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First Convenience Bank

Country United States
State Texas
City College Station
Address 949 William D. Fitch Parkway
Phone 800-903-7490

First Convenience Bank Reviews

  • Nov 15, 2016

On 10/31/2016 i noticed i was getting nsf chg 34.00 this went on everyday till i see a direct dept was made eating all that up and boom a ck bounced this fee i understand but hmm what happen to direct dep i was getting . why do they post everyday of nsf chg 34.00 when i have a free checking acct. and no balance ever kept in there?

  • May 19, 2016

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I had a check sent back for $2 when I had the money in the bank. After a week it showed me how much money I had left and once I paid the $2 they sent it back. I had $16 left in the bank. The company charged me $25 and the bank charged me $35. I have been having problems with this bank ripping me off from day 1.

  • Sep 24, 2015

I opened a checking account at the request of a young teller who appeared desperate about her job security. I would imagine they have quotas to fill with new accounts. Little did I know that a one time deposit of $25 would cost so much.

Opening the account was an act of charity. Being officially part of the "geriatric club", I can remember the angst and worry about meeting quotas and openng new accounts When I was younger. I clearly did not need the account, but I wanted to help a young teller do well in her job.

A couple of months of opening the account I received a letter showing that my $25 balance had diminished to a couple of dollars. Mind you, I never used the account. I went to my local Branch at Walmart (Hulen Road-Ft. Worth). I was outraged that my account was reduced to zero by fees. I shared with the Branch Manager that I wanted to closed the account. She told me that I really don't want to close the account and it would be a bother. If the fees were a concern I could open an e-account and they would waive the fees. I think I deposited another $25 in account And left the branch.

Needless to say, I did not close the account because of a branch manager concerned about retention of business and not honoring the request of a customer and doing what is in the customer's best interest.

I have never used the account.

Several months have passed and I got a collection call. The call was that my account was overdrawn by $54. Ok, I realize I went to started school and learned math in the 1960's, but you do the math, if I have deposited $50 and have not withrawn any dollars 0. That would mean I have $50. The collection representative tells me that I owed fees and that caused my account to be over drawn I was charged $5 monthly maintance on the deposit and I was charged for monthly statements and a $10 return mail fee if those statements are returned per month. So while I deposited $50 I now owe more than I deposited and I never used the account And the bank makes $104 gross. Is this a rip off? Is this fraud? I would say this is not good business for a bank that is positioned near most of our military bases And no doubt has many senior citizens who think he bank is convenient.

I am going to pay my fees and close my account, but I also gong to let the Texas State's Attorney's Office know my story and the federal banking regulatory agencies. In my opinion, this is not a credible bank That prey on consumers with outrageous fees

  • Aug 10, 2015

First Convenience Bank is just designed to prey upon the poor and disadvantaged. I was introduced to them when I was a bit down on my luck and in a homeless shelter in 2013. I have since completed my Bachelors degree and obtained a position as an office manager for a tax service. Their customer service has always been atrocious but they have now become just plain rude.

A few weeks ago I tried using an ACH to load my Google Wallet, but I noticed that there would not enough funds to cover the Google Wallet transfer so I called Google and cancelled the transaction. A few days later I check my account and it is in a negative balance. It appears they allowed the transaction to go through and when I told them I called Google Wallet and have a cancellation email, they simply said I do not understant that an ACH cannot be stopped. I have worked in accounting departments all my life and I know an ACH can be stopped. They said the only way they will refund the overcharge fee was if I agreed to block all charges from this service and have them fax a statement that this was a banking error. It was First Convenience Bank's error, not Google. Google even went so far as to call the bank to help me, but they were adamant about keeping those fees. The only person who would help me was a manager at the bank who said just get them a letter stating it was an error, as that is the only way any fee can be refunded. It is an organizational policy as they were refunding so many fees because so many people complained about the hidden or excessive fees. Google gave me the letter and First Convenience refunded the fee.

During all of the confusion, I lost my debit card and my tablet. The next week I did get my new debit card from First Conveniece Bank and I tried to load my Google Wallet and that was declined. While I was inquiriing about the Google Wallet denial, I noticed about $100 in webcam site billings. I had not been on that site in a while, and called the bank to block that site and they said they initiate a claim to get the funds replaced. The claim investigator denied my claim in a day so I had to get a manager to call the webcam site with me and the site agreed to refund my charges. A day later I find that the site only refunded 3 or the cheapest charges and held on to the remaining higher 2 charges. I called the bank back and she just said they is no way they would refund my money and she would call the webcam site with me. I got a really mean and belligerent rep at the webcam site who talke to me like I was a criminal and the bank manager told me to quit talking over her when I tried to refute anything she was saying. She was taking the webcam sites side and accused me of lying to her about everything. Needless to say I went to another bank the same day and opened an account. When I inquired about returning the fees for the refunded amounts they said that the refunded charges do not mean it was an error and they would need documentation it was an error. I hung up and I am attempting to contact a lawyer to see what can be done about that bank. I have already started a direct deposit to a reputable bank and will be closing the account the moment I receive confirmation that my direct deposit to the new account goes through.

Be smart do not bank with First Convenience Bank. They have nothing but contempt for their customers and give the poorest custormer service I have ever encountered. If you must deal with them, be prepared to deal with unscurpulous practices and be nickeled and dimed to death. I thank GOD I am done with them.

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