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Higbee & Associates

Country United States
State California
City Santa Ana
Address 1504 Brookhollow Dr
Phone 714-617-8394

Higbee & Associates Reviews

  • May 2, 2017

I have been patiently waiting for this law firm to handle my very simple request from almost a year ago.

I have never once received a phone call or status update, unless I leave messages on top of messages. To this date, my case is still not even filed with the court. I had a company who was ready to work on my case right away, and went with these guys, and it seems my case hasn't been worked on at all here.

I am requesting a full refund, my next step is going to the California state board and informing them that my money was taken and my case was never even filed with the court. Almost a whole year ago, I trusted this firm to do their job, and they have failed miserably. Since hiring this firm, I have never been contacted regarding my case. After reaching out, I get emails apologizing for the delay.

But that's not what I paid for.

Please advise how I can go about getting my money back and hiring an actual law firm that will handle this for me.

I was contacted by a Melanie, and she was absolutely RUDE as HELL! I have already filed a serious complaint with the BBB! This has gone too far. She literally babbled until I couldn't stand any more of her nonsense! I am demanding a FULL REFUND as NO SERVICES HAVE EVER BEEN processed for my case which I hired this firm for almost a year ago. TODAY is the 1st day they are actually going to file something for my case... Unbelieveable!

After reading other rip off reports, I am starting to see this is the Norm for this company! Sad but true. Sometimes we don't dig in and do this real research until it's too late and you've already been scammed BUYER BEWARE!!!

  • Jun 8, 2016

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I had hired Higbee & Associates to clear my information from 31 listing websites and databases. There was clear incompetence by the staff in their ability to operate a computer dealing with a high resolution scan. Despite this inconvenience, I tried to work with the firm.There was a lack of communication and when I checked the status of my service, I was treated horribly by the agent handling my service. When I was told it was done, I had checked the results myself to confirm the service had been completed properly. However, I had found that only a handful of the listed websites were valid operating sites. The other half that the firm listed were false.

Out of the valid sites, some of them still had my information displayed. So in short, the firm failed to provide the service for which I had paid. About half of the valid sites were based on a phone number search only.

This listing was also not removed. When I contacted the firm about this, they stated that they do not remove phone numbers. If this was the case, then why were these "phone number only" sites provided as part of the promised 31 sites. The firm did not provide an answer to this issue or the invalid sites issue.

For the un-removed info issue, they stated that "I did not give them THAT city which I had lived" I had provided all requested info and offered more addresses during the initiation process and they had refused my additional info. When I had tried to call about these problems with their service, they did not answer the phone and I was forwarded to voicemail. I then went to the office and was told that the agents "do not visit with client" and the attorneys are "in a meeting". That is a known business excuse for get lost, we already have your money.

The website advertises a "money back guarantee". But in reality, this is not as much an issue of my happiness of any services provided, rather an instance where certain services were promised prior to payment, and then were not provided after payment. In short, they took money for services they had failed to provide, then made no effort to fix the issue when confronted. This is the definition of fraud. Does the Bar Association now allow its members and their assigns to commit fraud? We are at a new low in America.

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