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Honda Financial Services

Country United States
State California
City Torrance
Address 1919 Torrance Boulevard Mail Stop: 500 - 2N - 7A
Phone 800-532-8127

Honda Financial Services Reviews

  • May 27, 2017

I grew up in foster care.some of the foster parents destroyed my credit, so it was hard for me to get anything. I needed a car so my current foster mom brought me to honda which was where she was leasing a car, well i couldnt get approved. She got her car but they made it where i could get a car if she was owner and i was cosignor. Yeah i thought, yeah right. Well after putting $2000 down of my own money and making my monthly payments for 8 months, i was a couple days late and foster mom came with police and took car. I called honda financial i had no rights.obviously didnt speak with her after that. I assumed she brought car back after a few months i started getting notices payments are late so i called honda financial and they inforned me the owner died. That i have all rights and ownership to vehicle. Well i didnt have vehicle, they told me to locate it and have the police go with me to get possession of car. So i found out who had it and i still couldnt get car. So i fought with honda financial and the police constantly. I was willing and able to take over car. But they wouldnt help me seize car from who had it. A couple weeks went by and i start getting nasty calls where do i have the vehicle because there repossesing it. Etc etc, are you serious. Then they turn around auction off the car and are now hounding me for money. Id like to sue them for making me out to be a idiot, and ruining my credit, and hurting my family.

  • Dec 15, 2016

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My car was booted and towed by the marshal for tickets that I had vacated . Honda repossessed the vehicle without contacting me . When I contacted them they claimed the tickets were a breach of contract . When faxed the receipts they then said I was 3. Months behind in payments, when I made them look at the account they said "oh I found the payment we returned it to such and such . When I freaked it wasn't me they stoped the check and were now forwarding it to me . I asked for this whole incident to be put in writing, it was refused . I was then informed I had till 5:30 today just one more day to pay 3500.00 to get my car and that it was already on my credit report . This past sat my credit score was 764 equifax, today Thursday I'm at 430 . I have cried all day . I am now forced to take a leave of absence from Work until I figure out how and what to do . I want to sue them and I will .

  • Mar 11, 2016

I got the car for my fiance's birthday..yes it was repoed last year but we got it back and have been current with payments. They came and took it from her job and she got off at 8pm. We were current. Owed only the one paymet. Was only days into the 10 day grace period. They took it on Thursday I was paying it the next day Friday. Now they say to get it back we have to pay the full car loan. We don't have that kind of money. And with what we paid last year extra that should have put us ahead. They have yet to send us a break down of what we paid last year..we've been asking since August 2015. Haven't received anything from them. Three people including managers mentioned they made a mistake but it was too late. They tried to say we owed $2000.00 which we do not. We are current and only owed the one payment. They breached their word.

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