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Home Advisor

Country United States
State Colorado
City Golden
Address 14023 Denver West Parkway Bldg 64, Suite 200.
Phone (877) 947-3639

Home Advisor Reviews

  • Feb 24, 2018

They are charging me fictiscous fees for bogus job leads that amounted to nothing. They were suppose to have credited and or removed fees. But chose not to do so. Now im being threatened with collections and my personal name. I quite my job to do this .this has been very costly to me and family. This is very unfair especially when they reactivated my account which i had closed. They persued me until i paid them there 287.50 fee which was my christmas bonus. I need to stop now im starting to get upset just speaking about this. Sorry

  • Dec 13, 2017

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I was supposed to pay $347 they took out $349 Then I bid on 3 Jobs and they (HomeAdvisor)

billed me for 9 jobs . On top of that I have exellent credit of 840 and these crooks sent me to colections !!! I spoke to several other contractors who also got scammed by this deceiving company called HomeAdvisor. I am an A Rated company with Angies List and won the Super Service Award for many years in a row . when I complained to the company they said Oh its only $345 dollars just let it go its llike filling up your tank of gas in your boat its nothing at all . Then I responed $345 here $1000 there it adds up quick especially as many contractors they have !

  • Oct 27, 2017

Home Advisor INC who originally went under the name Service Magic acquired Angie's List and then changed it's name, is a Joke. I definitely would not use them and definitely would not recommend Home advisor to anyone who needed any Building Contractors.

I wrote a Review on a Sleazy Slime-Ball Destruction CONtractor, that they have in their system to protect the public, and even though I am a member, they will not print my review because I did not go through the Home Advisor system to hire the Pathetic Destruction CONtractor.

Whether or not I used Home Advisor to obtain the services of a Sleazy Destruction CONtractor should not matter if I have documentation and can provide the proof that a Destruction Contractor performs below standard quality work.

  • Sep 1, 2017

They charged me for leads that I didn't know about,my payments that are due over $1000.00 it's unknown to me.they are liars, sent clients that are duplicate,they don't need services,already business owners,etc. I am totally upset with this company! Too much info but if asked I recorded it in my log books..stay far away as possible from Home advisor.

  • Aug 5, 2017

Buyer Beware. refused to post my bad review about Safeguard Roofing. They said they would send my review to the contractor anonymously but they don't post it. What's the value of that service to homeowners?

  • Jul 31, 2017

The send you fake leads and the number is not good the address reads Will Provide once we talk. We call and the number is disconnect and can't go to the house because no address. We call Home Advisor and they tell us not there problem and keep billing us month over month and send fake leads. The State AG office will not even go after them. Sad that these fake Business can't still be in business.

  • Jul 11, 2017

In my opinion Home Adviser, formally Service Magic is a terrible company to do business with. When I signed up I was told that if a lead was invalid for some reason, like the potential customer couldnt be contacted or the lead was for a different service then my company provided, I could simply indicate this on the Service Magic internet portal and I would not have to pay for this bogus lead. LIES, LIES, LIES!

It turned out that out of perhaps 20 leads that they charged me for there were only 2 legitimate leads. When I brought this to the attention of one of their customer relations people I was told that, basically, it didnt really matter if the leads were legit or not, I was expected to pay for them anyway. Really?

My conclusion is that this company is both incompetent in producing the quality leads that were promised me, as well as unscrupulous in their business dealings. My advice to all contractors STAY AWAY FROM SERVICE MAGIC FAR,RAR AWAY!

  • Jun 12, 2017

Home advisor, angies list and any of these referral companies like these are not recommendations from consumers but contractors signing up companies that they give your name to and charge the contractor additional fees for each consumer they give their name to. If tou read the reviews of these referral companies you will understand how angry the contractors are since they feel they have been ripped off. Contract only with local service providers that you contact by referrals from people you know and have had good results. The companies they recommended to me were amazingly expensive and uncooperative once they got paid,and lied about the services they performed. A lot of the companies are in cohoots with one another.

  • Apr 19, 2017

Homeadvisor's business practices are against the law and I was shocked to find them in a company this size. Why hasn't some law enforcement agency shut them down?

Homeadvisor allows a company wide culture of lying to clients. I got call from "Alex" last week. Before he started his sales pitch I told him I'm not interested in sharing fake leads with 5 other home inspectors (we've had conversations in the past). Alex then told me about a new program developed for people like me where he would sell my services, deliver the consumer info to me, and only me, and that I would pay a maximum of $26 for each transaction. He went on to say that if anything kept the transaction from being completed, the $26.00 would be refunded. This was followed by an elaborate explaination of how these leads are created and how he personally assigns them to me. It would be a great service if it actually existed.

Once I learned that I had been lied to and that I was receiving the same fake leads (distributed to several other home inspectors) I requested my money back. The person I spoke to about canceling my membership said that she was processing my refund and that I would have it in 3-5 days. I asked her if I would be charged for any of the fake leads and she said that under the circumstances, I would not. Now, 10 days has passed. I have received no refund and another charge of $78.00 has appeared on my business account.

In all, I spoke to 4 representatives of Homeadvisor and I was lied to by all 4. The elaborate and detailed lies I was told indicate that they do this all the time, and the other posts I have read here baack up that assumption.

This is called bait and switch marketing and it is illegal and making the offer over the phone constitutes wire fraud. Taking money from a financial account without permission is called credit card fraud. How do these people get away with it?

  • Dec 22, 2016

I shoulda known that anything you have to pay for is a scam, but these guys sure are smooth talkers. Beware, and don't fall for their line of bull. They have sent us dozens of scam leads, have charged us hundreds of dollars, and we are now in the hole on this whole ordeal. I shouldn't be surprised to have ran into people like this in the crazy world we are in, yet somehow I am. I also can't understand why you would target small business owners. These are family owned and operated. We are doing our best to run an honest business, and provide the best service we can at affordable prices to keep it a successful business for our children to someday inherit and run. We take pride in what we do. Its not 'just a job' to us. People like this make it difficult to keep a small business running when they steal from us. Which is exactly what they have done. We tried canceling once, and they offered to refund us $200, which,by the way, we never recieved. And on the last credit card bill, they charged us $23 for an mhelp desk, which we never even signed up for, and upon calling about that, the guy we talked to "wasn't in the conversation", so he "couldn't help us". We're evidently stuck paying for that too. Well home advisor...I hope you enjoy the money you made off of us in the most dishonest way you could. I pray you will at least do something generous with the money. Maybe donate to charity or give to someone in need. Please Make something positive out of your poor choices. And please know, I will be warning every small business owner out there about you, and letting them know they'd be better off "making those donations" themselves. Best of luck to any other company they try to scam. May they be smarter than we were. And may God bless those companies, like ourselves, that you have already hurt.

  • Dec 17, 2016

I signed up for Home Advisor pro and was very dissapointrd in the service they provide which is charging for business leads. I had been given a certain amount of free leads when I signed up but they were all bogus so I decided to cancel. I noticed that they had charged me almost $200 for leads and refuse to refund my money.

  • Aug 15, 2016

I was approached by Home Advisor sales person who promised us as many leads as we wanted. I told the salesman we would be interested if we could get a average of (2) leads a day. His response was we could have as many as we wanted I asked specifically if the salesman could tell me approximately how many leads came in the prior month in my catagory. He said the algorithm was to complex to break down but again told me I could have as many leads as I wanted. Reluctantly I paid him a $288 fee to join. After joining I was then put in touch with a specialist after I updated our company info. The specialist told me in our catagory they received (11) leads last month in the area we work in and (2) surrounding counties. I promptly asked for a refund since the salesman located somewhere in a boiler room in New York had Lied to me and new it. I was told my refund would be returned and was apologized to by everyone who I spoke to. However the manager of the New York sales office was the only one who could process the refund and it was in the works. A week went by I called to find out about refund and was told 7-14 days. A week later I called and was told the refund wasn't approved until several days after I requested. I signed up on the 24th of July we are now at the 16th of August and I still don't have my money back. For a company that says they look out for the consumers only providing responsible contractors who are licensed how could anyone trust them when the Lie and Steel from contractors. Anyone should be aware never to trust Home Advisor they Ripped Me Off and will do the same to you if you give them the opportunity

  • Jun 3, 2016

My issue with Home Advisor is with how the entire process is done from start to finish. They work with sites that have people simply inquiring about services through sites such as Living Social. A great many of these people are not actively looking for services, only inquiring about how the service works. Instead of Home Advisor screening these callers they send it to subcontractors under the ruse of a lead and typically charged $25 or better for someone asking questions. So in other words the subcontractors become the inside sales and marketing teams while Home Advisor collects handsomely for jobs that you will probably never see. My next issue is once my credit card had been charged in excess of $2200 in a couple of months I called and tried yo cancel my service. After 40 minutes of back and forth sales pitch I reluctantly accepted a 90 day break from leads.

Around day 75 I was calling the 877 number and left several messages for return calls so that I could cancel my service... My calls were NEVER returned. I got an email about 4 days out stating that my leads would be getting turned back on. Again I called several times with no return calls. I sent an email on a Friday prior to my leads getting cut back on. On that Saturday morning leads started to populate. I called and guess what...No weekend service.. Leads flooding Saturday, Sunday....Finally a return email. Fun part is now I am being threatened to be sent to collections because Home Advisor does not have effective nor efficient ways to cancel services, nor a customer service department willing to assist you when you try to exercise your rights to leave. I would not suggest you do business with Home Advisor as a subcontractor because depending upon what field you enter you will not recoup what you pay out as a small business.

  • May 12, 2016

I signed up as a Licensed General Contractor to receive generated leads thru Home Advisor. To my understanding I was to be Billed for every lead that I followed up on once I made contact with the Home Owner. WRONG they were billing me for every lead they called me on regardless if I followed up or not. They averaged 6-10 ROBO calls per day 7 days a week Having giving them permission to bill my American Express Card after 3 weeks I had a balance of close to $ 3,000.00 Thank God American Express disputed this amount and froze them from billing me . I spoke with Home Advisors, informed them I no longer wanted to be listed as their General Contractor, to my shock they fraudulently had my business listed as doing too many scopes of work (9 to be exact) when I only do 3. They also had me covering 12 different Zip Codes when I only cover 1. This is how they were able to bill me for services I could not provide or cover. Today 05/11/2016 I received a call from their Corperate Accounting Dept. informing me to pay the balance or I will be turned over to a collection agency, after arguing to no avail I guess I'll contact my attorney and pray my credit does not suffer. Home Advisors are nothing short of being Crooks, Scam Artist, Bait and Switchers. Please pass the word and Buyer beware. Updates to follow.

  • Apr 5, 2016

I talked to Home advisors about their lead generation process. I am certyified as a home inspector. I agreed on day one. On day two Zach spoke to me and mentioned some things I disagreed with. I asked to cancel and he said he could not and he would have the original lady call me back. She did not call for several days. Thn I was told I had gone past my 3 day right of rescinding per the state of Colorado law. I explained that since they did not call me, it was they who did not let me officially rescind. After talking to at least another 6 people in the next ten days the mantra was the same, I can't help you.

I was never given the opportunity to spoeak to anyone with the authority to dicsuss my situation. Even when asked to delsay the start of my agreement as I had initially asked they refused to agree to do so. My injured right shoulder did not allow me to go to work. I asked to read back a recording and they said they do not record. Not surprised there. I agreed to the contract as I was also told I would be the only inspector in the area, which I was foubd out later was not true. I also never received a contract even thogh I requested one at least three times. All they kept sending was terms which said nothing of my contractural agrement.

I searched on the web and found numerous complaints on the company verifying that it was a company wide and consistant practice and not a one time thing.

I canceled my credit card and HA tried to collect it from me and would not discuss the issue as this person also did not have the authority to discuss. It has now gone to collections.

  • Mar 21, 2016

Home Advisor is a nationally known company that advertises alot on TV.

I contacted them last year to have some tile work done in my bathroom.

They sent a convicted felon to my home to do the work.

I know this for a fact, because I did a legal search on his name and address, which came back indicating he had been convicted of assault with a DEADLY weapon in 2012.

As far as the work, he did such a poor job that I had to literally kick him out of my home.

When I contacted Home Advisor, they were extremely unprofessional and refused to help me in any form or fashion.

I notified them of his criminal record and they denied it.

When in fact, I found out that he was fraudulently using the name of another individual who was the supposed owner of the company. He actually had a picture of himself on their website, and after my phone calls to Home Advisor, the picture was removed.

I tried 4 times to write a review of the contractor, but every time they refused to publish it.

Every time I tried to contact the owner, the felon would answer the phone. He was impersonating the owner and fraudulently using his name and likeness to get business.

He began calling my home number early in the morning and late at night, and hanging the phone up on me.

The felon in fact used another man's name to gain access to the Home Advisor network of contractors.

DO NOT ever use Home Advisor for anything. They do not stand behing their so called guarantees.

I was out almost $500.00 in clean up and repairs after the felon literally tore my bathroom up and cut fiberboard wth a skillsaw INSIDE my home.

All of the AC ductwork in my home was contaminated by the chemicals in the fiberboard. I contacted the fiberboard company and they said long term exposure could lead to cancer, lung problems, etc. etc.

Home Advisor offered nothing to help me, although I presented reasonable evidence to support my claim.

  • Mar 7, 2016

I tried to post a warning about a building and remodeling contractor listed with Home Advisor but Home Advisor would not publish it. The company, Superb Builders, is 1 man with a contractor license in southern CA. He hires a bunch of telemarketers to find leads. He lends out the license to other people to do remodeling in your home. There is no oversight. Consumers need to know this.

  • Dec 16, 2015

I'am a house keeper barley scraping to get by. A client of mine suggested I use home advisor to get more business. So I called them. First they charged me 287.99 to be a member for one year. Then a day or two later I recieved 12 phone numbers at a charge of 21.00 to 32 dollars per phone number. I started calling the phone numbers, Well I found out quickly they were fake. The people that did answer the phone claimed they were never looking for a house keeper. More then half of the numbers they sent me never answered the phone. I called my credit card co. and started a dispute.

I called home advisor and cancelled my membership. Well, home advisor is threatening me with email saying they are going to sue me and turn me into the the credit bureau if I do not pay them an editional 307.00 on top of everything else I have paid them. When I called home advisor in weeks past about all these charges they told me they would remove them! well, they never removed anything!! So now I'm out 287.99 in membership fee's and they want to sue me for 307.00 for what?? and destroy my credit... Home advisor is the most despicable co. on the planet!!! I have never in my life been dealt such a dirty deal. They think they can get away with murder. It is a crime what they are doing to me!

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