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Global Exchange Vacation Club

Country United States
State California
City Encino
Address 16530 Ventura Blvd Suite 101
Phone (888)-259-4925

Global Exchange Vacation Club Reviews

  • Aug 11, 2017

GEVC is the classic timeshare ripoff. They are your new best firends as they are reaching in to your wallett. I condiser myself a savy consumer and even i was scammed by these professionals. I bought points to nothing. It was sold as the most flexible option in travel. My 10,000 annual points that I purchased through GEVC and powered by RCI points. The points essentially are worthless, I am stuck paying the annual maintenance fee to both GEVC and RCI. The predatory practice of timesahre sales really needs some serious legistlation to STOP the scams once and for all. I am never able to find a destination that I want to visit when I want it. I am not able to sell the worthless piece of paper and I am stuck paying two annual maintenace fees. I continue to see the alluring fals advertisements on the freeway billboards. How do these companies continue to thrive as they legally steal from people through legitimate escrow companies like InterCity Escrow Services. I f you get lured into a slick presentation with loud music and the promise of a lifetime of Vacations?? DO NOT BUY ANYTHING. You are much better off buying the trip you want, when you want it and not be committed to endless fees forever.

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