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Groupon, Inc.

Country United States
State Alabama
City Chicago
Address 600 W. Chicago Ave
Phone 312-870-5288

Groupon, Inc. Reviews

  • Mar 6, 2018

GROUPON's STARBUCKS Card is not valid! I purchased a Starbucks Gift Card from GROUPON. I went to three different stores thinking that the store was wrong to redeem the gift card for purchase of a coffee. The card was not good. I start making inquiries to Groupon about this endless phone calls and emails to tell me that I have to contact Starbucks or telling me how to use it. When I called Starbucks, telling them what Groupon has been. They investigated and notice that's the $10 gift card that I purchased for $5 code has been already used and another representative of Starbucks said it was invalid and I was transferred to Groupon Groupon and I got the message saying to contact them via email, call back or chat. Groupon will not refund my $5 or will not replce the $10 gift card... Beware... This promo came from a Groupon sent to me as a gift, it was not on there Groupon website.

  • Jan 19, 2018

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Did a lot of research trying to find a winter garland - not Christmas garland for the mantel. Compared prices and googled the Santa's garland Groupon offered. It was a little cheaper than the same garland on other sites - i.e.,Wayfair, Amazon, etc.

Got the box today, knew immediately, when I picked it up that it couldn't be the same garland I ordered because it didn't even weigh a pound. I paid over $80.00 for it and the garland Groupon sent me is a $30.00 version - no pine cones.

I should have researched Groupon before I ordered from them; evidently the same thing has happened to other people and they never got their money returned.

They doubled their money on my purchase. Thank goodness I purchased it through Paypal - they take very good care of me and I hope I can get my money back through them.

  • Jan 17, 2018

I received a Groupon e-mail touting a special FLASH discount price. 29.00 per night for ocean front condo. This was to good to pass up. I booked it on line. but instead of charging 87.00 for 3 nights they doubled the charge to 171.33 When I questioned the price the on line chat gave me many excuses none of which were true. Claiming that rates are subject to change, but even when I re-booked it it offered the same 29.00 per night for 3 nights. They said it was the day of the week. but hovering your mouse over each date individually produced the same 29.00 per night. Finally they told me to contact the hotel directly. That was no better. They just told me to hurry and book because it was filling up fast. I lived in Myrtle Beach for 7 years I know no one fills up fast this time of year. What are they going to miss freezing their butt off on the beach? Sorry. It is plain and simple bait and switch and the condo is in on the scam.

Once I gave them all my data they didnt want to let me cancell.

  • Dec 18, 2017

First I purchased concert tickets to a concert in Newberry, SC. At the time of purchase I payed $70 for two concert tickets. Upon arriving at the concert I was issued two tickets that had a ticket price of $17.50 per ticket, $35. Overcharged by $35. Upon attempting to contact Groupon, I found out that they no longer take calls. Only email contact is available. To add insult to injury, I purchased a Groupon to a Columbia restaurant yesterday. Today while attempting to contact the restaurant for reservations there was no one answering. Upon looking up the restaurant on the Internet I was surprised that the restaurant was out of business. It seems Groupon is committing fraud by selling certificates to non-existent restaurants. Groupon makes it impossible to contact them, plus, Groupon doesn't answer emails. I guess the only way to get my money back is to call the credit card company. PLEASE AVOID GROUPON AT ALL COSTS! COMPANIES THAT CHEAT YOU AND SELL FRAUDULENT ITEMS SHOULD BE AVOIDED.

  • Dec 14, 2017

I order tickets for Fair Park Winter Wonderland.. Groupon sent me an email showing the charge was $100 but when I check with my bank they charges me $200 and sent tow sets of tickets. I cancel both sets ot tickets within in 10 minutes of the order. I tried calling an 800 number I found and it was just a recording stating to file a cancellation on their web site. I did this twice and request a call back. This was on Decembrer 8. On Monday, December 11 I placed three request for the tickets to be cancel and give me a refund. I then went on Facebook andPM them. I received an email stating they would not refund my money because I did not cancel on Friday. I sent two request on Friday. I finally got them to call me, they placed me on hold and then the call was disconnect after 10 minutes of me waiting on line.

  • Dec 12, 2017

I purchased a "certified refurbished" Dyson V8 from Groupon. ($400-All sales Final) Although the vacuum does function, the Carpet attachment was badly scratched and should have never been re-packaged for sale to another Customer. When I contacted Dyson the next day about the issue, they explained that they would not replace it without charging me.

I attempted to leave this feedback on the Groupon website as a 2* review, but Groupon censored my review and rejected it, twice.

I emailed Groupon Customer Support and 2 days later recieved a canned reply with instructrions on how to leave feedback (as if they didn't even read my complaint)

I am stuck with this vacuum. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift.

  • Sep 20, 2017

Groupon is selling items to the public without checking the vendors they are adverting for. Some of their vendors are not sending the products and in our case the vendor does not exist. During the hurricane Irma my family was left without power and we bought a generator directly from Groupon under the vendor Groupon computer supply usa inc,. The company was supposed to be in Orlando Florida, which is basically a local company for us. We paid Groupon $500 dollars and Groupon took the money immediately out of our bank account. The vendor provided a tracking number, appearing that the item (generator) was on its way to us. A few days later, an envelope arrived to our house via USPS mail with the tracking number of our generator. Inside the envelop they had put two blank pieces of paper. The return address was a P.O. Box from Orlando Florida, with a location inside an OfficeMax. When we tried to contact Groupon, they basically told us they were not responsible for anything. We tried again to contact Groupon and they told us to contact the vendor, although we explained three times during the chat, that the vendor did not exist. Groupon said that because they are a third party vendor, Groupon cannot be held responsible. Although, it was Groupon who got paid from my bank and it was Groupon who advertised the vendor and it was Groupon had their name attached to the company at first.

What made this whole nightmare worse is that we were just hurt by hurricane Irma financially and emotionally. We were trying to get out of the nightmare when Groupon pulled us right back into the stress and trauma. This is horrible and people need to know. Do not buy anything from Groupon and keep them out of business.

  • Sep 4, 2017

April 2017 Purchased two groupons for pet grooming for $130

called to redeem and owner stated that truck is broken and need to come by his office

called again numerous times, and voice mail box is full

June 24th Notified Groupon that could use groupon as company is out of business

Response from Groupon "I truly wish to help you with this situation, unfortunately this Groupon passed 3-day cancellation window and we didn't receive any updates from the business, hence we are unable to cancel this order for a refund or for a credit. However, if you want me to escalate this issue again to the concerned department to check this issue I can do that.?"

I asked to escalate and Groupon does not provide phone # for customer support

Groupon handles all compliants via email offshore and say they are sorry. They took my $ and recieved nothing in return & i want it back.

  • Aug 11, 2017

I order a Samsung Galazy 7 from Groupon and it was not delievered. I later found that this was a scam and has been reported several times. I need a refund for this phone because I am out a phone until then. Please help!

  • Jul 25, 2017

I placed an order for Bamboo pillows, on July 10, 2017. I began trying to contact Groupon Customer Service, on the 7/21/2017, about my dismay at not receiving my order. You soon discover that there is absolutely NO WAY of contacting Groupon Customer Service via email, telephone, or Morse code! I bet the average consumer is totally ignorant of that fact? I know that I was. And of course, there is a reason for this inability to contact ANYONE: the better to RIP YOU OFF! How can these punks get away with this in America? Well, donald (lying a**) trump is your leader!

  • Jul 3, 2017

I have had so much problems with Groupon as many must have had because there is no phone number you used to be able to call them and talk to their support people now it's only emails that you get They keep your money there's no exceptions I bought a Groupon for a hairstylist that never return my calls I tried calling her for a month then to find out she left the salon Groupon told me they wouldn't give me a refund because I had to call them within three days, I never expected for someone to advertise their services only to not except the Groupon had I known I would've called within three days I then had to use the credit they gave in lieu of a refund, they told me I had to use it within 24 hours !! There wasn't any good deals going on Within 24 hours but didn't want to lose the money I paid on my credit card so I purchased another one for my hair that stylist she did not call me back either now I'm stuck being forced to buy something from them again where I should've gotten it refund on my credit card It's their fault they have deals that don't happen.

  • May 4, 2017

Three weeks ago, I noticed a Groupon charge on my debit card. I had not ordered this service from Groupon and did not authorize any family member to do so. I contacted customer service and they did not comprehend my problem. After many, many e-mails, they finally understood the issue and refunded my money.

Three weeks later, I notice another unauthorized Groupon charge on the same card. Customer service again does not comprehend my inquiry and tells me I must contact the merchant directly for items damaged or not received. But I never ordered the item and wanted a refund. After several e-mails, Groupon customer service kept repeating the same message: “contact the merchant directly for damaged or missing items”. Tired of this dance, I contacted my bank.

To my dismay, my bank informs me that Groupon has set up a recurring charge on my account and that is why I'm getting monthly charges. I NEVER authorized any such thing. My bank tells me to block my card and get a new one. What is going on?

Groupon is either being hacked or one of their employees is running a scam. Contacting Groupon customer service is a nightmare. They are not capable of understanding the problem and keep sending canned responses that do not resolve the issue. Or maybe they simply do not value security.

I will never use Groupon again, and if you do, keep a close eye on your credit or debit card. Something shady is going on at Groupon.

  • May 2, 2017

I ordered Dell Latitude E6230 with a 12.0" WideScreen LCD display, Intel Core i5-3320M CPU and 320GB HD, as it was advertised on GROUPON website (,

but I have received a different product - Dell Latitude E6320 with Core i3-2310M CPU, 13.3" LCD and 230GB HD.I tried to contact the seller regarding this situation but the seller didn't reply for over a week, and when the seller finally replied I was asked if I want to keep the junk or to returne it.

Judging by the seller response, and by the way the transaction was setup, I tend to believe that the offer was purposely misleading and that the seller tries to play on the buyers ignorance. Buy choosing this disingenuous offer I already lost an opportunity to buy similar computer from different merchant at good but time sensitive discount. If I am mistaken, and the seller made an honest mistake, I would expect seller or GROUPON to send me ASAP an item, as it was advertised and as it is still continuously advertised and offered for sale on the GROUPON web site but the seller informed me that the computer model I wanted to buy is sold out - yeah right.

  • Mar 25, 2017

Selling groupons for massages that only have appointments 6 months away, 4 months after groupon expires.

  • Feb 10, 2017

Do not order anything from Groupon. They are having major technology issues. the last 3 orders I have placed have been nightmares. It has resulted in several hundred of my dollars been held as "pending" on my cards, refusal of them to give me refunds, hours of my time being wasted in chats and on the phone, as well as ZERO resolution to any of my issues. Finally they sent an iphone after 3 weeks and 9 failed orders after I ordered one from Amazon.

The day before I finally ordered from Amazon and got them to release my pending charges, they assured me all orders were done. Next day I see a fresh charge on my card. I immediately contact them. They are refusing to refund my money. So now I have to wait until it arrives on 2/17 to get my money back. On top of this I have tickets to a concert tomorrow, that will NOT print. They will not refund my money so that I can look into other options, and all I am being told it WAIT. I have used groupon for years. But I officially hate this site and will deal with amazon or living social.

  • Dec 26, 2016

I was interested to purchase a dash cam, it was listed for $149.95 and regular price was crossed our showing $299.95, i just wanted to make sure that this device was worth $299.95 or at least was selling for that price on the internet, but when i found a web site that the same identical device was selling for $139.95 . Groupon is supposed to be the place where consumers had discounted deals, as yet they are ripping people off. I called Groupon CS and talked lady named Maria, She told me that i needed to call to manufacturer to complaint about the price. I was even more shocked because it is supposed to be Groupon to make sure giving the consumers the best deals. I was also been told that i was FREE to file a complaint with a government agencies, what a recommendation!!! Please make sure that you have a good deal before you buy anything from groupon, check it on the internet and dont get rippex off by Groupon.

  • Dec 24, 2016

My girlfriend made 2 purchase for health spas and the 1st location never answered the phone and the second location would not honor the voucher. Now we call Groupon and they refund us the full amount of the first Groupon but the second one they not only will not refund us money but want to give us only credit and get this we have to use this credit within 24 hours or we lose everything. This is ridiculous and there needs to be some type of investigation into the way Groupon steals money from their customers. Maybe this is a reason their stock continues to go down. They now are blaming us for their problems with merchants.

  • Dec 19, 2016

I purchased an item for my daughter for Christmas through Groupon. Got my confirmation email. Got my Tracking email. Said it would be delivered by December 14th. When I try to track it..nothing..say does not exist. I have called the customer service for 5 days and they will not fix this! They say it is a 3rd party vendor and its out of their hands! I BOUGHT IT THROUGH THEIR WEBSITE, PAID THROUGH THEIR WEBSITE..WHAT A CROCK! Nothing like being scammed before Christmas for my daughters ONLY present! $255 down the drain and no money to replace it!

  • Sep 27, 2016

I made a purchase on Groupon for iClear (an orthodontic practice in the Atlanta area). I was told by the orthodontic office that I am not considered a candidate and that I should contact Groupon for a refund. I then contacted Groupon as I was told by the orthodontic practice and they assured me that they will refund my money onto the card that I have on file. I switched banks almost two weeks prior to contacting Groupon for a reund, I switched from JP Morgan Chase bank to Bank of America and I also updated that information in my Groupon account. Unfortunately, for some strange reason, Groupon proceeded to have the refund sent to my old account, which was officially closed at the time. I have contacted the bank twice to ensure that they have not recived my refund.

Chase assured me that my account was officially closed and they have already refunded my remaining balance. Chase also assured me that any funds sent to Chase will be immediately returned to the merchant. I have a series of e-mails from Groupon constantly insisting that Chase has my funds. I keep trying to explain that my refund was sent back to Groupon and Groupon keeps telling me that it's not. These e-mails back and forth continued for almost a week and a half. I just received an e-mail from them stating that they will just issue me "Groupon Bucks" which is not how I paid for my Groupon. All I want is my original form of payment back onto my updated account information as they have assured me, and in a timely fashion. This has gone on too long and I should be able to receive my refund as quickly as they processed it. They take the money immediately, but hassle to return it if services are not rendered. Even though they assured me that if I cannot use the voucher as deemed by the merchant, then they will willingly refund it. I can forward the e-mails from them if need be.

  • Jun 25, 2016

I ordered a very expesive item on Groupon. 10 minutes later I saw the same item being offered for more than $100 less on another site. I cancelled the Groupon order. Hours later they wrote me back saying it was cancelled too late. It was definitely cancelled within 2 hours ( their time limit) and it certainly hadn't shipped yet as they say they will notify me of shipment.

This company is a sophisticated SCAM ARTIST.

  • Jan 25, 2016

I'm customer of GROUPON and bought services/goods from GROUPON in past.

So, i added my credit card on file in GROUPON app. Yesterday, my 3 year

old son using my phone and accidentally he pressed on "Buy" for an item cost $130.99 and transaction # 1000-044492-243574.

I checked that transaction after 2 hrs and there is no way i can cancel that transaction

and tried reaching customer support and not able to connect to customer care due to high

call volume and sent email to them.

Today again i called customer support and able to talk to Mitchel and her supervisor,

they not supported in canceling of order showing fine print. I don't want this item as

i have similar item in my home.

Order status of Item is just "Ordered". I'm surprised that customer support cannot cancel

transaction. I do not understand why customer support in place if they are not able to cancel the order that was placed accidentally?

  • Dec 31, 2015

Strongly suggest you to NOT purchase this item. Materials are cheap. Screen is too bright and with color adjustment it darkens the screen. Does not charge and will not charge.

  • Dec 18, 2015

GROUPON.COM is a total rip off site! I placed an order for an item to arrive 7 days after order was placed. 2 weeks after order was placed I started calling and emailing them about where my item was since the tracking information states that the time has been prepared to shipped with a tracking number uploaded on the site. I have gotten every excuse possible from customer support. First they tell me it's on its way, next I hear it's somewhere in a warehouse waiting to be shipped but they don't have any information about where the warehouse is, how to contact the warehouse or who is in charge of the warehouse. I also was told them my item was already delivered on Dec. 11, 2015. One customer service lady even told me they never even had the item in stock and sometimes they advertise items they don't have just to get people to visit their site! The only excuse that I actually believe is the last one! I paid for my item, and never received it! Apparently this happens quite a lot becsuse I've seen over 1000 customer complaints online about this site! Someone needs to do something about GROUPON!! They will take your money, lie to you about them item and your out your time trying to track down the order, money for the item and a ton of headaches dealing with their non English speaking customer support representatives!

  • Dec 11, 2015

I purchased a Groupon for the Coconut Petals Day Spa, two 90 minutes massages for $45.

I called the number to make an appoitment but I was directed to they website where is imposible to make a appoitment.

After I left 5 messages in diferent days I decided to check the internet reviews, where I find out this company is a scam.

  • Sep 28, 2015

This is regarding order#373874283 placed at groupon website on June 8th,2015. I ordered Apple IPhone 5 16GB: White from groupon for $278.18 .This phone stopped working after 2 months. I reached out to Groupon and they asked me to follow up with the vendor. They gave me an email address This belong to a company called US mobile phones Inc. They did not offer any help and asked me to contact back to Groupon. I went back to Groupon on Sept 16th and Sept 18th they responded saying that they can offer any exchange/replacement and asked me to refer the fine print which says return is poosible only in 14 days from purchase.

I was not asking for refund or return the product. I was asking for replacement/exchtange and there is nothing mentioned about it in the fine prints.

This was a complete rip off for $278.18. This iphone is piece of junk which they sold me for $278.18 and there was no help offered from Gropuon regarding this matter.

Customer service rep was very rude saying that we can't do anything in this matter.

All, Please be aware of this Rip off company-Groupon and never buy any coupon, goods or services from Groupon. You will regret at some point later specially when you buy such expensive products which has only 14 days return policy ot 30 days warranty. All these products are sold for some Brooklyn companies which are fraud vendors and they sell all junk products thru Groupon.

If you need more info about this Rip off case, pl reach out to me

  • Sep 14, 2015

Mary was at home at her computer at about 1 pm on 8/20/15 and made a purchase of a king sheet set and a mattress pad on her Groupon account. She did not receive a confirming email that the purchase was made, but kept checking her email to see if it came in. Then, about an hour later I “Chatted” with a Groupon representative, Wenna M. (copy of email enclosed) to see if the order went through. She said there was no order. I even asked to make sure that there would not be duplicate orders if I ordered again. There was no order listed under my online account, so I ordered again.

A couple weeks later, we received, at separate times, two sets of the sheets and the mattress pads. Mary called Groupon on 9/9 to ask why we were sent two sets and were charged for two sets, when I was assured that there was only one order processed. I talked on the phone to a rep Linda, and she said that she only saw the one order that I placed about 3 pm on 8/20 and that I was only charged the one time on our card No. 7149. I kept insisting that I did, in fact, receive two sets and was charged for two sets, after I was assured that a first order was not placed. Linda said that she could authorize a return for the one sheet set, but could not authorize a return for the mattress pad.

She then, asked an account specialist to go into my account and see what might have happened. He said that an order was placed for a sheet set and mattress pad under Gary’s (husband) Groupon account about 1 pm on 8/20 and charged to our card No. 7149, and that a duplicate order was placed on Mary’s Groupon account about 3 pm on 8/20 and charged to card No. 7149. I kept asking how could that happen when Gary was at work the whole time, not at a computer, my computer is about 50 feet away from his and I was the only one ordering that day, and I was on my computer, and the name of the account at the top right kept listing “Mary”? All the screens kept stating “Mary” as the name on the account. I kept asking that they send me a return authorization for both one sheet set and one mattress pad, that we had opened the one set of the mattress pad, but only the outer mailing package, not the inner packaging, and did not use either one. She kept insisting that the mattress pad was designated as “No returns” and she could not authorize it. I then asked,’ well who can?’ She turned me over to a supervisor, Becky.

I again explained the situation to Becky, that I did not order two sets and that the problem was some kind of glitch or process with Groupon’s ordering system coding, and that it was not my fault that two sets were sent. Gary was not even home that day and was not at a computer. None of the reps could explain how this could have happened, but Becky kept insisting that she could not authorize a return for the mattress pad, but could for the one sheet set. I said, then I will have to dispute the charge with the card company, and file complaints with every complaint system that I know, and that Groupon will have to go through the hassle of dealing with that. I have received an authorization for the return of one sheet set and have returned that, but have kept the one mattress pad, unopened and unused, pending the outcome of this dispute.

Something very interesting is that, after I got off the phone with Groupon, I tried several methods of going into Gary’s Groupon account, using his password and information, and could never get on his account from my computer. So, again, I ask, ‘how could this have happened?’ It is some kind of glitch in Groupon’s ordering system and not our fault. We simply want to return the unopened mattress pad and receive a refund for it. If this is some kind of hygienic regulation, it is interesting to note that a person’s body is in direct contact with bedsheets, not the mattress pad, while sleeping. Yet, Groupon would accept a return for the sheets and not the mattress pad. Thank you for your consideration in resolving this matter.

  • Aug 26, 2015

I purchased an Elite Brights Groupon Voucher for a supposed 225.00 value ultrasonic toothbrush on 11/14/11. It is almost 4 years past, and this item has not been delivered. I called Groupon several times over the past 3+ years and asked for them to investigate and the CSR always told me they would and call me back. I never got any call backs. Today, 8/25/15, I called Groupon again, this time asking them to honor their stated (you can always use the Groupon for the amount paid, which never expires)! They lied! They were obviously just covering for this scam of a toothbrush/tooth whitening company. They said it's been too long and they could do nothing.

In the even more frequent attempts to contact Elite Brights, their website was setup with no phone contact information. You could access your order information. I would tell you that the status was "processing". It said the same thing for a couple of years. Now the website no longer exists.

Groupon admits having a record of my previous calls, but they still will not honor the value of the voucher toward a future purchase. This is horribly dishonest, not to mention terrible customer service. This is my first and last experience with Groupon!!

  • Aug 17, 2015

On 7/24/15, someone used my stored debit on Groupon to purchase two Xbox game consoles. I notified bank as well as Groupon. Bank reimbursed money but Groupon still sent two consoles after I notified them of fraud. I believe this is possible inside Groupon employee theft of stored online credit/debit or some kind of security breach. I will never store my credit information or use Groupon again!

  • Aug 6, 2015

I bought a Aduro PowerUp 40 watt 6-Port USB Charging Station from Groupon.The charger worked for approx 2 weeks, it charged 2 items during that time and then broke.

It had no power to the ports and the power light was no longer lit. I contacted Groupon and was told they do not refund money or replace an item older than 14 days!!! What a ripoff especially when manufacturers normally provide a 30 day warranty.

Be very careful before you buy merchandize from them if you have a problem you CAN'T get any money back.I thought Groupon was reputable and was shocked to find that they aren't.

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