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First National Bank of Omaha

Country United States
State Nebraska
City Omaha
Address 1620 Dodge Street
Phone 800-642-0014

First National Bank of Omaha Reviews

  • Dec 23, 2015

Call from 800 877 7408 from agent Tracy says that my husband had a credit card issued in his name and gave last four digits to have him call that service immediately.

She states that she is from First National Bank of Omaha.

Upon calling back the number above we find the recordign says they are Activity Alert Credit Card Fraud Prevention services and long long long wait. Another person answers. They say that they need the name and credit card number to verify the activity.

We don't give it, so they ask for other identifying markers, like social security etc.

Upon me refusing and asking for verifying information, they refuse to provide a last name and became abusive and rude on the phone, yelling back.

When I suggested that if I gave the information to a stranger, this is a breach of security, they started yelling.

Upon calling the FBI and FCC they said this is a hoax and I filed a report.

When I typed the phone number above on Google, out came a lot of posts saying the service was Legit, which looked like someone had posted them. Then, when you scroll to the bottom you find a few posts saying they are frauds and providing further links.

When I searched and called for First National Bank of Omaha, there was no answer. I waited a good hour and there was no pick up from any department.

  • Nov 25, 2015

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These crooks drastically reduced my credit limit after I made a payment and without proper notification. Yesterday I made a credit card payment to my First National credit card. I paid down 70% of the balance from $7,100 to $2,100 so there should have been $5k avail today. I tried to use the credit card today to business invoice with part of the $5k that should have been available. After multiple failed attempts to pay the invoice online I called the credit card company to find out the problem. 1. They first told me they hold 80% of the payment until it comes out of pending status. I told them that I need access to my available credit Today. 2. They had me do a conference call with my actual bank to verify the funds were good. 3. After the bank conference call, my credit card company tells me they reduced my credit limit. I didn't get any notification that they were reducing my limit. The bank says they made that decision yesterday. My response was "yesterday after you receive my payment. I told them could have sent me a letter the day after you didn't receive payment (November 12), ie the first day it was past due on your books but you deliberately waited until you got a large payment". (My payment was 12 days past the due date but I'm aware that credit card payments are not considered late until the next billing cycle comes and goes and no payment is made.) 4. I also asked, "When was I going to receive a letter about the credit limit decrease." The person I spoke with said they were going to mail one out today. 5. I asked "well what is my new limit", these crooks said my new limit is the $2100 that's now available after my $5000 payment. 6. When asked how do you come up with a decision to give me a 70% reduction of my credit limit that was available just yesterday....."Well you make minimum payments and on the due date instead of before the due date; you've been late 4 times in 24 months, your at the peak credit limit and your Experian credit report shows delinquents on your report. Nonsense, missing the due date does Not make you late on credit reports and your credit report story is a flat out lie.....Sure enough, after arguing with them, I pull my credit report and I have No late accounts and No Delinquent accounts.

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