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ICDC College

Country United States
State California
City Huntington Park
Address 6812 Pacific Blvd
Phone 888-926-4232

ICDC College Reviews

  • Aug 2, 2017

ICDC is misleading and that is all I will say about that! It's was no job placement. It was lie's and more lie's.

  • Jul 11, 2017

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I attended ICDC college for 18 months under the pretense that I was working on my Associates degree. When I received my degree it did not say that it was an associate's. I recently applied and got accepted to Argosy University, this is when I was told that my degree is basically a certificate and that I had to start with the associate's program first before persuing my bachlors with them. Now I am over $25,000 in debt with student loans and personal loans.

  • Jul 10, 2017

I was sign up for a diploma in accountancy with the promise I was going to get a job making $15 per hour if i signed up with ICDC college which never happened. They signed some student loans which filed on my behalf. This happened in 2008 and Til this moment I never found a job with their diploma... they took like $7000 and left me a stedent debt with AES which keep harassing me for the debt I tried to get student debt forgiveness but they say I don't qualify since didn't report the fraud as soon as ICDC closed out and disappeared leaving thousands of people screwed up in debt with the department a education which hired American education services to harass people and mess up their credit for late payments..I should get my money back and get wipe out from obligation to repayment on the student loan and get reimbursed for what I have paid AES already..

  • Apr 3, 2017

I want to be compensated for what I owe on this student loan. They didn't help me get a job and they lied to me about transferring credits and job apportunities

  • Jan 21, 2017

ICDC represented themselves as an accredited college $25,000 later and a low paying job i found out this was a lie. I went to get my state licence with an associate degree for a higher paying job and was told it's no good, just a piece of paper.

  • Aug 19, 2016

I went to I CDC college to become a licensed vocational nurse. They were very close to my apartment and they had a big banner advertising their LVN program. I went there to sign up for it. They filed all the student loans for Me. They even took an additional payment aside from all the money they got off the student loans. This is Money I cannot afford as I was living on a disability check. I still am. I was hoping they would help me out of my situation and instead they made it worse. I CDC put me in the certified nurses assistant program. They assured me it was temporary. I would learn the medical vocabulary and in the meantime they would get a replacement nursing teacher.

Little did I know that would never happen. Suddenly all my paperwork said that I was in the CNA program. I had no interest in taking out all of that money to get paid minimum wage is a CNA. I wanted to be a nurse. No my credit is destroyed because of a program I did not want to be in. They never brought back the LVN program and I left the school in a huge debt. I was lied to and taken advantage of . Not only do I believe that I should not have to pay the student loans but I should also be reimbursed the money that I paid out-of-pocket. They lied to me and I did not get the education that I was told I would get.

  • Apr 13, 2016

I went to ICDC thinking i was makeing a good change in my life and this was the worst thing i could have ever done. Firts off i found out that my prior schooling was not credited and that i was going recieve job placement but i have been out of school for 2 years and never found a job in the field of my study. I just dont really understand why and if people know that the school is worthless. i owe so much money and almost out of financial aide due to this school. I JUST WANT A GOOD JOB THAT I WILL LOVE DOING. i will never recamend this scholl to anyone and will like to know if anyone have been assisted with loan forgiveness from this school.

  • Apr 8, 2016

School is closing no crediability. I have worked hard for nothing. I have been making less money to attend college, just for local businesses to deny me. The school is about to shut down now. The good thing about it is, i did get loan forgiveness through the department of education.

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