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From You Flowers, LLC

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 483 West 37th Street
Phone 1-855-372-7386

From You Flowers, LLC Reviews

  • Oct 25, 2017

Ordered a gift basket for a wedding anniversary gift and paid the additional fee for same day delivery. 3 days later received a phone call that it wasn't delivered, the florist couldn't fill the order in time. I was offered the $3.50 (same day fee) refunded and a small upgrade for the inconvenience. I accepted that and was assured it was going to be delivered that day. 2 days after that it still wasn't delivered!

When I called and spoke with a representative she starts out with "before you start yelling at me the basket it on the truck now! it's not the florists fault they couldn't fill the order." When I said I couldn't care less about the florist she says "OH GOD!" that was the point I asked for a supervisor. Kevin S. gets on the phone and initially offered me a 30% discount and a $20.00 gift card. I told him it should be refunded its 5 days late and was promised a delivery day twice, the basket they sent was NOT what I ordered and it looked thrown together like they were rushing to get it out. (I had my brother send me a picture) Then he offered me a $50.00 gift card.

Realizing I wasn't going to receive a refund I accepted the $50.00 gift card. The following day I receive an email with the git card guessed it, $20.00. I called back and once finally connected to Kevin again he lies and says he never offered me the $50.00 it was for $20.00. I asked him if the calls are recorded, and he said he doesn't have access to the tapes to confirm what I'm saying. Not only do they not deliver on time, the baskets are horribly put together and the customer support is HORRIBLE.

  • Jul 31, 2017

Another Companies

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The bouquet I wanted for delivery and spent almost $50 on looks like it could have come from my local grocery store or picked on the side of the road by a 5-year-old.

I ordered white daisies with goldenrod and raffia ribbon that looked very pretty on their website. What actually got delivered were cheap-looking yellow and white mums with un-matching crappy fabric ribbon.

In their response to my complaint to the company, they made a sorry excuse and will issue me a $10 gift certificate to use toward a future purchase from them. REALLY? They definitely don’t honor any “satisfaction guaranteed.” In their response to me "We have received your message expressing your dissatisfaction with the arrangement received. All items are subject to slight substitution according to local availability and season as stated in the product's delivery information on our website. This allows the florist to substitute with a similar container, flowers, color scheme or plant to ensure delivery is made in a timely manner." I will just say that any other florist I've used in the past will at least redeliver a better bouquet if the customer is dissatisfied because they want their customers satisfied for future purchases.

On their website, they claim they were rated best overall quality and price by CNBC in 2010.

Here is a claim that they DID live up to that is on their website, “We strive to make your experience ordering flowers with us unforgettable.”

I am beyond upset and disappointed that I didn't use a different flower delivery company. Please save yourself the aggravation and shop elsewhere if you want to cheer someone up.

  • Feb 16, 2017

Used as a suggestion from our company. Spent about $80 on flowers and candy. They guaranteed delivery by Valentine's day. I had ordered them early the day before. Monitored the entire next day and NO delivery was ever made. The tracking web site shows they delivered it. I called several times after that status update and still no delivery. Checked again the day after and no delivery. Several long calls the day after with their customer service line yielded nothing. No one would answer the phone.

This is a complete ripoff. Extremely stressful and disheartening over special occasions as well. Did not think to look up this deceptive company because my company recommended them. I will let my company know. I sent an email late last night to their (which is what the customer service line suggests you do to confirm delivery) and have not had any response (despite their assurances of a prompt reply).

I will pursue additional options to get my money completely refunded. From the other complaints, I see they try to get you to agree to discounts on future flowers or even free flowers. Not happening. They've ruined what should be a completely easy task. Literally, schedule a floral delivery and give the florist their money. But they've made the situation worse by showing they delivered the flowers. TOTAL RIPOFF.

  • Feb 16, 2017

I ordered flowers to be delivered on Valentine's day, they never showed and noone responds.. Going to cancel my visa order and report them for fraud if they don't respond by email soon (they promised 6 hours) Do not use these people

  • Jun 18, 2016

I decided to use as the site advertises that it is recommended by cnbc. The webpage advertises same day delivery with a bright pink "same day" delivery button and a "need it today" arrow. I orDered my birthday flowers for my daughter in law and waited and waited and waited...At the end of the day, i receive an email from stating they could not find a florist to deliver. I find it hard to believe that not one florist in the dallas/ft worth area can deliver flowers same-day. They apologized and offered an "upgrade." the flowers that arrived a day late were hardly worthy of being called a bouquet. I sent the company a letter with a picture Three roses and two lillies) of the "upgraded" flowers and demanded to be compensated. The email i received stated that was the correct number of flowers for the deluxe flower arrangement and would credit me $10 on my next order! i told them i would never order from them again and when i told her.

  • Mar 28, 2016

The flower order I placed Friday 3/25/16 for Easter flowers was never delivered to my daughter so I called on 3/26/16. The representative said she called the florist and they couldn’t find my daughter’s apartment and had the phone number wrong even though the address and phone number were both correct on the order. She then said the florist now had the correct phone number and would call my daughter. As of 6:00 pm on 3/26/16, my daughter had no calls from any florist and no flowers had arrived. I called back again and after being on hold for a very long time, a customer service rep finally answered, had no idea what went wrong and said she would refund my money since my daughter never received the flowers. They said it would take 3 days for the refund but I am not holding my breath. This site is a sham, best to call a florist directly in the city of the delivery and work with them in person.

  • Jan 18, 2016

Ordered flowers which were never delivered.

Wrote an email to the company which says a response will be received in an hour. Never received a response.

Wrote second email to company and advised that I would be leavng negative reviews. Do not order from this company.

  • Aug 1, 2015

I placed an order for a dozen roses to be sent to my girlfriends job on Wed 7/29. They were ordered with same day delivery and given instructions that the business closes at 3pm. NO DELIVERY Tuesday

I asked for them to be redelivered Thurs to work but said she was going to be leaving at 1pm. NO DELIVERY I then called at about 2pm to ask if they could be delivered to her home address later that day. They confirmed with the florist that they could be and that deliveries were done until 7pm. My girlfriend was home at 4pm waiting. I spoke to her at 7:20 and asked if they were delivered, still no delivery.

I called these clowns back and asked for a new florist to try and deliver them to work again today (Fri 7/31) but let them know she was leaving work early to go out of town for the weekend. I was told they would "upgrade the order" and include an apology note. Guess what? They still werent delivered.

Thats 3 days, 2 florists, and times they had flowers go out for delivery only to not be delivered.

They say they cant guarantee delivery time, why can every other company give some sort of estimated delivery time or especially in the case of a missed delivery make sure the order gets priority and is delivered first the following day?

I called to complain and ask for a refund and the girl i spoke to asked if her manager could call me to discuss this and offer me free flowers?

Free flowers always sound like a great idea, the problem is these idiots wouldnt deliver them anyway. No thanks. Ill pass.

I have never in my life dealt with such complete and utter incompetence.

I should have hand picked the roses myself and driven a couple hours and delivered them myself. At least I know they would have actually gotten delivered and considering the amount of time i spent on the phone with these morons, it might have actually saved me time.

If you ever have a loved one die, dont order flowers from these fools unless you want them delivered the day they rise from dead, because thats about how long its going to take to get your flowers to there destination.

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