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Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC

Country United States
State Minnesota
City Saint Cloud
Address 16 McLeland Road, Dept C
Phone 1-888-718-0048

Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC Reviews

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  • Aug 22, 2015

In August 2015 I got a letter JCS. The letter said I had an outstanding balance of 651.46. I had recently been actively clearing up misinformation on my credit bureau and there was no account from this company. Worried that all my months of hard work would be in vain I contacted JCS to find out what this was about. The operator tells me that the bill originated in 2002 and if I agreed to their terms I could get a credit card to help my credit improve. To start with I've only had 1 acct with ATT (the original creditor) that I paid off 13 years ago as a condition to my refinance of my home, when I stated this and firmly did not acknowledge the debt they were trying to collect on the operator told me to call ATT. It's a way for JCS to get money if you allow them to-the debt had run its statute for credit reporting or legal a ton against me.

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  • May 8, 2017

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I have been making payments regularly. I went to try to login because account was late on payment. And found out they were a scam on internet. Been making regular payments and was told I would receive visa after 6th payment. Know they tell me i need to make 4 more payments for 35$. That's the total amount i owed in frist place.

  • Nov 4, 2016

While performing my annual year-end review of the state of my credit I notice an entry from Jefferson Capital LLC for the collection of $332. I have never had any business or contract with Jefferson Capital LLC and this is the first time I have seen this entry on my credit reports. This is a bogus debt which does not belong to me. It is clearly a "phishing expidition" and fraudulent. I intend to pursue legal action against Jefferson Capital LLC as soon as I have gathered all of the pertinent facts.

  • Oct 14, 2016

bad news

I have received mail stating I owe a debt but never telling me who it is. I have asked Jefferson Capitol to tell who it is because I don't owe it and get NO answer. I had a credit reporting company look at it and it shows it is a debt from 2010 ....which I don't owe..But, they still wont say what it was for. Idaho has a debt law that you cannot collect debts after 4 years. Jefferson shows they bought it in 2014 and have been reporting it eversince. That is against the FCRA and Idaho Law. You cannot reage a debt so you can keep harassing for the past debt. I DO NOT OWE THIS AND THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SAYS THE COMPANY HAS TO TELL YOU WHO IT IS!!!

  • Sep 27, 2016

Verizon Wireless sold me a hot spot that melted. I could never contact anyone because the number on the hotspot was an endless loop of automated menus. The hotspot had it's own phone number, which I needed to talk to someone about the device, but I didn't have the hotspot number and it continued to automatically charge my account every month even though I couldn't use it. They store charged me $150 for the hotspot and I incurred another $150 charge that I was told would not happen.

When I finally was able to get someone to find the number for me they charged me another early contract fee though I never used the hotspot. It should've been 30 days, not liability, but I couldn't ever use it and they admitted over the phone that I didn't use any data, but since they charged me the first month it counts and didn't, I'm sorry, refused to understand that they had me deadlocked with the faulty device, their around the world automated system and the inability to find the device's phone number. So I was stuck with a $350 bill after they charged me several monthlies with no service. Needless to say I refused to pay since they already made a bundle off of me with no service provided.

Jefferson Capital purchased the debt that was already old and posted it to all three credit bureaus as though just opened the account. I disputed it, but they found a loophole stating that they could put whatever date they wanted to and report as often as they wanted to to damage the credit score until I paid.

I just checked my credit report several years later and it states that the account was opened less than 3 months ago. THEY'VE BEEN, SOME HOW, UPDATING MY CREDIT REPORT WITH ALL THREE BUREAUS EVERY THREE MONTHS TO SHOW THE ACCOUNT AS NEW to increase the damage to my credit report.

If they are doing the same with your credit report, don't pay, they need to go out of business. Have dignity, don't let companies who are wicked prosper.

  • Apr 18, 2016

Company is a scam, i recieved a letter stating i owe 425. to premier bankcard mc but they will accept 255. and close the does premier bankcard feel about this, I will find out because I am calling premier bankcard Monday and report this to them also. These people want me to write them and they will provide me with the name of the original creditor if different than current creditor etc when thy already said it weas premier bankcard mc

  • Mar 12, 2016

I have lost my job in sept of 2016 and just finaly started working again and know i see that Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC had entered this is to the courts and i followed ever letter to them explain why i could nt pay and they never bothered to send me any type of settlement to get this paid off and this has been going on since feburary 2016 and how you so to settle it with out a answer on this issue they would just rather make you name mud and do judgements on you i dont know what to do anymore.

  • Nov 7, 2015

I have just recently discovered that without my knopwledge that Jefferson Capital Systems, a debt collection company, located at 16 Mcleland Rd, Saint Cloud, MN 50303, has illegaly tried to get around FCRA law by opening a new account of an old debt of mine and are reporting it newer than it actually is. So by blatantly lying about the actual age of my account or the date of any delinquency, their company violates the FCRA law.

Further more, they have failed to contact me or notify me prior to opening a new account against me with the credit reporting agencies without warning or without my knowledge. The FCRA specifically requires that all debt buying companies to notify the consumer when they report negative information to a Credit Reporting Agency. Their company failed to do this, so have violated the FCRA.

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