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Kaplan University

Country United States
State Indiana
City Indianapolis
Address 9000 Keystone Crossing, Suite 800
Phone 317.208.5311

Kaplan University Reviews

  • Oct 9, 2017

I “graduated “ with a supposedly B.S. in Business Managment from Kaplan back in 2003. I thought I had done the right thing by doing this on-line college since where I was living at the time did not have any colleges close by, it was a dream come true for me when I found Kaplan. Unfortunately, my excitement turned into disappointment and dismay. Kaplan did not fully disclose the expense of the “degree” I obtained. I soon found out my “degree” was worthless in the workforce and other (legit) colleges. None of my credits transferred to a legitimate college when I tried to enroll and I owed over $20,000 in student loans. I know I’m not the only one who has been scammed by Kaplan, promising an affordable education and more opportunities in the workforce. Both bold face lies from Kaplan. I would like to see a class action lawsuit. I want my student loans reimbursed to the Department of Education, which I believe Kaplan scammed as well. Any other complaints that anyone has about Kaplan, please respond or if there is anyone that knows who can take on my case or point me in the right direction to get Kaplan shut down and punished for their fraudulent degrees and exorbitant tuition so no one else will fall victim to this sham.

  • Jul 15, 2017

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Graduated from Kaplan in 2011 with a degree in Multimedia and Animation (what a joke, tought me nothing except a class in Web site animation in Flash but make me take 192 degree credits, most of the classes did not teach me much and nothing that I could not have gotten through a school like UDEMY where you learn on your own (by the way this is a great was to learn and not pay the high fees) The problem is I have not gotten a job paying any more then when I started school in 2006. My husband is unable to work due to Stage 4 kidney failure and on dialysis. I am now the only one bring in money to the household and they want 454 per month for student loans. They should not be able to charge for classes that are not worth anything to companies in the real world. We need to be able to file a class-action lawsuit and get loan reimbersement for the classes which are not accepted by employers.

  • Jul 11, 2017

I was scammed into enrolling as a student online with Kaplan University online. I filled out the information that was given and then was automatically accepted. I think this is too good to be true. I received email but no phone calls to talk to a live recruiter.

  • Jun 21, 2017

I call for a class action suit to take place Predatory, Poor-Performing College (Kaplan University). I started this University with the hopes to have the opportunity to become qualified to make an income that would make me a part of the productive part of society. What I have received is an education from a University that is not recognized by employers in my state of Maryland. A university that changed my degree plan with my knowledge. I have a loss of time, wasted commitment to a degree, A University that consumed my Pell grants, money out of pocket and still cost me over 60 thousand dollars in student loans for a Bachelor of Science. When I complained they threatened to kick me out of the University. They claim to have employment assistance however this was nothing more than public platforms and information, such as CareerBuilder’s and statistics showing that a bartender is the highest demand. I remained unemployed and still under employed and I am not able to pay back the student loans. If this is not resolved I will most likely not be able to purchase a home or have any social security. I have loss of income as if I had attended a credible University that employers accepted could be different. I have debt that is astronomical in cost for a Bachelor of Science. I have loss of time I will not get back that impacts a career and income. This University has taken advantage of the high loss of employment and those who found themselves jobless and were willing to do what it would take to remain competitive in looking for employment. My own state did not recognize that I was enrolled in college, this impacts scholarship applications. The advisors are of no assistance outside of making sure you are enrolled and that the loans and payments are made. The quality of the education ranks to the level of watching reality tv and reading books. This can be done on your own. My current employment opportunities are still at the level of one who has no continued education. As a matter of fact I know those who do not have even a GED who make a better income than I do. Consumer protection is in great need for those who look to better themselves and seek the assistance of education business. I do not even make enough to make payments on my loans when I am forced to repay I will not have enough to cover the cost to live.

  • Jun 3, 2017

I was a student at Kaplan from 2014 to Jan. Of 2015. I withdrew due to health issues and decided taking a break would be best. After withdrawing they began calling multiple times a day to collect funds for a class at $544 for one week. They told me I could not return until I paid the amount. Several days later I received an email saying I could pay off my loans using a portion of my financial aid if I filled out the papers and returned them within a week. I did it the very next day. Since then I have gotten no response to the papers I sent in. I am getting harassing calls multiple times a day even though I block the numbers they call from different numbers and locations to get through. I have now resorted to threatening them with a lawyer. I have sent multiple emails to financial aid asking about the papers I sent in and every email has been ignored. I even sent copies of the emails they sent along with mine. Nothing. I think I'd like to find a class action suit to get in on to get them to leave me alone.

  • Jun 1, 2017

I started at Kaplan in 2013 at the age of 44 with the high hopes of completing my BA in Heath and Wellness with a concentration in nurtition and then go on to obtain my Masters in nutrition. I wanted to finally be able to finish a degree program. My children were grown and it was time for me to make a better life for me and my family. Instead, after 98 credits and only 88 left to go. I was told via email by the financial adisor that I had no more financial money left and that the only way to continue my degree would be to pay out of pocket.

I have no money to pay for school, that's why I'm going to school, to earn a better living.

Instead of realizing my dream, I am now in financial debt even worse than before.

Kaplan destroyed my dream for now but I am hoping that I will be able to find an attorney to help me to at least be able to finish my degree.

  • May 18, 2017

I was registered for MS In Arts of teaching. When I registered I knew they weren't accredited so the person who registered enrolled me on the MAT-Classroom pathways bundle program which is the American board in which who partnered with them because they were not ncate accredited. 4 months of classes went well. Then after my course ended in December, my advisor, whom at which was suppose to register me for classes in advance never did. So I waited around while getting messages from a professor saying I was behind but I was not registered within this course. He forgot o pre register me. Had to do a leave of abscence in which the waived the re enrollment fee. Although they re enrolled me, they took my MAT-classroom pathways bundle program off. They said they contacted me for a month to see if I still wanted to be in the program but I never received an email. Why not send a letter if your not getting a response? Obviously I wasn't getting the email. Once my last course came I started inquiring about the American board and when I would be starting. This is when I found out they cancelled it. They told me I had to pay $2,850 out of pocket to the American board to be on track for certification. Fast forward to a whole year later. I am trying other direction to getting certified and I needed to do a college verification form for my application. My advisor tells me he can't fill it out because they aren't accredited. If he would have pre registered me for my courses like he was suppose to then I would be ok. But he didn't and they are telling me it's nothing they can do because they tried to contact me. If they did try I didn't get it. Either way, it is their fault because the advisor should have scheduled my courses in advance so that I wouldn't have had to re enroll and do a leave of absence and they would have never had to question whether I was still interested. P.S if I was interested and told the representative my expectations on becoming a certified teacher after my degree was awarded when I enrolled from the beginning, what made them think that I would have not been interested after they had to re enroll me?

  • May 18, 2017

I enrolled into this school thinking that I would have job in the the field that I chose. They didn't help me find a job in the field. Like they said they would. I'm working in a factory and can't pay my student loans. It has cost me everything. It cost almost 40,000 for this education.

  • May 8, 2017

I attended Kaplan University from 2010-2014. I recieved ny associates degree in business and then enrolled in thier BS program for early childhood education. During my schooling I never dropped below a B average and that was only 3 times. I was one semester away from my degree when I was informed that my funding had run out and I would hve to pay for half of the current semester and all of the last semester, $770.00 and over $2,300.00 respectively. This is after I was informed that financial aide would fund my degree.

To add insult to injury I was then informed that even though I only needed 180 credits for my BS I would have to earn 182 credits because with the classes my academic advisers had scheduled for me I would have 2 extra core credits but would be short 2 elective credits, therefore I would have to take a extra class my last term and pay for this out of pocket as well. At the time I was informed of these developements I was between jobs and was unable to pay for the current term let alone the final term with an extra class.

I found a job with a reputable company doing manual labor at 55 years old. The company promoted enternally and in the course of a year had a position open up that my associates degree should set me in a position ahead of my fellow employees. That was when I found that Kaplan's degree was not held in high regard by my employer. My goal was to become a teacher in my home state but with the information I am finding out about Kaplan and thier accredidation this does not seem likely. 4 years and massive debt have been for nothing.

I feel wronged but am in no position to do anything about it legally which sucks. I would gladly assist in any action that is being taken to stop Kaplan from taking advantage of others especially veterans like myself.

  • May 5, 2017

I enrolled in Kaplan University under the premise of an accredited school and that financial aid would be afforded. They said I did not qualify for federal aid and therefore had to secure a private loan which they helped me set up.

I found today that they had secured 16 different Stafford Student Loans in my name totalling almost $55,000 and because I did not pay them back not only are they in default but with interest they are up to almost $70,000 and I never graduated because I found out the diploma was not honored in NC.

They are misleading and they are a scam. Help!

  • Apr 27, 2017

Several colleges that I applied with will not acknowledge that I even attended Kaplan. so I wasted 3 years and 37k in student loans for nothing. they charged me over 2500 in technology fees. and after doing some research on the so called teachers, some of them arent even teachers...... The degree is junk, it was a waste of time!!!!!!!

  • Apr 22, 2017

I attended Kaplan in 2012-2014 I was almost through my associates in Human services when I was informed that my degree was not accepted in North Dakota. Also was not what I thought I was going to school for. When I enrolled I was led to believe that after telling the enrollment counselor everything I wanted to do that she for me with the right program which instead she didn't. I wanted to work with families, kids and ppl who can't help themselves. I wanted to work in social work as I know know the true meaning but she enrolled me in Human Services which is only an assistant to social workers. So I am 25+ thousand in debt for something I didn't even want to do. Now I can't pay the interest let alone the principal because I am no futher in a career then I was. Please help!!!!

  • Apr 19, 2017

I was lied to by the administration or enrolling personal about how much cost was going to be and was forced to get a subsidized loans to help. Well then I started getting checks after my tuition was paid and I was told it was mine since my classes were paid for. It was the left over money. They also said once I was graduated if I didn't have a job already from clinicals they would help me find a job locally. Never heard from anyone. I called and no one would talk to me, just plain out rude. I feel I have been ripped off with an associates degree that I have yet found a job with. I started school in.July 2009 did not graduate till November 2011 they added unnecessary classes that had nothing to do with medical assistants. They had me take billing and coding 1 and 2 and also a paralegal class. I am in 50000$ in debt and still accumulating.

  • Apr 6, 2017

I have had issues with financial aid and other things at Kaplan University but the clinical issues have been the worst. It took me two days to be able to reach my clinical site. When I went for interview was barely given the time of day. Something seemed off but just thought I was being paranoid. One the first day, I made sure I showered, had clean clothes, basically everything hygenic as if I was going to an interview or something. After being there for awhile, and only pulling patient files, I was sent home and told to play with my baby. I have an 11mth old and they made a big deal about working, school and externing and having a child under 1. The second day I went, I performed the same measures as the previous time. Shower, clean clothes, brushed teeth, deoderant, etc. The lady instructing me was over 45 minutes late. Then after 15 minutes sent me home again, at the same exact time as the day before, and told me that I smelled bad. I was so upset that I called my husband bawling and went to his job to make him smell me. He said I smelled good and then I asked his mother as well and she said same thing. I don't wear purfume etc bc of already being in medical field and we arent supposed to. I emailed the manager at the achool and told her the issues I had been having at the site. I explained numerous people rebutted the sites claim but it didn't seem to matter to her. The third day I went, I was sent home the exact same time as the previous two times and told the school would call me and to come back anytime. I received an email from the manager telling me that I smelled bad and that we needed to fix the issue. I told her that it wasn't an issue and I thought something else was going on. She wouldn't listen to me and I told her that I couldnt go back tot hat location. I then received an email the following Monday and was told the site terminated me and I would have to do a remediation plan if I wanted to continue at the school. I was depressed and didnt want to do anything. I almost lost my current job to accommodate for this externship and now it was all in jeporady. I had a conference call to remediate the issue and they said the site told me several times, which was a lie, and basically blaming me for everything and didnt care about any issues I had at the site bc " they volunteer to take students and we need them". They also had issues with my husband bwing on the line and also told me false information that was not listed in my handbook but was supposedly in their handbook about not being able to have a second site during this term. Now I am out over 1200 for the class plus I am going to seek a lawyer to sue for possible damages, lost wages, etc. Please do not attend this school. I will have over 40k invested in an associates degree that I probably will not even get now.

  • Mar 15, 2017

Instead o fsending the money back to the lender when i dropped out of their program, they kept it, now my family is suffering!! how do i stop these people from stealing my life completely!! we are now losing our home and have already lost everything else due to their negligence!! Yet the school claims i dont owe the money! the nwhy is it being taken on their behalf? thi is unreal to me that a company of any size is allowed to continue with this behavior! this is fraud at its finest and it seems like our government would put a stop to it seeing as though the school is using the federal government to rip people off!! ill be filing suit seperately but am willing to be involved in any class action suit against this school at any time!!

I took 4 classes while enrolled with kaplan. when i realized the school was a joke i dropped out. even after all he grant money i was given i have still had over $9000 taken from federal tax refunds, even though the school is now claiming i dont owe the money, i just had another $5391 taken last week. It seems that instead of sending the money back to the lender, or even myself, they kept it! this has completely ruined my life at this point. we are losing our home along with everything else we have already lost due to the neglegence of this company! i need help in stopping them! there seems to be no end in sight, and i now have another agency calling telling me that i still owe them over $6000 for unpaid student loans, which brings my total so far to over $15000 for 4 classes! this is unreal!!! im willing to become involved in any suit brought against this school!!

  • Jan 31, 2017

I feel like Kaplan University was doing some questionable math. $70,000+ in debt and I was only about 26 credits away from a four year degree, and I even had to take some time off, as well as drop some credits. I just don't understand how I could have ran out of money!

  • Jan 30, 2017

Originally enrolled in the Medical Assisting Associates program, I transferred to the Bachelor of Health in Health Science in Sept 2015. I decided to transfer back to the MA program to finish my associates with the plan of going onto get my BSN when I was done. I spoke with my advisor about this, he felt this was a good option. So, after I transfer back and continued the MA journey I find out that I had been enrolled in a certificate program and they had discontinued the associates program. So, I’ve spent almost 2 years to get a certificate when I really should be getting an associate degree. No one ever told me that they were changing the associates to a certificate program. When I spoke to my advisor about this, he apologized and said they don’t have the program anymore so I can’t get my associates. I’ve done almost two years worth of work to get an associates and I’m only being given a certificate.

  • Jan 25, 2017

Kaplan is quick to sign you up, take out loans in your name and also very quick to ignore your needs, very quick to offer false information, penalize you for it when it turns out to be false, dismiss all accountability and refuse to acknowledge that they've done anything wrong. Classes started out okay enough, the format is blistering fast, engaging and seems to completely ignore that I mentioned to enrollment on numerous occasions that I work third shift. Later, due to health complications in the first term, I was placed on academic probation, no biggie, I disclosed a disability, was offered additional time to get my work in, given an incomplete to catch up after a second helth issue (minor surgery) followed shortly by my sleep problems being severely amplified when lightning struck my home and destroyed most of my electronics (which I used for school). I got everything up and running, was catching up, got an incomplete granted in two classes but alas, they lied to me about the duration offered by an incomplete, denied my satisfactory academic progress appeal despite the health issues previously disclosed to them, refused to offer what they themselves came up with as "reasonable accomodation" and then neither student advising nor the dean's office could be bothered to contact me back, so I'm now part of the 70+% of people that knows way better than to do anything but use the dismissal letter with the nice message about procedure to reenroll for anything but if I run out of toilet paper and for 5,000+ in additional student loan debt and nobody at Kaplan cares about how poorly they execute everything, how major details are misconstrued and how they run a joke of a program incapable of focusing on anything but taking federal money and finding every possible means to kick people out after that!

  • Jan 25, 2017

At no time did Kaplan mention that my financial aid would end. I was suddenly told I owed $1900 or I would be dismissed. I didn't have the $1900 so I was dismissed after 4 years and only a few months left. Now I have been emailing and calling trying to consolidate my loans and I'm getting no call back I am being told they are going to take my taxes and that is why I am trying to get this taken care of. I cannot tho because they are not answering or calling me back. I feel like they failed to let me know everything (like financial aid ending) and I also feel I was scammed.

  • Jan 21, 2017

I was told from day one i would have enough financial aid and loan to cover my degree. I called again in my third term after i recieved a letter stating my funds were getting low. I called and spoke to a financial advisor about the issue, he guaranteed i would have enough funds and suggested i took 3 classes per term until i graduated. I took a 10 week leave. When i came back, 2 weeks into my term, i recieved a letter from kaplan. I was told i owed kaplan $6400 if i wanted to continue my education. I told them i couldnt afford that. They told me i needed to contact ny bank abd take out a personal loan. I told them i couldnt do that and the made me decide that i no longer was able to attend college. They have exhausted all of my aide. I will never recieve my degree because of their lies.

  • Jan 16, 2017

This "school" lied to me several times throughout the course of my enrollment. I ended up having to take several courses again after them not accepting transfer questions. They had me in the wrong program three times and after all was said in done, I have a huge student loan debt, with no degree. I would like to join in the class action lawsuit.

  • Dec 6, 2016

I went to Kaplan from 2007-2010. After I graduated looked over my account noticed I was missing money. Contacted the school was informed they sent me stipend checks. I told them I did indecisive them. I requested copies of these checks and was told it would take two weeks. It's been almost three weeks no response.

  • Sep 27, 2016

I was a student for Kaplan University in 2009-2011 - At this Time I did not finish my degree because I has another opportunity under a family business. However, recently I have decided to continue my education because I only have 70 mor credits to go and finish to obtain my BS in Criminal Justice Degree. I called into Kaplan, everything sounded like I was good to go to re-enroll. I then recieved an email from Kaplan stating that I OWE a remaining balance of 9,296.75 otherwise I cannot re-enroll or switch over my transcripts until this is paid in full. With the amount of confusion and shock, I called into Kaplan and spoke with a nice gentleman who advised information that I was never aware of- If so, I probably would have looked into alternatvie options.

He advised to me, that the remaining balance is what is due to Kaplan University Directly, this is NOT the student loans. This is an ADDITIONAL COST as the student.. He also advised that every Term I had a remaining balance and that I should NOT have been allowed to continue to the next term if these were not paid in full. I was still confused because I was never advised that my finincial aid/student loans wouldnt cover the full costs of the class. He then directed me to another department because he stated that my balance when to a collection agency in 2013. HOWEVER, IF this is the case... 1. I never recieved a phone call 2.I never recieved documentation stating it went to collections/OR I had an outstanding balance 3.My credit score was NEVER docked. --- See where my suspensions are kicking in?

I then got transfered to a woman, who is advising me of the same information as the gentleman did. Also advised that it did go to collections but then Kaplan pulled the balance from collections and took it back as an 'in-home debt' - OK, THEN how come I still never got contacted??

Through this whole process I have been making payments online toward the interest on my loans - TO WHICH was consolidated through another company.

So Now, I can either continue my education and pay 9,296.75 BEFORE I start anything - OR I can NOT continue my education and stay where I am at - OR I can start completely over through another college -

  • Sep 2, 2016

I took the online classes for Kaplan Univeristy. In the beginning i let them know my finical situation and that i did not want to take out much loans since i was a single mother. There were many issues after the first year. I asked to speak to an finical advocate because i was not understanding what they were specifically stating about my loans. Long story short supportable 20 credits away from my BA they said they made a mistake and locked me out of my class this was on the 4 week in so of course after arguing with the finical department going to the dean they said there was something they could do yet when they unlocked me i failed the class and had to repay that. I was told i was fine with the loans i had take out to the end of the year. I can not see records but i know i did not pull out as much as the dept of education is stating. I ended up graduating and then receive information that because of the class i retook since i was locked out and they delayed everything they were not releasing my diploma until i pay 2400. Its a bunch of crap honestly i have wrote letters to the dean every Kaplan asking for help and also the president. I know that was probably a waste of time yet i am sad a lot of you are going thru the same thing yet happy in a sense also because to know i am not the only one helps me. At this point i will never own a home my credit is messed up i'm harassed everyday and i tried so hard with a 3.5 GPA in criminal justice, managing having two other children while enrolled. I don't see how we can be trying to better our self for our families and we are kicked to the side and overseen it is so discouraging!!!! I have a bunch of emails some with replaies some without showing that all my staements are true. I would like to join this suit but also get my dipoloma if it is legit because i have earned it. I also yesterday had to sign up with one of ohbama's school loan programs where they help you because now that i have been out of school for the last year i recieved a letter than my gransihes and taxes would be taken. Please make this right for all of us, we are the ones trying here to have a career and not job!!!

  • Aug 11, 2016

I was told by Kaplan University at enrollment that I had enough money to complete my Degree in Psychology. I followed their schedule and sometimes took an extra course to graduate early.

At time of graduation in July of 2012 all of a sudden there was a problem with my credits. Mind you, I talked to my counselor every month to make sure I would graduate in July and everything was ok. I was told how many classes I had to complete.

All of a sudden I needed 9 more classes to graduate. I talked with several counselors and head of the department which reduced it down to 6 classes. His explanation was that the requirements had changed since my enrollment. I checked my enrollment schedule and saw where they had added classes. I took the classes anyway because I was too close to getting my degree. After I graduated they said I had a balance of $642.00 so I never received my degree nor got a job in that field.

  • Jul 30, 2016

Hi I am a student here at Kaplan University I am stating here today July 26th 2016 the reasoning of this disagreement. Before I joined Kaplan University I had applied for a GED through American Academy of Pinecrest back in September 16th 2014 which is when I graduated from this school. did not receive any notion or information stating that I had to send in my transcripts from the school. I sent in a document stating the high school I graduated from and got my diploma from and there for my student advisor at the time had waved the process and then after that the student Federal loan services had contacted me to sign papers to be approved for Kaplan University. From I started at Kaplan University as a student for my bachelors degree in ABA psychology. I never received the documents stating for my high school transcript dated in there documents from May 26th 2015. This document from 2015 is not in my document history on my account in my documents for Kaplan University online college I had not seen this information nor did I get hold of this information what xo ever, not through federal or student advisory office until July 1st, this was my first notice of this transcript for school and that it was unsatisfied. Student federal aid and my student advisor had had told me that I was eligible and my school is a eligible school through Kaplan back in 2014 when I started school. July 12th 2016 I had called American Academy of Pinecrest because I was getting emails which were stated July 18th 2016 July 20th 2016 and July 25th 2016 stating that I owe 6,426 dollars to Federal student aid and that my account was being blocked and if I do not make payments I will no longer be able to attend school .

The American Academy of Pinecrest had told me then on July 12th 2016 that Kaplan is not a valid school to go to and will not be eligible at this time to contact my advisor in which I had done this three times as well as contact the online chatting rooms to advise on what to do. I was told that it was my responsibility to get proof of, y diploma and that in the letter before enrolling it states that I had 30 days to get proof of this so I gave the proof of my diploma and which I heard nothing back stating it was not approved or approved for this school. so they had told me to go ahead with school which then they gave me the ok to fallow through with financial aid through their school. In my opinion a school that is dealing with financial aid and legal documentation should not just rely on someone’s word and fallow through with the info giving and it should not be a student That is knew to the collage world that it is their responsibility when someone doesn’t even know the first thing where to start with this information. So the school that is taking in students that have GEDS it should be financial aid and the schools responsibility to make sure people are attending with the right documentation, and that all documents that are being given and signed are well looked through and explained thoroughly about and the student has a well understanding of what Kaplan and financial aid needs and as well as documentation for the school they are applying for and the student advisory office.

On my account some documents in my history are waived and some are satisfied I'm not sure exactly what this means but all threw my account history it did not show any signs for my high School transcript until July 1st 2016 which then I saw and unsatisfied notice. And that this is unsatisfied so no where did I know that information and I was fileing for financial aid all this time they should of it least told me that my high school diploma was not satisfied and I wouldn’t be able to be approved and look through their documents in a better for not just ignore this valuable information for financial aid to process their document correctly or this would lead me to believe to ask more questions on my diploma and why am I not able to be eligible for financial aid or my high school transcript. So this is clearly a miss understanding and further information should have been awarded in my behalf.

Even if American Academy of Pinecrest was a eligible document Kaplan university loan office and student advisory and the documentation office should had check within themselves to cover this mistake and not have to go through this with students that are new . And not to rely on just a word from a student this then does not make it the students fault and should be taking for further investigation . If the student is not clear on the directions on what to do with their new documents therefore it should not fall back on the students responsibility and my opinion to get this matter solved the transcripts that I have gave was all that they had asked for . point is me enrolling they did not give me any further documentation Stated that I was approved for any reasons or ask for any further documents stating any further schooling until July 1st this is which then I was asked to contact my student advisor now that I had to take a California State GED test to get the matter taken care of so that I am NOT block from this account. All the documents that I have seen and signed are all in my documents from my Kaplan account, what ever documents they have on their side I do not believe I have all of them. So this is my side of the story and I’ll be investigating on my side for further notions to be taken for Kaplan an financial aid. Regards July 26th 2016

  • Jul 7, 2016

If only I read these reviews before going to Kaplan. I had hopes to transfer to a more reputable university. I have been with Kaplan for 3 years, and the Bachelors program isn't what I we hoped for. I started the transfer process this past April, as the deadlines approached, I received acceptances to all the colleges I applied for, but I was faced with Kaplan's mundane credits per classes. Even though I earned way over 90 credits for the maximum transferrable allowed, Kaplans courses were three to six credits per course compared to the average college that earn three to four credits per course.

Even though the credit seemed like I earned it, the classes that were transferrable only accumulated 50-70 credits applied in other colleges. My credits from Kaplan weren't even applicable for an associates degree at a different university. I now have no other choice but to stick it out with Kaplan. Kaplan's programs have also eaten away all of my financial aide and has left me yet with another crisis, I have 8 classes to finish earning this B.S. Which is literally BS, but can only afford to finish 6, leaving me with an out of pocket expense of $5,000 in which Im still trying to figure out how Im going pay.

Now the best part has started since I enrolled for the bachelors program which started on May 27. I went back and forth with financial aid with regards of them stating to me that I had enough money to complete 2 classes this term, these classses are 6 credits each so the grand total is $4747 for only two classes. I had a over $3500 in loans left for this term period and I also qualified for Pell, so I would be expecting around $800-$900 for a stipend. The next things that took place, I feel like I am in a nightmare and I am so upset all I can do is just laugh and cry at the same time. So after I confirm with financial aide that I will have enough money to cover my loans, I begin the course.

Then 3 weeks in the course I get a call from Kaplan stating I have a balance on my account that needs to be paid. I said to the person no I dont, I should be getting back money. When I look at the account, the loans changed from 3500 to 1700, Im just rounding out the numbers. I was shaking, so now I have tried calling several times and no one is answering. I cant get a hold of anyone. I have only 2 weeks left of this term and now I cant even afford to finish it! On top of that today I got a welcome note on my screen that says my transcript is on hold for non-payment. I need a good lawyer, cause they cant get away with this anymore, I need my money back and I need an explanation of how I went from 3500 to 1700, I now owe them $1330. And I am not going to graduate because I used up all of my financial aide on them. Do not attend this school, I wish I could take back my years wasted here. Your Kaplan degree is basically garbage in the market place.

  • Jul 5, 2016

I'm in my last semester and they blocked me from my classes. Claiming that I have not communicated with them and they tried with me. I have emails to prove I tried plus I tried calling, they leave you on hold for hours with no response. Kaplan is crooked and roped me off not only by my education but with my financial aid.

  • Jun 29, 2016

I only needed to complete one quarter to finish my bachelors degree. I was enrolled in my final quarter and about 2 weeks in Kaplan locked me out of my online classes. I called my advisor and was directed to admissions and told my financial aid ran out. I was told I could get a loan from the school. The school left me enrolled in all of my classes but locked me out. By the time the loan process was completed they changed my status to an academic suspension and denied my loan. I was working in the school system and needed my degree so I could get my state certification as a teacher. They will not release my official transcripts until I pay them over $5000. I am stuck not being able to transfer or finish my degree. I have earned over 100 college credits.

  • Jun 10, 2016

She claimed that she needed this information just to store in case I decided I wanted a student loan so she talked me through the information on the phone while I was on the computer..I did not know I was signing a promissory note I told her," I don't have a loan. she said . this is just in case you decide later on to get a loan well have your information. she stated, go ahead and mark the box and fill it outunbeknownst to me I was filling out and signing a promissory note

Being a first-time University students. I did not know what to expect. I explained to the academic advisor that I did not want student loans, that I only wanted grants that I was eligible for by using a 4.0 GPA. She explained that this could be done. The advisor called me on the phone and told me to go to the financial part of my applicationat. At that time I did not know what a promissory note was but she talked me through it and told me to click in the boxes. I repeated it I don't have a loan she said this is just in case you decide to get a loan later on we will have your information in the end I found out I have 2 student loans and the school states I owe them $4,000

  • May 21, 2016

Inspite of the fact that Kaplan University has numerous facilities in Florida,Kaplan University is not an approved institution to teach para legal and legal studies; according to the American Bar Association and is not accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and Commission on colleges(SACSCC).

I attended the school online (2011-2014) because they approved by Veteran's Administration. I was unaware that my degree was worthless to retain permanent civil service employment in Florida and to acquire regstered paralegal status. Although, I received an Associate and a Bachelor degree, I am on the hook for $30,000 dollars in Federal Stafford Student loans. At age 70 years old my future for employment is grim at best.

  • May 19, 2016

I went to Kaplan University from 2007-2009, and I am now in a repayment plan for my loans. I heard a few months ago that there was a law suit, and I'd like to get more information about. I called them to have my loans explained and broke down from semester to semester, but the amounts do not add up at all. Then suddenly a new "old" loan popped up after I have consolidated my loans, and have everything squared up (so I thought). I will never be able to pay them off if new things keep showing up. I was going for my associates for paralegal, and when I was having issues not only in school but personal they didn't care. I wasn't doing good with a class, and had to repeat it, but when I asked to change classes, I was told that I NEEDED THAT class to move on. It was a waist of my time, and I'd like to find out some information, not to get rich just to have my loans for that worthless school taken care of.

If anyone has information that they can help me with you can contact me at

  • May 18, 2016

I was told by the university I had enough federal money to enroll in school which was false information...first week in the school contacts me and says I owe them money. I had to leave school and file bankrupty. I contacted the school asking if I could get my AS degree instead of my BA since i have enough credits they inturn said I would have to take more classes.

  • May 9, 2016

I was enrolled in Kaplan's Computer Information Services degree program. Due to personal reasons I had to drop out of my classes. I attempted to go through the exit process but somehow they "lost" my submitted forms. Instead of returning my unused loans Kaplan cashed the government checks and expected me to pay them back. This school is a complete scam interested in only getting money from the government. They have now ruined my credit and have no way to even get a copy of my enrollment dates or the checks that they cashed or the dates when they cashed them. Stay far away from this "school". They're now known as Brightwood College but I doubt that they have changed their criminal ways.

  • May 5, 2016

This week would have been the last week of my 2nd ten week term with Kaplan University as an online student. First term went really smoothly. One of the things that, unfortuantely, drew me to Kaplan was their claim for hands-on support while I was furthering my education. BS. I had an "educational advisor" who called and emailed me at least twice a week the first two-three weeks. Debra Kaufteil was her name. Nice lady, but never capable of giving me a straight answer to any of my questions regarding Kaplan's policies, tuition, etc... In fact, I have never recieved a straight, informative answer from ANYONE who worked for Kaplan. Eventually, Debra stopped contacting me altogether. Then, a gentleman by the name of

Scott Williams began responding to my questions/concerns, even reached out to me proactively a couple of times regarding any issues that arose. Also, can I just say, it takes forever for this for profit school to release their death grip on $300 left over after being raped on tuition. $4,000 for ten credit hours from an institution whose credits wont transfer out of 9 times out of 10. First term comes to an end. Both classes passed, no big deal. Enter second term, not one single word from an "educational advisor". Spoke with Scott Williams maybe twice at the very beginning of the term. Almost right off the bat we have a legitimate family medical emergency regarding one of my children. Of course, I immediately

fell behind. I was in very clear, concise contact with both of my professors. Neither of which gave a rat's a*s about my personal life/situations, or gave me a straight answer about what work I could make up/ complete. Less than a week ago I hear from someone named Deeana. Surprise! I have a new "educational advisor"! Apparently Debra and Scott have different jobs and have for a while. Boy, wouldnt it have been nice to know that 6-8 weeks ago? Fast forward a little bit, I am submitting make-up work out the a*s. Went to my online campus to attend a seminar this evening, only to recieve an error message when I tried to open my class. I am no tech genius by any means, but I do have extensive experience in

troubleshooting and technical support. Especially MAC. Unable to log in to my seminar, and now losing even more points, I attempt the chat online with tech support. Low and behold, she has no freaking clue about a d**n thing tech related. In fact, she initially argued with me about clearing my browser history and allowing pop-ups in my preferences/settings. She no more than sends that and then says "Oh, youve been dropped for not attending classes for 22 days. I will tell you, I was logged into my classroom and submitting college algebra until 2 am last night, and logged in and submitting work less than 6 hours before this incident began to play out. When I explained this to her, she has nothing to say except "Call your

educational advisor tomorrow". Way to take ownership. I asked her why no one thought to notify me. She responded with "well, you should have got an email". Well. I get email on my phone, tablet, and laptop, and let me tell you I did not recieve anything at all from Kaplan. Let alone something saying "by the way, youve been kicked out and given two F's!!". This has been my absolute worst experience with a school, ever. Walk away, heck just run. Do not let your dreams of pursuing a better education drag you into the cess pool known as Kaplan University.

  • Apr 22, 2016

I Enrolled in kaplan university online because they made it sound fantastic grants student aide and i would get the degree i wanted that was a joke i withdrew From my classes and tranaferred to a local communty college and it should not have gone against me but i was still billed 13,000 and the communtiy college had to take my student aide from me causing me to leave school. Now im 14,000 or so in debt i cannot return and im sure now the interest has trippled my chances of my future career are shot my children cant say my mommy graduatued i am a single mother to three. This was not right the scam they give to low income families when in reality they put you in a bigger hole then when you started

  • Apr 19, 2016

Wow, where to begin, I started Kaplan University online in 2010, and was finished in 2012. I never seemed to have too many problems with them, besides them not really answering my questions properly and giving me the run around for classes. For the most part my advisor always seemed to be helpful.

It all started when I was finishing up my last few weeks of school. I received a disturbing letter stating I owed something around $1500.00. I was so shocked and didnt know what to think, I wasnt sure if it was a mistake or I really did owe them money.

I called and found out I apparently did owe them this money that was for "misc, and other stuff that wasnt covered byFA". I told them I did not have that kind of money considering I had to get a grant and the rest FA to pay for school. I was not working because my main focus was school and I wouldnt have the money for some time.

Then they told me that I would not receive my degee until I paid them the money I owe them. I didnt know what to do, but I never paid it. I started to read more stories like mine but never really saw anything being done. My mother also went to Kaplan University Online, and the same thing happened to her, but they did send her degree to her before she got her letter.

She also owed some amount around $1500.00. I have seen some ads online about Kaplan being a scam, and having your loans paid off, but wasnt sure that was a scam either. I am not really skeptical about anything along these lines and not sure what to believe.

I live in New Jersey and am looking for other people who had the same thing or similar happen to them. Please send me an email with the subject KAPLAN SCAM to

  • Apr 5, 2016

This is becoming a huge headache for me with Kaplan University Financial Aid Department. I've been trying to get my situation resolved since my last term. I know I should be receiving the rest of my student loan amounts which is more than $7,000 and Kaplan has refused to send me anything except more problems. My financial aid award letters prove the amounts I was approved for. Since Kaplan is so discreet and sneaky by not sharing this information with their students on their approved amounts the letters are all we have to show proof of.

I finally get through after being on hold for 45 minutes to an hour and every time the agent wants to discuss the things I'm not concerned about to cause confusion instead of answering the direct question which is about my stipend. I have to repay the loan amounts back to the government regardless and I should not have anyone at Kaplan deciding on what amounts I should be receiving. This has been an ongoing problem for me since day one when it comes to Financial Aid and Kaplan. Let me remind you I'm a 4.0 student who takes great pride in his work, but I refuse to just continue to sit down and allow Kaplan FA department to walk on me and not give me my money. This will be investigated to the fullest extent.

  • Mar 26, 2016

I was currently attending Kaplan University, for my associates degree in medical assisting Just before my last term, I was dealing with some personal issues. Kaplans educating adviser Carmella Molaro, advised me to take a leave of absense for one term.

I agreed, and then filled out the paper work that was required for my leave. After a few days that I sent my form back, I received a letter stating that I was dropped from my program, and unrolled from Kaplan.

I then became confused and contacted Carmella, and she stated she never received my paper work. I then went into my email and took screen shots of the date I sent them in, the time, and the form its self.

I was then advised to contact education of returning students. After weeks and weeks of no calls back, and no one answering the phone. I finally get a call just a few days ago.

They want me to return to school. However, the degree that I was working very hard for, no longer is offered at the school. Are you kidding me?? I was only two class away from graduating! And now I'm not allowed to finish what I have started! I am stuck with loads of student loans, and no degree!

She told me to take a leave for 1 term, which I did, and now I am not allowed to get the degree that I was working for.

They offed that I could take the medical assisting certificate, but finical aid will not cover this one class, because it is 5 credits and not 6. This one class will cost me 2,555, which I do not have.

I then asked if I could take two classes even though I just needed the one, and was also turned down.

I contacted other schools to transfer credits, but no one offers my degree. They also told me what they are doing is wrong, because students usually have up to a year to finish, even though the program was dropped. Now what??

  • Mar 26, 2016

I became a student at Kaplan university because I hated my current situation being a single mom and working a dead end job that I felt I was under my managers thumb all the time. I looked into bettering my life by getting a degree. I was contacted by a rep and had a lengthy conversation. I informed her that I did not own a computer and she said it was okay because I had access at work and would only require a computer for a couple hours per week. I signed up for a degree plan for a bachelor's degree in nutrition science to become a clinical dietitian. After I worked out the previous kinks with the computer, which I had to buy on my own, and wanted to quit then but was already going to be charged for the courses, I sucked it up and overcame it. Years later I found out upon researching my next strips for after graduation, I found out all of my coursework was not even accredited! I reached out to my instructors to find out what I could do if there was anything, but ultimately I would have to retake my coursework with another institution. At that point I stopped going to Kaplan. My loans needless to say are in repayment and I do not feel they should get a dime because they shouldn't be able to offer ANY courses that are not accredited by their necessary creditors for job placement. I feel I was scammed from the beginning. Angel from Phoenix,Az

  • Mar 11, 2016

I started going to the school in February 2013. I received a pell grant and also had to take out loans for the course I was taking. I paid upfront out of pocket $500 on top of the pell grant and loans. I borrowed the money to pay this. I made Directors List almost every month. I was doing really well. The course I was taking was Medical Office Specialist. The way the classes are set up is that there is a course a month. There was a month where I had a lot going on and missed a few days. The instructor would not accept my work that was completed online on time within the due dates because I was not physically there. So I had failed the course.

I was told that the course would be covered by the school to retake. But that was apparently not the way it went down. The course I was going to retake did not start until a month after I had finished my other courses in line. So there was a month gap. The day I was scheduled to be back and start my course the school had called me and told me that they returned my financial aid and that I owed them $ 2400. Ummmm like hellooooo!!!!! I obviously could not afford that if I needed financial aid!!!!!! I didn't know what to do at that point. I was very disappointed and offended. I felt that they were at fault. In my mind they were scamming. To this day I cannot go back to school to better my life!!!!!!

  • Mar 7, 2016

I took classes in 2010 2011 paralegal studies and after I completed it I asked was I going to get some assistance for on job placement and they told me yes and here it is 2016 they won't return my call or help me with placement with my course that I graduated from and they haven't done anything but they want them they want me to pay my loan back and I feel that they owe me money or they should pay off my loan

  • Feb 4, 2016

Kaplan college Kaplan university when I called to get information to enroll there was an out if pocket fee to file my application my advisor pushed me to quickly get this done or u wouldn't be able to enroll into the school and better my life for myself and my child I was a single mother and he redundantly brought up "don't I want my child to look up to me by going to college' he would call me excessively I worked so inwasny always available hr basically harassed me until I was enrolled and told me I didn't have options on where I would grt y loans because I have bad credit that what they would give me is what I had to take I was rushed and pushed into enrolling as he made it sound like it was a one in a life time chance and no other school would accept me

Kaplan college pushed me to enroll quickly, saying theybwas the only school who would accept me me due to having bad or no credit. My advisor called me excessively even at my job if I wouldn't answer my cell phone almost cause me to get fired I had to tell him to no longer call me at work He would always being up me being a single mom that wouldn't u want to set a good example for my son and he could tell i was a good mother and put my son first in my life and now it was time to move forward and go to their school and don't be afraid of change if I'm afraid of change I'll be stuck working dead end job like the one I was currently employed at. My advisor told me I didn't have options to what loans I could take out as I wanted to do research getting aid since ineas a single mom and living under the poverty level but working hard to take care of my son in my own. He said I didn't have those options I had to get what they offered me and later found out it was a lie

  • Jan 28, 2016

In 2004 I started attending kaplan university they reassured me that the was accredited the BA program was roughly cost 28,000 dollars. As I'm getting deeper and deeper into the program they kept raising the fees. I even found out that they took out a loan that I didn't approve for 10,000. I fought it and they turned it into the credit reporting agency as a bad debt... as 2009 rolled around nearly graduation day I find out I'm $48,000 in debt. Started interviewing for positions with my BA employers inform me that my degree was not accredited and they cant honor it. I am frustrated I put in 5 years of hard work for school almost went through a divorce because of it and extremely in debt.

  • Dec 18, 2015

I have a complaint on the Online college Kaplan Univeristy. I completed my Assoicates degree Aug. 2015. And begin my Bachlor's on the 27th of Aug. before I started in this program I was contacted by one of the financial aid officer and they broke down each term from me saying that my financial will cover me until my last term of my bachlor's program and I would have to pay for that term, she advise me to start hold on to some of my money to cover that last term.

This is where the problem begins it is 12/17/2015 and I am in my second term and have been told for the pass month that the financial system was being upgrade and it has a lot of student financial aid messed up they told me to give them 14 day I gave them more then that calling in between for update well today I was told that I would not be getting the financial aid for this term which would leave me 2451.00 in debt. I use this money to make it from term to term because I am disabled so now I am in a bigger debt because I have bill that would have been paid at the beginning of this month. This issue has stress me out to the full that I am falling behide on my school work and miss time from my part time job due to the stress. They said I would have money next term to cover both this and next term but I will be lock out my classess on the 27th of this month. I talked the to department of education and I was told that the school has my money and it is up to them how they disbursement.I have a complaint on the Online college I completed my Assoicates degree Aug. 2015. And begin my Bachlor's on the 27th of Aug.

bbefore I started in this program I was contacted by one of the financial aid officer and they broke down each term from me saying that my financial will cover me until my last term of my bachlor's program and I would have to pay for that term, she advise me to start hold on to some of my money to cover that last term. This is where the problem begins it is 12/17/2015 and I am in my second term and have been told for the pass month that the financial system was being upgrade and it has a lot of student financial aid messed up they told me to give them 14 day I gave them more then that calling in between for update well today I was told that I would not be getting the financial aid for this term which would leave me 2451.00 in debt. I use this money to make it from term to term because I am disabled so now I am in a bigger debt because I have bill that would have been paid at the beginning of this month. This issue has stress me out to the full that I am falling behide on my school work and miss time from my part time job due to the stress. They said I would have money next term to cover both this and next term but I will be lock out my classess on the 27th of this month. I talked the to department of education and I was told that the school has my money and it is up to them how they disbursement.

  • Nov 30, 2015

If you see this before applying to Kaplan, stop there and keep on looking for a better form of education. They make you feel like its cheap and worth it. Once you're done with it or even if you don't finish the program, the cost they're going to leave you with would be very expensive. They told me my degree would cost $25,000, but one year cost me more than $20,000 and according to them I still had another 14 months to go. Kaplan makes it seem like its important to join them, they push you. Before you start your career do some research. Schools like these are destroying the future of many Americans.

  • Nov 21, 2015

Hello, I was contacted while I was being treated for Hodgkins Lymphoma by Kaplan University. I tried to keep up even though I was sick but they kept calling me and asking me to login so I didn't miss anything. Little did I know I was being scammed for money for the Department of Education and they were getting funds from Citibank. I thought I was taking a few online classes and I would go back to a regular school when I could. Kaplan University ruined my credit and treated me like I was part of some bank fraud rather than a university student. Advisors would call me to make sure I logged in to my school so I could still be enrolled. It was a scam. I took 5 Classes and was charged 10,000 dollars. I had no way to pay back on disability and it ruined my credit. I was completely scammed by Kaplan Bank not Kaplan University. Please feel free to write me with anything else that would help.... Thanks for Listening, Dan S

  • Nov 19, 2015

In 2005 i enrolled with kaplan online recieved financial aid ect. I could not attend because the programs they offered never seemed to work needless to say i failed. So determined to recieve my degree i enrolled to kaplan on campus in bakersfield. In 2008 i returned to casper wy for the holidays. the weather was a blizzard and i could not return for the beginning of my next class. i was informed by the instructor that they were no longer offering the course i would need to attend online. i cant due to the fact i didnt pass the first time. now i owe 35,000 dollars loans are in default im being garnished and have no degree HELP

  • Nov 9, 2015

I attended Kaplan University's Psychology program with a concentration in addictions from 10/2009 - 3/2015. I chose this program because it was one of the few that offered addiction studies. I was able to obtain my Bachelor's through this program. I studied hard and diligently for my Bachelors and even made the Dean's list at least 3x's over the course of the two years I attended Kaplan. I was so motivated and inspired by my accomplishments at Kaplan that I decided to entrust them with helping me to obtain my Masters in Psychology.

I spent many a long night writing paper after paper making sure my grades were passing. If I did not do well in a class I would retake the class in order to keep my gpa up in order to continue to stay in school to obtain my Masters. If I did not do well in a class and I would appeal if I were threatened with being withdrawn. I needed to continue on in order to a stay on task. The overall objective for me was to obtain my Masters degree.

I completed all of my coursework for my Masters. I had the same writing style for all of my papers. When it came time for me to take my Comprehensive exams I was told that my paper did not reflect that of Masters degree writing. I was in disbelief since this was the same style I had when I did most of the work that got me those A's and B's.

I appealed to the school to retake the exams to see if I could possibly improve in my writing for the exams. I was denied the appealed and this left me in shock and in disbelief. I feel I got no support from anyone there not even my Academic Advisor. The strangers who I was not familar with that critiqued my work for my exams took a blinds eye and deaf ears. They did not want to hear anything that I had to say. This was very disheartening to me. I felt deceived because I had studied so long and hard to get to this point. This was no easy taks. I spent many long night and late nights writing paper after paper.

I am now responsible for paying back 1,000's of dollars for my education at Kaplan. Nothing to show for this other than my Bachelors degree. The Master degree I saw as my window of opportunity to become involved in work at the professional level.

I am asking that a full investigation be done in looking at Kaplan University and their tactics in awarding degrees. I feel cheated and deceived.

  • Oct 26, 2015

I graduated from Kaplan in 2009 and was left to fend for myself. After several issues throughout my schooling process, I guess I shouldn't have hoped for anything more upon graduating. I actually tried to get a group of classmates together to pursue legal action, but some of them ended up moving away and didn't want to deal with it. I would be happy to contact some of them again and see if they'd be interested now. My main complaint was as we moved towards graduation, we had to choose options for our externship and for the program I was taking, we needed hands on experience in order to take our state board exams. We were doing therapy, phlebotomy, and EKG in our classes, and phlebotomy and EKG both require so many occurrences to take the test, but there weren't enough extern options and they told us to just choose one and they'd help us later. Well, day came for us to sign out of school and make sure everything was complete, we went back to the job center after that to see about getting another extern site so we could get our 50 sticks for phlebotomy and were told that we couldn't get any other sites because we are no longer students since we just signed out of all our classes! I was furious! I needed this so I could take my state exam and so they proceeded to tell me I could go volunteer at the AIDS clinic to get my sticks, but don't tell them that's why you're there, you'll have to commit to a few months of volunteer work. I was appalled because I had no medical insurance, we were now signed out of Kaplan so there's no insurance from them, and you're telling us to lie to this clinic and go put ourselves in danger because you lied and mislead us?!?! They do not care about your well-being at all, you are just a dollar sign! Graduation comes, I can't find a job, I'm unemployed because I had to quit my job in order to complete the mandatory 3 week clinical rotation. I called the job center several times a week trying to get job listings and they were of no help. Finally, after having a meltdown on the phone, the woman lined me up for an interview working at a group home for physically and mentally challenged adults. I took it because I was desperate and was hired, but I was making less money than before, and the job was not worth it. You don't need education to work there, you get abused by clients and are not a valued employee. After a pretty extensive injury to my wrist while on the job, I quit and found something else. I still have issues with my wrist to this day, haven't needed my "education" for anything, and have tons of student loans for a useless certificate. I had looked into going to a real college after, but those credits they say you can transfer to another school, totally bogus! No one looks at Kaplan as being a legitimate educational institution. The hospitals didn't care about my education either, I was only able to get some very part time per diem hours because the only legitimate thing I got from Kaplan was my CNA license, which wasn't what I wanted to do and isn't why I even signed up for the program I did. Needless to say, I wasted my time and racked up a lot of debt that I can't even begin to payoff, ended up filing for bankruptcy but these loans will continue to follow me. I tell everyone I know to avoid Kaplan because it's a ripoff and a scam!


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