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First Data Corporation

Country United States
State Nebraska
City Omaha
Address 7305 Pacific Street
Phone 1 866-382-8643

First Data Corporation Reviews

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  • May 30, 2016

Tim Lane promised me a loan to by out my ex bussiness psrtner.said i needed to give him money for application fee

i havent seen any money and hasent come thru with any money and also almost cost my apt and my cars. he set me up with first data leasing for credit card machine the company was suppoost to cancel the credit card machine and i was told they did but i found out that they didnt and have put a charge on my credit report for over 5000.00 he keeps calling me and saying we need to meet to get the loan done but never shows up and ignors my phone calls When i call him backHe .keeps stringing me along.this guy will be hearing from my lawyer. he is driving a grey land rover if you meet this guy dont give him any money he wont come thru and he is a slick talker he is a peice of garbage.this guy needes to be off the street and in jail he also goes by the name john hurst do yourself a favor stay away from this guy he is the biggest scumbag i have seen.

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  • Jan 8, 2016

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Greg Milano was the agent that come in and offered me all these savings. I said no one charges for the machine any more. He NEVER said we do.Ive contacted First Data &they said it would cost me over 3000.00 $ to pay of.The 1st 3 days they took out a month fee .I called greg he said i get them to return the money, they didn't .I tried to get out after3, days.I can't get any help. We r a small business 1 employee me.I don't have over 3000.00$to get out . Please contact me &offer any advice we are in Knoxville tenn don't were they are

First Data agent lied to me &didn't tell me that i would have to pay a monthly fee or i would've said no. I have tried calling them they want $3000.00 to get out of this contract. I can sell to another business but they can't. Ive tried to get out after 3 days because they took out the fee for 2 months after 3 days. My agent Greg Milano promised he would get my money returned &didn't. I've never paid so much for using this companies he represents. Nothing he told me was true. If you can help please call me

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  • Sep 25, 2015

When the sale person came in our office and I met with him, I thought he is collecting information to provide us with a possible saving on our Credit Card merchant processing fees, however, only when we received a credit card processing maching in our office, we realized that he had actually made me sign a 3 year contract for leasing a machine which we do not even use in the first place. When we contacted them to let them know that this is a mistake and have them cancell it they said it is a 3 year contract and there will be a early termination fee. This is while there were automatic monthly withdrawals from our account for about a year and then once they could not withdraw anymore payment due to change in our bank account, they started their collection calls. We never used their equipment or their processing services, but they insisted on collecting from us the contract amount, that is while they had deceived us from day 1.

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  • Jan 30, 2018

Please join our Class Action Law Suit againts First Data GLobal Leasing and EMPS if interested please email coments to

  • Nov 14, 2017

Ross Kitchens from First Datat Merchant Services told me all they had to offer and I Would Not be charged additional Fee's.

After being charged a fee that supposedly would be refunded, I decided to send all equipment back. All equiupoment was sent back well ahead of my time of Nov 6, 2017. I have tracking number of Clover that was sent back and went back with my first Processor Merchant services. They are wonderful and do everything they say they will do!. After having a technicial question on my Clover from merchant Services, Clover informed me that I have two accounts. That's when all the Mess started. My Office Mgr has continually been on the phone for hours on four seperat occasions, and last phone call was they were refunding everything . Nine hrs and numerous departments, well glad that's over. Then I open my account today Nov 13, 2017 and see they not only DIDN"T Refund anything but took anpther ninty five dollars out!!!!~. Better get thgem off your account or there will be a never ending withdrawel!!!!

  • Oct 6, 2017

Contacted by a representative to minimize my credit card processing fees. He talked me into a 48 month lease. Now I find out their are two leases assigned to me. After long wait minutes and talking to the same office girl they will not release the second lease and refund the money that they have taken out of my account.

  • Aug 17, 2017

The automated system for the bank advises members to use a fax number of 1 866-841-9317. However, the company claims that they are unaware of this number and they do not receive faxes sent to it. When you inquire as to why they are giving out a non working fax number, no one has any answers. So members are left in the dark as to where their personal and private information is being faxed to. Unacceptable!

  • Jul 28, 2017

Smart Card originated a contract with First Data for a lease via UAccept. There is also a contract with National Processing company!! I've tried contacting them to resolve the issues. I was completely swindled. The equiptment isn't at all what was described. It doesn't work for my business. When they were informed of the issues, they asked me to "just try" clover. Money was withdrawn from my account that I never agreed to. A credit/refund of $1594 was never recieved. I have NEVER opened the box or used the equipment at all.

  • Jul 17, 2017

EMPS/First Data Global Leasing are in conspiracy to short pay batch deposits, hold them without any legal authority and producing illegal leases. I will file a law suit whom ever wants to join please add to this report.

  • May 13, 2017

I have never been into Internet Marketing,this was a first,and filled by many pot holes, especially all of a sudden, out of nowhere comes Joe Sestito to save the day? Only thing is, he only talks about how much money I owe him, for how long et'c. This is before he lets me go, which apparently will be at least one year in his bondage!

He has never mentioned how I am supposed to make money, in a business contract, aren't both parties to a contract entitled

to consideration,monetary remuneration? Or, do I just pay him until he lets me out of his serfdom?

  • Apr 22, 2017

I received a bill from citi merchant services by fdms corp for $160. 50. Warninge, if not paid, to withheld or cancellation. I have been out of business since September 2012. I was a merchant.I tried contacting them numerous times. Very long hold times on phone. Very frustrated. This is the first time I have seen this . I started a complaint form with attorney general office in tx Having problems with that because they want a email address and I don't have an address that they recognize.

  • Dec 30, 2016

In December of 2012 my small business chose First Data for our credit card processing services. We entered into a 4 year contract; the first two years the service was fine. In August of 2015 our point of sales terminal simply stopped working. After days of conversations with customer service and tech support I was finally told that our POS was no longer indusrty compatible and I would need a new device. Unfortunately they were unwilling to provide me with a new device, as my contract had been signed through an "Iso" of their company that had gone out of business. After 2 months of being unable to process cards (at a loss of thousands of dollars to my company) I was forced to switch to a new card service provider. I cancelled all contracts with First Data and returned their pos device. I was told numerous times by several customer service reps that I would incur no penalty as the iso I had signed contract with was no longer in business. Unfortunately the leasing department of First Data did not honor this and for the past 2 years they have continued to charge me $46.82 every month for a machine that no longer functiones, and is not even in my possession. As near as I can tell this is a breach of contract, as I was not provided with the product that I signed the contract to rent. I have talked to FDGL customer services numerous times, and even threatend legal action; but I fear the legal fees would be as much as the settlement. As a small business owner I am appalled that big corporations like First Data can take advantage of us in such a perfunctory manner, and be left unchallenged. I would be willing to take place in a class action suit against them if other small businesses come forward.

  • Dec 21, 2016

Our family opened a mobile sharpening business “edge medic sharpening llc in mundelein il.. We requested credit services from our bank while we were opening a business account. The bank representative said they used “clover systems” and referred us to a representative. I received a clover system which was a constant problem and total cash loss. Every time we used it for processing credit cards the system froze. Since our clients wanted to use a credit card and we had already promised them that we had a credit processing system, it put us in a spot. Many times we had to give our service away. After repeated problems we returned the system. Even after returning the system using certified mail first data has contacted us and stated we owe for the entire contract. Since returning the system we have had letters from first data stating we owe monthly bills for continued use of the system and also letters billing us for the total cost of the system.

First data has filed on my personal credit report even thought the company is registered as llc. They have lowered my credit score and continued collection efforts even though we have returned a useless system.

The return of the system was a complete run around with the proper person not being in, or busy, or voice mail. A return authorization was required and demand for the entire lease payment with the return. We returned the system, but the company does not even recognize its return and continues sending bills for use.

After giving away part of our business from the system and competition from unlicensed business we are closing edge medic sharpening llc and looking to move to another location that has better business prospects. I filed with my credit bureaus and requested this account to be removed but remains along with the collections.

I did not realize my bank had no involvement and later learned my bank business rep was released from the bank. I suspect clover systems has paid her a referral fee, misrepresenting i was receiving a system from a reliable bank. Our family has lost business and clients that wanted to continue business with a credit card. We are now trapped with collections on a system that is useless and after finding “first data”. I find multiple complains of fraud. I would have never signed up under first data with the amount of complaints of their business operation. I will be filing a complaint with the fl attorney general on the fraudulent practices of first data, though i wonder if i will get anywhere with the numerous complaints already existing with bbb and Outscam.

  • Nov 17, 2016

This company is a credit card processing compnay that my bank used, I terminated my contract over a year ago and was charged almost $300 in fees. they said I had to pay and that then we would be done. I just got another bill from a debt collection agency ( one year later ) sayiing that i owe almost $300 again.

I can't get any information on what the charge is for. I am pretty sure the "debt collection agency " is just another branch of their scam to get money out of people for all etrnity.

  • Aug 20, 2016

I was contacted by an agent who claimed to be from CardServices International. We discussed some rates for my company acquiring a credit card terminal, and having the ability to process credit card payments. The agent for CardService International Chris Gumino faxed me over a blank lease agreement. I called him back immediately and informed him that I wasn't signing it because it was blank. He told me to fill it in with what I had agreed to. Two weeks later I received a letter in the mail from CardService International and First Data Leasing. The numbers to which I had agreed for with CardService had been changed. I immediately called Chris Gumino and was told that he wasn't in. I asked to speak to his supervisor, and was told that he would call me back. Of course no one ever returned my call. I called CardService International and was told that the agreement that I signed wasn't cancellable. I ionformed them that we didn't have a contract. I was sent to First Data Leasing and they sent me back to CardService International. I sent several faxes to CardService International, and First Data Leasing. They began to take payments out of my banking account with Citizens bank. I informed Citizens that I didn't have an agreement with either of these companies, and they (Citizens allowed them to deplete the account). This nightmare has continued as First Data sent this account. I had CardService International, and First Data send me copies of the lease that I was alledged to have signed. The signature isn't mine. The agent for CardService International Chris Gumino forged my name. My company has suffered as a direct result of this, and my personal credit has suffered as a result of this forgery. I was unable to get credit to purchase a car after my engine blew. I've been harmed financially, and emotionally as a result of this tactic by CardService International, First Data Leasing. This company calls my cellphone and harasses me continually. Ms. Simpson calls my cellphone and leaves messages like when are you gonna pay up you dead beat, and what are you going to do file bankruptcy. No one should have to put up with this. Christopher Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Aug 3, 2016

I had gotten off of a call with FirstData salesman Mr. Duncan James which was followed by an email on Thu, July 21, 2016 3:18 pm stating, "Thank-you very much for your call today. As promised, I have included below a complete proposal for a Mobile/VT solution. This is our mobile solution, but you can also access it through the back-end via the internet. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me - either via email or phone (905-282-6176)" This was responded by 2 -3 emails back and forth, all within a 2 hours, asking what I would need to provide him, etc, and me transmitting that information back to him - much of which I already had easily and quickly available.

So I provided all my business information/completed forms to sales person James Duncan, on Fri, July 22, 2016 3:04 pm, he thanks me and says the application would take 1-2 days. Four days later, on Tue, July 26, 2016 at 9:49 am I emailed him asking for a status update. "Just wanted to touch base with you today and see how everything was progressing", as this was a time sensitive matter for me - I needed credit card processing back up and running for my business as soon as possible.

No response was recieved from Mr. James Duncan Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday of that week. All weekend went by - it was a Canadian long weekend, so the monday was a holiday. Getting back to work on Tuesday August 2nd I logged into my business banking and noticed a $75 was taken out the previous Thursday by First Data for 'fees' - sneaky little buggers. I immeditealy thought it odd that they would charge me and ignore me for a week and half, not very business like right?! Nor a great way to start a business relationship. So I sent the below message:

"Hi James, I haven't heard from you since Friday, July 22th, and my emails have gone unanswered since Tuesday of last week and noticed I was charged 75$ on Thursday July 28th. What seems to be going on with respect to my account?"

After ignoring my messages for 8 days, and not hearing from Mr. James Duncan for 11 days - No less then 30 minutes later Mr. James Duncan responds promptly:

"Good morning; I do apologize for the delay in responding. I checked and unfortunately, your account was declined by our credit department. At this point, I am unable to assist you further."

Quite the nice reponse from the snakeoil salesman with my $75.

Thankfully I am well off, I have no problem sending my lawyer to court for the miniscule amount, its principle. More importantly though my lawyer will also certainly be filing fraud reports with Peel Regional Police, RCMP Fraud Squad, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, and the Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services. I am sharing my experience on this site, and others like it, in the hopes that this predatory shyster-like behaviour doesnt occur again to some other unsuspecting First Data customer.

I don't expect ever to hear from First Data again, as in life you will learn, most scammers you don't ever hear from again. Lesson learned. Stay far far away from these crooked types. First Data/ FirstData is bad news Canada! #firstdatascam #firstdatascammers

  • Jul 19, 2016

They are liars and cheaters. first, they told me they would not charge me a fee for my online credit card terminal. I said i would think about it and the salesman signed the document without my consent . They just stole money out of my account. They told me there was no hard inquiry. guess what they gave me an inquiry. They said no monthly charge guess what monthly charge. Called up customer service they say they will call you back they never do. Stay away from this company. i am considering suing them in small claims court. This company should be banned from doing business.

  • Jul 8, 2016

These people are scam artists!

Same exact thing is going on here. What can we do? Is there a class action lawsuit available somewhere? I have audio & video of this guy making false promises and now this is going to be on my credit.

  • Apr 18, 2016

Made me open my business for them to set up my gateway, had orders come in, to find out somebody at businesstrack hasn't done there job hade my bank acct on hold, had to close my business down to find out what going on, talked to the invoice risk requests department, thay gave me the green light. next day no deposit to my bank acct. wow dont stop here keep looking

  • Feb 3, 2016

My son-in-law was conned into going with Priority Payments processing thru First Data. He innocently agreed to leasing the terminal. For FIVE YEARS FDGL charged $37.89 each month to lease the terminal.

On January 4, 2016 I had a horrible time terminating the account with Priority Payments processing thru First Data. It took FOUR letters of termination and even then they balked wanting to know WHY we were terminating. But after hours upon hours upon hours of trying to terminate the account, I thought we had finally gotten rid of the bvlood sucking leeches!

February 1, 2016 rolls around there is the normal $37.89 debit against our checking account for FDGL! With the help of our new service provider, I got a phone number to all FDGL. And I sat on hold for OVER 40 minutes before somoene finally picked up the call. This person was clearly a foreign national, probably sitting in a third world nation somewhere. I could barely understand what she was saying. She wanted to know MY name, so I asked HER name. She wanted to know my LAST NAME so I asked HER LAST NAME. Of course, she refused to give me her full name. I will say this much...she sure didn't sound like anyone named Minerva that I have ever known. She did provide me with her identification if you call and the person you are talking to has the ID number 3639, you MAY be talking to Minerva...or maybe not.

After paying $37.89 for five full years, our market paid OVER $2,200 for a single terminal that may have once upon a time retailed for maybe $100. The terminal is now terminals now come equipped to read cards with CHIPS in them. Even so, this Minerva 3639 stated that we had to RETURN the equipment. She would NOT provide me with the information over the phone. She had to SEND us a letter with instructions...and, of course, it will take at least 5 business days for that letter to be issued. Meanwhile, they will continue to rape our checking account for a service they are NOT providing even though the account was TERMINATED a month ago!

These people are crooks and con artists. Once they have their greedy hands around your throat they fight like crazy to keep you in their grip. BEWARE of doing business with First Data and FDGL!!!!

  • Jan 14, 2016

I got this ADP total paycard from my job at the time sonic. I called to upgrade the account and was told I would pay a 2.99 fee every month for the upgrade which I agreed to. My paycheck dropped and I attempted to make a purchase with the card when the payment was decline 6 multiple times. I called the company customer service to find out my account had been put on hold until receiving further documents to verify my account. To rebuttal the dispute I asked about the documents that needed to be sent in, I was told I need a government issued id which I do not own and my social security card. I told the representative along with the supervisors that I did not own a government issued id and the money in the account that they are holding is the funds to pay for my birth certificate to get a government issued id I was told the only way I could get my money is if they sent me a check and closed the account saying that they couldn't reverse the upgrade so I agreed. Then the supervisor told me in order to close the account if have to send in paperwork which I find ridiculous saying that I didn't have to send in paperwork to activate this account. Now I'm stuck in this scheme and cannot get my money I worked for.

  • Jan 6, 2016

I owned a small cafe in Sacramento. I leased a credit card processing machine through Global for the first two years. The machine never worked properly so I got a new one from them. That one never worked properly either, so I realized it was their processing issue. They could not fix the problem not to mention I was put on hold for way too long most of the time. I lost a LOT of money and customers not being able to process cards! I sent back the equipment and went with a completely different company. I cont. to pay on my lease for another year even though I didn't have their equip anymore and had confirmed that they had received my return, then closed the business checking acct where the payments were coming from when I sold my cafe. FIRST DATA filed a collection against me for the remainder of the lease, and when I called to complain (after being hung up on, put on hold for 30 minutes each time at least) they didn't want to hear anything about their faulty processing even though they acknowledged receipt of the equipment, stating "I signed a lease" over and over again. They want me to buy out the rest of the lease for almost $500 regardless of whether they could provide the service or not! They have ruined my credit.

  • Dec 26, 2015

Please beware if you do business with #First Data. I really feel sorry for people who work for #First Data. If we try to classify and fit a company into evil bucket, #First Data will fit it perfectly. I am a small business owner and started a computer store couple of years ago. For payment solution I contacted First Data. Their sales rep was all about helping small businesses grow. I clearly explained the rep that I am trying a new business, so I don’t want any contracts or lease. The rep explained that they help small businesses all the time, and even if we decide to close the store there won’t be any penalties. After two years of running the store, we decide to close down, as market had changed and there was less demand for the services we were offering. We returned the credit card machine.

The credit machine was small one and not worth more than $75. When I called First Data, they said I have to pay them $660 and another $100 to close the account. After doing business with them for almost two years and paying them high credit card fees and charges, the company wants me to pay them $750 to close the account. They aren’t willing to listen to anything. Their one liner is : “If you don’t pay us $750, we will report it to credit agency”. When I told them about the promise of their sales agent made, they replied that the agent may have lied to us. So you guys, First Data, lie to get the business, and then hold the personal credit hostage to extract more money. As a small business should I now be spending time on phones explaining myself and looking for legal remedies, or pay the ransom and continue put more efforts in growing my small business?

Merry Christmas to you all..!! This is the Christmas gift I got from First Data. Hope good sense prevails and they treat small business as not someone they can take hostage for a ransom.

  • Nov 7, 2015

My daughter is a minor. The company she work for (fast food) deposits her paycheck into an debit account managed by First Data. They have shut off her access to funds. She has contacted and faxed the requested information. They say "informaton received and we'll let you know in a couple of days". They never notify her and she ends up having to call back.

When she calls back, it is the same thing. Fax the information again. She does, again. They say "information received and we'll let you know in a couple of days" again. They are rigid in their rules and do not have contingencies available to get desperately needed and hard earned funds released.

Fortunately she is a minor and I provide for her needs. If she were an adult, she would have been in danger of starving. If she were to move out of my custody and try to survive on her own as a youth, she would starve. Why would this company let a child starve? Why won't they let her have the money she has earned? She has sent them everything that they requested, three times now! How many times does she have to keep giving them the same information?

She is changing the direct deposit from her company to go into a bank that has a good local office. When/if we are ever able to get the funds, we will close the account.

As a side note, we have called customer service during regular business hours (M-F, 8-5) and have always been routed to an overseas call center. They tell us that we were routed overseas due to high call volume at the US call centers. When we demand to be transfered to a US call center, they do. Kind of ironic, that we always end up with the same call center in South Florida. And we end up with the same call center operator! I suspect that they only have one US call center and she is in S. Florida which is why we get routed overseas and they feed us garbage about high call volume at the US call centers...

Pete, Boise, Idaho

  • Oct 20, 2015

A few weeks ago I found a fradulent charge for $206 from on my bank statement.

I had never even heard of Moneygram before, much less ever used it's services for anything.

I went to my bank, filled out the proper forms to dispute the fradulent charge, and figured that was the end of that.

But this evening I came home from work and found a collection letter on behalf of Moneygram from TRS Recovery Services, Inc.

So tomorrow I will now have to go to my bank and dispute this as well.

I have no idea how my checking account iformation was compromised but I find this whole occurrance entirely despicable.

I never used the service, was fradulently charged, and now I am sent to collections?

  • Sep 28, 2015

I contacted First Data because it was listed on a reputable website in my industry which is to mental health care and yoga. I was told that the charge for having a swipe card machine for my phone would cost $5 per month and the fees for each charge were explained to me. I got the machine set it up with a phone call and then went out to continue marketing to get clients.

Two months later I received a letter claiming I owed $170. I did not recognize the business, Express Merchant Processing Systems, so I thought it was an error. I then got a second letter a few weeks after that stating that I now owed $296. I was confused and learned that the reason I was being charged was because the company calimed they could not withdraw the $5 from my account and charged me an ACH reject fee of $25 and then a bill collection fee of $50 for the last four months that I thought I was being charged only $5 each month. That's 15 times the cost of the monthly charge!

It seems that they purposefully did not withdraw the monthly fee so that they could charge me the $75 each month. They are now threatening to report this to my credit. I filed a complaint with the State Attorney General and will be working with my bank and taking them to court if necessary.

I was told that they provided excellent customer service. However, I never received a call or email alerting me that they could not withdraw the $5 from my account. I also did not receive an explanation of why I was receiving the bill and what the charges are for. This seems to be an error on their part and they are trying to extort money from me because they did not want to take the time to make a simple courteous phone call to clear up a simple matter.

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