how dirty the locker room is, the guy walking in front of you spits on the ground, insects hiding in the Sauna, and you end up slipping as you walk into the bathroom as the floors reek of urine. This is the daily experience this LA fitness offers and for those who may question me I highly suggest you to go take a tour for yourself. Month after month the so called management of this gym gets numerous complaints of the dirtyness and yet has anything to do about it. I've been in customer service for 5 years mananging a shop and understand Janitors are available to businesses such as health clubs to keep them clean. This is common knowledge and there is no excuse for a gym such as LA Fitness that has thousands of memberships should be understaffed on janitors and have roaches in the bathrooms due to the lack of an exterminator. I highly advise everyone to take full advantage of the week guest pass offered before signing up to this gym and you will quickly see all that I have explained unfold.

  • May 22, 2017

On 5/17 I entered in to LA Fitness at the Lloyd Center in Portland, Ore. to activate a trial membership, at approximately 8:13 p.m. Upon entering ino the facility, I spoke with a receptionist who insured me my pass would be active and I could workout for the next four days. In a few moment's time, a man, by the name of Morgan arrived to 'activate' the pass, and informed me that because I don't have an 'Oregon ID' I cannot activate the pass. He was rude, crass in nature, aggressive in tone, and kept repeating the same script, "Nope." He'd cut me off after I asked any clarifying questions or what I could to do to use their facility and pointed out that nothing on the trial pass said I could not workout if I had an out of state ID.

I mentioend to Morgan I was in the area and attending school to which he snarkily said, "you NEED to bring in a lease, you NEED to bring in a financial aid letter etc." He never stated anything helpful, or used a helpful tone to allow me to feel comfortable or at ease. I have a bad shoulder inujry and often use steam rooms and saunas to relax and help my body to breathe and feel less tense.

Morgan barked demands at me in a condescending manner. When I asked to speak to the manager, he said in an egoic manner and stood up straight and tall, 'I' AM the 'manager.' I laughed and under my breath said, "you're the manger?" to which he stood there and glared. I asked to speak to his manager, and he claimed the individual was not present. I call his bluff.

( Sidenote: The week prior I had met with two front desk staff (Olivia and Justin) and inquired into a guest pass at that time. Neither one of the workers informed me I needed an Oregon State ID (I do have an Oregon address) to activate the pass. No one ever said anything about a lease agreement or other documentation, whatsoever).

My time at the LA Fitness at the Lloyd center was wasted - twice - the first time when I went into to inquire and had intended to work out - I was turned away for not having a 'print out' of the pass on a computer (even though I showed a photo of the guest pass on a phone - it wasn't enough for their staff). Then, I return with everything they ask, only to be mistreated and talked down to for following exactly what their staff had asked me to do - bring in a print out.

Both times, I took the bus there, and had arrived with workout clothes and intended to work out. Both times, I feel I was treated in a sub-par manner and the staff were 'cherry picking' small clauses (that they never showed me and only *said* were in effect) so that I would not be able to use the facility.

Negative Feng Shui - Don't go here.

  • May 12, 2017

The General Manager refused to let me take a break. The Operations Manager tried to cover it up by asking me to quit. When I called the HR Department they told me i was not entitled to a break on a 6 hour shift!! they withheld my paycheck and still have not paid me for three days of work. When I called them again, they denied that i ever called them! then it hit me- the hr department is a call center designed to dismiss employee complaints. Washington State Law requires a 10 min break if you work more than 5 hours. I worked 6 hours! I can't believe an entire HR Department would lie and break the law like this! You would think they would hold their management team to accountable and follow Labor Laws.

  • Feb 21, 2017

Email to customer service regarding the FILTHY CONDITIONS shortly after I joined. I was "assured" that customer satisfaction is their priority, and the issue would be addressed. Emailed again a week later and explained that the condition had not changed at all. No response.

Asked for the operations manager at the front desk two weeks after that as the filth persisted. I was told that I would not be given the information because the managers contact information is not given to members!!! Customer satisfaction is a priority for sure. A low, low one. The A-1 priority is clear as the sales staff goes to town on new prospects as I wait to speak to a manager I'm not important enough to access.

I hope I can post the photographs. I was shocked when I observed the same crud spots on the main work-out floor from one week to the next. Unsanitary, disappointing, and even dismissive at a basic human level, let alone at the level of business ethics and "customer satisfaction".

  • Oct 29, 2016

My daughter joined LaFitness for personal training as she was a high school and collegiate athlete. Personal training sessions were purchased and used, but when she was away at school her membership would be placed on hold. On breaks and during summer the membership would be renwed. We were told that her membership would be valid at any LAFitness but found that was a lie. We were told any unused purchased training sessions would be held and carried over. Did not happen. Upon college graduation this past summer my daughter returned to train with her personal trainer that she had trained with for several years during breaks from school. We explained clearly that my daughter wanted to use any unused training sessions, take her membership off hold, and purchase more training sessions for the summer. We explained that she would leave in mid-August to attend law school and that she only wanted to train over the summer. We were told that all of that could be accomodated. We paid for a month of training sessions and a membership fee and my daughter signed with her finger on a box that they placed in front of her. I expected that in a month I would pay again for more sessions covering from June to July and then I would pay from July to August a final payment as we had done in the past.

Shortly after my daughter leaves for law school I cancelled her membership online and I notice that I was charged on my credit card by La Fitness. I called and inquired about the charge and no one was available to explain. My husband walked into LaFitness to assure that my daughter's membership was cancelled and was handed a contract and told we have to pay for a year of training sessions. The management was rude and showed no concern when the situation was explained to him. Patrick S told my husband we could pay 50% of the total to buy out of the contract. I then made an appointment to speak with the two young men who we made the agreement with. They both knew who I was and who my daughter was as she had trained all summer there. They were friendly and assured me they understood completely and remembered that my daughter was going to law school. They said that I could cancel the "contract" by sending proof of relocation and that they checked that there were no LaFitness gyms in the area my daughter was attending law school. They instructed me to send her school address, her school ID # and her LAFitness membership # and gave me the mailing address of corporate headquarters.

I went home and typed the letter and it was mailed that day. Three months later and I am still incurring a monthly charge from LaFitness. I went again to speak with Patrick S about this and he informs me that the information I sent did not cancel the payments because it does not meet the requirements. He claims he can do nothing to fix the situation and does not feel responsible for his employees misinformation. Conveniently, two of the three people involved with the personal training no longer work at this LAFitness. I asked Patrick S to call corporate headquarters and fix the problem and he said he cannot call. Patrick S., is he really operations manager? He knows nothing, can do nothing, can only look at computer screen and tell me what I already know. Later when my daughter calls he tells her she can provide proof of her address via utility bill, or lease. I now have to return with copy of lease which he attaches to her account online. He tells me the charges will be removed in two business days. This is 3 months after the problem arose. I am waiting to see if I've been lied to once again by LaFitness. Horrible, stressful experience with this gym. After dealing with other fitness companies and never having an issue, I believe this company should be investigated to find out the frequency with which people are being lied to.

  • Oct 25, 2016

To Whom it may concern:

i would lie to file a complain against Mr. Renard Boyd, who is currently employed by LA FITNESS Club. Mr. Boyd is a personal trainer at the pawtucket facility. Mr Boyd had told me that he would give me a few free training classes, that i would not have to pay anything. I do not understand any english, he had me sign a membership that i never agreed to. Now i have a bill of $8.010.00 and in oder for me to cancel i would need to pay at least half. i do not agree with that.

  • Sep 13, 2016

LA Fitness claims they are providing a Healthy Life Style but they run ads for a Online Gambling Casino every 1/2 hour at their Gyms in New Jersey. It is blasted on their Speakers througout the Gym and displayed on Video throughout the gym.

I guess it is not enough that you are paying your monthly dues to come to a gym. The would rather w***e themselves out by trying to get their members addicted to Online Gambling.

  • Aug 3, 2016

I went to renew my membership but the manager told me I cannot, I have to get a new membership. He claims that my agreement states LA fitness can cancel your account any time for any reason and they do not have to honor the renewal. Awful! I prepaid for 2 years and now I am entitled to my renewal and they want to upsell a regular higher dues membership. How can you trust ur credit info with this organization? Just google Marc Medrano, an ex manager that stole credit card numbers.

  • Jul 26, 2016

I am so disappointed in LA Fitness. I was approached by a "trainer" who said they wanted to get me in the best shape of my life. He asked me to come in on Saturday to talk about the personal training program. He began to review pricing information and I am immediately turned off as the prices were sky high. So Marius the "trainer" said how about this we can do 2 sessions for 135 dollars per month plus the 149.00 enrollment fee. At this point he isn't taking no for an anwser and he is telling me how if I don't like the training I can cancel at anytime with no penalty and he would even pay me my money back. At this point I am not sold on the idea of paying 284.00 on training I wasn't even sure I wanted. So I tell Marius unfortuanly it's still too expensive and I am not interested. I leave the area and begin my workout, Marius sends me a text saying "Hey great news shann I was able to get enrollement fee waived so its only the 135." This to me sounds like a great deal. At this point he has told me the following lies. See below:

I can cancel at anytime with no penalty if I don't like the training

He would pay me my money back if I don't like the training

So I decide to give it a try, hey I had nothing to lose- No contract, I get to cancel when I want, and if I don't like it, I will even get my money back. This to me is an AWESOME deal. So me and Marius now have a verbal agreement. He then asks me for my debit card to authorize the payment for 135.00. He begins having computer issues and asks me to sign the signature pad several times. (Little did I know I was signing a contract for a year of Personal training). Marius and I finish up and I have no clue what I had gotten myself into. So, I schedule a future training session with Marius the "trainer", the workout was good despite his flatulance for the entire session, just the beginning of his rudesness. As my week progresses and I approach my second work out with Marius the "trainer" I get a phone call from Marius and he asked me to not tell anyone he was training me because he wasn't supposed to be training people technically. So this made me feel uncomfortable immediatley because he told me he was going to be my trainer. This was extremely misleading. I would not have paid the 135.00 if I'd known he wasn't supposed to be training. So I end the phone call with Marius anticipating our next workout. I get to the gym and hunt down marius, I find him training someone else at our scheduled time. I am super confused at this point because he said he wasn't supposed to be training anyone. He sees me and simply walks off with the other customer as if I am not there. Marius never came back to find me and he didn't even try to give me a call or anything. He simply ignored me. This to me was disrespectful. The next time I went to the gym I asked to speak to his manager, James D. I explained to James that I wanted to cancel my personal training with Marius, I told him all the things that occured and James simply offered me excuses and promises he couldnt keep. At this point I am still thinking that this contract can be canceled at any time with no penalty. James D tells Marius my issues and concerns and Marius approaches me with lots of aggression, stating how he gave me a deal because I couldn't afford the training and how he paid my enrollment fee for me. I didn't ask MArius to do any of those thigs so this was truly irelevant to me. I was feeling extremely uncomfortable by the way he was speaking to me and I hurried to end the conversation. I texted Marius a week or so later asking to cancel the training sessions and he then informed me I would have to pay 1/2 of the remaining balance. I asked him what balance? And I reminded him of our arrangements, he reiterated that I would have to pay have of remaining year's balance. He completly lied to me, misled me, had me sign a contract under false pretenses and that is illegal in the state of GA. I will take the names of the manager and "trainer" to the district attorneys office if LA fitness does not cancel and void this contract. I have no problem taking this to small claims court. Whatever you do, do not sign up for these training sessions no matter what they say. They do not have a culture of respect and honesty. Biggest mistake I have made financially in a long time. But I will fight this!

  • Apr 6, 2016

I joined when the club was fairly new. I paid an initiation fee and pay more per month now then anyone I talk to. When addressing this with management, they of course can do nothing to adjust the price. Of course I can PAY to have the price adjusted. Of the 3 people at the club I was talking to, only one of them was even nice. The other two talked to me as if I was insignificant & they could care less. They said only corporate could do any price adjusting, so I asked for corporates phone number. JACOB made a point to put a note under my account so corporate was ready for my call. So not only did the man at corporate talk to me like I was a moron, like most of the men working there do, but he was rude and condescending as well. I don't mind paying for something if I'm getting my money's worth. But over the last year or so, the place has deteriorated. The shower heads are covered with green lime scale (I have the same water & I clean mine & they don't look like that), the spa (when it works) has a greasy film on the tiles and on top the water, and every time I'm there, there's at least a few cardiac machines out of order. Worst of all, I don't work out near closing time anymore, I don't feel safe. When I told the condescending man from corporate, he said they provide lighting in the parking lot, the rest is my responsibility, and if something were to happen, it's not their fault. In addition to not feeling safe, I've told staff who were working at the time, that there is a member who's family doesn't watch her properly, and she's walked in on me showering. This is not the club I signed up with seven years ago, and I no longer feel I'm getting what I pay for. I WAS ALSO TOLD MONTHLY PRICES WILL RISE TO $39.99/month.

  • Mar 12, 2016

A man at la fitness told me I was allowed to use my boyfriends credit card information and I could sign my name under it( which he didn't give my authorization to do) and the man told me that I could get out of the contract at any time all I had to was ask him so when it came time to when I wanted to get out of it he stared at me and said I couldn't I talked to a manger and they wouldn't help me so now I am coming to y'all to help me get out of this because if I do not pay it my credit takes a hit and I do not want to pay for something I did not want.

  • Mar 1, 2016

LA FITINESS – I RECOMMEND TO STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY In March of 2011 my wife and I signed up with Vision Quest. Then in November of 2011 my wife canceled and I renewed for a year plus 6 months free and paid the entire amount due. Due to extra work and no time I finally decided to canceled my contract with Vision Quest in September of 2012. Unfortunately I have the managers name and the date but not written proof of cancelation as I had asked but they said no. That did not make me happy but what could I do about it but keep the mangers name and the date. So the last time I was at Vision Quest was in late 2012 before it was bought by LA Fitness. Now the current activities: In 2013 LA Fitness bought Vision Quest and without my permission LA Fitness started to withdraw from my bank account on a monthly basis with no notification verbal or written. This was unknown to me because as far as I knew they did not have my bank account number or credit card number as neither is listed on the Vision Quest Membership Agreement to whom I had paid a full year in advance and I never had a agreement with LA Fitness. The account in question was one that I used about twice a year so seldom checked so unfortunately I never noticed the small payments of $20.81 a month they were withdrawing. Also being that neither Vision Quest or LA Fitness ever sent an email or paper mail indicating that they were starting the monthly withdrawals and I was not aware that my Vision Quest account had NOT been canceled I never realized that I was paying monthly. This continued until February of 2016 when the bank account ran out of money and I got a call from LA Fitness that they could not take their payment out . WHAT PAYMENT??????? So off I went to LA Fitness to ask what the____ was going on. Where I was informed that I was a member. Even though I had not been there ever and I had CANCELED my membership with Vision Quest and they had no “check in” ever listed for me, Of course I had never been to their gym. I spoke with the manager and he connected me with the customer service person. This person indicated that the best he could do was to refund 2 months of payments. Later he said 6 months. But after their withdrawal of $772.56 including maintance fees $124.86 doesn’t quite make it. I have since canceled the membership AGAIN and have since AGAIN received 2 additional calls about non payment of dues and an additional $15.00 charge for non payment. So I am not sure how many times you have to cancel but you might want to ask if you are signing up with them. So I would NEVER EVER EVER recommend using LA Fitness. But if you do read my story first, as I am writing this to let everyone know that if you decide to work with LA Fitness make sure that you get everything in writing, signed and dated and don’t take a no for an answer when you ask for copies as this company does not keep you informed and is not trustworthy.

  • Jan 7, 2016

I joined LA Fitness about 2 years ago never had problems since yesterday one of the employees younger guy ask me to leave i was swimming and they had a class going I asked the lady that is teaching the class if I could stay in the pool area she said it was fine if I don't bother anybody or be loud the young guy was just harassing me then he told me that he will call the cops on me cuz I wouldn't leave the pool and that I'm trespassing and because of that I got banned from LA Fitness

do not join LA Fitness and I try to call corporate office they wouldn't do anything wouldn't listen to me bad customer service and employees at LA Fitness they're are all young inexperienced and they try to take advantage of the power that they have the cops showed up the cops laughed at all the employees the cops said this is a civil matter and i have a membership so i cant be trespassing Andy was the guy who was harassing me and Tim is the manager he is a d**k I THINK THEY NEED MORE TRAINING AND PEOPLE SKILLS i know why they banned me i was only paying $19


  • Oct 27, 2015

LA Fitness (Wyomissing) will "unfreeze" a person on the family plan without notice, and bump up the fees charged to credit card without notice. They won't send an email, a fax, a card, no notice. NO NOTICE! But they expect you to talk to them before you cancel. When asked for the arbitration claim forms, they claim ignorance. This means they forfeit arbitration when they refuse to provide a form, or fail to do so.

They'll bump you $20 a month without a note or reason. Watch out for LA Fitness!

I spoke to Erica, the manager, at the gym. Unprofessional. Rude. She sent me to corporate. Corporate sent me to the local gym in Wyomissing to cancel.

A beautiful gym run by amateur management. They could do much, much better.

  • Oct 26, 2015

BEWARE!!!! Do not sign a contract for personal training. I didn't know it was a membership with recurring charges, and have now lost over $3,200. I have used only 2 sessions out of over 60 and have moved states, so I have absolutely no hope of using them all. I feel cheated and ripped-off by the gym I used to love. No one let me know it was a membership. I believed it to be a one-time purchase of 8 sessions for $360. That was not the case. Because no one informed me otherwise, LA Fitness kept charging me without any notice. I should've been tracking on my credit card statement, but I didn't think to look because it was an old card. I want to emphasize the fact that I never received an email, phone call, or any warning that it was a membership.

The only way to be exonerated of the 11-month contract is to provide proof of relocation. Even though I am just the extra roommate who pays the main leaser, I got my name on the power-bill at my current residence. I must send this power-bill with my name on it to LA Fitness corporate in order to cancel the membership. This unfortunate situation has been a huge headache, and I feel terrible for losing the $3,200. Needless to say, I am not a happy customer. LA Fitness customer service is the worst I've ever experienced. I requested a refund and all they said is, "There's nothing I can do, personal training sessions are non-refundable." They honestly don't care about keeping customers. My bank is also unable to help because I signed the contract that no one explained to me. I believed the contract to be a form releasing them from liability if I were to get hurt during training, not an obligation to pay $360 a month for 11 months, and I'm sure the membership would auto-renew for another 11 months. I'm completely hopeless about getting the money back, and am extremely distraught over this.

If you are in a similar situation, I am so sorry to hear that.

I have to get my story out there because I don't want this to happen to anyone else! Save yourself the headache and please DON'T SIGN UP FOR PERSONAL TRAINING!

  • Sep 24, 2015

My wife had to cancel her bi-weekly annual personal trainer program do to doctors orders. LA Fitness only lets you get out of the contract if you are totally disabled! We had to buy out the rest of the contract for a cost of $600 dollars and they would not rebate any of the $394 we paid monthly for May, June, July, August, or September. She did not go to the gym in these months and had told her trainer she was on doctors orders not to workout. We felt riped off.

  • Aug 28, 2015

I joined LA Fitness in November. A day later I joined their Personnel Trainer (very huge mistake) program. Both memberships were on a month to month basis to my knowledge. In June I had to cancel both memberships because of health issues. I canceled one with ease but the other magically became a year contract without me knowing. So I canceled my credit card and got a new one with different numbers so they would not charge me. Somehow they got my new credit card number without my permission. That is illegal in my book. I am trying to find out for sure. I would like to join anyone who is considering a lawsuit. So, never join LA Fitness. They are liars and scam artist.

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