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Globe Life And Accident Insurance Company

Country United States
State Oklahoma
City Oklahoma City
Address Globe Life Center
Phone 1-877-577-3860

Globe Life And Accident Insurance Company Reviews

  • Oct 24, 2017

BUYER BEWARE!!! Save your money. This company is a scam. They put provisions in their policies that allow them to deny accidental death claims. My husband was in a car accident and died from his injuries, per the Medical Examiner's autopsy report, but because it was over 90 days from the date of his accident, Globe Life doesn't consider the manner of death "an accident" and paid the lesser amount. This is one insurance company that gives someone a false sense of security, you think you are paying Globe Life so when you die, Globe Life will provide funds to your loved ones to cover the cost of your burial and maybe a little, and I mean a little, extra if you die accidentally. That is false if you do not die in a timely fashion, per Globe Life. I guess the medical community shouldn't try to save your loved one and keep them alive more than 90 days per Globe Life. You watch your loved one suffer trying to hold on, trying to live and it is so difficult to watch them suffer and eventually succumb to their injuries to find out you get punished for your loved one trying not to die from Globe Life because they don't believe your loved one laying in a hospital bed with I.V.s and tubes in your loved ones everything and everywhere for more than 90 days isn't part of the accident that prevented them from ever coming home. The plan was for him to survive the accident and to come home and be with his family, to meet our first granddaughter that would be arriving in July, to be here to advise our 4 sons through their lives, to walk our daughter down the isle, to see our 10 year old grandson continue to grown into an amazing man and to grow old with me, his wife of 30 years and NOT to expect Globe Life to provide our family with any benefits, but it did not go as we planned, hoped or prayed. I understand that all companies have previsions that outline what will and what will not be covered but to include a prevision that would deny an accidental death claim because the person didn't die fast enough from their injuries is wrong on many different levels and I believe there is a special place in Hell for the person that drafted that prevision. The loss of a loved one, expected or unexpected, is a horrific experience and for a company that peddles their ware as "help or comfort" during that difficult time to place such loop holes to get out of holding up their end of the bargain should not be allowed to be in this business. So do your surviving loved ones a favor and buy life insurance from a reputable company that will provide what they say they will if you die of natural or accidental causes and stay away from Globe Life. BUYER BEWARE!!!!

  • Sep 23, 2017

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I had a Life insurance policy that my grandmother bought when I was a boy. So globlelife needed to see that she past away thru a death certifcate to see I owned the policy. Because at age 27 the wholelife policy sky rocketed and was unaffordable. So my father lent me my grandmothers last issued copy of a death cerifcate from the state that I sent to golble life insurance to see if there was a cash value, because they could not say nothing on the phone. In the letter I sent I specifically asked for the state copy back and they at globelife sent a photo copy that is against the law and said so at the bottom of the state copy. Globelife broke the law and after talking to numerous people at globelife that promised that said it would be returned, the last one said no its a copy. But ok its a legal copy and mine. I dont know why there insisting on keeping it our business is concluded. I know it just small potatoes but it was asked for when I sent it and promised by some of there at globelife employees after they sent a illegal copy. I have been stolen from and want it back.

  • Dec 4, 2016

My mom passed away and had life insurance with globe life I was the owner of the policy I called to find out what to do Every time I spoke to them they verified all info on account including mailing adress which is a post office box due to we are rural and get no mail at home They confirmed a check would be payable I sent all documents Several calls Confirmed documents received No check called company They said they sent to adress on death certificate Can't get mail there and I never authorized this change in mailing. For as many times ss I talked to them and verified the adress this inexcusable. They even admit my return adress had the PO box They acknowledged it was a company error and would overnight check. They did not.

It took them 8 days to even stop payment on a check they know they lost Then they said they couldn't overnight but would send certified. Yo the PO box. When I called and found out the stop payment had. Just happened the payment had not even gone out yet. The customer service rep says that usually happens right away. I was given a tracking number I made a better business bureau complaint and got a message asking what could they do for me. I left a message saying obviously send the check as promised I checked the tracking number with usps and nothing was found and does not fit format for a certified check A life insurance policy is only as good as the promise to pay since the buyer will not be around to make sure they get what they paid for. Broken promises!!!!! They admit their error Why won't they fix it

  • Oct 6, 2016

I have had my Globe policy for ten years and decided that I did not need the coverage because I have addition insurance coverage. Upon reading the policy which stated on page three under payment of proceeds it stated, "While the insured is living. You many elect to receive the life insurance proceeds in any other manner." I talked to Carrie at customer service and she stated that was a generic statement placed in the policy and that it has no cash'tvalue. The policy does not state it has or hasn't cash value. I go by the rule if it is not written it is rumor.

I talked to Jay Travis who is a supervisor who could not give me an answer to my question when I stated what the policy said and that I wanted the proceeds and advised he would return my call. As of this date he has not called me back. Since I have no response that they are giving me my proceeds, I have contacted the Insurance Commissioner's for the State of Oklahoma and the State of Georgia.

This is a rip off term policy because at the end of the 20 years you have no coverage for the money you paid even though I have a term life from a reputable company that the contract states I can receive loans, proceeds and at the end of the tem I will have paid up insurance.

Do not fall for the lies this company tells, they only want to steal your money and not live up to the contract.

  • Sep 8, 2016

I called an inquired about life insurance for our children in Jan 2016, i was never sent any information, I called again in March, they signed me up, i asked for policy information never received it, i get a statement letting me know that they have drafted $49.22 out of my account, i call and questioned this, i still have not recieved any kind of information on these policies, don't know anything about them, they tell me i now have 10 policies, i cancelled all 10 on April 11th 2016, i ask for a refund, they tell me it will take up to 30 days, i wait the 30 days, i call back they said they mailed out 5 individual checks, 2 weeks prior, i informed them i never have received them, i ask for a supervisor and she (Kourtney) ask me to fax a copy of my bank statement noting the withdrawal from my account, she gives me her direct number, but when i call she NEVER answers.

I call back, only to be told again it would be another 30 days for the process, i have callled and talked to so many people there, today Sept.7 2016, i call and some lady that's sounds like she should be in bed answers, put me on hold a couple of times, i finally ask for a supervisor once again, she gives me Amber, Amber looks through my file and tells me that she'll have to get with the customer service dept. to call back in a couple of days or if she finds out anything, she'll call me..........i wont hold my breathe......

  • Jul 27, 2016

I purghased a Modified Life Insurance policy for my grandson at age of 7 years old. I paid for this policy as the applicant for 18 years.Now it is time to begin the cash build up. I called customer service to diascuss the policy future and to have an understanding about the future worth to me and the insured. The customer service representative would not give me that information.She informed me that the privsacy rights would be violated. Now the checks i sent for 18 years never violate that. She said my grandson would have to talk to her. I want to keep this policy for a none responsible grandson. But i need an understanding to determine what i'm paying for. Maybe there is no use for me to keep my unstable grandson insured. I told her i wanted to evaluate the cause for me to go on paying my money. I should have the right to determine that.

This insurer sells us these Grow Up Policies and afterward they want to guote the HEPA laws to us, the applicants.This deciteful and stealing, a big rip off until i'm shown otherwise.

  • Jun 30, 2016

Globe life is the biggest rip off!!!!!

My father bought life insurance and an additional accidental death ryder 02/2014

was policy date.

On Jan 3rd this year 2016 he was a pedestrian and was involved in a hit and run and he died, from blunt force trauma...

Not thinking i go to funeral home like i did with my aunts policies (oct 28 2016) and guy says 2 yr clause. I hadcalled the company and talked to someone explained everything he said their is no reason they that should'nt pay as it was hit and run accidental death..

So i go do all the things needed to be done for services..

everything went ok.. sent him home to our mother

like a king, nothing extravagant $6000. funeral....

Now we go from 1/3/16 to 6/15/16 over 5 months

and nothing is paid yet...One letter they sent me in

may (no postage on it) about more information. I

never recieved until funeral home called in june to

say they denied claim...

Now how will you be paying the bill?

i never got thast letter until after claim was denied..

SO the reason for denial answered questions wrong,

they would never had insured him!!!! Ha Ha money

hungry a holes...

but yet my sister in law has a policy on her grandkids.. she stated to the people taking the application that the one has an major asthma issue. they filled out the paper and sent to her. Her signature is not on the paper they sent her. And every question they asked was marked no with a computer or typewriter x !!!!!

summation is had the insurance, paid the premiums, death was accidental death, hit and run...nothing in his medical records was the cause of death!!

hello globe life what is your problem?

contacted attorney, contacted insurance commission


  • Oct 14, 2015

I use to live in sanford Florida I purchased a life insurance policy from globe life. Have not paid insurance benefits. Been four months since my husband died I have provided all information that they need. They are asking for more. I do not know what else I can do. Please help me. In distress

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