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According to what I know:

1: El Chaltà © n
2: Salta
3: Buenos Aires
4: Mendoza
5: QuequƩn
6: Bariloche
7: San MartÃn de los Andes
8: Between Rivers
9: Córdoba
10: Puerto Deseado

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For me:
1.- Yungas in Salta, Jujuy, Tucumà "n (Top: Parque Nac BaritÃŗ)
2.- National park MburucuyĆ ", Corrientes (generous in Flora, fauna and birds)
3.- Baà ± ado La Estrella, Formosa
4. -Theater Cathedral
5.- Parque Prov Salto de Moconà "(Mnes)
6.- Parque Prov Urugua-i (Mnes)
7.- 2nd and 3rd Section of the Paranà Delta "
8.- Aconquija area (Catamarca)
9.- Glacier National Park (Sta Cruz)
10. - Ancient times

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According to my point of view, and made trips:
1- Iguazu Falls (Missions)
2- Wanda Mines (Missions)
3- Garganta del Diablo (Salta)
4- Ruins of Quilmes (Tucuman)
5- Amaicha del Valle (Tucuman)
6- Pumamarca (Jujuy)
7- Saenz Peà ± a (Chaco)
8- Santa Rosa de Calamuchita (Cordoba)
9- Cafayates (Salta)
10- Termas de Rio Hondo (Santiago del Estero)

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I'm going with mine
1. Bariloche ā ???? Villa La Angostura (7 lakes).
2. Calchaquies Valleys
3. Park of the Glaciers
4. Iguazú Falls
5. Miramar
6. Buenos Aires
7. Salta
8. Route 40
9. Sierras de Córdoba
10. What I'm about to know?

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1- Salta
2- Jujuy
3- Tucuman
4- Buenos Aires
5- Cataratas del Iguazu
6- San Martin de los Andes
7- Bariloche and Villa La Angostura
8- Caviahue and Copahue

The rest of the places I met would not include them in my top ten ... I still have a lot of sur to know.

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I would put Tandil, a very pretty country city, very clean, with good tourist infrastructure for all budgets. But above all very warm with tourists and very neat.

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For me:
1: Jump.
2: San Martin de los Andes
3: Buenos Aires.
4: Between Rivers.
5: CĆ³rdoba.
7: Bariloche.
8: Catamarca.
9: Mendoza.
10: Peninsula Valdez

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Very good this Top Ten

1) El Chaltà © n
2) El Calafate
3) Ushuaia
4) Villa La Angostura
5) Bariloche
6) Mendoza
7) IguazĆŗ
8) Delta del Tigre
9) La Cumbrecita
10) Puerto Madryn

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As soon as I can I'm putting together a statistic with the data that they gave me so we get the most voted ... greetings people!

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