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Interstate National Dealer Services, Inc.

Country United States
State Georgia
City Atlanta
Address 6120 Powers Ferry Rd NW, Suite 200
Phone (678) 894-3500

Interstate National Dealer Services, Inc. Reviews

  • May 23, 2017

In Feb of this year I purchased a used 2008 BMW 550i. The dealership offered an extended warranty through Interstate National Dealer Services (INDS, Inc.). I opted for the Copper Coverage Plan at $3000 up front price tag since it had fairly good coverage of most parts that fail on BMW's.

Well after feeling all happy and secure that I had this fairly comprehensive coverage for my bimmer, I began to notice this month (5/2/17) that my coolant level was getting low in the overflow tank. After topping off and the same thing occured again two weeks later.

I took it in to a local European repair shop on 5/18/17. It was discovered a small coolant leak was happening at the top of the engine block. Diagnosis: the engine block cap (BMW's name for a valley pan) seal was leaking coolant. Price to fix: $1100.00.

My service contract with INDS, Inc. specifically read : Seal&Gasket Coverage; Provides for repair or replacement of leaking seals&gaskets, if needed, on any covered part.

Since my Copper Coverage plan covered the cylinder block of the engine, I was quite relieved that I had come out of pocket for the $3000 plan.

Well this is where the story starts to get shady.

The repair shop also looked over my service contract and agreed this repair should be covered and made the telephone call to INDS, Inc Claims Dept. DENIED! The repair shop was told since the part and seal (valley pan) was not listed as a part of the engine block in the contract, it wasn't covered. The repair tech tried to explain to the claims department that this was a seal/gasket component of the engine block, but they still denied the claim.

Since then I have spoke to three different representatives of INDS, Inc.(5/19/17, and twice on 5/22/17).

All three times all they say is that the valley pan (engine block cap/seal) is not stated in the contract, so it's not covered, even though if you look at any BMW parts list or talk to BMW directly, they confirm this is a seal/gasket component of the engine block. The fight to continue.

Beware of this company! They do not honor what clearly stated in the service contract they have authored. If they say repair or replace gaskets/seals to a part, they should honor it. Such as in my case, the leaking seal between the engine block and engine cap (valley pan).

They even have a small print section in contract that covers "exclusions" parts/services. Would you think my issue would even be covered in their exclusion of coverage? No! So here you have a company that can't even list stuff they won't honor up front.

  • Jul 19, 2016

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