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Keller Williams Realty Westlake Village

Country United States
State California
City Westlake Village
Address 30700 Russell Ranch Rd #200
Phone 805-267-5805

Keller Williams Realty Westlake Village Reviews

  • Oct 27, 2016

I purchased a home from Keller Williams Westlake Village, with warranty. Paid $600 for a year. A/C part broke a month later and they agreed to pay for the work to be done. I called to check on the reimbursement check and they decided they were only going to pay a fraction of what they promised.

After hours of time on the phone and repeated phone calls, they finally agreed to pay the amount. I called on 08/16/16 to check on the status and they sent me to a manager in the cancellations department. I told them I was very unsatisfied with this pathetic company and how they had been treating us from the initial claim beginning..Later I wanted to meet up with Glenn Dormer or Wendy Dormer who is the Business owner of this company. But they denied us.

The senior manager, said that he was going to withhold the reimbursement check until I signed a release form that stated I was going to keep my mouth shut and not leave bad reviews, or send complaints to governing bodies.

This is extortion for my own money. And last I checked this is America and I have the right to freedom of speech. I also have the right to leave a bad review in good faith based on factual instances.

This company refuses to pay claims and claims they aren't about making money yet they make any excuse they can to get out of paying. No one should be bullied in signing something to keep them quiet about a company who is doing wrong. The more research I do on this company, the more I see that they are a crooked company and they've already had to pay thousands and thousands in restitution.

I believed every single thing that was said by Glenn and Wendy. I was expecting something really good out of this but it all led to disappointment and dissatisfaction. The extortion of my own money made me infurriated about this whole thing and I want everyone out there to be aware of this company KELLER WILLIAMS WESTLAKE VILLAGE! I don't want anyone to face the problems I faced and it was a very bad time for me the day I decided to purchase a house from this company!

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